Friday, April 15, 2011

weekly frankenmauler roundup 04/15/11

TAYLOR HERNANDEZ aka ms gamedogs has made the frankenmauler roundup. it seems TAYLOR was out walking GAMBLER, her craven eddy game bred APBT, when a large shit bull charged. TAYLOR did what any experienced dogwoman would do... she dropped the leash and let her mutant deliver the death blow before breaking it off. click HERE and listen to TAYLOR describe the incident on her mutant radio show. the discussion about the "scuffle" starts about 37 minutes into the show.

hideous mutant - JULIE RUSSELL probably thinks Thomas overreacted.
04.13.11 bangor, michigan what the hell is going on in this state? 55 yr old Lorraine Crandall was hospitalized after being attacked by a shit bull when she tried to save her chihuahua, Max. her husband Thomas heard his wife and dog screaming and came to their aid. he beat the hideous mutant with a stick and then used the stick to keep the mutant from attacking him. Max suffered broken ribs and other internal injuries resulting in a $3200 vet bill. it is not known who the owners are.

04.08.11 UK a toy poodle named Tula was killed by a nanny dog during a walk in the park. Wendy Green's 6 yr old granddaughter witnessed the attack. the Green family has been left traumatized and unable to get another pet.

04.08.11 bloomingdale, new jersey a stray shit bull attacked two people and their dogs.

04.09.11 australia 30 yr old KEITH ALLEN WALDOCK came home (to mommy) drunk. he flew into a rage when he saw a 12 wk old kitten on the kitchen table. he grabbed it by the scruff of the neck and threw it outside where his ridgeback/pit promptly killed and ate half of it.

04.10.11 utica, new york RUTHANN CHAYA'S hideous mutant somehow got loose and attacked Geannette Maxam-Taylor and her dog, in her own yard. the shit bull was still attacking when the cops arrived and dispatched it on the spot. CHAYA has been cited for dog at large and chasing/harassing. just one more problem for poor RUTHANN. i see her little tattooed brother CONRAD is in jail again. why it seems like only yesterday, he was on oneida county's 10 most wanted list.

04.11.11 canada Pitbull kills again in, this time in the GTa
Video is on the top right of the link. Basically a pit bull stafford terrier dog attacked another ladies dog for no reason and killed it Why is it that pit bull type dogs are doing this and not welsh corgies, or shitzoo, or yorkie, or poodles? Its always pit bulls, is it the media reporting is biased?

04.11.11 canada a german shepherd and a pit bull killed an alpaca. there have been previous complaints of them running loose and being aggressive but the laws are written in such a way, the authorities can't do anything until someone is injured or killed. a grow operation with 258 plants was discovered when LE investigated the attack.

04.11.11 bloomingdale, new jersey a stray pit bull attacked two dogs and their owners during a dog walk.

04.11.11 newaygo county, michigan an ugly shit bull named BELLA killed a 12 yr old poodle that was tied out on her porch. the pit nutter JESSICA VINCENT blamed her young daughter for leaving the door open. VINCENT said that it was a freak accident and "It's not like Bella did it on purpose. She was just playing with that poodle and it went too far." this is not the first time people have complained about BELLA.
"Because they are very prey driven, very unpredictable and very strong," says Officer Sterling. "It makes them a high risk dog and extremely dangerous and the owners are not always responsible."
rip Brandy

04.12.11 UK a 66 yr old woman in a disability scooter and a lhasa apso in her lap were attacked by 2 nanny dogs in a bank. the nutter, a 50 yr old man was also bitten. he is being investigated.

rip Apache
04.12.11 australia Rhianna Caley described the attack on her cat in HER backyard as "frenzied". the two staffy crosses had broken through a fence and flexed their DNA on Caley's 12 yr old cat. the pit nutter showed up a few minutes and apologized.
"When I got there, the cat was not breathing or moving and as soon as I picked it up I could feel and hear its bones moving around inside." if craven eddy reads this, he'll probably get a boner. this shits better than viagra, ain't it eddy?

Findlay and Ellie
04.13.11 UK a man, his 9 yr old son and 8 month old puppy were attacked by 2 nanny dogs on an evening walk. the pit nutter, described as a 20-25 yr old white male, collected his mutants and walked away without a word.

04.13.11 gambrills, maryland an 84 yr old woman was hospitalized when she tried to save her lab mix from her granddaughter's shit bull. a second shit bull (out of 11) joined in the attack. the lab died, granny was hospitalized and the ungrateful bitch of a granddaughter who has been squatting in her basement is fighting the dangerous dog declaration. in addition to the dangerous dog charges, she has been charged with no licenses and no rabies vaccines. HEATHER WOLFE was living in her grandmother's basement with her 5 adult shit bulls, 6 puppies and 4 yr old daughter.

rip Shadow
04.14.11 san jose, ca 13 yr old Shadow was savagely mauled by 2 shit bulls during a late night a walk through a park. the vets recommended euthanasia due to the injuries. Shadow's owner was also injured trying to save her dog.

04.14.11 UK a punk nutter set his shit bull on George while he was tied outside of a pharmacy. George's owner and a good samaritan were bitten trying to free him.

rip Bailey
04.14.11 canada Bailey was killed by a shit bull while on an after school walk with her 11 yr old owner. the shit bull is 10 yrs old and was legally grandfathered into the 2005 ontario ban but was not muzzled as required by law. the pit nutter has agreed to dirt nap it. the residents want mutants banned from apartments. i support that law. note there is video footage of this assassination in the link.
TYRUS is caught on video pleasing his owner.
this is the unnamed father of pit nutter JENNIFER MAYER. he has a pit bull too. and if they pass the ordinance banning pits from apartments, he'll have to move.

04.14.11 kansas city, missouri two weeks ago a shit bull was out harassing other dogs and then attacked a teenager and her dog during a walk. the family is furious that the unnamed pit nutter has their dog back. if the dog attacks again, it might be impounded. the city claims they are balancing the rights of dog owners with public safety. once your dog gets loose and attacks, you should loose your dog owner rights.

there has been 4 separate dog attacks in tum tum, washington in the last 5 days. the killing spree wiped out at least 11 sheep, 25 goats, 25 chicken, geese and 10 rabbits.
here are your hints:
1) nothing was eaten
2) the sheep had their faces chewed off
any guesses?

04.14.11 spenard, alaska a man shot and killed a stray shit bull that SOMEHOW got into his back yard and "tussled" with his akita/mastiff mix. no charges. the castle law rules.


ANTHONY HILL proving that you can't keep a nutter down
xenia, ohio last september HILL'S mutants broke through an exterior wall and tried to attack Linda McGaughey's chihuahua. Linda laid down on top of her dog to protect it and was seriously mauled. she can walk but with a limp. she noticed that the pit nutter had pits again, a violation of his probation. she reported him. his probation officer checked it out and found weapons and drugs. he is in jail without bond for violating probation, weapon charges are expected.
see also the sept 17, 2010 roundup


houston, texas the castle law was applied in a north east houston neighborhood wednesday. BILL'S 7 1/2 month old shit bull puppy SOMEHOW got over or under a 6 ft chain link fence and into the neighbor's yard where he was shot and killed. BILL'S wife is considering legal action. her panties are in bunch because they called the cops and they said no crime was committed. Mr and MRS BILL still have at least 2 other pit bulls.


Anonymous said...


May 1931, BullDog "Tige" latches onto the castoff rope of a US Navy Airship departing NAS Lakehurst.

The Canine Idiot Tige locked on to the rope for several minutes, then plummeted to his death from an altitude of 400 feet. Fortunately, no one on the ground was hurt.

1n 1942, when the US Military formally started it's Military Working Dog Program, it didn't include Pit Bulls for some reason. Pits are currently banned from housing areas after killing 7 military dependent children over the years.,613704&dq=fatal+bulldog&hl=en

Anonymous said...

What is it with the preponderance of shitbulls named Bella? If it were anyone but nutters choosing the name, I'd say it was a delicious sense of irony. Sadly, I think these morons actually believe the psychotic looking dogs are attractive. Maybe they are in comparison to the owners.

At any rate, it's good to see an Officer not spouting the party line and actually admitting the damned dogs are dangerous for a change.

Anonymous said...

Any guesses? Poodles......

Small Survivors said...

Hola Chola Hernandez! Good Work not using that break stick too soon! Pappy n' Granpappy woulda gotten a little hard if they coulda seen.
Creepy people again saying that since they believe the dog was playing, its intent was not to kill? No, what pit bulls love to play is "kill the aging poodle." And how does choosing to possess a dangerous, high risk dog obviate the owner's responsibility?
The recorded mauling death of Bailey shows thatthat pit bull was playing. Happily playing "kill the shih tsu."
Kansas City, missouri is "balancing" dog owners rights? FUCK THEM.
Good job Linda McGaughey for keeping an eye on this asshole and getting back in jail where he belongs. That is your second heroic act!

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i forgot jessica's photo.

1 Attack Rule said...

Any dog that attacks should be confiscated and put down instantly. It has already proven to be a menace to society and should live. I don't understand why these dogs are allowed to go back to people who either were irresponsible, or apathetic that their dog attacked. Seriously, more laws need to be enforced.

Jake said...

@ 1 attack -

I think it would be a lovely idea if lawsuits were routinely filed in these frankenmauler cases, as depraved indifference and/or felony animal cruelty charges would fit virtually all of them.

If the real costs of owning mutant fighting dogs were passed on to the owners, these individuals would begin to think twice about whether it's worth the risk.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i agree jake, holding dog owners criminally responsible for their dogs actions would dramatically cut down the maulings.

Small Survivors said...

I totally agree, too. I think requiring insurance with penalties for non-compliance that include jail time would make it clear if you get a pit, you better be damn sure you know what you're doing and you know your dog, because you will be responsible for anything that happens.

Lindsey said...

I don't think holding them responsible will change a thing in regard to who chooses to own a pit bull, because all of these people who wind up in these situations already think they're above the law and that it will never happen with their dog because they're special snowflakes. Many of them are already flouting the law. How many times do you hear failure to register and failure to vaccinate right up there with dog at large charges? How many of them possess these dogs in spite of a ban, or have them in areas they've already been told they're not allowed to have a dog?

The only way any regulations of that nature will work is if 1.) dogs can be immediately confiscated and destroyed for any breach in husbandry laws and 2.) the possessors of said dogs are then forbidden from having more dogs. Violation of that should end in confiscation and destruction of any future dog they own combined with jail time.

Criminal charges that result in jail time, an injunction against owning further dogs, plus confiscation and destruction of the dogs will eventually work to get dangerous dogs off the street, but only because you're getting the owners who allow incidents off the street for a time and then inhibiting their ability to start anew.

Unfortunately, there will always be legions more idiots to replace them who believe it will never happen with their dogs and that they're above the law. This is the reason I've come to believe only a total ban on new dogs and mandatory spay and neuter of every existing pit bull discovered will ever truly be the solution.