Friday, April 8, 2011

weekly frankenmauler roundup 04/08/11

this is probably one of the better frankenmauler roundups i have ever done. victims, legislators, dogs and donkeys - fighting back.

"Dotty jumped off a bank with a screech of rage then pinned the dog to the ground.” Ann Rogers
04.05.11 UK two years ago, a pit bull attacked Stanley, a sheep. Dotty the donkey lept into action. Dotty pinned the mutant down, biting its back until it released Stanley. the ugly mutant ran off and bit two horses before being chased off by Dotty. Stanley lost 2 teeth and suffered other injuries but he gained a buddy. the two have been inseparable since the attack. this week Dotty received an award for her bravery. she is the first donkey and the tenth animal to win this award. (pittie got a dirt nap)
link 2, link 3, link 4, link 5, link 6, link 7 lots of photos and videos of this lovely pair. she's a chip off the old mule.

Chanda Davis and Miss Georgia
04.05.11 duncan, south carolina Davis scooped up her toddler and put her on the car but didn't make it back to the door in time to close it. the two frankenmaulers cornered her and her english bulldog Miss Georgia came to her defense. as the pits began tearing into Miss Georgia, Davis grabbed a kitchen knife and stabbed one mutant then the other, alternating back and forth until one was dead and the other was seriously injured. the surviving mutant will get a dirt nap and the pit nutters will be charged IF found.
this is the surviving mutant. LE is looking for the owners.
Environmental Enforcement Department Director Jamie Nelson said, “Sixteen years I’ve been doing this, and this is the first time I’ve had anything come across my desk that is in this form, where dogs had entered a house on their own.” ONLY pit bulls do this!

today's word brought to you by Connecticut Senator Andrew Roraback.
fungible |ˈfənjəbəl|
adjective Law
able to replace or be replaced by another identical item; mutually interchangeable

goshen, connecticut Maxx was walking with the family when he was nearly killed by an american staffordshire gripping dog. Maxx's ear was severed, two metal plates were placed in his jaw and his shoulder and leg were amputated. total cost $19,000. the nutter's insurance carrier said Maxx's replacement value was $200 and arbitrarily set the value of the family's trauma at $800.
Republican Senator Andrew Roraback was moved by this tragedy and introduced bill 346 that would allow victims to recover more than the replacement value of their pets.
“Animals are like people. They’re not fungible.”
thank you senator!
you can read Maxx's encounter with a gripping dog here

04.01.11 canada a woman, her son and three dogs encountered 2 gripping dogs on a walk. they zeroed in on her oldest dog, Diamond. several people came to their aid. one of the gripping dogs had to be pried off of Diamond and ac gave a classic british response, "sorry mate the dogs didn't harm a human".

04.03.11 los angeles, california “me neighbors dog...pitt bull killed my mamma kitty and 3 of her kittens. I am still traumatize d years later...”

04.03.11 jacksonville, florida Cappy was attacked by a red nosed shit bull while out for an evening walk. the pit nutter is a 61 yr old vet MARC LANGEVIN and he claims the ugly gripper is a SERVICE dog that helps him with his PTSD. yeah, service dog.
"Up until this point, there's not been a problem. It breaks my heart to think that something triggered her to attack another dog," said Langevin.
gee...i can't imagine what triggered this sweet wiggle butt to attack another dog.

04.04.11 new york no bull radio host and 3rd generation "dogwoman" TAYLOR HENRNADEZ joins the ranks of the craven famous pit nutters and her shit bull acquired some yard accident scars. while walking her craven eddy bred gamedog, they were approached by a larger pit. TAYLOR said she dropped the leash so her dog could defend itself. TAYLOR allowed her dog to turn the intruder's lights out. GOOD JOB TAYLOR!

04.03.11 maury county, tennessee Eddie Hickman's 6 yr old tennessee walking horse was attacked by a frankenmauler during the Mule Day Parade. the shit bull bit his chest and front legs. Red broke away and ran with 4 people in the carriage. one of the passengers was injured. the pit nutter has not been named but has been cited for dog at large.
“It was like watching National Geographic and seeing a lion in pursuit of another wild animal for food,” Eddie Hickman said. “I’ve never seen that type of deal.”

04.04.11 melrose, massachusetts This is a loose pitbull in the area and has attacked other animals. The police know about this and say if they don't see the dog loose they can only report it to the animal control officer. The dog lives at 3 HARDING RD the same address as the registered sex offender. Guess he has an attack dog to keep all those neighbors away who don't like him now.

rip Nikki
04.04.11 UK Nikki was killed by a black staffy bull (off leash). Nikki's owner went into shock and the owner of the nanny dog just stood there saying "oh no". he is described as 50's and wearing a fedora.
quote from Nikki's owner, "One bite was enough to break his palate and crush his head. It popped an eye out and there was blood everywhere. Nikki was still breathing and so we then started rushing to get him to a vet."

04.04.11 spokane, washington a shit bull got away from his pit nutter during a walk. it charged into a yard and attacked a chow. the chow owner grabbed his gun and intended to shoot the ugly mutant but he was bumped and shot his own dog.

04.04.11 athens, georgia two pit bulls killed a dog in its backyard.

rip Ed
04.04.11 UK a yorkie was killed by a nanny dog during a walk.

04.05.11 middletown, connecticut 59 yr old KEVIN MALONE'S shit bull name RITA severely injured another dog. the next day an animal control officer investigated the attack and was bitten. last fall, RITA bit a woman on the leg. MALONE has been charged with harboring a nuisance dog and violating the restraint order from the previous attack. file this under "but, but dog aggression and human aggression are two different things!"

rip Brodie
04.05.11 taylorsville, utah a yorkie was killed when one of 3 shit bulls escaped their kennel. neighbors said the 3 mutants hav been terrorizing people, animals and a nearby school yard. the assassin was removed, the remaining two are still there. looks like the neighborhood is going after the landlord. here is the unnamed pit nutter

04.05.11 prescott, wisconsin 34 yr old Melissa Grembowski Christofferson has received 17 citations for the march 11th mauling of a schnauzer named Freyja. three mutant shit bulls escaped from her house and mauled the 8 yr old schnaizer. CHRISTOFFERSON is looking at a total of $1400 worth of citations: animals at large x3, failure to license x5, failure to vaccinate x4 and unlawful keeping of pit bulls x5. if you are wondering about the x4 and x5 for 3 dogs, that is because she was warned in january when the mutants got loose the first time and in classic pit nutter fashion, she failed to follow through on compliance.
"we're sorry, again."

04.05.11 UK a nanny dog attacked 80 yr old Jeanne Consterdine's 13 yr old yorkie, Pippa. a crowd of people came to their aid. a CCTV camera caught the 20 minute ordeal. people beating the ugly mutant. it only let go when someone gouged its eyes (drayton michaels wouldn't approve) a snippet of the attack is in the link. my first youtube upload!

04.05.11 new bedford, massachusetts two roaming gripping dogs snatched a chihuahua from its porch and killed it. the owner tried to save it by hitting the dogs with a shovel, he was bitten too.

04.06.11 shit bull yahoos I have a beautiful blue nose pit that has never harmed a fly. My dumb wife took my dogs over a house I told her I didn't want my dogs at while I was out of town. My pitbull for whatever reason killed a small toy poodle quite violently. I was not there and nobody saw it so the details are small. I dont know why he did this but Im guessing abandonment, frustration and being in someone elses back yard had quite a bit to do with it. Now my wife wants me to get rid of my dog that is my best friend. We have been arguing for 5 days now and cannot come to a resolution for this. No one will take him, and I don't want to put him to sleep hes a really amazing besides this incident. Im wondering though should I even consider giving him away after this has happened? Also, what made him do this??

7 yr old 119 lb Tank
04.06.11 havelock, north carolina Andy Martinez found his rott bleeding and the shit bulls still in his back yard. he said he had to wait for ac to show because the shit bulls were "ridiculous, hysterical untamed dogs". the pit nutter claimed the dogs escaped out of a window but when the window was inspected, there was no evidence to support her claim. she later filed a police report claiming someone broke into her home. one of the dogs has been returned to her, the city has filed vicious dog charges against it. the city is trying to turn the lights out on the other.
the 50 yr old pit nutter LISA REGINO of 103A Forest Hill Drive has been charged with failing to contain dangerous animals, at large x2, failure to license x2 and filing a false police report. one of her mutants was declared dangerous in carteret county when it attacked another dog in newport in may 2010. the latest crimes will be added to her existing record of impersonating an officer and driving while suspended x2.

62 yr old Roy Pedley
04.06.11 UK Roy and his wife were walking their dog when they encountered a couple of unruly nanny dogs. when Roy asked the pit nutters to leash them up, the nutters became belligerent. they threatened to sic the nanny dogs on them, then followed the Pedleys home. Roy had a heart attack and died. the pit nutters are brothers DEAN STEPHENS (42) and WAYNE STEPHENS (41) and have been charged with assault and affray

04.06.11 UK Mick Roberts and his nanny dog were both attacked by a nanny dog and a bullmastiff. the young female nutter refused to give her name and fled.

04.06.11 cyber space commiseration "One of my work friends posted on FB earlier in the evening that his dog had been in a similar situation, and had been attacked by a pit bull. His dog will be okay, but she’s got a lot of puncture wounds. Matt said the other dog’s owner said “oh they were just playing!” and Matt said “well those wounds aren’t self-inflicted!” He’s got Animal Control involved…"

"I had a horrifying event years ago when a pit bull came charging out of nowhere focused on my small children in a wading pool. There was no way I could have stopped the attack or released it’s jaws from the children. My Giant Schnauzer/ German Shepherd mix dog met it in mid-air in one of the nastiest dog battles I’ve ever seen.
I think the purebred Pitbulls are a loose cannon.
So sorry for your trauma."

"Thank biology for actual functional dog breeds. I find pitbulls to be terribly sad almost all of them time, they are just too strong for their own good."

smug, smirking, smarmy, scumbag FELON JOSEPH JERMAINE HONORABLE
04.07.11 wyoming, michigan JJ's mutants got loose and attacked an old dog, then its owner. the owner suffered broken bones in both arms. witnesses say the shit bulls were wagging tails one minute and attacking the next, FOR NO REASON, WITHOUT WARNING. scumbag JJ doesn't believe his dogs attacked, he thinks William Ward's arms were broken during playtime. FELON JOSEPH JERMAINE HONORABLE says he was "working hard" when the attack happened and is still trying to figure out how his mutants got loose. animal control reports there have been complaints at the address in the past including loose aggressive dogs, er um, i mean loose playful dogs.


UK the "Sickening Yobs" who fed a kitten to their shit bull received their sentences.
ryan, what's up with your left hand? are you warming up for your 6 month vacation?

chattanooga, tennessee Bear's owner shot and killed the shit mix and the malamute ran off. pit nutter BRYANT and her friends showed up in court to express disbelief that her gripper could do such thing cuz "he's never done anything like that before". the judge ordered BRYANT to pay Bear's owners $240 vet bills, $190 impound fee on the malamute, $50 license fee, court costs and fines for the attack on the 3 legged dog march 20th.

harrisburg, pennsylvania last week ZIMMERMAN'S "friendly" gripping dogs escaped the yard and went roaming. they killed a cat and chased some kids. despite the fact that ZIMMERMAN was out town, he claims to KNOW that his dogs were only trying to play with the kids. as for the cat, he wants to see the body. i am not sure if he thinks the haters are lying to him or if he wants to perform an necropsy. he has been criticizing the police for culling his breeding operation. and now, ZIMMERMAN faces criminal charges for the incident AND we find out that he has 3 dog law violations previous violations pending.
watch the video, i think this clown is stoned.

pecos, texas remember the mutant that broke away at a humane society event and killed a jack russell? a judge ruled that a shit bull was not dangerous. the hideous mutant was returned to the nutter.

manteca, california remember the shit bull who jumped out of the second story window and killed a beagle? the shit bull was previously declared dangerous in contra costa county? the media is reporting that the city council has a TOUGH decision in determining the fate of this dog who has attacked SIX OTHER DOGS (that we know of). i don't understand what is difficult about this decision. and now we finally have a name for the pit nutter: LONNIE TERRELL, aged 26 and oh what a surprise, he is incarcerated. LONNIE and his 21 yr old brother JEREMY TERRELL were swept up in a growing operation last fall with 5 others. LONNIE TERRELL is listed as the "financier and main profiteer of the group". the feds found 5000 plants, 50 lbs of pot, guns, cars, boats plus $1.5 million cash. daddy CHRIS TERRELL had to step in and take custody of BIGGS, the vicious mutant until his criminal spawn is free. CHRIS TERRELL is fighting the death sentence, stating that BIGGS has never been aggressive towards humans and he promises to work on his dog aggression!! i am not sure what makes him think he can do a better job with a pit bull that has 7 strikes against it, than his two fruit of his loins failures. there is one bright spot in this and that is the city is not backing down, even the ACO will not allow the dog to be transferred to another jurisdiction, stating if the shit bull is too dangerous for manteca, it is too dangerous anywhere.
rip Dude


chicago, illinois 23 yr old IVAN BERNABE sicced his 2 pit bulls on the cops when they tried to question him about a 911 call. they turned pitties' lights out. BERNABE was charged with aggravated battery and aggravated assault.

berkley, california police shot and killed a shit bull during a shots fired call.

toledo, ohio another shit bull shot and killed by the police.

phoenix, arizona what a mess! police responded to a fight call and ended up shooting and killing a man and a neighborhood shit bull.

new jersey shit bull survived a cop bullet.


DubV said...

"My Giant Schnauzer/ German Shepherd mix dog met it in mid-air in one of the nastiest dog battles I’ve ever seen."

I always get a little choked up when I read about good dogs defending their people. Thanks for this.

DubV said...

Anyone else run into this website dedicated to a hero dog?

Got me trying during my lunch break.

Small Survivors said...

Well, it's not like DubV didn't warn me, I went to the hero site and had a good cry, too.

I LOVE hearing about the heros! Dotty rocks! Georgia Rocks! Chanda Rocks!

The story of Nikki - I'm glad the gory details were there despite being horrified by it. This should be copied on all nutter threads. This is what they do. RIP Nikki, you didn't deserve that. And RIP to all the other dogs who met terrible needless ends.

Why do people continue to say they were only playing? Its gross that you think your mutant is fantastic despite its frolicsome mauling.

And the fact that so many get mauled by happy, upbeat dogs only drives home the fact you can't trust any friendly acting pit.

Anonymous said...


May 18, 1914: Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court, Edward White thrashes a Nutter with his cane when his Airdale is attacked by misunderstood wigglebutt.

Dude, I BaggedYourPit said...

"a CCTV camera caught the 20 minute ordeal. people beating the ugly mutant."

Where is the lovely Miss Chanda when you need her? She would have split that shit bull six ways from Sunday in the first 30 seconds!

You rock, Chanda!

Dude, I BaggedYourPit said...


The 1918 story is a funny read in the context of our 2011 p.c. "So strenuous was the attack of the Chief Justice that the bull terrier let loose his grip, and was hustled away by the negro."

Nearly a hundred years later and the dine 'n dash is still going strong.

Dude, I BaggedYourPit said...

Add my thanks to Senator Andrew Roraback!

"Replacement cost" is NOT the value of a pet! Ridiculous and beyond insulting!

Fellow pet owners, please answer me this. How much would you take for someone else to borrow your dog so their pit bull can mutilate it? Will you take $200.? How about a thousand? Would ten thousand get you there? Maybe 20K?

Of course not! There isn't any amount of money you would accept for this. "NOT FUNGIBLE," is exactly right!

I’d like to know which insurance company covered this pit bull and made this ludicrous assessment.

bluesmom said...

Dude, here is my answer to your question, and I have been there and done that. I received a settlement for the attack on my horse and on me. This settlement was large, enough to cover the horse's expenses for the rest of his life and then some. If the question had been asked "if we give you this many thousands of dollars for allowing your horse to be mauled, would that sound like a good deal to you?" Nope, I would rather have my normal life back. BTW, the insurance companies involved tried to play the same game on the value of the horse. I REFUSED to allow my horse to be devalued, they picked on the wrong cowboy for that shit.

Biti said...

O my dog that donkey looks so sweet.

DubV said...

I agree Biti. That is a sweet looking ass ;)

Sorry, couldn't resist.

DubV said...

Regarding Dotty, does anyone else find it interesting that donkeys and mules are so capable of defending themselves yet horses seem less so (while being much larger)? I find this interesting to ponder.

To speculate, it could be that in the fight-flight equation that horses (being a faster animal) are hardwired to instinctually run. A smaller donkey cannot outrun most predators, so that's why they are basically ninjas :) Same with mules because they have the donkey genes.

I wonder how a donkey would be at helping a person from a human attack? It seems they might not quite understand what was going on to intervene since it is not the obvious animal on animal violence.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

dubv, that's okay, i couldn't resist making her my new avatar. i have always been especially fond of donkeys. i love the story of her kicking pit ass. that's why i lead with it and not chanda.

bluesmom, do you have any insight to share on the gameness of donkeys and mules vs horses?

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

anon 1:25, this is a great find.

bluesmom said...

I have very little experience with donkeys or mules but I suspect DubV is onto something.

Horses, like dogs, are bred for some purpose, cutting cattle, racing, reining, dressage, whatever. In addition to the purpose, we are looking for "the good mind" which makes a 1000 pound animal want to put up with whatever we have in mind for him. Once a foal hits the ground most trainers are handling him constantly. We want that horse to trust us. No matter how much work a trainer has put into a horse, if that horse perceives his life is in danger, he does what he is hardwired to do. He runs. Horses are prey animals, individuals without the instinct to run are eliminated from the gene pool. This is not an issue of "game" it is hardwired behavior.

Police horses are trained to put up with anything, guns, parades, fireworks, very intense training. When a police horse is attacked by a pit bull he does just what a feral horse would do, he runs.

Gill Bentry said...

You want to hear something F-ed up?

I'm at the gym the other day and on the way out I'm checking out the bulletin board. You know, cars for sale, people looking for babystitters, that kind of stuff.

In any case, I see this posting for PIT BULL PUPPIES for sale. It has the phone number repeated at the bottom on "tags", so you can tear them off... know what I mean? Most of the phone number tags were torn off.

The ad says the "sires" head is 25 inches (?). Sire and Dam onsite. Puppies are blue and brindle. $800 bucks a pop. What a racket! No wonder we have so many pit bull problems. You think I should check it out? It would be cool to get a video and post it on Youtube or something. That, and call the IRS! Bwahahaha!


scratch said...

"Sires head 25 inches" = big dumb brick.
$800 per pup, what is the average litter size? Go with an underestimate, say 9 puppies x $800 = $7200 for the litter.
It IS a racket! That IRS thing sounds like a fine idea to me.

Anonymous said...

Shitheads Kiernan and Quirk have been getting death threats, and Quirk's mother disowned him. Too bad somebody didn't make good on the threats before their slap on the wrist incarceration sentences. Kiernan became a "prisoner in his own home". I think public shaming ought to be brought back as a viable sentence in several countries. Tattoo sickos on the face, and let the kicking and spitting begin.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

let the kicking and spitting begin.

great comment anon 6:15.

Anonymous said...

Nice to know that the U.K. has its share of pit bull retards too! Sickening!

DubV said...

I was driving today and saw a guy walking what appearred to be an old pit bull mix. I then starting thinking back and realized I have very few memories of seing older pit bulls. Anyone else notice this? It makes sense in a few ways.

hater said...

i know an old female pitbull. shes very friendly with people but i asked her owner about other dogs. he said she never starts a fight but always finishes one. not very original but quite telling!! since then ive seen her raging to get at other dogs that are doing nothing but being in proximity. ive said it before but it bears repeating.- not all pitbulls are the same but their frickin owners are.

april 29 said...

It has been said that the average pit bull only lives to the age of 18 months. Geriatric pit bulls are, by far, in the minority.

Jake said...

There were 2 pit bull puppies in my area awhile back - I'd see them being accompanied on walks around the neighborhood, without leashes. The dogs would just go wherever they wanted, run into people's yards, get in people's faces etc - it was real cute.

But then I abruptly stopped seeing them around. I'm guessing they grew up, started wanting to play "kill the cur" mauled a kid, or attacked their owners and got dumped off at the shelter.

Anonymous said...


1924: Actor Conway Tearle's Bull Terrier scalps a neighborhood boy and he fights to not cull the kidscalper:

In 1925, Tearle settles for $20,000 ($253K in 2011 dollars)...

Apparently, this Nutter got his taxpayer funded education at WestPoint, then lived in England for the next 14 years without serving in the US Military (Happens all the time!). Additionally, he had 4 marriages..

Can I get a "But Manbiters were always Culled" chant?!?

luv it when good stuff happens said...

dogs who wander often dont come home. what goes around comes around . sometimes or often theres a huge campaign to find these dogs who were allowed to start and continue this behavior.theres lots of do-gooding people out there who will believe the lies and help look for these innocent -never done anything wrong - dogs. but i suspect most of us know why the dog went missing and why its never found. i know from personal experience that if you want something done about a dangerous dog ,dont look to the police or the spca or animal control.

april 29 said...

The victim of Joe Honorable's frankenmaulers was recently discharged from the hospital into a Rehabilitation Facility. In most cases this means he is now in a nursing home with a physical therapy department. Who do you think is paying for multiple days in acute care, multiple surgeries, now an undetermined stay in a nursing home? I will make this very easy for you... the victim pays.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

do you have a link april 29? this case is one of my highest prioritest and i am working on another angle.

Anonymous said...

Someone should set up a UKC type breeding program for the Justice Mules. Only sell restriction papers after the mule wins and breed, breed, breed!!!!

april 29 said...

here is the link,

Gill Bentry said...

"I will make this very easy for you... the victim pays."

Not true. Ultimately we ALL pay. Either the victim's insurance company pays, or the victim goes completely bankrupt and Medicaid pays.

When you contemplate medicaid payments, that really means the TAXPAYER pays. THAT means that pit bull ownership is an ENTITLEMENT paid for by the rest of us. We pay through higher insurance premiums, higher taxes, or both. Either way we ALL pay.

Friends Administrator said...

Growing up in the country, we only had the draft horses and mules. Every summer people would bring a bull in for breeding. When we kids wanted to go into the pasture to play and the bull was there, we were always told to take the draft horse or the mule with us. I have seen these draft horses and mules face down a charging bull and protect us kids. I saw a mule beat the shit outta a huge bull. I don't know why the draft horses and mules are so different from riding horses who normally flee. But I do know that I probably wouldn't be here today if it was not for a mule named Old Maud. The owner of the bull was pissed but us kids were safe and the mule, narry a scratch on it. And all these animals loved kids, followed us around like a dog, would cry for us if they saw us leaving it behind. If I didn't live in the big city now, I would probably have one as a substitute dog. God, I miss those horses and mules, they were so cool.

Suggestion said...

I think you should create a new blog that showcases the most bizarre of pit bull attacks. Or attacks that no other breed of dog has ever done, like jumping through windows and taking down a car ect.

I think separating the more normal attacks from the more extreme will show more clearly what makes pit bulls different from other breeds.

Anonymous said...

That lab is ugly as can be, stupid huge cone head mutts, just like all labs UGLY, However the golden is very nice looking!!!

DubV said...

Awesome story P. I definitely have a new found respect and admiration for mules (and donkeys and draft horses).

hate swinedogs said...

the lab is even uglier now that its lost a front leg to a fucking shitbull. maybe it was a great dog in spite of its cone its a great three legged dog . death to pitbulls and trials and tribulations for their owners. b.t.w. the labs owners thought enough about the dog to pay out 19000 bucks to keep it around. how many bully owners would even have that much let alone pay it out for their shitdogs.

Anonymous said...

I have both large amounts of money into both my golden and my "shitbull" no matter what at the end of the day somones shit bull is a dedicated family memember, I can beat this till I'm blue in the face, however not once has my "shitbull" ever attacked anyone, 11 years of proven facts.
I respect your guys opinon its your given right to express yourself,
Take care,

Jake said...

Andy -

I take your word for it that your pit bull has never attacked anyone, but it's equally true that your pit bull might kill someone tomorrow.

I'm sure you've heard that pit bulls have attacked and killed or maimed people and animals by the thousands over the years. Sometimes they live peacefully in a family for years before attacking.

It's gotten to be a cliche, in fact you can pretty much count on hearing it any time you hear about yet another horrific pit bull attack. The owner *always* says "I can't understand why it attacked, I raised it from a puppy and never taught it to do that. This is a terrible accident that nobody could have ever seen coming" - or words to that effect.

Just like clockwork, there are dozens of pit bull attacks every week, beloved pets ripped apart, toddlers sent to the emergency room - or the morgue - but somehow nobody ever sees it coming and it's always a complete shock to the pit bull owner and to pit bull lobbyists - but it's never a shock to anyone else.

Frankly, I fear for your golden.

animalcop said...

If chromosomes has anything to do with intelligence, LOL, the donkey has one more than the horse! Perhaps this is why they are more aggressive! Seriously, donkeys have an extra chromosome! ;)

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

donkeys have an extra chromosome. that's interesting!

makes me wonder how they can produce offspring viable or not, with horses.

biology is my worst subject.

Small Survivors said...

Lee T., this is such a good comment
"i see them as a stupid , unnecessary throwback to a time when dog fighting and other bloodsports were accepted and legal."

"One should remember that when dog fighting was legal in England it was also legal to:

Beat and maim wives and children
Kill any animal for sport
Import the decapitated heads of Pacific Islander People to be used in decorating the home
It was also during this era that the British imported African people to be used as slaves"

Anonymous said...

Here's a good one for next week....Pomeranian "Munchie" gets munched at a Petstore by an off-leash Pit being pimped by "A Tail at a time" Rescue.