Friday, April 22, 2011

weekly frankenmauler roundup 04/22/11

rip Cotton
reluctant hero of the week #1: Philip Tatum of blanchard, louisiana Tatum was walking his bichon frise when he saw a pit bull poke his head through a fence. next thing he knows, two pits are out of the yard and attacking Cotton. Tatum pried the jaws of the black pit off of his dog and the pit turned on him. (i guess this mutant would not pass the in the pit safe handling test.) his daughter took Cotton to a nearby gym while Tatum choked the black pit to death. the other mutant was later seized by AC and euthanized. Cotton later died at the vet. Tatum is in the hospital being treated for an infection from the mauling. and the nutters have not been named and refused to speak on camera.
real men don't spend what *little* extra cash they have on another tattoo or pose with weapons, motocycles and jack daniels. real men don't flee when pittie is in the red zone. real men own bichons. and this real man turned pittie's lights out with his bare hands.
Crystal, he's a keeper.

reluctant hero of the week #2: Kathy Stievenart of france this shit bull attack in france is identical to those in the US. regardless of continent, nationality, or language nutters are all the same inside and out. skanky tattooed losers delivering apathetic bullshit excuses and failing to express even a modicum of remorse or compassion for their mutants' victims.

13 yr old Lady

translation compliments of snack sized dog.

skanky tattooed pit nutter SABRINA CROMBEZ, too inconsiderate to keep her neighbors safe and too stupid to understand why her mutant had to die.

04.18.11 paradise, california 30 yr old JUSTIN LASTER'S girl friend lost control of his mutants BUBBA and NYLA. the frankenmaulers were in hot pursuit of a deer and ended up in 73 yr old Gerald Moore's yard. one of the mutants was shot. i am not sure why but the mutants were sent to quarantine. while under the care and control of the shelter, they escaped and attacked a carrier with a cat in it. the cat died. these two mutants have quite an impressive history. a year ago, LASTER'S mutants were accused of killing 3 chickens, injuring 3 horses and 1 pony - and these are just the animals that we KNOW about. LASTER denies his shit bulls were responsible for the carnage yet he still has outstanding vet bills from the mutant joy ride. JUSTIN LASTER said his dogs are "escape artists" and "stubborn". and he promises to keep them "on a short leash" from now on. hopefully it's so short, they redirect their "stubbornness" on him sooner than later. LASTER is upset that his sheetrock eating, metal bending, kennel destroying, leash busting shit bulls were on the receiving end of Moore's 20 gauge shot gun. LASTER is upset, even though they have a frankenmauling record consisting of 1 cat, 3 chickens, 3 horses and a pony (possibly more). LASTER is upset the old man shot his dogs and wants the old man arrested. i am upset the hideous frankenmaulers weren't on the receiving end of a 12 or a 10 gauge.

rip Angel
04.19.11 louisville, kentucky another shelter fatality compliments of shit bulls. THOMAS GUELDA'S 2 dogs were malnurished and seized by animal control. he was charged with animal cruelty. while his dogs were in the care and custody of animal control, a pit bull managed to get through the metal divider and kill one of GUELDA'S dogs, a lab mix. the shelter spokesperson said this has never happened before and they will paid for the private cremation of the 11 yr old dog and correct the kennel design with some of the $40K grant money they just received. a former employee has stepped forward to say this is not the first incident with the steel door dividers. a mastiff killed a beagle in the same manner last august.

04.18.11 sioux city, iowa CHERYL VAN DONSLEAR'S german shepherd (MIMI) and american gripping dog (DAISY) killed a dachshund named Oscar. Oscar's owner's describe their pet "His lung was hanging out and his insides were coming out." MIMI is being credited with the kill and Daisy was declared high risk prior to the scuffle. VAN DONSLEAR said her dogs are being unfairly blamed. click here to read more about VAN DONSLEAR.

04.18.11 lake wales, florida two loose pit bulls tried to attack Tammy Little's 2 dachshunds on a walk. when she came to their defense they immediately redirected on her. fortunately people saw this and came to her aid. Little was airlifted to the hospital and underwent 3 hours of surgery.

04.15.11 manotak, alaska the castle law failed this week in alaska. a shit bull strayed onto the property of William Pauk and attacked his dog. so he grabbed his 22, hopped on his 4 wheeler and chased it down and shot it. the mutant is still alive, but maybe, *hopefully* not for long. Pauk was charged with animal cruelty, weapons misconduct, assault and criminal mischief. i am hoping this guy is a felon. i really hate to see LE charging people for defending their property.

04.16.11 starkville, ohio three boxers and a pit bull attacked a poodle. it had to be euthanized. three of the 4 attacking dogs' rabies vaccines had expired. one of them was declared dangerous and the owners of the mutilated poodle said they had made complaints to the apartment complex about the shit bull in the past.

04.17.11 new york, new york Melissa Curry took her 9 lb pomeranian named Munchie to Clark where they encountered an off leash pit bull/rat terrier named Pandora. Pandora is the property of A Tail At A Time rescue and was under the "control" of KATHLEEN GOWARD who apologized and promised to pay the vet bill. of course GOWARD offered the obligatory "she's never done that before!"

04.18.11 sullivan, ohio CARY GRANT JR was visiting CARY GRANT SR when junior's shit bull bit senior's bulldog, senior came to the rescue and the pit redirected. senior was bitten on the hand and passed out. the next day his father died of a heart attack. the nutters will be lining up to talk about raccoon bites.

04.18.11 salem, oregon two shit bulls have been terrorizing a neighborhood. when they killed a cat, police were called. they turned one of pittie's lights out. the other is still at large. it is a brown male and salem police need help killing it. another kitty corpse was found and is believed to be victims #2.

04.19.11 new zealand pit nutter PATRICIA CHAPMAN pled guilty to owning a shit bull and was fined $1700 for the murder of a 5 month old shar-pei. Tyson's windpipe, lungs, eye and throat were damaged. he died the next day after surgery. (two people were bitten trying to intervene) CHAPMAN accepted responsibility. she was "appalled" that her "good friend" killed the puppy. of course, her good friend had never shown aggression before. shit bulls are classified as dangerous and are required to be muzzled. nutter thumbed her nose at the law and it cost her $1700 and the lives of 2 dogs, well one dog and one mutant.

04.18.11 charlotte, north carolina a stray shit bull attacked a K9 officer during a drug call. it's dirt napping now.

DAVID STACKHOUSE - quite the dream boat here girls, chicks dig scars, especially shit bull scars
04.18.11 paso robles, california STACKHOUSE tried to force his way into his sister's bedroom to sic his shit bull on her. when the cops arrived, the people pleaser charged and now pittie is dirt napping but not before attacking his owner. DAVID STACKHOUSE was charged with assault with a deadly weapon (frankenmauler). what a surprise, the deadly weapon had a documented history of biting two people. neighbors said it attacked other animals in the neighborhood.
i think i'd be a good matchmaker. i want to hook STACKHOUSE and FRAGALA up.
don't they make a lovely couple?

04.19.11 forum talk Another deadly Pit Bull attack with deadly results
A loose pit bull killed a smaller dog over on Nova street today. This is the third attack in less than two weeks. The owner of the Pit Bull has had other dogs that he has let run loose for years. A friend of mine sold her home over there because of that plus the nasty rentals over there. If you watched last weeks council meeting Deb Stoup showed what a pit bull did to her small dacshund. This has got to stop!

04.19.11 powder springs, georgia Anne Ranson was sitting in her living with her little dog Duckie on her lap when in pops two shit bulls. Duckie tried to run but the mutants grabbed him, ran out side with him and savaged him. Duckie was euthanized. in 2009 BRENDA MILLER was fined $5000 for having dangerous dogs afte they got into Ransom's back yard and killed her pomeranian name Firecracker. JENNA MILLER (daughter) said the current attack was not done by their dogs . she claims the shit bulls belonged to "a guy walking them down the street that day". JENNA MILLER said they do not have those vicious pits anymore. they were probably spirited away to another county within an hour of the recent attack.

04.19.11 nutley, new jersey police blotter On April 11, at 7:30 p.m., a pit bull had entered the yard of a Centre Street neighbor and bit the homeowners dachshund several times casing the animal's owner to take him for emergency treatment. The pit bull that was legally licensed had been quarantined.

04.20.11 upper darby, pennsylvania a woman was attacked by one of two leashed shit bulls as she passed. two men came to her aid and beat the dog with a pole. the shit bull redirected on the other shit bull. LOL!!!

04.20.11 eureka springs, arkansas a pomeranian was killed and a dachshund was wounded in two separate pit bull attacks.

04.21.11 orange, texas a man shot and killed a shit bull when it jumped the fence into his backyard and tried to attack his dog. the shooter said this has happened several times and he has been armed with his 9mm since the first time.


fucktard LISA O'CONNOR - owner of DUGG
shrewsbury, massachusetts the O'CONNORS adopted an adult pit bull named DUGG and within a couple of months it VIOLATED city ordinance and escaped the yard and savaged a small LEASHED poodle. despite emergency vet care to the tune of THOUSANDS of dollars, the poodle died. now the O'NUTTERS are dragging this death sentence out with endless appeals increasing their already disproportionately huge burden on society. here we have this fucktard testifying that the little black poodle was on the back of her precious people pleasing mutant, biting it! O'CONNOR further claims that when she tried to stop the poodle from attacking her HIDEOUS AT LARGE MUTANT SHIT BULL, the POODLE bit off the end of her finger. wow, that is some poodle!!! i think ED FARON would have liked to get some of that blood in his yard. TOO BAD IT'S DEAD! neighbors are testifying in hopes of defeating the efforts of high priced city slicker animal rights nut job shyster lawyer STEVEN WISE who is hard at work trying to keep the frankenmauler alive. how the fuck do you sleep at night WISE? Kathy Scibelli said she witnessed the O'CONNORS previous dog named STEVE attack other dogs in the neighborhood. STEVE also had a scuffle with the mail carrier. the judge is now deliberating.
i've been following this attack closely. at long last we get to see what one of these O'CONNOR pukes looks like. this story really pisses me off. i just want to punch her in the face.
i HATE these people.

ontario, canada ottawa has called for a dirt nap and will charge the owner, JENNIFER MAYER for the fatal mauling of the shih tzu.

wyoming, michigan HONORABLE'S attorney CHRIS GIBBONS claims the mutants who broke both of William Ward's arms do not meet the definition of dangerous and is fighting the destruction order.

citizen shootings

hermiston, oregon pit bull mix chased two people, the man shot at it. it is unknown if it was hit. hopefully it went off and died somewhere.

norfolk, virginia the police shot a pit/boxer mix who trapped a woman in her car. unfortunately, the injury was not fatal. the nutter took his mutant to the vet. i have stopped covering all police shootings, i only mention this one because the victim also made a previous complaint that the people pleaser was trying to get into her house. home invasions, car attacks and busting through windows are breed specific behaviors.


april 29 said...

Loved this quote on Dugg..

"O'Connor said she gave several orders for Dugg to release the smaller dog, but said he did not and does not regularly respond very well to that command."

Dorothea Malm said...

Stephen Wise must be getting support from Ledy Vankavage.

He is trying to argue that a vicious dog means the dog has a "vicious disposition." If the court accepts this definition, it sets a scary precedent. You could then use the "he was only playing" defense. That is, if the dog's disposition was playful while it was killing a poodle, then it shouldn't be considered vicious. He says Dugg has a "lovely disposition." So, he's suggesting also that if the dog is friendly after it kills a poodle, then it doesn't have a vicious disposition and shouldn't be designated vicious.

This would virtually exempt all dog aggressive wiggle butts from the vicious designation no matter how many animals they kill "in play."

Designating a dog as vicious should be about vicious acts the dog has committed or is likely to commit (based on breeds bred specifically to commit vicious acts).

I hate that guy.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

ditto on the stephen wise comments. i hadn't thought about the dangerous precedent this could set. interesting and horrifying.

the so-called vegans and animal rights people who fight to keep dangerous dogs alive are especially puzzling to me.

wise and B12 starved idiots like marji beach and nathan winograd fail to take into account all of the animals these dogs have injured directly and all of the animals these dogs will injure indirectly in the name of food to keep them alive.

"O'Connor said she gave several orders for Dugg to release the smaller dog, but said he did not and does not regularly respond very well to that command."

i don't know how i missed that!

Dude, I BaggedYourPit said...

Let the word HERO ring with every mention of Philip Tatum, Blanchard, Louisiana!

Horribly sad that he lost his dog to the pit bulls' attack, but AWESOME that he was able to choke one of them to death!

april 29 said...

It is a damn shame that respectable people like Mr. Tatum and Mrs. Stievenart are reduced to killing pit bulls with bare hands and knives to protect pets and children. It was their right to walk dogs, and enjoy their own gardens without this violence. Yes, they are both heroes.

Dude, I BaggedYourPit said...

"He is trying to argue that a vicious dog means the dog has a "vicious disposition." If the court accepts this definition, it sets a scary precedent."

I'd be surprised if the court accepts this argument. The counter argument makes too much sense... "How many times does someone have to rob a bank to be called a bank robber?"

Findings of guilt and sentencing don't go away because a criminal act seemed out of character. Hopefully the court will maintain this precedent.

CKing said...

I think Dude is probably right. Hopefully reason prevails, but it is one scary proposition if this guy succeeds in making that argument.

And what a suck on resources this bitch and Dugg are. When will this end already? Its great that craven is following this. These are the kinds of stories that slip from sight.

April 29, i love that comment too. I think she also said that he releases a volley ball better.

So, advice to children who are about to get attacked by a pit is "stand like a tree or curl up like a rock" and equally helpful advice to normal dogs is "act like a volleyball."