Thursday, June 30, 2011

Benny Quinn McEntyre a.k.a. Benny Mack

file photo of a bank robber/murderer

In 1929, Featherweight boxer Benny Quinn McEntyre aka Benny Mack was convicted of the murder of landscape architect W. R. Moore. Mack shot and killed Moore as the two argued over a bulldog that Moore purchased but still had not paid for 2 weeks earlier.

Mack was sentenced to 22-30 years but was pardoned by the governor. He returned to boxing and a life of crime. At one time Mack was working as a Hollywood stunt double. In 1936, he was charged with car theft. In 1961 at the age of 57, Mack was sentenced to 15 years for bank robbery

Mack eventually landed in an insane asylum.


snack sized dog said...

Ah, I didn't read closely enough. I was thinking he was the twin for john dillinger! Benny Quinn Mack was camera shy, ey?

Probably, for the best. Another illustrious owner. insane, too!

craven desires said...

his fight record was pathetic and i suspect no one thought he was worthy of photographing.

thanks again vintage!

Sybil said...

A bulldog is now a "pit" ???


dawn james said...

yes, a bulldog pit bull

dawn james said...

obtw sybil, you do realize that the american pit bull terrier aka the pit bull was and still is commonly referred to as a "bulldog", right?