Sunday, January 22, 2012

compare and contrast

in the first video, a woman and her two small dogs were attacked by three pit bulls. It took the woman and 6 men (four appear to be cops) to break up the mayhem.

in the second video, a woman was attacked by a pack of six plus dogs (much larger than pit bulls). ONE man armed with a shovel came to her aid and frightened the entire pack away.


Miss Margo said...

This is instructive.

DubV said...

He swooped in with that shovel like a boss. I'm impressed with the gusto involved. Of course, having normal dogs flee from you tends to make you appear more heroic than impotently kicking the ribs in of a gripper. Even though the folks dealing with the grippers were probably putting themselves in even greater danger.

I've had to defend my dog from mild skirmishes involving non-schutzhund trained GSDs and random mutts, never really felt like my life was on the line. When a pit grabbed him though, it was a very different experience. I did not really drive off or injure the dog. The dog seemed to simply find my strikes to be an annoyance and so he ran off on his own accord, dragging me down the sidewalk while my hand was stuck in his choker. The whole thing was still under his doggie control it seemed.

Anonymous said...

That is an illustration of "Gameness" and why Pit attacks are bloodbaths.