Sunday, January 1, 2012

Thomas Alva Edison

Mina and Theodore Edison with spaniel

Why the pit nutters would want to claim Edison as one of their own is a head scratcher. I'll admit, Thomas Alva Edison SHOULD have been a pit bull owner. After all, he is the most famous inventer/thief of all time. There are similarities between Edison and the personality profile of a pit nutter (sadistic, liar, thief), but as usual, I find no evidence that Edison owned a pit bull. I did find that he killed many dogs, maybe one of them was a pit bull? Maybe Edison inspired the dogmen to cull their curs with electricity? Thomas Edison electrocuted many animals; dogs, horses, calves and even an elephant in both an effort to discredit Nikola Tesla's superior invention of alternating current and to test out electrocution as a form of capital punishment to replace hanging. Edison later hired Tesla to redesign (ie fix) his own inefficient motors and generators and then cheated Tesla of the $50K promised.

The experiments to decide the merits of electrocution over hanging took place on March 2, 1889, in the large wooden building which Edison had had fitted up with every electrical appliance necessary for the purpose. The victims chosen were several dogs, four calves, and a horse. The dogs claimed the attention of the experimenters first, and a big black Newfoundland quietly submitted to being weighed he turned the scale at close on ninety pounds and then with the same docility allowed a small plate of brass, covered with felt and soaked in a solution of salt, to be tied to his head, while a bandage moistened with the same lotion was fixed to his right leg with a piece of copper wire. Lest he might show a desire to run away, the animal was made to stand in a box, but flight seemed far from his intention. He seemed as interested in the experiments as any one present. The dog's "resistance" was next computed by means of two fine wires connected with the electrodes, to which was attached a registering instrument. A slight shock was then sent through the animal so slight that he scarcely winced but of sufficient strength to correctly record his power to withstand the electric current. Heavy wires then took the place of the fine ones, the current was turned on, and the animal immediately stiffened. There was a slight tendency to leap forward, but it was momentary, and the animal remained perfectly still. The current was kept up for ten seconds, and when turned off the dog dropped in a heap perfectly dead.

I thought the pit nutters were trying to distance themselves from people like Michael Vick and the rest of the pit rabble that pops up in the news on a daily basis?

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Jewel Jade said...

What a fucking bastard, animal abusing piece of shit!!!! Thank you for the info on Edison, the animal abuser and piece of shit! Didn't know this, but I do now! This is just horrific! Makes me sick to my stomach!!!

Miss Margo said...

Dawn James:

Check out the book "Blood and Volts" on Amazon.

It's a strange, strange tale (and a strange book), and rather macabre, but I think it's right up your alley.

It's a short book--I read it in 2 days. Would have read it in one day, but it was too upsetting. Basically about the invention of the electric chair in American Jurisprudence. And also Tesla and Edison.

dawn james said...

not sure why your comment landed in spam miss margo.

thanks for book recommendation, i will look into it.