Monday, January 30, 2012

"People see what they want to see, it is up to you to show them what you want them to see." ~ Nick Santino

there is no such thing as a dull moment when it comes to pit bulls and their owners. last week, yet another damaged and disenfranchised pit nutter made the headlines of bizarro world. and once again, we have the real world version of events to compare to the lunatic fringe's interpretation of the events. skooch over DARLA, you have company!

leave it to pit nutters to exploit someone's personal tragedy to advance the cause of gripping dogs. the recent suicide of NICK SANTINO and the "forced" euthanasia of SANTINO'S pit bull mix ROCCO, are being blamed on grumpy neighbors and the evils of breed specific legislation.

here's what we know from mainstream media's version of events, for unspecified reasons, a condo association tightened up their dog policy in 2010 (i bet $100 there is a scary elevator encounter with a pit bull). one of their new rules included a pit bull ban. SANTINO'S pit mix was grandfathered in but SANTINO was restricted from using the elevator and he could not leave the dog alone for more than 9 hours. reasonable restrictions for the safety and welfare of both ROCCO and the other residents. we also know that SANTINO was facing fines for barking and more importantly, SANTINO'S own vet reported that ROCCO was becoming "increasingly more aggressive". rather than move or place his best friend in a new home, the struggling actor had his dog euthanized, called an ex-girl friend, then took an overdose.

here is what the pit nutters report, BSL took two innocent lives. the mean grumpy neighbors harassed a 47 yr old man to the point where he killed his "healthy, friendly pit bull" and then killed himself.

reality check: healthy, well adjusted people do not take their supposedly "healthy and friendly" pit mix to the vet to be euthanized, then go home, call an ex-girl friend and kill themselves. i find a few of the details significant.

first, he killed himself ON his birthday.
second, it appears that he had a prescription for a drug with the ability to deliver a lethal dose. (possibly already taking something for depression or to help him sleep)
third, he called an EX girl friend (possibly yet another failure contributing to his decision to end his life)
fourth, on his facebook page, he stressed how ROCCO saved HIS life, not vice versa.
fifth, despite the fact that this orphan had earned an MBA and started his own business (apparently successful), he was not happy with his career and wanted to become an actor.
sixth, he was not just struggling to make it as an actor, according to the imdb, he was failing miserably. between 1995 and 2011, SANTINO landed 8 menial roles, including "club owner", and "butcher guy". his billings were nearly dead last.


the title of C MARABITO'S insane blatherings this week: Two unnecessary deaths due to BSL. MARABITO claims the "down on his luck actor" succumbed to the pressure of the condo bullies. a neighbor with the last name of CLEARY (any relations?) is quoted "People were complaining about his dog. It was open season on him." the BOTTOM LINE for MARABITO, "this man lost his life and his dog due to breed specific legislation." the bottom line, i have a bridge i'd like to sell MARABITO and her gullible followers.

surprisingly, CINDY MARABITO lost to the competition on this one.

Micaela Myers at, where they are "reinventing the pit bull" lead with this, "This past week, the tragic result was two deaths – one of a 47-year-old man and the second a healthy, friendly pit bull. "

i am fascinated by the amount of effort that went into describing the pit bull and how little mention there was of the other half of the double tragedy. all of the nutters seem to think that BSL and his grumpy neighbors pushed this man over the edge and prompted him to kill himself. healthy, well adjusted people first of all would not kill their healthy, well adjusted dog over this and certainly a healthy well adjusted person would not kill themselves over this. you don't need to be a Durkheim scholar or have a PhD in psychology to grasp this simple concept.

Micaela Myers ends her tribute to a down on your luck, depressed pit bull owner on this note "The sad story of Nick Santino and Rocco also illustrates the need for public awareness toward canine housing discrimination so that landlords and complex management can understand the consequences of their misguided policies." MICAELA feels this tragedy illustrates pibble's plight. not a single word about the need for suicide intervention or the 100 american people who succeed in taking their lives and the 800-2500 that attempt but fail to take their lives EVERY day in the united states. that tragedy pales in comparison to the plight of dangerous pit bulls.

"I am just happy someone remembered to invite me." Nick Santino

poor nick, second billing to a dog and the cause of the lunatic fringe. i wonder if he will be remembered as anything more than a "47 yr old pit bull owner" at AFF's candle light vigil?
Josie Robertson Plaza (Lincoln Center, Columbus Avenue between 62nd and 65th Streets), Columbus Avenue between 62nd and 65th Streets, New York, NY

Animal Farm Foundation will lead a peaceful vigil to remember Nick Santino, Rocco the "pit bull" dog, and all victims of canine discrimination. We are devastated by the inhumanity and injustice that Mr. Santino and Rocco experienced prior to their deaths.

Our goal for this vigil is to end the unnecessary, fear-based discrimination that some "pit bull" dogs and their owners face, particularly with regard to housing matters. We wish to empower community members with information and resources to replace fear with facts, and to advocate for equal treatment and opportunity for "pit bull" dogs and their owners.

Please meet at 4:00 pm at the Josie Robertson Plaza (at the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts). We will march down West 64th Street past "One Lincoln Plaza," the building where Mr. Santino and Rocco lived.

A press conference will follow.

Please leave your dogs at home. Thank you.

no kill new york launched a facebook page titled HOUNDED TO DEATH IN NEW YORK - ANTI-BREED DISCRIMINATION PROTEST.

brent toellner chimed in on the "harassed to death" band wagon as did the one time journalist turned propagandist john woestendiek.

i am probably the only one among the pit nutter crowd to scratch the surface of NICK SANTINO. i am looking forward to what the ex girl friend has to say. and i am on pins and needles waiting for badrap and melanie coy to express their thoughts on the subject.

seriously, these nutter freaks have the intellect of children. but i guess i shouldn't too surprised. this is the demographic that looks to KAREN DELISE and values her meteorological explanations of social problems.

interestingly, there is an old discussion on from 2010, when his battle with his grumpy neighbors and the meanies in the condo association first began. NICK'S predicament didn't garner much sympathy.
"And that is why you don't opt to live somewhere that another person(s) make your choices for you."

american pit bullshit examiner

reinventing the pit bull


argentto systems

mail online

new york post

master status

"People see what they want to see, it is up to you to show them what you want them to see." ~ Nick Santino

Nick finally made it as an actor, he pulled off the role of a lifetime. but then again, it doesn't take much acting ability to convince the simple mind of a pit nutter.


DubV said...

Great post, but this is particularly incisive:

"MICAELA feels this tragedy illustrates pibble's plight. not a single word about the need for suicide intervention or the 100 american people who succeed in taking their lives and the 800-2500 that attempt but fail to take their lives EVERY day in the united states. that tragedy pales in comparison to the plight of dangerous pit bulls."

The pit bull promoters will do or say ANYTHING to accomplish their ends. The candlelight vigil is too much to take. The nutter's treatment of Santino's mental health issue as something else that was externally imposed is dangerous to others.

In the minds of these nutters, is it logical that the apartment building's actions led to a chain of events that were the primary cause of this man's death? I suppose it is to them given how they manifest their attachment to these animals in such strange ways.

Anonymous said...

oh dear .
another terrible injustice against the noble pit-bull and its responsible owner. guess the nutter "lunitic fringe" will just have to fight harder against us bullies and ignorant control freaks. its so sad.

Anne King said...

after Darla's death, nothing pit zealots say or do surprises me...maybe the reason the nutters don't talk about the mental state of Santino is because they would have to admit they also suffer the same type of "crazy"

Anonymous said...

if i had a innocent dog that i loved i would never give it up to be killed . maybe the pitter killed the dog and himself as a dramatic way of showing how unfairly demonized are the poor pit and pitters of this world. unfortunately or not, we all have to live or die by our choices but its best if we try not put the blame where it doesnt belong. i am pretty sure that a lot of pitters come to some kind of grief due to their choice to own a breed of dog that does not sit well with the majority of sane , rational people.

DubV said...

Just realized that Animal Farm Foundation fits Orwell's Animal Farm novel pretty well. Look who is in charge?

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

"maybe the reason the nutters don't talk about the mental state of Santino is because they would have to admit they also suffer the same type of "crazy""

that crossed my mind.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

there are definitely similarities between orwell and the pit bull propaganda machine.

who controls the past controls the future.
who controls the present controls the past.
george orwell

Dude, I BaggedYourPit said...

As noted, many people run into difficulty with pets and their living situation without turning it into a persecution complex, then pet-murder/suicide. And while it requires an extraordinary amount of immaturity, selfishness and stupidity to stipulate issues beyond an individual’s mental status as causative to kill a pet and one’s self, nutters will be nutters. The pit lovin’ freak show never ceases to amaze.

Dude, I BaggedYourPit said...

"... they would have to admit they also suffer the same type of "crazy"

I can't help but recall Caesar Millan saying that 90% of L.A.'s homeless people who had dogs, had pit bulls. I laughed because he clearly didn't realize the implication of what he was saying: Clearly, as the rate of crazy rises among dog owners, the rate of pit bull ownership climbs accordingly.

Would it be reasonable to say that while the circumstance of homelessness is proof of psychiatric disability and/or patterns of disorganized thought and decision making, they're geniuses when it comes to choosing a breed of dog? Nope, there are only two dots to connect - crazy and pit bull.

Garnet said...

So, now we're not supposed to say anything about aggressive dogs just in case the owner kills the dog and himself? The dog in this case was described as aggressive by the veterinarian, so it's likely that the other building tenants had a reasont to complain. What happened wasn't their fault.

Clearly, Santino had a psychiatric problem that he needed to get help for. The real tragedy is that he didn't get help, for whatever reason. Mentally healthy people do not kill their dogs and themselves. This isn't a pit bull issue; plenty of people who rent have to rehome their dogs and they don't end their lives over it.

Anonymous said...


There are nearly 3000 nameless Pit Bulls euthanized in the United States daily...some even without biting histories! Yet, the Pit Bull community cherishes and pimps it's "Media Dogs',... any specimen of PitMaulus Maximus who has received media attention, whether from a mauling , dog fight bust, or even raping a baby. I guess they believe positive rehabilitation stories will wash away the countless funerals and helicopter lifeflights.

In a bizarre, counter-culturistic advocacy move, this Nutter collected 3000 signatures from as far away as Bangaldesh to save Bear the toddler sodomizing Pit Bull.

The nutters maintained this incident wasn't possible despite DNA Test results proved it did happen.

Typing this made me throw up in my mouth a litlle...Sorry everyone!.

**Disclaimer...You can't make this stuff up!

cinnamon2005 said...

You know they are going to latch onto anything they think that can garner sympathy to their cause. I quit reading the comments about this situation. He made a choice.

DubV said...

Comments on non-nutter forums are great.

"You put open pipes on yer Harley, you KNOW what your neighbors are going to think, but you do it any way. Don't cop an attitude when they complain.

You thump your chest and demand the right to 'open carry' yer Glock. . . Don't complain when you don't get invited to the neighborhood B-B-Q.

Your choice of dog. You knew what the social and cultural attitudes were drifting towards before you acquired the pup. Quitcherbitchen.

Just my .02, but you can get away with a lot when you go with it in stealth mode. Had a friend once with a tea cup poodle that would eat your ass up on command. Scary."


I googled "pit bull haters" tonight and found all sorts of interesting things.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

dubv, fascinating pit bull thread on a non nutter forum.

interesting comment from an aussie:
We too have some pretty restrictive laws regarding which dogs you can and can't have.
Lets just say that some pets are more domesticated than others. Perhaps it isn't such a bad idea that you can't walk down the street with an animal capable of taking down a mountain lion.
Does that really sound so unreasonable?

Anonymous said...

just think, pitters:
if santino had gone for a normal dog that wasnt mutated especially for aggression and bloody violence, he would be happily alive today prob in his old apartment ...maybe cohabing blissfully with his old girlfriend . just thinking with a pitters open mind .

Anonymous said...

one thing ive learned:
you can take a pitter to real tragedy but you cant make them feel real emotion like the rest of u have . like sorrow , empathy , sympathy . i guess they're a bit like their shithounds in the psychological department . all this drama about santino is just the regular pitter-sleaze weve all come to expect.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

so true snarky. i noticed that fight for your rights carefully side stepped the brazil attack. not a peep.

Anonymous said...

seems to me that santino was getting away with having his pit in spite of new rules against pits in the building. he just had to do his part, which i suspect he wasnt . he even said he would get a couple more pits which wouldve been nice for the neighbours that didnt like the one. i just have to believe that some sane part of santino realized the dog did have to go. as for his own death, that was unnecessary but his own choice and doing and as such cant be reasonably blamed on others.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

so true again snarky.

"Today I betrayed my best friend. Rocco trusted me and I failed him. He didn’t deserve this."

there is nothing in SANTINO'S suicide letter that blames BSL, the condo association meanies OR his "grumpy" neighbors. in fact, SANTINO assumes FULL responsibility.

Anonymous said...

re masspits dingbat : guess it was something i said ..... maybe about psychopathic boyfriends?

Anonymous said...

i could be going out on a limb here but it seems to me that pitters, as a group, are somewhat impervious to the opinions and needs of others. in my mind , this casts doubt on the pit persecution theory of why he did it. i think perhaps it was something else. maybe something as mundane as flatulence? maybe it just got too much and a final solution was found .

Anonymous said...

if someone or their pet was chewed up in the hallway or in the elevator , ya know what the pitters would be saying right now about it? hey dude , like yo....ONLY DA STRONG SURVIVE !

oh yeah it would be much different if it wasnt a fucking pit and a pitter.

Branwyne Finch said...

Keep in mind, no vet will euthanize a friendly, healthy dog just because an owner asks them to. There are humane reasons for this, as well as legal reasons.

The hysterical tone taken by pit bull advocates over this story is bizzare...this man could have easily used his D-list celebrity status to find a home for the dog, there are multiple rescue organizations that would have taken it. This man is like the father or mother who kills their kids, then themselves, in a murder/suicide; there is no rational thought behind it. Santino was a physically healthy, handsome, college educated man living in a 600 thousand dollar condo. He had lots of options...the problem was his mental illness.

Pit bull advocates seem to ignore the sentence in the N.Y. Post that reveals that a vet told him the dog was getting increasingly aggressive, which Santino blamed on his depression. If the dog was euthanized at a vet's office, this would be the ONLY reason why. A vet WILL euthanize a healthy young dog if it is dangerously aggressive.

The fact that ANYONE owns a high maintenance, high energy, active breed like a pit bull in a city condo should be cause for concern....I don't see any pit bull advocates questioning the wisdom of this.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i agree with you completely branwyne. this felt more like a murder/suicide.

they conveniently ignored this sentence too:


the pit zealots ignore everything that doesn't fit into their sugar coated world view of pit bulls.

Anonymous said...

These Pit-Indignation operations.

Sex offender's Pit shot by police...Indignation

Apartment dwellers Pit euthanized for aggression...Indignation

California having 24 DBRFs with 21 of them Pitties ...PRIDE MARCH TIME!

Branwyne Finch said...

What concerns me is the fact that multiple media sources have changed the facts of the story to add to the drama. Santino's dog was grandfathered in, he was not asked to leave...and the rules apply to everyone in the building. ALL dogs must use the service elevator, and ALL dogs in the building cannot be left unattended for over 9 hours alone. Why would anyone think it was OK to leave a large breed dog alone for over nine hours every day in an apartment?

The rules about breed bans probably were put in place because of insurance and liability issues. Sorry, but if you want to live in a city apartment, you probably can't have a guarding or fighting breed. Anyone truly just looking for a companion animal won't have a problem with that.

Santinos dog, according to a vet, WAS aggressive, which may be the reason for the complaints...or maybe it was because of barking.

The pro-pit bull fanatics are aggitating the lunatic fringe of their movement to the point where people are making death threats to the condo board members. These people are little more than domestic terrorists, pretending to be humane advocates.

cinnamon2005 said...

Guess what kind of dog wasn't riding in a 1.5 million dollar car?

Anonymous said...

i consider these people to be at least as bad as the mutated dogs they seem to love so much. terrorist is a very apt name for these fucked up people , not only because their dogs should inspire terror in normal people but also because these pitter people are clearly beyond reason or morality.

safer midwifery utah said...

jesus christ, a human being fucking died from a treatable illness and all these folks can think about are dogs. Gross.

Anonymous said...

only the stong survive. it cuts both ways.

Packhorse said...

Anyone wish to discuss what's happening in Ohio? (Repeal of the statewide BSL law)

Anonymous said...

saw a strange sight today that i cant explain. two pit nutters hugging each other and crying . the pit-bull stood a way off ignoring this touching scenario as if slightly embarrassed at its owners emotion. i may be going out on a limb here but could it have been the terrible specter of b.s.l looming on the horizon ? after all hasn't north americas favorite mutant suffered enuf racism and ignorance without more abuses?

DubV said...

Snarky, I think they were crying over this recent Mickey D's advert.

Pit nutters have no sense of humor. Is any other group of people more easily offended over dogs?

Anonymous said...

i think they need to lighten up about people disrespecting their ugly mutants . a dog is just a dog and shouldnt be taken on as proof of their manhood or as an extension of their manhood if they have a short coming in that department. and if you are a loser ..... well a full body tattoo, a chopper , a bitch and a mutant are not going to change things for you.

DubV said...

Nutters identify with their pits and use their animal as a way to find purpose, so nutters take rejection of pits as a rejection of themselves. Versus someone can tell me that dachshund-beagle mixes are crap, and I'd just say "whatever".

Anonymous said...

a dashhund-beagle sounds like a nasty mix to me . a dog that would strike fear into a pittards tiny heart.

Anonymous said...

actually ,i wouldnt mind being fur daddy to such a dog . the viciousness of the wiener dog combined with the scent trailing ability of a snoopy dog. i can see such a dog in south l.a. woudnt really make a dent in the pit over-population but it could help eradicate the inevitable feral chihuahua problem you always get where theres irresponsible pit owners.

Garnet said...

The McDonald's ad is true if you think about it. A few dozen Americans are killed by pit bulls each year, while a chicken nugget can't kill you.

Eating nothing but chicken nuggets can be very bad for you, but just one box? Much safter, in a statistical sense, than a pit bull.

Anonymous said...

i knew someone who died eating a wiener but i dont know anyone who was actually killed by a mutant . guess i should never eat wieners but should start drinking the pitters kool-aid .

DubV said...

Dogo argentino bites a woman's face on TV.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

watch out for the mustard.

Anonymous said...

those dogos are dogs a dingbat would die for . simply gorgeous , especially the brindled ones .
disclaimer: im shitting you not.

Garnet said...

I feel bad for the reporter who was bit by that dog. Everyone (especially gripping dog advocates) is railing on how dumb she is for putting her face up to the dog. Yeah, maybe she shouldn't have done that, but no one's perfect. Additionally, most dogs will not bite someone's face hard enough so they need reconstructive surgery just because they're annoyed. Most dogs would have growled or warned somehow before biting. The owner of the dog should not have brought it to the studio if it wasn't extremely well tempered.

They aren't pit bulls, but dogos were bred from fighting dogs. They've been banned in a lot of areas. Like we see here, dogs bred for fighting, aggression, or gripping the faces of large animals ARE NOT pets.

The dogs name was "Gladiator Maximus." Really, people need to quit getting big aggressive dogs to compensate for their shortcomings as men.

Anonymous said...

yea i agree but these guys who are using their dogs as "manhood"
extentions seem to not hear too good. another way of putting it is they hear though their rears, not their ears

Anonymous said...

i believe pitters hear what they want but when it comes fucking pitbulls its up to a few people to say like it is , regardess of if anyone is listening

Anonymous said...


"Evidence has been mounting that humanity in its perverse ingenuity has created in the Pit Bull, the paradox of a breed of dog which is a natural enemy of humanity, as well as of every other living thing, including its own kind. It is said that dogs of this type, being bred for fighting to the death, have extraordinary strength and agility, possess jaw strength up to twice that of an ordinary dog, are extremely tolerant of pain, attack without warning, never voluntarily give up an attack once begun, are in many instances inherently dangerous, and are never completely predictable." seattle v. hoff, 111 wash.2d 923, 767 p. 2d 572

That about sums it up!...It reads like poetry!

**Disclaimer...You can't make this stuff up!

Packhorse said...

Did you catch this nice little display on Denver live TV?

Doubtful Denver's going to rescind its ban on fighting breeds anytime soon, much to the dismay of pit breeders.

Unknown said...

This is disgusting. Your comments about a man being forced into killing his best friend takes his life. Wow so this is where adult bullies come to play... You should be ashamed of yourself. When veterans come back with PTSD they recommend the Vet gets a dog to deal with the depression and loneliness. Now Im not saying this man was a vet but proving a point as someone who is considered "suicidal" the love of a pet can save a life. This man loved his Pit Bull, you people love the idea of killing a living creature. There are naturally born serial killers so does that mean we kill all humans because there is evidence that have raped babies, killed numerous people, and tainted the human breed name?? So if this man was severely depressed and the only thing that made him happy was his dog, then he is forced to kill it, yeah I think that would send me into a suicidal moment, unfortunately there were was no one to help him through it... But of course you can only see it as some nutter whining about being able to keep his beloved dog. I hope you people believe in hell cause that's where the freaking lot of you are going.

Its a shame that you people exists...

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

this is where adults who are tired of idiots putting us all at risk come to vent.

he was not forced to get rid of his dog or to euthanize his dog. it's a shame that you lack reading comprehension skills.

Unknown said...

No I do not lack reading comprehension skills, I have a hard time trying to see where you're coming from.

There is no rationalizing on either of our parts when mental illness is involved. However any time any animal has their life ended before their time should be a sadness.

I just hope that you bunch feel the same way about murders, pedophiles, and rapist as you do pit bulls.

I have dealt with many pits from birth to death and have actually had all good experiences...

Its like saying all black people should be put down because their is an overwhelming aggressive bunch of them.

I know in your head humans and dogs are different. But in reality we all are mammals.