Sunday, December 1, 2013

profile of a responsible pit bull owner

CARLA ANN THOMAS is not currently in the slammer. she is operating under the name CARLA PARRAVANI. i wonder if the AKC is aware of this alias? 

CARLA has been active on both her personal facebook page and the page she set up for BOOM, the mutant dressed in chicks and bunnies below, the same mutant who attacks other dogs at events, without provocation or warning. CARLA has been trying to help a teacher out with a school project. the teacher is attempting to show her junior high students just how fast a photo can be shared on the internet. ISYN! for the time lapse photography equivalent of the project, CARLA should have had the teacher hold up this photo of a tricked out BOOM.

CARLA'S friend list is an impressive who's who of dog fighting and pit bull advocacy. it reinforces the old adage Birds of Feather; emily patrick, ed faron, murph mcadams, allie renar, dahlia canes and more than a few names that i recognized as crazed fur mommies but the one name that really stood out - LEDY VANKAVAGE. LEDY once again living up to her reputation on google as being associated with HARMING dogs, not helping them.

someone just notified me that they did not realize the pit bulldog (BOOM) mentioned in this dear craven letter was the same pit bulldog (BOOM) featured in the huffpo. my mistake for not updating the blog post and just allowing that critical piece of information to sit in the comments.

this is CARLA ANN THOMAS' pit bulldog BOOM.

i received an email from someone who has experience with CARLA ANN THOMAS and her dogs.
Dear Craven,

It's a small world. I knew Carla Ann Thomas. These charges of animal cruelty are shocking as she does present herself as utterly dedicated to her dogs but looks apparently are deceiving.

In 2011, I attended the same K9 club as Carla Ann Thomas.  One day, during flyball practice her pit bull dog, Boom, just completed a flyball run and then attacked another dog. It was instantaneous and unprovoked.  Everyone saw everything.  Boom's victim had finished the run before Boom.  At the end of Boom's run, he spotted another dog.  The other dog was looking down sniffing something on the floor, minding its own business.

Boom had grabbed the other dog's paw and basically crushed it.  The poor dog yelped but Carla was fast.  The fascinating thing about it was the she grabbed her dog by the loose skin on the nape of the neck and at the same time, she grabbed him by the loose skin of the rear of the dog.  Being that the dog was not more than 35 lbs at that time, tough, rough, and buff Carla was able to easily perform this maneuver and quickly whisked Boom away.  There was not too much damage done to the little dog, as Carla swooped in to grab Boom and lifted him off his feet and he released.  Maybe she practiced that maneuver with him a few times?  I don't know but it was a very quick, stern, and methodical maneuver.  She whisked her pit bull dog out of the training area and disappeared.

The victim, just a normal dog, tan with white patches, was simply standing around and didn't see the threat coming.  At least a dozen people witnessed the attack, so Carla couldn't legitimately claim her pit bull was provoked, although she may have. I don't know.  I never went back to that K9 club.  I am a petite older woman and I didn't feel safe around dogs that are capable of such quick and explosive aggression.

CORRECTION: the second animal cruelty arrest appears to be her THIRD. this is her SECOND.

BRIGIT, you chose a real loser to defend. 

according to the AKC, effective april 13, 2013 CARLA ANN THOMAS has been suspended for 15 years and fined $3000. (i'll need to consult with one of the AKC drones that i am cahoots with in order to understand what this means)

a second animal cruelty charge has been brought against Ms Nutter on 11.01.12 in pinellas county.

the updates are coming fast and furious.  

CARLA ANN THOMAS aka Ultimate K9 loves loves loves her dogs. you might even say that she lives for her dogs. and her dogs die for her. 

CARLA had a fly ball competition to go to, so on a friday afternoon, she left her akita in her pet food store, with a bowl of water, food, set the thermostat on 80 (yes eighty degrees, that is not a typo), pointed the fan at the dog and left him there for the weekend so she could play with her pit bulls. note, this occurred in st petersburg florida, the internet shows that the temp highs exceeded 80 that weekend. she returned to a dead dog and was charged with animal neglect and found guilty.

i love love love this video. THOMAS blames her landlord for turning off the AC, she said he has done it before. the landlord denied her accusation. but i am wondering, why would she leave her dog alone in her pet food store if her landlord has a history of cutting the power? and why on earth would she set the AC to 80º? her vet defends her stating "she loves her dogs, she loves them better than people." yeah, i'll bet she does, they always do! and i think it is cute how THOMAS talks to the media holding her mini pin rather than one of her many mutants. i don't think that was an accident. she was likely to get more sympathy with the public, you know, cuz it is so easy to hate pit bull owners. you can see a photo of all of her dogs here. wow, she must be another dog whisperer. akita, dogo, GSD, staffy bull, intact male pit bulls, mini pin and what is that... a pomeranian or a long haired chihuahua? yes, she must be the dog whisperer.

if you are set up to stream netflix movies, you can see CARLA ANN THOMAS at 43:00 putting her pit bull, JAEGER through the ATTS motions in the propaganda training film BEYOND THE MYTH. really LIBBEY, you couldn't find a NON criminal for this spot?

and here they are after the ATTS, celebrating another pittie triumph over golden retrievers.

what is with these PB freaks that they are always picking up these dogs? i just don't get it.

let's take a closer look at JAEGER, another impressively titled gripping dog.

Jaeger is ADBA and UKC registered.
He is an incredible athlete with extremely high drive. He loves to run, swim, jump, and retrieve. He opens and closes doors and refrigerators, and he will retrieve just about anything for you. He loves to bring you the remote and phone or pick up dropped keys, change, papers, etc.
He is 21 inches tall and weighs 58lbs.

in addition to a HERDING INSTINCT TITLE, he has been "safe dog" certified by the ADBA (another sham of a test) and received his CGC and ATTS. JAEGER also has flyball, weight pull, conformation, rally and agility titles and plays around with lure coursing and schutzhund, although no titles apparently, maybe he wouldn't release quick enough?. since he can open and close doors, he is a CERTIFIED SERVICE DOG. obviously. and what good is a pit bull if you can't take him AND his testicles to the hospital so he can snuggle with cancer patients? yep, he is a CERTIFIED THERAPY DOG!
JAEGER at a flyball tournament :-)

THOMAS claims JAEGER passed his TD test at the age of 8 months, yet according to Therapy Dogs International, dogs must be at least one year of age and the "handler must be of good character." woops.

well, i was wrong. CARLA was not lying about JAEGER being in a reading program. she does take this thing and his testicles to read WITH kids! remember, this is a dog that CARLA freely admits she is not always in control of his drive.

CARLA ANN THOMAS throws a vest on this thing and takes him into the public so he can kiss children. a dog that she admits, she can NOT "turn his drive down or off". she is grossly misrepresenting her gripping dog to the public. and getting away with it.

BEHOLD, a REAL woman.
a real woman with an ego the size of the state of floriduh.

isn't that, dare i say it... prejudicial?

with the help of CARLA ANN THOMAS, the pit bulls were herding farm dogs myth has been debunked HERE. at the link, you will see a genuine purebred american pit bull terrier "earn" his herding instinct certificate. you won't want to miss the excitement!

Feel free to share any of my pictures or videos. I wouldn't post them if I didn't want people to see them. You can check out videos of my other dogs on youtube also.

why thank you CARLA, i will take you up on that!

please visit CARLA the rescuer, breeding operation: SUPER PIT BULLS and meet JAEGER (stud for hire), HENNESSY (stud for hire), BOOM, SNIPER, STEALTH, ENVY and PATRON

The Myth of the Herding Pit Bull Farm Dog


JAEGER'S pedigree


vintage said...

Oh well...Now that pet shop owning and dog training isn't going to work out for her...there is always ditch digging!

Pulitzer prize level reporting as usual....

*Disclaimer..You Can't Make This Stuff Up!

Anonymous said...

re JAEGER ....the wonder mutant .

WTF is a seizure response dog ?

licks your face when you keel over ?
these people are so easy to not love , not lol.

Anonymous said...

instead of the barbed wire tattoo she went for game bred shitbulls circling her bicep ... now that's original

april 29 said...

Very interesting video of the mutant "passing" his herding test. LOL, LOL, LOL!

This fool is simply walking a leashed dog in a very large circle around sheep who are just hanging around with their owner. The farmer never takes his hands out of his pockets, suspect he had a gun in his pocket in case Carla dropped the leash.

The dog also "earned" TD, CGC and became a working service dog at 10 months? Pitters are such bold liars.

Anonymous said...

honestly dont know which i find more repulsive , the bitch or her dog (S), the narcissist "responsible" mutant owner or the mutant wearing a service dog vest. i dont know her well enough to call her DINGBAT except she killed her own akita ,..... jee thats so sad . lol, one less fighting dog to keep contained .

orangedog said...

Yeah that herding "test" is a big WTF. How can anyone look at that as a proud achievement? It's nothing. It's like getting 200 points added to your SAT score for writing your own name. Whee!

Snarky, the only seizure pit bulls I've ever heard of are the ones that maul their owners when they seize. Oh, but pittie was just attempting CPR by clearing her airway of trachea and carotid arteries.

PutMeInCharge4OneDay said...

All I could think of when I finished reading this article was that this woman is a real............

Well I can not bring myself to write the word but it rhymes with punt.

Her now dead Akita had a "social anxiety disorder". Let me guess thats the new PC description for being dog and/or human aggressive.

I think there is an aptly named dog in Jaegars pedigree, one fitting for nutters. He has two crosses to Rice's Dipshit.

Loved the Farm Dog article. Wow. I am going to have to go back and re-read and look at all the links. As someone who owns an actual herding breed of dog and who has dabbled in herding, I am appalled at the Herding Instinct test that I looked at with the pit bull.

I love this quote regarding herding and pit bulls-

"While I love APBT's.... terriers often don't make good herding drive. They lack the gathering instinct that the prey drive has developed into. That said, if you can afford to reimburse the trainer for dead sheep, go right on ahead! Herding is really fun!"

Dead sheep = Fun for a Nutter. Dipshit indeed.

Anonymous said...

dipsheep too probs .

Your Quiet Neighbor said...

Another narcissist with a pit bull. How original.

S.K.Y. said...

> pittie was just attempting CPR by clearing her airway of trachea and carotid arteries.

LOL!!! That made my day!

I competed in sheep herding and have advanced titles in AKC with two "Reserve High In Trial" awards. (We had the 2nd highest score out of usually 80-120 dogs competing). I also competed and won placements at the Ranch level in USBCHA (i.e., UK-style herding in a large, open field). We competed on sheep, ducks and cattle. I have also helped put on herding clinics in the USA and Brazil.

The "HIT" test in the video was a total sham--I've never seen anything like it. The sheep owner should never have allowed themselves to be used for pit propaganda like this. You can't have the dog on a short leash. It is possible for a dog to do the test dragging a long-line, so you could grab the dog in an emergency. However, holding a leash and walking the dog in circles on the edge of the pen in heel position is NOT a demonstration of herding instinct.

I once passed a Herding Instinct Test with my Parson Russell Terrier, but that was no sham test. All the other 20 or so dogs at the test were herding breeds, and half did not pass. My PRT actually gathered the sheep into a group and drove them ahead of him at a controlled walk, off-leash of course. (I have photos, but don't know how to post them here).

I definitely feel for somebody who likes doing unexpected sports with unexpected breeds, because I do that myself. My PRT did herding, competitive weight pull, and protection sports. My Papillon will likely grow up to compete in disk dog events--I don't know of another Pap in the world doing them. I don't breed, and don't have an agenda of popularizing an undesirable dog breed, either. Unlike Jaeger's owner, I'm only doing it for the fun of doing something unique and challenging myself as a trainer.

There is also a big difference in risk when it comes to experimentally herding sheep with a 58 lb. gripper and a 14 lb. Parson Russell Terrier. My dog was in more danger of being rammed/trampled by the sheep, than the sheep were in danger of being mauled by a 14 lb. advanced-obedience-titled dog.

In one tiny bit of my brain, I don't like to rag on Carla Ann Thomas too much, because she must be in the top 1% of pit bull owners as far as actually having trained and titled her dog.

Unfortunately, they are all quite easy titles to get from a training perspective, or from the perspective of "doggy talent". (I speak from the experience of having also earned them--but then went on to also earn more advanced versions). And some are total fakes, like her supposed therapy dog test on a dog < 1 year old, and the abysmal excuse for a herding instinct test. And the fake service dog credentials--ugh. What the hell is an seizure response dog???

Despite her having earned some titles with one of her dogs, she is obviously irresponsible in having so many grippers and other dangerous breeds... and getting her Akita killed through negligence... and forcing that poor, dear little long-haired Chi to live in a houseful of dangerous mutants...

I also think she doesn't trust her own dog around people or other animals. If you look at the photos of Jaeger with people, she always has his head turned to her, doling out treats. The dog has no love of, or enthusiasm for, the people that are petting him.

Miss Margo said...

Paging Dr. Rosza...!

Maybe his pits were trying to heard the sheep!

This woman's self-promotion and pit bull evangelism is gross.

I always wondered what a "farm dog" was supposed to be. Any dog that lives on a farm? As opposed to a "city dog," "factory dog," or "county dog?"

I was also thinking about Jack, the family bulldog in the Laura Ingalls Wilder books. While it's pure speculation, it occurred to me that maybe Pa and Ma told their daughter that they gave Jack away to the man who bought their horses...when, in fact, they shot Jack and buried him in the ground. To spare her feelings from The Awful Truth. You know..."Jack went with the horses to live with a nice man at a house in the countryside, where he can be happy!"

My father told me that when I was a kid and the cat had to be put to sleep.

That proverbial farm in the country must have a billion dogs and cats on it...

DubV said...

I have a friend with a cattle ranch in Montana. He is always talking about the high wages he pays for having someone walk with each border collie on a short leash. He's beginning to think he could do away with the dogs and have each dog's herding-facilitator simply round up the cattle themselves. They could even wear a dog costume if that helps.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

regarding this pathological liar, this is really just the tip of the iceberg. i could have written so much more about her. like how she "rescues" dogs. JAEGER was "rescued" after he was confiscated and his owner sent to prison. what legitimate rescues dole out dogs with testicles? or how she managed to register her "rescued" pit dog. or i could have written about the effort she put into looking for the right female to mate with her "rescued" pit dog. or how she talks about the GSD being her husband's dog and the mutants are hers. her favorite being JAEGER. i seriously doubt that JAEGER ever spends enough time with hubby to actually perform his service dog miracles.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

oh orangedog, best comment ever!

"How can anyone look at that as a proud achievement? It's nothing. It's like getting 200 points added to your SAT score for writing your own name. Whee!

Oh, but pittie was just attempting CPR by clearing her airway of trachea and carotid arteries."

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

"she must be in the top 1% of pit bull owners as far as actually having trained and titled her dog."

there are LOTS of photos with carla working her dogs but i question the legitimacy of most of those titles.

i suspect that her husband's seizure disorder (if he really has one) was just an excuse to be able to take her gripper with her everywhere she goes.

"I don't breed, and don't have an agenda of popularizing an undesirable dog breed, either. Unlike Jaeger's owner, I'm only doing it for the fun of doing something unique and challenging myself as a trainer."

yep, there is is in a nutshell. she does this for the sole purpose of improving the "pit bull's" image.

yes, putmeincharge. she is a punt. ;-)

snarky, i am with you. carla is far more repulsive than her mutants.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

"The farmer never takes his hands out of his pockets, suspect he had a gun in his pocket in case Carla dropped the leash."

that's exactly what i thought.

Anonymous said...

aint that a cool idea for a nutter tattoo ? game-bred shitbulls stretched out nose to butt circling the upper arm . in full flight , attack mode , sailing gracefull toward their victim.


april 29 said...


"I have a friend with a cattle ranch in Montana. He is always talking about the high wages he pays for having someone walk with each border collie on a short leash. He's beginning to think he could do away with the dogs and have each dog's herding-facilitator simply round up the cattle themselves. They could even wear a dog costume if that helps."

You made my day with that comment.

S.K.Y. said...

Love it, DubV!

tropical storms said...

Excellent! Thanks for thinking to post the per. I thought I recognized the line. Right on two of several, Carver/ Wilder cross. He has the Boomerang look going on even so many generations down. That's Gr.Ch. Boomerang, a Carver bred dog who belonged to Baker Davis. He also owned Gr. Ch. Midnight Cowboy. Cowboy was a biter but hey, not often and he was a hell of a battle dog. Lol, that twit cannot not know what she has.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

TS, would like to blog about dog fighting scum on craven?

tropical storms said...

@Dawn, I don't know if I understand your question.

Miss Margo said...


Wow, really know your stuff! Where do you guys who know so much about the history of dog fighting find the material? Is it online? I only ask because I thought it was a very closed and secretive subculture.

And I think Dawn is asking if you'd like to blog about Baker Davis. I hope you do; I'd like to read about it.

P.S. Just to be clear, my questions are completely honest. I'm not trying to imply anything about how you learned what you know.

tropical storms said...

@Miss Margo, back in the 70s-80s I worked as an an investigator for a humane org. that shall remain nameless. I worked deep cover in dog fighting. My knowledge comes from many years of experience up close and personal with the badguys. I can honestly say I like bulldogs far more than the humans around them.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

yes, miss margo is correct. how would you like to write about dog fighting on craven? davis, garner, fat bill, floyd, whoever, whatever you want to write about.

"I can honestly say I like bulldogs far more than the humans around them."

i don't disagree with that statement. pit bulls were created in the image of psychopaths and the people drawn to these dogs are usually defective.

tropical storms said...

I would be honored. Drop me an email if you will and we'll figure out what you would think most interesting. I don't want to bore everyone with endless reminiscing. Thanks.

tropical storms said...

You do know you can Google advanced peds right? Try typing in Davis Boomerang. You can click progeny and see all the registered offspring and keep going into the present generation. You can do that with any adba dog if you have the owner's name or handle and name of the dog. Some will direct you to additional info. Enjoy ;-)

tropical storms said...

Stupid browser. That should read adba .

DubV said...

Wow, tropical storms. You have seen it all up close. The nutters would hate if you and those like you started writing memoirs under a nom de plume, eh?

The memoirs of someone in that deep might be widely read.

DubV said...

Domestication is a lot like evolution by natural selection. Nutters would not like to admit that because we see how evolution by natural selection has drastically influenced the behavior of various organisms.

Tropical storms statement that the dogs were better liked than the dog men makes sense though in light of both artificial and natural selection. Organisms are never "perfectly fit" to their environments, in this case the pits environment being what the dog men created and their breeding program, for a few reasons including that the environment changes and so is a moving target (meaning the target that the genes are trying to hit).

So, you'd never expect pits to be quite as bad (or good, hardy har har) as their usual owners. I think we see that. But the combination of the two makes headlines daily.

tropical storms said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
tropical storms said...

Lol, DubV, they'd have to take a number and get in line behind the real dog men. You notice though that I'm still here and a significant number of my bad guys are in prison or out of the game.
I'm still kicking around the idea. It would have to have some real world value for me to do it. There would be no reason to use a pseudonym, too many of them already know who I. I'm gobbling something together and will email it to Dawn. If it meets her expectations and doesn't seem too boring you may get to read it. Thanks for anticipating it being of interest.

DubV said...

I can't wait to read your blog post, but I was perhaps jumping the gun a bit. With your experience, I was thinking a book could be filled and well read. We'll have you on whatever show replaced Oprah ;)

Anonymous said...

just been reading a story where an elderly couple were attacked by shitbulls , were bitten but fought the mutants off. nutters crawl out in defense of the mutants , saying the witnesses must be lying , because the shitbulls would have done much more damage if it had really been them . but shitbulls are not so bad really, some are sweeties ,BLA,BLA...BLA.

fuck , these pitbull people are dumb.

Branwyne Finch said...

Tropical Storms, a blog post would be great, but you should consider writing a book. The topic of pit bulls and dog fighting is of huge public interest right now, but it's being written about by all these posers like Jim Gorant....people who just regurgitate everything they hear from BadRap and similar organizations. As far as I can tell, no one has documented the ACTUAL history of dog fighting in the United States, so you would be breaking new ground.

You are maybe the only one, outside of the actual dogfighters themselves, who are in a position to give a first person account of what actually went on. You would have a built in marketing vehicle in dawns blog.

I for one would be fascinated to read your story, so you would have at least one book "presold" :)

april 29 said...

Make that two "presold" books.

tropical storms said...

Thanks guys. It's been under discussion and yeah between the good guys, bad guys, wannabes and the curious there would likely be a strong market.
I am not unique in my experiences and that does factor in to bringing light to the subject. We'll see what you think in future.

orangedog said...

LOL Snarky, reminds me of the nutters who said Robert Marx shouldn't have shot the pit bull because his dog wasn't even hurt that much.

TS, I would read your book too. May I suggest the title be "I'm a Bad Dog" with a photo of a blood covered Shitbull on the cover? ;)

Anonymous said...

DINGBAT TO 3 SHITBULLS IN CUSTODY : "sending positive thoughts to you three pibbles,from fort bragg n.c."

lol..what is it with peops who want us to believe pits are great but clearly dont believe it themselves.

Packhorse said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Packhorse said...

Shame on a pitter who don't see the game in their gripper!
Livestock's a bulldog trigger!

Packhorse said...

I love how she brags that her dogs' pedigress are full of dogfighting titles, oh but pitties are heeeeerding doooooogs...

orangedog said...

And inbred too.

PutMeInCharge4OneDay said...

Ok guys, I need advice.

As always I have volunteered my dog to be at our Breed Booth at a Pet Expo this weekend. I just took a look at the map and guess what "breed" is directly across from our booth? Pit Bulls (and Japanese Akitas) I am seriously thinking of backing out of going.

Why can I not have this kind of luck when I buy Lotto tickets??

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i'd have to go. and i'd take a video camera with a well charged battery. maybe two.

i try never to be without a video camera after missing the opportunity of a life time to film a "service pit dog" lunge, bark, growl at every person that walked by him in a grocery store. the young punk owner made no attempt to reign him in as he stood there talking to the asst store manager.

Anonymous said...

shitbulls are not working dogs

maybe theyre

.......sporting dogs for dog-fighters .

-status dogs for thugs with large egos and small dicks

-emotional support dogs for dingbats with personality disorders
and no men or men incarcerated .

tropical storms said...

I'd go with fully loaded cameras but no way in hell would I take one of my animals. You'd never forgive yourself is things really went south.

Jake said...

@Putmeincharge -

Wow, I'd love to drop by that pet expo. The pit bulls would probably ruin my ability to appreciate the beautiful Akitas though.

Anonymous said...

Wow dawn you obviously have a life. Stalking people must be pretty fun way to make a living.
Love how you don't include the great videos of her dogs competing in agility. It must have been too much for you to see a pit bull owner who actually has better trained dogs than your own.
I honestly find the death of her Akita to be an obviously mistake. Stupid and irresponsible without a doubt, but a mistake none the less.

This woman did nothing to you. Her dog wasn't involved in any attack. It doesn't look like she came on here and bothered you personally in any way. So tell me something, how do you feel that it is morally OK to single this woman out and put her information on your blog to be made fun of and talked shit about by people that do not, and will never, know her?

I would love to hear an intelligent response in reply to that question but that's highly doubtful to come from the likes of someone such as yourself. Good day dawn, may you reap what you sow.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

it is hard to provide an intelligent response to an unintelligent person who has not actually read what she is criticizing. but i will try.

stalk 2 |stôk|
harass or persecute (someone) with unwanted and obsessive attention

"stalking" people as you put it, is its own reward. no one pays me to do this. you make it sound like i follow people with around with a camera. carla put her information out there on PUBLIC forums. she gave people permission to post it. all i did was draw attention to it. this is a direct quote from her:
"Feel free to share any of my pictures or videos. I wouldn't post them if I didn't want people to see them. You can check out videos of my other dogs on youtube also."
this is what happens when people who possess critical thinking skills get a hold of this shit. also, this is carla's first mention on craven. unwanted obsessive attention implies ongoing or continuous behavior on my part.

this blog post is really not about agility, hence no agility videos! it is about HERDING and LYING. i believe that carla is lying about her pit bull's achievements. ie TD at 8 months. she admits that she can not always turn off his drive or even lessen it and she parades this dog in public, cramming it down the throats of trusting strangers because it is wearing a vest. she is a menace to society. follow the links stupid.

regarding her akita, i never said she killed her akita. i believe that carla's akita died from her own negligence. i think it is highly unlikely that she deliberately created the conditions that lead to the death of her akita.

Anonymous said...

The original story of Carla's akita dying is from April 2010. It looks like she was charged with animal cruelty again in November 2012.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

wow cazz. thank you. i will add the link to the blog post.
i guess if i was a better stalker, i would have found that ;-)

Anonymous said...

I'm not cazz, sorry! I did find another mug shot and arrest for animal cruelty.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

april29 and orangedog, help me out here, i forgot the secret handshake. what kind of misconduct will get you into that kind of trouble?

Anonymous said...

I have one more thing to add, and I think it's a doozy. That adorable (gag) picture of a pit bull with a chick on its head, and bunnies in a basket, is Carla's dog, Boom.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

okay, now my head is fucking spinning over the serendipity of it all.

snack JUST posted this pic in a blog last month. last month, i streamed beyond the myth and saw carla in it. this month, i JUST happen to finish the blog i started last august! carla JUST happens to have been smacked down by the AKC 3 days after i publish the blog. wow. almost makes me believe in a higher power.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

oops, i mean 3 before i published the blog post. see. my head is spinning.

april 29 said...

Quote from Carla Thomas "Jaeger participates in conformation, weight pull, obedience (novice and utility)"

You can't compete in Novice and Utility at the same time. AKC rules state
"Section 1. Utility A Class. The Utility A class is for those dogs that have won the CDX title but have not won the UD title" and " Section 2. Utility B Class. The Utility B class is for dogs that have won the CDX or UD title."

Brigit, those who promote themselves as spokespersons and role models better be telling the truth.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

thank you april 29, i do not know these things.

please be sure to reread this blog post. there have many updates in the past minutes :-)

brigit should be ashamed to defend carla ann thomas or call her a friend.

april 29 said...

I should probably explain my comment. Beginner Obedience dogs compete in Novice and if they pass the test three times they get the Obedience title of Companion Dog (CD). For those who care to go on for the next title, they will show in Open. Pass that test three times and they get the title Companion Dog Excellent (CDX). For those who are truly dedicated, the next level is Utility. You can't compete at the bottom and at the top at the same time.

Anonymous said...

Sorry I can't waste my time searching all over the internet for info about some random person. You say this is about herding and it's obviously not.

I would have stuck with my original opinion regardless of your reply but the fact she has three charges of animal cruelty is despicable. Honestly the only thing I know about her is her dog boom. Extremely cute dog and impressive at agility. I figured that a woman who puts that much effort in training her animals couldn't possibly be deserving of a blog post written on such a forum.

Obviously and shockingly, she is. Hard to believe. I would love to know what the hell she did in the last two cases. Anyways, you were right and I was wrong... Bravo.

tropical storms said...

Wow Dawn! You got an apology! If she has learned that she was wrong and you were right this time she might start examining even more things more closely and have to acknowledge even more mistakes. Kudos.

S.K.Y. said...

Brigit, I haven't seen Carla's dogs do agility, but the most they've earned, as far as I can tell, is a U-AgI and U-AgII. These can be earned in a single weekend, simultaneously. (I've done that with three different dogs).

Most agility competitors in America do not consider UKC agility to be the pinnacle of sporting achievement, but more of a "practice" for young dogs before they compete in agility trials in other organizations.

I used to teach a 12-week agility class (1 hr/week) to normal pet owners, and most of them competed at the end and got their U-AgI and U-AgII titles too.

Other types of agility, such as AKC, USDAA, NADAC, etc. are considered much more difficult than UKC, and they are open to all breeds, including pit bulls (and even pit mixes). If Carla were really competitive in agility, she would almost certainly be racking up titles in one of those organizations. For instance, the AKC "MACH" title (Master Agility Champion" requires a dog to be both speedy and consistent over a long period, and I run into people who compete in agility 30 weekends a year working on their MACH title. By comparison, a title that can be finished in a weekend doesn't require much ability or consistency.
UKC agility also requires no handling skills. A dog can walk around the course in heel position with the handler, taking each obstacle in turn. The other organizations I named require much more in the way of handling ability, planning, skill training, etc.

Dog doing highest level of UKC agility (the type done by Carla)

Dog doing highest level of AKC agility

(From a person heading to a 3-day AKC agility event in a few hours...)

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

wow sky, that is quite a difference between those two agility courses.

ts, i am not convinced that was an apology. i think it was more just an attempt to save face. BRIGIT still doesn't understand the purpose of the blog post and the issue of LYING about pit bulls herding. the therapy dog mention was only added proof that this nutters LIES. this was a smack down of a myth (pit bulls as herding dogs). brigit became overemotional and failed to read the blog closely and follow the links.

tropical storms said...

You should set up a vote for your favorite myth section. Mine is the they were bred to be nurses aids. Some of the nutters are even crazier than Don Mayfield and that's really scary.

Anonymous said...

i imagine if shes killed her akita and done a couple of other things to bring shit down on herself , shes probably worthy of being stalked by some dedicated animal lover . she actually looks a cut above most slimy pitters but i guess thats not really for me to say .

S.K.Y. said...

Just noticed the addition of the part about the 15 year ban from AKC. That is REALLY serious. I don't know anybody in all my 35+ years of showing in AKC that has been banned for even a day, much less 15 years. Occasionally (maybe once a decade), I've heard of a dog somewhere in my state being barred from AKC competition--this is almost always due to an act of human-directed or dog-directed aggression at a show.

Being a puppy miller or a hoarder won't even get a person banned from AKC competition. If you were caught forging paperwork on registration papers, or listing the wrong parents for a litter, I would guess this might result in a short ban of 1-2 years.

Just guessing, the only reason I can think of for a 15-year ban might be a felony conviction for cruelty to animals (something like pouring gasoline on a pet and setting it ablaze), or a conviction for dog fighting.

I'm curious if there's any way to find out what she did to merit this type of penalty. Wow!

Rumpelstiltskin said...

Pit bull advocacy is a slimy business. I'm wondering if she did starve her Akita like the news report states. In her pet food store?! How ironic. She claims the building owner turned off the AC and the pet died of heat. Makes more sense than starving her own pet in her pet food store.

But she's a pit nutter so anything's possible. Especially since this is her 3rd animal cruelty charge. Insane.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i don't know anything about the workings of the AKC but i doubt they look kindly on the animal cruelty arrests. i can't help but wonder if one of her mutants disemboweled another dog at one of these dog events. i mean, just look at jaeger in a rage at that flyball tournament. must be a border collie on the sidelines provoking poor pibble.

there's your poll ts.

Rumpelstiltskin said...


Jaeger was jealous of the Border Collie so he decided to take out the competition the only way pit bulls know how. LOL!

It does look like a game pit.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

anything is possible, especially when it comes to nutters but i suspect that she is too self absorbed in her little pit bull world to pay much attention to her curs. they slip through the cracks i would love to know the breeds involved in the other two charges.

vintage said...

Only a Nutter could let a dog starve to death in a pet food store....

*Disclaimer...You Can't Make This Stuff Up!

Miss Margo said...

Brigit: "I would have stuck with my original opinion regardless of your reply...".

That says it all...

Liars like Carla--and I think it would be more appropriate to call her a scam artist--get away with it because they count on others to trust them and not check their stories. Dawn turned up some pretty ugly information about Carla. Talking about this, or blogging about it, does not constitute bullying or harassment.

Three conviction for cruelty! If she was convicted three times, I wonder what she's gotten away with?

PutMeInCharge4OneDay said...

S.K.Y. - How fabulous you posted an agility video on my very favorite dog and handler to watch- Daneen and Masher!!

They are in my area and I never get tired of seeing them.

I have never seen UKC agility what a difference.

Good luck at your trial this weekend.

Now back to my Pet Expo thats coming up...Shit Bulls are extra special with the Pet Expo folks it appears that they have to have TWO breed booths just for the mutants known as Pit Bulls. Both in the area that my dog is supposed to be in. One right across and the other on the next row. Then of course the Am Shit bulls have their own booth. There will also be Cane Corsos as well. Who knows how many of the "rescues" that will be there will have pit bulls and be there touting them as the perfect family pet.....

april 29 said...


I have done "Meet the Breeds" with my dog at a very large Sportsman's Expo. I would not do the one you describe. I consider the conditions you describe as dangerous and duplicitous. To mix pit bulls with normal dogs implies that "pit bulls are just like any other dogs" and that is simply a lie.

Miss Margo said...


I'm with Dawn: if you go, bring a camera.

PutMeInCharge4OneDay said...

I will be going on Sunday and the camera is already packed.

I am still scratching my head as to what moron decided that my breed- Collies- should be in the same vicinity as two pit cull booths, an Akita booth and the Japanese Tosas.

I can not count how many times we have done Pet Expo and Meet the breeds at Eukanuba (when its on the west coast).

I am actually sad I don't have a Craven Desires T Shirt or a Dog Bite Org shirt. I would love to wear something like that at this kind of event.

Would it be bad of me to stop by their booth and ask how they feel about the 100% pit bull fatalities this year? I would ask it in a very pleasant way........

Jake said...

@putmeincharge -

"Would it be bad of me to stop by their booth and ask how they feel about the 100% pit bull fatalities this year? I would ask it in a very pleasant way........"

If that could be filmed it would be priceless.

Branwyne Finch said...

LOL, Putme, I will look forward to your pictures.

Just wanted to add....I am in the Boston area, and, as you know, this past week has been like a bad Jerry Bruckheimer movie. My husband and sister work in Boston, and ride the subway; I had to pick someone up at Boston Logan airport on Friday. Between what husband saw at the train station, what we saw at the airport, and ALL the extensive local coverage we watched all week, there was not ONE pit bull used by anyone. We had military personal, ATF, FBI, local LEOs, State police, SWAT teams, you name it....there were ONLY labs, GSDs, and one dog I saw may have been a Belgian Malinois.

That was it.

There were LOTS of dogs used, they had GSD's there in Watertown when they were closing in on the suspect....the handler and dog would walk down the middle of the street, while LEOs went door to door doing house searches, searching garages and out buildings.

Let me repeat that.....out of dozens of dogs used in the search for the Boston Marathon bombers, none were pit bulls.

Jake said...

I see the Akitas at the pet expo are Japanese Akitas, not American. Much friendlier than I expected them to be.

Akitas at the pet expo

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

wow, they look like giant shiba inus. i guess i've never seen a japanese akita before, only american monstrosities,

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

jake, what did that poster say? i'd like to compare it to the posters at the mutant booths. LOL!

S.K.Y. said...

I'm glad the Akitas were nice.

When I was working as a behaviorist in the late 90's, there were several American-bred ones that I saw that were very vicious. One did a pit-style attack on a neighbor boy. The owners had adopted this Akita about 3 months before this happened. They took the dog to their store with them daily, and everybody petted the dog with no problem, including kids and teens.

Then one day, a boy came to mow their lawn or something. The owner and Akita went outside together to greet the teen, and the Akita jumped up and did a pit-style face mauling. It was all over the newspapers at the time, because the owners had hired a lawyer to fight to be able to keep the dog. They even offered to build an expensive zoo-style "tiger cage" in their backyard inside of their existing fence, and to build a sort of airlock system of locking gates into all exits of their home. To my eternal embarrassment, I supported them in their fight by writing a letter on their behalf saying that this seemed reasonable to me. (head desk)

There were a couple more biting Akitas I saw, though none quite as serious.

I talked to an Akita dog-show person around the same time. She'd had Akitas for years, and said they were very untrustworthy and would go off at a moment's notice. On one occasion, her husband went out in the rain to feed them and clean their kennels, as he had done every day for years. But due to the rain, he was wearing a rain poncho with a hood. The dogs apparently were miffed by this new "look" and mauled him when he entered the cage. As I recall, he needed about 80 stitches. I have no idea why this woman and her husband were still showing and breeding dogs like this, but they were showing an Akita at the show where I met them...

Oh, and I was at an outdoor show once when a leashed Akita grabbed a feral kitten that was in an alley behind a barn, shook it like a rag, and was then hustled off by the owner without even a glance at the kitten. I forfeited the show to rush the kitten to the vet, but he died on the way there.

I'm happy to hear that the Japanese-imported Akitas seem to have a better temperament than the ones I knew...

By the way, I mentioned in the past that I never see bully breeds at agility trials. Well, I'm at a 3-day trial, and arrived today (day 2) to find a woman with a HUGE intact male pit (she'd probably say "AmStaff") playing a very aggressive game of tug with her dog a couple of feet from where I'd set up my crate. My dog was still in the car at this point. I picked up all of our stuff and moved to a different room in the agility building before I brought my dog into the building. That pit could have crushed mine in one bite.

Jake said...

@Dawn I don't recall exactly but it was along the lines of "akitas aren't for everybody, make sure you know what you're committing to" etc. I will try to get the exact wording, but it was that sort of thing.

Breeders of Japanese Akitas are adamant that theirs is a completely different breed from the so-called American Akitas, which, due to their mastiff/tosa influences are noticeably larger.

The modern Japanese Akita has arisen from an effort to restore the ideal Japanese dog and remove the foreign influences. They are German Shepherd sized, in the 80 lb range, and have a completely different vibe IMHO from the American Akita.

orangedog said...

The Japanese Akita is really completely different than the American version that was mixed with Shepherds and Mastiffs. At one point, they tried calling them Greater Japanese Dogs, but that didn't stick so they went with Japanese Akita. They were almost wiped out during WWII.
There's a book called Dog Man about one man's tireless efforts to bring the breed back from the brink. After WWII, things were so bad that it was considered disgraceful to have a dog eat up valuable food, so people took to hiding the dogs in barns to save them. Basically, they rebuilt the breed using these dogs hidden in small villages.

Jake said...

Yep that was a fascinating book Orangedog and I have a copy.

Jake said...

BTW Dawn, the "like a giant Shiba Inu" is an apt observation, one I have made myself.

Anonymous said...

re the responsible pit nutter: just wanna say i dont believe such a creature exists. its kinda like the responsible drunk driver or crack ho , not that its not possible , just so unlikely to not be worth considering.

think its kinda funny , the above dog training wonder woman . she really doesnt look too bad ,in spite of the mutants she seems to love so much , but of course the story comes out that she is the typical pit owner after all . lol

Rumpelstiltskin said...


Pit nutters can cry all they want about "responsible" pit bull owners and I can say that there is no such thing. The simple fact that someone owns a pit bull dog shows irresponsibility and ignorance by default.

Add in pit bull owners babbling on about "all in how you raise them" and "nanny dogs" only makes them even less responsible if not just plain stupid and ignorant.

It really is refreshing to find blogs like this,, and a few others. Add that to the volumes of easily found pit bull attacks on people, other pets, and livestock...basically anything living even baby seals. Makes baby seal clubbing look humane.

To this day, pro pit bull propaganda and pit bull myths dominate the internet. Seems every pit bull owner with a computer and internet access regurgitates the same tired lies. The only thing that changes is the increasing number of pit bull attack victims.

tropical storms said...

To be fair I have known a few truly responsible bulldog owners. They are just far more rare than the owners of almost any other animal.

Rumpelstiltskin said...

The level of responsibility required for a nasty Border Collie is far lower than a pit bull gripping dog of a similar temperament.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

just because i don't believe in absolutes, i believe there are responsible owners. i've personally never met one but i am sure they exist.

Anonymous said...


Does that make you feel GOOD? Make you feel POWERFUL? Some poor person no longer enjoys fun things with her dog because of YOU and your MUTTS. Some fucking DOG TRAINER you are!

As you can see, the letter from the woman who actually ran into CARLA ANN THOMAS has me really pissed off. Not only for the gal who witnessed CARLA's out of control dog, and the poor dog who got bit, but for everyone out there who curtails their activities because of the proliferation of these STUPID, UNPREDICTABLE, VIOLENT ANIMALS and their EQUALLY STUPID OWNERS.


PutMeInCharge4OneDay said...

RE: Japanese Akitas

While I was at the Pet Expo over the weekend and across from them on TWO different occasions one of the Red and White Akitas that was there lunged and snarled at a child that came to the booth.

I talked to someone at that booth and asked them if they were similar in temperament to the American Akitas and she said YES.

Here are some Akita FACTS written by a woman who quite literally wrote the book on them. I find it pretty accurate.

Jake said...

@putmeincharge -

Normal dogs use a lot of different body language to send signals, so hearing that dog lunged or snarled doesn't imply that they would have used deadly force.

My own dog snarls and lunges at cats, but she doesn't want to catch them, and always stops short. She just wants them gone, because she doesn't like them and doesn't feel comfortable around them.

I've also talked to JA breeders who aren't aware of the difference between AA and JA, but trust me, there are also breeders who know both breeds and know the difference.

Finally, I agree that Barbara Bouyet is very knowledgeable of her subject. Like most Akita lovers, she is very frank and realistic about the characteristics of the breed.

PutMeInCharge4OneDay said...


Agreed. Barbara is terrific and knowledgeable. I have known her since the late 80's or early 90's- its been a very long time! I got to know her when we were both doing farm animal rescue. One of my funnier stories involves Barbara.

I will say that I would never take a dog to a Pet Expo where they are exposed to so many people if it had a propensity to lunge or snarl at anyone. That to me is asking for trouble.
I would doubt you would take your own dog to a Cat Expo for the very reasons you mentioned. = )

tropical storms said...

Interesting stroll down memory lane. I had forgotten that it was only this past April. Is this twit in jail yet?

Anonymous said...

Get a load of this.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

GOOD question. tropical storms. i will have another update a little later.

S.K.Y. said...

Carla's website listing her stud dogs' "accomplishments" is comical. After just a 6-week group class, many of my former students earned all of the same UKC rally, obedience and agility titles she lists. These are titles that can be earned in a single weekend of showing.

Other than flyball, she does not have any titles that take more than a 3-day weekend to earn. And not a single AKC title (more difficult than UKC)--maybe because she'd have to neuter her mutants in order to register them through the AKC's "non-recognized breed" scheme.

The funniest part is when she lists a ton of "one leg earned!" or "two legs earned!" in lieu of a title. All this means is that the dog qualified a whole ONE (or two) times in a sport, but not enough to earn an actual title.

Normal competitors do not list "one qualifying score at the lowest level" as an accomplishment.

Sure, if a dog has died or become disabled before completing an advanced title, the owner might say something like "Earned 19,500 of the 20,000 points he needed for his agility MACH title." A MACH being an accomplishment that takes years of showing almost every weekend.

But NOBODY (except Carla) brags that "this stud dog qualified a whole ONE time at the lowest level of the sport."

Geesh! And somebody in the flyball world needs to report that attack and get her dog(s) prohibited from further competition.

S.K.Y. said...

Eek, make that "earned 700 of the 750 points he needed for a MACH title." Where did I come up with 20,000??? I think I must have been thinking of an article about a Pap that had earned that many points, which would be many, many MACHs. :-)

Anonymous said...

Ah, yes, playtime with a maniacally frenzied pit bull, followed by full-body contact Display of Public Affection; then to wend your way tiredly but happily home, joyfully recounting your victories, to the anticipated reward of Stewed Akita.
Is it not the same among all dog lovers? Let us unite in our joyful Anthem.
"Let each dog Serve or Be Served each to it's Best Ability"

Anonymous said...

"Here lies an Akita
Partial in Body
Yet Certified
Whole in Spirit
After Only One Weekend
And Without Hardly
Even Trying."

Packhorse said...

Wow. wow. Those stupid photos were everywhere around Easter. That's quite a backstory.

Anonymous said...

If you can stomach it, check out her twitter.

Make sure to check out the videos of Boom at Schutzhund training.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

her twitter page looks like a duplicate of her facebook pages.
how can these idiots say we need to get a life with a straight face?

i liked her description:
A self-admitted Terrier addict, especially the American Pit Bull Terrier and Staffordshire Bull Terriers

addict, yep. that's exactly the word that comes to mind whenever i am looking into her. in fact yesterday, i realized that she has a pattern of working and titling a dog to exhaustion, then moves on to a new project, discarding previous projects like a spoiled little girl with a doll collection too large to truly appreciate. unfortunately for carla, a dog can live 10-15 years, far longer than their peak years in dog events. i wonder if jaeger is even still alive or if he was left to "accidentally" cook over the weekend while she played with her current pit du jour, boom.


Anonymous said...

It appears that Carla Thomas (Carla Parravani) is a typical pit bull owner. In other words, she's sociopathic and as intellgent as a bag of bricks.

Who brings a game-bred pit bull to events where there are other dogs or children? How reckless.

tropical storms said...

At least the professional dogmen had that much sense. The thing that I will never understand about these Neo bulldog nitwits is that they just DROOL over the history and lineage of their dogs all the while decrying dogfighting and refuting the purpose for which their purpose bred dogs were created. WTF?

Anonymous said...

Farm dogs, right. Two pit bulls in Kentucky recently broke out of their own cages into the barn at a nearby horse farm and killed a show pony that was an animal who really had worked positively with children. They also killed a barn cat. The article states how these dogs were owned by the same person from the time they were pups and were "never taught to fight".

Anonymous said...

Really? Why were animals considered trustworthy kept in cages? None of my dogs (poodles, spaniels, ?breeds) ever spent time in a cage. Nor were they ever taught to harm, or refrain from harming, other creatures. And never did.
Why don't the pit bull fetishists simply adopt a vicious, violent prisoner? They'd get kudos from starry-eyed liberals, yet avoid most risk. Capice?

S.K.Y. said...

Hey, does anybody know what happened to It seems to have been taken down. :-(

The one bit of good news is that (pit nutter site) is also missing-in-action.

scorched earth said...

S.K.Y. - DBO has computer issues and will be back up soon.

Anonymous said...

Sadly, is still up, deceiving and propagandizing.

The DBO outage is a real shame. Something was handled very clumsily there. That sort of disaster is typically a career ending move for anyone working for a serious IT organization.

Packhorse said...

This wasn't a result of a malicious virus was it?

The presence of victims' stories on Dogsbite makes nuttering very inconvenient.

Anonymous said...

You actually can...

Anonymous said...

Arrrooooo! They call me Carla Ann
and sometimes maybe, "Law enforcement, Ma'am...'
And I wonder if my little moustache
gives me an air of Cultivation
Dog-drilling sophistication
The fandom of some unstable Nation
Does the grilling of doggish thuggish drones
polish my cheap and rusty throne
I love to see them strain and groan, tourneys is all they've done and known
But by way of variety
To endow society
recipes and reading skills
are thrilling and surprising frills
to bring rewards or maybe some kills
But now I must go, a projectile
does await
a meat-mouth wigglebutt, my glory will inflate
If not too tired from it's Rape Rack Date
A romance of which I can drool and relate
And toast him later over my barbeque grate.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

LOL! too bad this comment landed in spam. good one