Thursday, December 5, 2013

Taiwan Jones

Oakland Raider cornerback Taiwan Jones was walking his two pit bull mixes, apparently without leashes, when they rushed 12 yr old Chula, killing her during her routine evening walk. Chula's 50 yr old owner is traumatized. Jones' killers are in quarantine during AC's investigation. Meanwhile, Jones' agent released the following the statement
"It was a tragic accident and he feels terrible about it. It's never happened before. He's sick over this, no question."

Tragic accident or Depraved Indifference

Mercury News

RIP Chula

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tropical storms said...

Depraved indifference or inexcusable stupidity. If you don't know what kind of animal you have you shouldn't have it because you cannot properly care for it or understand it's needs/behaviors. Duh.