Friday, December 6, 2013

advanced persistent threat

APT refers to cybercriminals but now that microsoft has used it to describe the US government, i think with a little minor tweaking, APT can safely be expanded further to include gripping dogs and their owners/advocates. their shock and awe presence in our communities (and the internet) is growing and warrants such an extreme label.


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Packhorse said...

The recent issue of ANIMAL PEOPLE had some fantastic pit bull-related content, for those who missed it.

The first was a searing letter from the grieving father of Daxton Borchardt, which you can believe would never see the light of day on the letters page of any major animal welfare group membership magazine:

The second is a review of the book "Loving Animals," the latest publication of an uber-nutter...

"As her last illustration of what Rudy believes loving animals is all about, Rudy describes how one of her pit bulls and a pit/hound mix belonging to a neighbor suddenly tried to kill an elderly beagle they had lived with for years. .... Rudy decided not to euthanize or re-home her pit bull, who had inflicted the most horrendous wounds, but rather to re-home the beagle, because the pit bull was “in love with me, but Daisy was in love with life.”

Anonymous said...

Ugh! I just skimmed the review of the pit nutter book. Knew a woman who would project thoughts/feeling onto her animals to justify her actions, just like this nutter/author does. Drove me absolutely nuts. I can't imagine the arrested development that might cause an adult to do that kind of thing.

april 29 said...

Here is my only thought on this outrageous and disgusting video, why the hell didn't they use that leash to strangle the damn dog? The world would be a far better place without the low rent mauler. This comment will draw pitters fury. Here is my question for the pitters, why was the cat born to suffer and die?

Dayna said...

That was horrible to watch. I so wanted to see that dog shot, or stabbed. Anything that would have made it stop. Beating on them has zero effect.

Anonymous said...

yes , the dog should have been choked out with something . or just killed , bc it will do this again , for sure .

Anonymous said...

It should be shot, in my opinion. That dog could easily kill more innocent animals or a person.


Meals on Wheels said...

I almost went into hysterics watching that. I'm I being to hopeful...did the cat survive? It didn't look good. Poor Kitty. I wish I had been there, that dog's belly was clear and open, and would have been gutted like a fish.

Anonymous said...

if this video doesnt make your blood boil you shouldnt be here . try the nutter sites .

Dayna said...

Thank you for saying that Meals! I kept thinking the same thing about that mutants belly being exposed.

S.K.Y. said...

Hey, I just realized there's a pit story in my own family, and the dog was just dirt-napped.

My older half-sister, who lives far from me (and is nothing like me!), had two dogs she adopted about 8 & 9 years ago.

This was years before I got involved in victim advocacy, but seeing photos of them as puppies, I told her they looked like pit mixes. She had adopted them from different "oops" litters from people at her church. She said they were "boxer mixes," and she let them run loose all day to play with the other roaming dogs in the area. Her dogs roamed and played for years without incident. (She later fenced the yard because I harassed her about it every time we spoke).

I visited her and the dogs for the first time about 2 years ago, and she insisted I bring my 8 lb. Papillon in to "meet" her 70 lb. obvious pit mixes. Knowing they had a history of non-violent play, I brought Dash inside in my arms. Her dogs were very pushy and tried to pull him out of my arms. So I made a quick exit and put Dash back in the car.

As it turns out, my sister knew all along they were pit mixes, but thought she was fooling everybody with her "boxer mix" story. After all, they were just "wigglebutts." Until last month. I just found out today that one of the dogs attacked and nearly killed the other one without cause. The only good news is that she had the attacker euthanized. However, the other potential mauler is still alive and kicking, and good luck to me convincing her it has anything to do with the breed.

Anyway, just one more example of pits (or pit mixes) that go bad after years of friendly play.

DubV said...

That video is horrendous. I flipped through it to get the idea because I couldn't stand to watch the slow unfolding.

It's the worst when the dogs owners are around. I didn't catch it but is that why everyone was playing so nice with the pit?

The pit should've been beaten with full force at least to get it to stop or preferably killed.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

thanks for those links packhorse. i keep getting side tracked from checking them. they're on my list.

april, maybe a question for the psychic gerbil?
"why was the cat born to suffer and die?"

garnet, yes it should have been shot but it occurred in the UK.

meals, hysterics is the reaction of normal people.

good news SKY!
in house "yard accidents" are always preferable to mutant mayhem bleeding out into society. too bad her remaining mutant now has to go outside the home to flex its DNA.

DubV said...

Just read the letter from Dax's Dad.

His Dad is doing a great thing in his honor.

Imagine if all close family and friends of everyone killed or maimed by pit bulls did the same?

It would build a great deal of momentum.

DubV said...

Just read the review of the Kathy Rudy book. I can't believe that it was published by a university press.

S.K.Y. said...

dawn said: "good news SKY!...too bad her remaining mutant now has to go outside the home to flex its DNA.

Unfortunately, there are 2 cats and a baby Cockatoo still in her home. When I see her at x-mas, I'll give her a lecture about DNA, and how the dog having been an victim once doesn't mean it can also attack other animals.

The good part is that they put up a good fence and the dog is too fat to even think of going over it. So the rest of the neighborhood is safe. And they only have adult kids.

They live across the street from a huge dairy, and I'm just glad neither of the mutants wandered over there in their 3+ years of roaming and mauled the cows.

S.K.Y. said...

I meant "doesn't mean it CAN'T attack other animals."

Branwyne Finch said...

I read the Liveleak video comments, the cat did not survive.

I have noticed that pit owners never assist in getting their dogs off a victim, they just stand there slack jawed, feebly tugging a leash or grabbing their dogs hind legs like this asshole did. They're all tough guys, strutting around with their muscle dogs, until the shit hits the fan, and then they all act like frightened little girls, wringing their hands and making sure to stay as far away as possible from the business end of their own dog.

The quick and logical solution would have been to take the leash, or a belt, wrap it around the dogs neck in a slip noose, and pull the dog up, letting his own body weight choke him. He would have to let go to gasp for air. Absent a weapon...gun, knife, hammer, baseball bat, etc....this would be the quickest way to get a pit dog off another animal. The pit's owner could have easily done it, but he was too busy wetting his pants because he was so afraid of getting bitten by his own dog.

I would love to see that dog turn on it's owner, and give that coward a taste of what the cat got.

Anonymous said...

I love cats dearly, and my own cats, one of them past 20 years in age, are as precious to me as the loved people in my life. I see something like this, and I want to tear into that monstrosity with my own teeth. They are not very impressive teeth, but the blood-rage is there. My next target would be the generic, witless, larded pit owner. HATEHATEHATEHATEHATE.

scorched earth said...

Thank you Anon 2:36!!!!!

I feel the same way.

DubV said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
scurrilous amateur blogger said...

reading the snippets of the excuses and rationalizations for using and ABUSING animals, i'd say that KATHY RUDY almost sounds psychotic.
and i try not to attack people on their physical shell but she has set herself up for it with her blaming of veganism for gaining 30 pounds. SHE IS AT LEAST 100 POUNDS OVERWEIGHT! WTF?

reading that review of KATHY RUDY 's book hurt my head in the exact same way reading NAMBLA'S website hurts my head.

and of course she is a fucking pit nutter! i'm so glad this creepy lunatic rehomed daisy the beagle. kathy might have decided that daisy wanted to be her dinner or her slippers.

i second DubV's disbelief that a university published this garbage. this is a perfect example of how academia loses touch with the real world.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

"I would love to see that dog turn on it's owner, and give that coward a taste of what the cat got."


Anonymous said...

That book by Kathy Rudy sounds like an absolute joke and the publisher should be ashamed. It's clear Rudy knows nothing about animals.


Opalina said...

Horrible video! Damned mutant dogs and their mutant owners! I was screaming about choking the beast out, too. Obviously the "lift the rear legs" technique had no effect, and this is a lesson for every nutter that says it will work. I love cats and I am thoroughly shaken. And the nutters get mad when we say we wouldn't hesitate to shoot their little wiggle butt if it was coming at us. They twist it like we mean we would walk into their homes to randomly kill their pit as it slept on the couch. God, I hate these dogs. Sorry, I meant undogs. APTs.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Kathy Rudy, put down those magic 'Shrooms. I thought you were abandoning vegetarian delights? What delightful whimsy you bring to agribusiness. Perhaps
you too will skip happily across green fields, loving your young, mating, and enjoying sunshine. I believe it is just about as possible.
You're a Professor? Ah, then, fortunate you have published. I understand Publish or Perish is quite lethal. Perhaps you could squeeze out another book on the joys of deserved destruction as willing sacrifice, if you are not loved enough. This maelstrom of fatuous sentiment was published- I think your career is safe.
By the way-the meat on a pit bull is quite impressive. Can we look forward to a giddily philosophic cookbook? Uuuum-Mmm!!

Animal Uncontrol said...

I have a good friend who is a hard core cat person. In any case, they have (for some inexplicable reason) gotten caught up in the whole pit bull rescue/pit bull as the underdog/discrimination against pit bulls is racist/etc... etc... etc... bandwagon. This is somebody I have worked with and hung out with for 15 years.

I think it comes down to this: You can tell someone the stove is hot, and I mean REALLY HOT, but they do not get it until they have been burnt badly.

That said, things have to get a lot worse before they get better. Nothing short of an attack on property will convince them.

Unfortunate the innocent have to suffer. We never learn from history.

Miss Margo said...

I like cats, but can't have one now because I have birds. I hope to have another cat later in my life, though.

What a shit way for that poor cat to die. The pit bull should have been stabbed.

Anonymous said...

The weak, anguished wail of that little cat rips my heart out. All I can do is hug my own near. My min poodle is curled with two, while the third is licking out a dish of peppermint ice cream. A small, happy, fragile world. All cats should be loved. Poor creature, so proud, meticulous, dignified, and to die a hideous, degrading death in the stinking jaws of the most depraved, vile excrescence of dog breed.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

"By the way-the meat on a pit bull is quite impressive. Can we look forward to a giddily philosophic cookbook? Uuuum-Mmm!!"

haha. i'd wait in line for an autographed copy.

"Poor creature, so proud, meticulous, dignified, and to die a hideous, degrading death in the stinking jaws of the most depraved, vile excrescence of dog breed."

i love you anonymous 7:08

DubV said...


A new word for me, and very fitting. Thank you for that and the sentiment, anon.

I like cats very much, especially ones that are playful into adulthood. My dog was raised with them prior to meeting me, and he loves them also. I would get one for me and him both, but my allergies would destroy me.

I personally feel we need more videos where a pit bull attacks and is killed by private citizens before police have a chance to arrive. Nutters need to know that their dogs have no moral right to kindness once they leave their property and attack. Obviously, like everything else, it must be drummed into their heads somehow.

Anonymous said...

i have no problem eating pork , but similarities aside, i would not relish the flesh of the pig dog . while it may be of good flavor , i think i would find the whole idea rather distasteful .

Packhorse said...

By Pittie Paz

It's a burgundy bath, every organ gets turned into mash
Bein’ evil just somethin’ I made my personal task
The pit bulldog put you in surgery fast
Everybody die regardless who first or who last
AC almost got me twice but they mercifully passed
I'll take your face off without using surgical masks

I wouldn't call it euthanasia but I'm certainly gassed
This isn't the neighbor’s beagle but I’ll certainly scratch
If they take me to the dog park that's a fateful day
My owner will dash and dine with excuses like Rachel Ray
I didn’t put no work in with bitches, I'm tryin’ to scratch today

Anywhere in my environment is not the place to play
If I'm hungry in need of food I'll pull a collie down
I’ll maul shelter workers, ignored by whoever run the town
I got enough game in me to go a hundred rounds
Got your dog in a vice and y'all are just lost, standing around
I don't think that y'all can fuck with Pittie but let's see
I'ma have this fuckin’ llama lookin’ like dead meat
Everybody who has a working brain avoids me
I'll have you bleedin’ out your back like it's a jet ski

Pittie nutter, what's really real, are you ill?
Run up on you, hit you with our jaws of steel, yo we really will
Through screen doors, windpipes, and car seats
You die on the Belt Parkway next to your doggie

Brutal tribes indulge in pet abuse and human sacrifice
The owners pack devices capable of causing lack of life
with no compassion, ratchet action, flashy fashion, breed for cash
Assassins faster than the flash, amass a body count surpass the sound barrier
and shattered by the splatter, rattled you
Grippin’ shakin’ hold’er, dogs that kick back and dislocate your shoulder
Decapitate your head and chop you in half, maul you and laugh.

S.K.Y. said...

DubV, you might consider allergy shots, especially if you have allergies in addition to the cat allergy. I always hated cats (but treated them kindly!) and never considered owning one. But I couldn't escape friends' cats. When visiting friends and clients with cats, I had severe allergic reactions.

That was after 5 years of weekly allergy shots for dust & pollen, which hadn't completely worked. When they put me on 2 more years of allergy shots, I had them add in cat dander. This was around age 30. After that, I seemed to have found friends without cats, because I wasn't around any for many years. At age 43, I moved to Istanbul, and started taking care of injured street animals, mainly kittens. I had 30 of them in my apartment at different times, but up to a cat + 4 kittens at the same time. NO allergic reactions AT ALL. We ended up adopting the filthiest and snottiest of the fosters, and (after many baths) he slept in bed with us. No problem. I still have him, age 4, and I haven't had even a hint of allergies around him. Furthermore, he is black, which is supposed to be the color of cat that causes the worst reactions.

Anyway, just thought I'd mention it since you'd like a cat someday.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

love it packhorse! did you find that? or write that? or alter song lyrics? i'm think about photos that i can put up in a blog with that. excellent work.

S.K.Y. said...

Oh, this is both funny and scary. I was at the Purina site today and took their "breed selector" test. I choose the characteristics of my friendly, non-barking Papillon to see if Pap would be one of the breeds that would come up.

My specs were:

doesn't require any training to be well-mannered
good with strangers
no protective or guarding instinct
minimal barking
minimal shedding
minimal grooming
needs only a short daily walk or time in backyard

Here are my results:

#1 Staffordshire Bull Terrier

#4 Cane Corso

The other choices were 8 different wire-coated terriers, none of which could possibly be considered quiet or requiring minimal grooming. Boxer, Bichon, Poodle, Cocker and Plott Hound made up the rest of my picks.

No Papillon in sight, maybe because I said I only wanted to brush my dog once a month. But that's all I brush Dash, and he always looks impeccably groomed.

This test is frequently recommended lots of places online. I wonder if some pit pusher secretly gave the grippers the most desirable credentials so they'll come up on more searches?

Packhorse said...

Dawn-- Altered song lyrics.
Here is the original.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

#4 Cane Corso


many years ago, i did something similar. minimal barking was my primary criteria (i despise barking). the rottweiler was the number one choice. i said to myself, "well, i guess i'll never have a dog."
*ugly hyper aggressive dogs are out of the question.

Meals on Wheels said...

From "Pit Bull Poet Laureate"

I hope to add the ones I find here!

That was great Packhorse!

Korean Barbecue

I’m craving Korean Barbecue
And only plump pit bulls will do!
Those beefy, ample meaty cheeks,
With Tangy sauce, and sautéd leeks,
Along with a side of good Kim-Chee,
Mr. Pibbles sure looks like dinner to me.

A toast for the time one bit my cat,
I call it justice, tit-for-tat.
Alas, no need for “an eye for an eye”…
This poem is my inspired reply
So not to fret, and not to worry,
This is just silly hyperbole.

And if there are those who think it’s cruel,
To think of dog as human gruel,
I think it’s gross to think my kitty,
Should become a snack for some errant pitty.

From your camp, I see no empathy
The advice coming from your “advocacy”,
We are just supposed to “get over that”,
So what, dogs are dogs, and dogs eat cats.
But it seems it odd, you are not moved,
When a HUMAN BEING becomes pit bull food.

In Korea and the Philippines,
They do eat dog, not to be mean,
The Swiss and French have butchered dogs,
The way we here do beef and hogs.
And to our Jewish and our Muslim friends,
It’s unclean, unkosher, and offends.

Some eat critters considered our friends,
And for those of you that THIS offends,
You showing gross intolerance,
What RACIST, hypocritical sanctimonious pretense!

When starving, and in times of war,
You may eat dog, ‘ though the thought deplore.
Yet here, we are just contemplating,
Just for the sake of points, debating:
Just how more vile, and how more cruel…
That people and pets are daily gruel,
For a careless someone’s errant pit?
Just food for thought that I submit:

For your outrage on words on a *facebook page,
Your silly distractions take their rage,
Instead, there’s dog soup made within our shore,
Oh the carnage, and the blood and gore
Brought to you by breeders who supply the meat,
Add to that, dogs dumped in the street,

To be rendered into all kinds of stuff.
And to think my little purring fluff,
Dines on his can of Fancy Feast,
There’s bits and pieces of your favorite beast.
Let him be content, and eat ‘til he’s full,
Pâté of organic free-range pit bull.

And we find it odd, you seek to silence US,
We really don't quite get the fuss,
Like you, we value freedom too,
Though simpler freedoms we pursue,
To walk on down the avenue,
Without a weapon or ready to go Kung-fu.
And you fight for freedom, "don't tread on us"
But throw "Freedom of speech" under the bus.
No policy, and no restrictions,
Just petty fines, and no convictions.

But now we know, the price of freedom,
Be forewarned: knifes and guns we're wielding.
Not all of us are the type that wallows,
Indeed, some find humour in the gallows.
But with justice served upon a plate,
The beast that inspired our "hate",
We will taste, out of morbid curiosity
With some fava beans, and a nice Chianti.

Miss Margo said...

Haahahahah SKY, CANE CORSO! Isn't that the awful breed that killed Diane Whipple?

I am always curious how Packhorse stays up to date on all these hip bands. I have a subscription to Rolling Stone, and I don't know half these people. You make me feel like a total geezer, Packhorse! (joking...mostly)

Alexandra said...

Purina must be getting their info from Serpell's famous CBARQ survey, the one where anyone can report ten fictive dogs and their fictive ideal characteristics.

Here's some real life cane corso stuff:

"The incident is the third one in six weeks in the city involving a cane corso."

Anonymous said...

Fantastic, Meals and Packhorse!

Anonymous said...

Those were Presa Canarios, Margo. Also very nasty, of course.

scorched earth said...

Miss Margo, it was an Ohio woman killed by her own Cane Corsos.

Packhorse said...

Found by accident...guy introducing his new "Weimer-Boxer" mix puppy...hmmm.

what do you guys think?

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

"hehe..he is a Weimer-Boxer..full of spunk!! and not that bad to train..though just 8 weeks alot of energy "

LOL! move over pointer, move over lab/boxer, move over sharpei... we have a new meme - "weimareiner" mix.

Branwyne Finch said...

I actually have seen the use of Weimareiner mix before, it usually is used to describe a light grey pit bull with light eyes. Here, let me translate this for you all;

Lab mix= black pit bull

Lab-boxer mix= any colored pit bull

Sharpei mix= pit bull

Dalmation mix= spotted pit bull

Cattle dog mix= spotted pit bull with big ears

Vizla mix= red nose pit bull

Whippet mix= finer boned, game
bred pit bull

Boxer-Shepherd mix= brown pit bull with black mask

Terrier mix= pit bull

Border Collie mix= black and white pit bull

Hound mix= brown or black pit bull

Pointer mix= white pit bull with brown markings

Have I missed any?

Anonymous said...

Is this possible? Doesn't Weimaraner have 2 syllables
too many for Pit people?

S.K.Y. said...

Branwyne Finch:

I love your list. I'm posting this on FB to warn my friends for next time they go to a shelter.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

HAHA! good one branwyne and yes anon, 4 syllables exceeds the average pit nutter's capacity. good thing we lawyers like ledy vankavage and evil geniuses like karen delise to pick up the slack.

Branwyne Finch said...

Thanks SKY and dawn, please feel free to add to it. I know there are more out there...

Beagle mix= tri-colored pit bull

Miss Margo said...

Thanks for the feedback re: Cane Corsos.

My little brother is considering another dog...a Weimaraner, actually, which is why I bring it up. Currently he has a retriever gun dog for duck hunting and a Rhodesian Ridgeback. I find the RR a little intimidating (it is a huge dog. Friggin huge!) but he's actually a couch potato.

Weimaraners have a reputation (as I understand) for being hyper and nuts, like dalmations. Can anyone confirm or deny this?

Anonymous said...

Hi Margo, I only personally knew one, in the early 60's in Kodiak Ak.
She was allowed to run loose, and when she wasn't hanging out with us neighborhood kids, could be seen ranging miles around, always at a trot or lope. She was a distinctive almost-colorless silver, so everyone recognized her. A kind and friendly dog, but unendingly in motion.
My cousins in Minnesota used Standard Poodles in duck hunting many years ago, with great success. Of course, they'd be in field clips.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i've seen quite a few. interacted with only one at a dog park. i could see the owner sauntering along gabbing with her friend and her weimer was an out of control menace jumping on everyone. i was watching this from afar as we were walking towards each other. i was prepared on his approach. i knocked the wind out of him by kneeing him in the chest when he tried to jump on me. i do not fucking like strange dogs jumping on me and the bigger they are, the more i don't like it. she was not happy and i told her, "you can control your dog or i will." i'm not there to train people's dogs on proper etiquette. i'm there to exercise my dogs and give them time to play and interact with other dogs. i saw her a lot after that and she stayed away from me and more importantly, she didn't allow her dog to do this anymore.

S.K.Y. said...

Miss Margo,

Having competed in dog sports for > 35 years, I would definitely vote most Weimaraners as out-of-control and hyper. As a behaviorist, I regularly got calls by elderly folks who had bought a Weim puppy or young adult. Their Weims were in constant motion, most of it jumping on people or destroying the house.

The Wegman photos give people the impression that the dogs are couch potatoes, but he happens to own the very rare strain that are. I would not recommend one to anybody other than a daily runner or somebody who competes in agility and needs a dog that is happy to train in agility for 2 hours a day.

About Ridgebacks, I'm definitely NOT a fan. I've known and worked with several owners and breeders in different states. Like pits, this is a breed where experienced owners tread with extreme caution near the business end of the dog (mouth end). Two breeders wanted me to rehabilitate their male show dogs who had attempted to bite judges that tried to examine them.

I don't think an RR would do a sustained gripper-style attack, but they are big dogs that were bred to hunt lions and guard "white African estates," and can have a bit of a hair-trigger in my experience. I would never absently pet a strange Ridgeback at a show, the way I would a Lab or Brittany.

S.K.Y. said...

And completely unrelated to pits...

I often mention my 8 lb. Papillon, Dash. This weekend, his brother Robert will be competing at the Eukanuba Obedience National Championships. If you see a stellar obedience Papillon that's also gorgeous (Grand Champion conformation dog) and brainy (tons of obedience/agility/tracking titles), that's probably Robert. :-)

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

re: ridgebacks, i don't think ridgebacks engage in anything other than tracking, cornering and harassing. they don't actually attack the lions the way dogos attack mountain lions.

Miss Margo said...

SKY, will it be televised...? I love your papillion; I think he's the prettiest thing!

Thank you all for your input; I will pass the info on to my brother. I think Weimers are gorgeous but based on what you all have said (and what I have personally observed), they are huge pains in the ass. Me, I like couch potato dogs. The Saluki I fostered (really miss that dog) was practically comatose and I loved it. Perfect company for long days writing.

My brother's Rhodesian Ridgeback is definitely a macho dog. There is no doubt in my mind that the breed attracts macho dickhead owners. My brother is not a dickhead--he's a pretty nice guy--but he's a young guy with young guy friends and he got a testosterone dog, all right.

He trained the RR well and the dog has good manners, but it is an intimidating animal. It knows me and has never menaced me, but I will not go to my brother's property if he isn't there and I will not house-sit if the RR is there. Which is weird, because I'm not normally afraid of dogs (except grippers) AT ALL. But I trust my instincts on this one. When I come to the window, I see that RR checking me out, and I'm not going to mess with it. The RR is as tall as an antelope. It's beautiful, but jesus!

Anyone who breaks into my brother's house is going to get a very ugly surprise. And I'm not talking about my brother's guns.

tropical storms said...

Miss Margo, Weimaranars are high energy hunting dogs and are usually in motion. Low maintenance on grooming, high maintenance on activity. Meeting their activity needs is a full-time job.

PutMeInCharge4OneDay said...

Branwyne, you did miss a popular one that we have here in Southern California.

Red/rust colored pit bull = Rhodesian Ridgeback mix.

Yep I see oodles and oodles of Rhodesian Ridgebacks all over the place............not

(except at dog shows)

Hannah said...

Pregnant woman killed by Pit-Bulls in the UK, this week:

Branwyne Finch said...

Ah, thanks Putme. Here is one of my favorites....

Check out that English Cocker Spaniel mix......

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i guess no one is buying into the big lie. coco puffs is still available. i was going to blog it so i created a file on this mutant on march 29, 2012.

Sputnik said...

More hilarious yet Kirby, the AmStaff X Great Pyrenese mix.

Anonymous said...

Oh God, that midwest pet stop page. Who do they think they're fooling?

They've got a "Norwich Terrier/American Bulldog" mix on there. What are the chances of that happening? Or the Staffordshire Terrier/Briard mix?

Anonymous said...

Don't you know, hater, that pit bulls is so virile they only need to think it to pop it? Get educated you embarasse me!!!

PutMeInCharge4OneDay said...

Ah, thanks Putme. Here is one of my favorites....

Check out that English Cocker Spaniel mix......

OH MY GOD. Just when you thought you have seen everything.

I found Trixies parentage especially amusing. As one sees so many Wire Haired Pointing Griffons around.
I did not look hard for registration Stats but only 410 were registered in 2005.

Trixie- the wire haired pointing griffon x boxer

These people should be put in jail for praying on the gullible people who have to "rescue" a dog.

Miss Margo said...

WHAT YOU TALKIN BOUT, H8ter?!?! NYC is FULL of Norwich Terriers!

kidding...I know quite a bit about dog breeds for a civilian and I have no idea what a Norwich Terrier is...

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

anon 10:00, WTF?

i like this schipperke who nibbles when he gets excited, knows "out of the babies room", bounces like a kangaroo and is "the perfect kissing height for kids".

yet another pitter contradiction: pit bulls are the most common favorite breed in the US, yet when in "doubt" about the breed, assign something obscure like griffin, schipperke or sharpei. makes total sense. just like anon 10:00 am's comment above.

FYI, petfinder lists 20 griffins and 131 schipperkes.
there are 1098 sharpeis but just on the first page of 12, only 8 look like sharpeis, the rest look like wired haired pointing griffons x boxers :-)

PutMeInCharge4OneDay said...

I came very close to sending an inquiry on the Griffon x Boxer, I am curious as to how they would pitch this dog to a potential "adopter". I forgot to look at what they charge to "adopt".

Shocking that the Griffon x Boxer only gets along with a few other animals. So unlike Griffons and Boxers I wonder what could explain it not liking other dogs....

And golly gee this Italian Greyhound mix they have on the same site apparently has issues with other dogs too..

"Oscar needs a home that will focus on training with him because he has certain aloofness about him that is not uncommon from one of his breeds: Italian Greyhound. He is a very independent dog and sometimes ignores his people. He's showing a lot of progress with the deference training program we're implementing, but he has a way to go.

He gets a bit over stimulated by new dogs and bicycles, so a quiet neighborhood would likely suit him well. Once he has been properly introduced to another dog, he could play all day. Oscar is currently being fostered with another dog and plays well with her. "

I see they have one listed as an American Bulldog and Staffordshire....could they not just cut to the chase and call it a pit bull?

Do they think folks really buy this?

Alexandra said...

My guess... Anon 10:00 is completely impotent, nicknamed Limp Dickey by his friends, so in his fantasy he thinks premature ejaculation is virile.

I'd say I bet his girlfriend begs to differ, except we can be sure no woman is willing to stay in the same room with him for more than two minutes (even with clothes on).

Anonymous said...

Tank learned his name and several commands in the space of 4 weeks, and is described as "super smart"
My Poodle puppy learned the same in the space of a weekend morning.He's not a prodigy. He's just a Poodle.

Packhorse said...

I think that Pit Stop just looks through a dog breed dictionary, writes down as many random breeds as they can, tosses them in a hat and start pulling them out when they log onto Petfinder.

It honestly seems like some sort of in-joke among the staff and supporters.

Rhea L said...

Where do they get off doing this? I saw a plott hound and they didnt even say mix! Just plott hound and it was so mistake and I dont even know that much about dogs!

Rhea L said...

Lab/cattle dog x. No mention whatsoever of pitbull. I may not know dogs but this is a pitbull...

Rhea L said...

So many questions go unanswered by pitbull nutters. But if pitbulls are just like any other dog and highly sought after for families....nanny dogs etc why do they lie about what they are in rescue description?

Rhea L said...
Greyhound? I was raised on a greyhound farm they got me messed up

tropical storms said...

Rhea, I spent quite a bit of time on greyhound farms, training tracks and coursing fields back in the pre-bulldog 70s. They're superior house dogs for adults generally. They're low maintenance and affectionate and come in a wide range of colors, cool dogs.

Rhea L said...

The tried to list a pbt aa a greyhound which made me dad raised greyhounds for races and retired them. Generally even though they are great dogs they can't be in households with babies and children because little kids make sharp sudden sounds and babies cries sound similar to a rabbits. When I was a baby my dad was turning out the dogs and my mom set me down and I cried my cries made all the dogs come up to me but none bit attacked mauled or hurt me...just were excited by my cries and sniffed me. My dad got me away safely and unharmed. But they are also skittish. Adult homes are great. I almost got a greyhound as a teenager. My dads championship dog was named after me lol

Old Moss Woman said...

There are many things in this site i see as completely wrong. I am a pitbull owner and i know at in a instant things could go wrong because of her level of hyperactivity and protectiveness. So i make sure i exhaust her. For the truth she belongs to an eighty year old woman, my mother. I took her at 5 weeks old from a nasty breeder, we all know the kind. She has attacked once, Did not know what to do about it or even to punish. My cat was outside and was being attacked by a roaming pitbull, Ivy my pit climbed the fence and attacked the other dog. Her little buddy is alive because of her. she stood over bleeding body as i came running with a bat ready to defend both my babies. The other dog ran and ivy stayed and licked her buddy while i got car to go to the vet. Yes they are aggressive but with the proper wits the are a wonderful dog. NOT A DOG FOR A AMATEUR.
Yes they are derived from tropical herding dogs. Do the research many tropical countries have banned there muscle breeds for sale in the u.s. because of what idiots have done the breed.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

tropical herding dog? puhleeze. the pit bull as herding dog has been debunked.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i agree, they are not a dog for amateurs. the pros keep them on logging chains in the georgia woods.