Wednesday, March 3, 2010

and the pit grifter winner is: AMANDA CONRAD!

part two of randy travis' expose on con artist AMANDA CONRAD was even better than part one.
• an adopter returned a dog to amanda for dog aggression, gave amanda a $300 check to help rehome the mushy wiggle butt. amanda gave him a dirt nap 2 days later but continued to accept money and told the woman the dog was adopted.
• amanda and her boyfriend TROY tried to blackmail two women that boarded their dog at PIT PRINTS. troy claimed the dog bit him and he wanted $1000 hush money or he would turn the dog over to ac. when questioned by the police, troy then said the dog bit someone else. the police found no evidence that the dog had bitten anyone.

can't wait for the state to finish their investigation into this psychopath.

nice crib amanda!

someone sent in a link to an amanda scam at pit bull smiles. i had to include it here, it interesting. you can see amanda in her natural habitat. i'm impressed that members from this forum in particular were able to uncover the scam. i think that in general, the members of pbsmiles are very naive. or as a game-dog member describes the forum as "it's all rainbows and unicorns over there". :)


Anonymous said...

Look at the cars, trucks, and house that these people own!

THIS is what the pit nutters are giving their money to and buying for people like this. They are being ROBBED BLIND by these "pit bull rescuers" begging for money on pit bull forums and message boards.

After all remember that Best Friends Animal Sanctuary gave thousands of dollars to dog abuser and hoarder Don the Dog Man to kill pit bulls that Best Friends dumped.

They also let Don use their boards and blogs to solicit more money. He just made up lies, and pit nutter ladies sent him money.

That's donation money sent by their donors. All wasted on scam artists.

Anonymous said...

The only surprising thing here is that she was actually State Licensed....

Anonymous said...

It seems as if Ms. Conrad has known how to have a meaningful tax-free relationship ($$$) for quite some time.

Bagheera Kiplingi said...

Wait! Her BOYfriend?

It looked to me like she was into dogs from the kinky photos at littlepetproject.

Anonymous said...

The IRS and state tax agencies need to know about these "pit bull rescues."

There's a major general scam occurring, and just because the pit nutters like to have their money stolen from them doesn't mean that honest, normal people have to put up with the thieving.

Some of them just use cell phone numbers and email. THEY CAN BE TRACKED.,,id=106778,00.html

Anonymous said...

It's the same with the SAR Pits scam...The head nutters knew this was going on for years but decided to keep it under "Raps" because it may affect their donations.

Anonymous said...

Need a job?

No qualifications?

Want to work from home?

Want low start up costs?

Become a Pit Grifter today!

Anonymous said...

Nutter Firesale! Cash Only! Tired of Scammers!!!!!!!!!!

All items are CASH sale only. Sorry, no e-mail- tired of the scammers. No pictures- we have too much inventory to be taking, posting, or sending pictures- if interested, you'll need to arrange to come out to Canton to view/purchase the items. If interested, please call or text Amanda at (404)952-8362

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

great find!