Saturday, March 6, 2010

the new and improved pit bull reporter

battle creek, michigan yesterday 2 male pit dogs that were awaiting their dirt naps at the shelter after their owners released them to the city for attacking another dog and their owner, bit 2 shelter workers. these 2 naive rescue angels learned a lesson the hard way.

indy roundup 2 pit bull attacks in 1 day finally pushed law enforcement over the edge. the indy police and ac will implement a blitz on loose dogs. it took them long enough. a year ago, it was reported that pit bull bites were at a record high, up 33% from the previous year. 3000 pits landed in ac and 2500 of them euthanized.
here's another little indy fact:
from january 2007 to march 2009, Indy cops killed 42 pit bulls, comprising 86% of all the dogs they shot.

millvale, pennsylvania in january a 58 yr old woman was attacked by a leashed pit bull as she walked to meet friends. the pit nutters, CHRISTINA GONZALES and her 17 yr old son and his girl friend ran inside the house as the victim cried for help. CHRISTINA GONZALES and her 17 yr old son failed to appear in court on thursday. the judge found them guilty. each of them were fined hundreds of dollars plus they have to pay the cost of kenneling and euthanasia. the frankenmauler was given a dirt nap. the victim will require plastic surgery and has hired a lawyer. i hope the city and the victim are able to recover the fines and damages but no one will more surprised than me if they find the nutters.
it's a good thing the victim was not attacked by a chihuahua or dachshund. she could have been killed!

nashville last year CASEY PHELPS was accused of rescuing pit bulls for a fee and then euthanizing them, 261 pit bulls to be exact. she claims that she is a changed person. she no longer operates as a breeder or large scale rescuer. she claims to only take in 3 dogs at a time and she said she no longer dumps them at metro animal control for a dirt nap. newschannel 5 checked with metro and found that she has only taken one dog there. but that only proves that she doesn't dump dogs at THAT animal shelter.
congrats CASEY! you receive the pit bull rescue angel of the year award.


Anonymous said...

And the dumb girls on the pit bull forums will still keep Paypaling money to con artists like this, I am sure.

Anonymous said...

I sure hope the people who were hurt by stray dogs in Indianapolis are suing Nathan Winograd, since his associates, Warren Patitz and this Doug Rae were behind the decision to stop taking in stray dogs and even fire animal control officers.

They were also handing out aggressive dogs that then got abandoned.

To try to maintain this No Kill scam, they let people get hurt, and they carry responsibility.

Anonymous said...

Another Pit Grifter Operation in New York busted: