Tuesday, March 16, 2010

dear pitbullforum...

pitbullforum.com is good for a laugh. i like to check in now and again and see the crazy excuses they come up with to explain why their nanny dogs act out towards people. cuz you know, the dogmen of yesteryear culled all of them there manbiters.
the most recent episode: pbf member bullykissies (gag) took her very dog aggressive fostered pit bull to the vet for shots. osiris saw a dog on the way in and became "pretty amped up" in typical lovely pit bull fashion. osiris tried to go after the other "full force" and bullykissies' (gag) husband had to hold osiris down until the agent provocateur was out of sight. after the vet was done poking and probing, they head out and encounter an "old lady" checking in. she asks if the dogs are friendly. "of course, my wiggle butts are nanny dogs!" the "old lady" pet the pits and as she turned and walked away, osiris sniffed, snarled and snapped but didn't make contact. mr and mrs bullkissies (gag) were all apologetic, you know the line, we hear it in the news all of the time. anyway, the "old lady" said you shouldn't tell people your dogs are friendly and then added that she has cats and one of hers was just skunked. and the "old lady" offers up the skunk excuse.

tiva steps up to the plate for the first round of advice:
i like how tiva describes homicidal pit bull rage as "freaked out by other dogs". that's what you get from the teachings of the false prophets donna reynolds and tim racer.

add skunks and "penned" to the ground by a trusted person to the long list of pit triggers.


Anonymous said...

Osiris is a canine grenade with the pin pulled...This ethereal nutter baby steps through each day trying to keep the lever compressed...it's only a matter of time now until the lion tamer regimen fails!

flicka said...

Taking any dog to the Vet involves sitting in the waiting room with other clients and their pets. You will see beagles, labs, goldens, cats... normal pets. This is simply a normal day at the Vets. These normal animals are stressed by being at the Vets office but wait quietly with their owners. Enter the pit bull,this "special" dog will have a "special" response to the situation. The pit will get "amped" by the peaceful animals surrounding it and require severe precautions to avoid a violent scene. Note to pit owners... peaceful animals and their peaceful owners have a right to exist. If your violence prone dogs can't appear in a normal situation without getting "amped", or worse, please keep them behind locked doors.

Anonymous said...

What kind of crazy freaking vet would let a dog like this into the building to have a full bore mauling in the waiting or examination room?

It should be license removal time.

Some of these vets should get arrested for endangering public safety.

See why some of these vets propagandize with the pit bull breeders and dog fighters? Anything for a buck!

Anonymous said...

No one should patronize a veterinarian who allows pit bulls in the waiting room anywhere near other pets.

Only a crackpot vet would allow that

OR a vet who serves dog fighters/breeders

Bagheera Kiplingi said...

Excellent comment flicka.

Dogbites you never hear about said...

Have you found me yet

Anonymous said...

So that's why when I took my Pit to get her annual shots, there was a MUZZLED Labrador that snapped at my dog, telling ME I have an aggressive dog?

Anonymous said...

This is like Julie Perry thinking. The dumb outdumb the dumb.

Yeah, a muzzled dog can really snap when it has a muzzle on.

How friggin stupid are these people?

Pit bull equals lawsuit.

Anonymous said...

There is a Nutter on Nutter talk who can't bring her wigglebutt within 50 yards of another person or dog...Seems to be the norm with these people!