Thursday, March 11, 2010

didn't spain just rescind its pit bull ban?

THE 44-year-old owner of a potentially dangerous Pit Bull Terrier has been charged with damages and crimes against general interests and public order, after his dog snatched a Yorkshire Terrier from the arms of its owner. The events took place when two women were walking the little dog in Malaga city and noticed the other dog, loose and without a muzzle, with its owner on the other side of the road.
It began to run towards them and the owner of the Yorshire Terrier picked her dog up to prevent it from being hurt. The owner of the Pit Bull told the women to keep calm because his dog just wanted to play.

But it then jumped up, grabbed the smaller dog in its jaws and began to shake it. It would not let go, even when the owner hit it with its muzzle. It finally left the dog, dying, on the pavement. The owner took it to a vet but the dog died. She then reported the event to the Local Police who found a dog fitting the description at the local animal centre.

photo of another spanish pit victim


Anonymous said...

I think different regions in Spain have different rules for dangerous dogs.

Anonymous said...

Blame google for the translation:
A dog killed a smaller bite out of another owner had in his arms, why Malaga Local Police has charged the owner of the dog, the breed "Pit Bull Terrier ', to bring it loose and without a muzzle.

The incident occurred on the afternoon of February 19 on Avenida Dolores Rodriguez de Aragon, near the new university buildings in the capital, where two women were walking, one with his dog, race 'Yorkshire'.

The women watched in the street to the 'Pit Bull Terrier', which was loose and without a muzzle, accompanied by his owner. At one point, the animal started running toward them as the owner of the dog decided to take him in her arms so that it would suffer any damage.

However, the owner of the 'Pit Bull' told them that they were quiet because the animal "was very good and just wanted to play." At that moment the dog pounced on the woman and took the 'Yorkshire' of a bite, shook his head again and again despite the owner gave him blows with the muzzle, which was holding, to let go.

Finally let the dog on the floor, leaving him dying Local police said in a statement. At that moment his owner picked it up quickly and went to her friend to a veterinary clinic to try to save his life, which was not achieved, hence it could not take the data of the owner of the animal that attacked his dog.


After reporting the facts in units of the Environment Group of the Local Police in Malaga, the agents opened an investigation. Inquired the area, went to various clinics and veterinarians, noting, finally, that the Animal Health Center in the city had made delivery of a dog that matched the description of the animal causing the death of the 'Yorkshire'.

Both the owner of the dog that died and her friend identified the 'Pit Bull'. Later, the officers located the owner, Jorge CA, Malaga, 44, who was told he was accused as an alleged offender for damages.

It was informed that it would be also charged for an alleged offense against the general interests by leaving a potentially dangerous dog without proper guardianship in terms of doing harm, and another alleged offense against public order by the lack of liability insurance civil.

Finally, he was denounced for violating the rules regulating the possession of potentially dangerous animals: lack of appropriate administrative leave, not be enrolled in the Municipal Register of Animals, and not fulfill safety measures to take the dog without a muzzle or chain. Of all the agents informed the Judicial Authority and the Environment Area of the City of Malaga.

More than 1,500 INTERVENTIONS IN 2009

Malaga Local Police carried out last year a total of 1,673 interventions with animals, mostly dogs, some of which belonged to breeds considered potentially dangerous.

In addition, stated that it continues to intensify the work of inspection and surveillance of animals, especially in regard to potentially dangerous, hence the "importance" of keeping them in conditions that indicates the rules, and above all, " respecting the rights and integrity of other citizens. "

I like that last bit!

Anonymous said...

Horrible picture of dead dog with this argentine article:

NOT ur average Pit Bull owner said...
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Anonymous said...

Spain also has pre-ownership pyscological testing for certain high risk breeds to keep them out of the hands of the Al Whites, Bill Stewarts, Juan Verdins, Amanda Conrads, Allie Ranars and similiar ilk.

flicka said...

Pit owners never see the suffering their dogs cause. "NOT ur average Pit Bull onwer" is exactly your average pit bull owner.

Anonymous said...

I don't know about all of Spain, but here's what applies in Andalucia:

Note (at the end) how the pit bull proponents (including those who don't own one, just do armchair defense of consumer freedom) have now managed to make ALL of us muzzle our bigger dogs in public.

I do love the list of fifteen breeds, love it that when a vet declares a dog of such breed aggressive it's killed -- AND NO APPEAL -- and that police can just shoot them if they're seen roaming (don't have to wait until the dog is already maiming someone). Still, what we need to do is ban them all. If only we could also send those who love them to a desert island somewhere...

Anon2 said...

It would be interesting to see how that kind of regulation in Andalucia works out but this one seems to have covered almost all posibilities: breed, owners and training.