Wednesday, March 10, 2010

pits savaging our dogs

indy a cop shot a pit bull after it killed a chihuahua. a man was holding the pit bull back from attacking bystanders after the fatal mauling. he warned that he couldn't hold him back much longer and when the frankenmauler broke free, the cop shot him. unfortunately, it survived.

grass valley, california a pit bull sent a man to the E.R. and his dog into surgery.

west haven, connecticut a pit bull tried to bite a man when he tried to separate it from his lab.

yucaipa, california schotzie the pug was killed by the neighbor's pit bull when it destroyed the fence to get the little dog. this is the second murder victim for this frankenmauler who is still in the care of the pit nutters. citations were written for 2 counts of running at large and 2 counts of no licensing. yes, the pit nutters have another wiggle butt and yes, the ac officer is also a pit nutter. County Animal Care Chief Brian Cronin determined it was safe to return the pit bull because "it required medical attention and did not pose a threat to people."

battle creek, michigan two pit bulls attacked a person and their dog. while in custody, they bit 2 shelter workers.

cincinnati, ohio 3 pit bull attacks in one day. two attacks against dogs and the third was on a man who defended himself nicely with a golf club.

springfield, missouri a cop shot and killed a pit bull tuesday after it attacked another dog. the proud pit bull owner is no where to be found. no word on the condition of the victim.

in another springfield attack, a young woman and her three dogs were attacked by a pit bull while out on a walk. the frankenmauler grabbed one of her yorkies and then dropped it to get to the lab. the lab suffered minor injuries. the yorkie's injuries included puncture wounds, spinal cord trauma and paralysis. the owner opted to euthanize. what do you think STORMI KING? were these injuries serious enough? the pit nutters received a couple of citations, got their dogs and are on their merry way.
rip cami

west chester township, ohio
two pit mixes owned by JOEL M LOVINS of 6090 bardeen drive escaped and attacked a man and his daughter saturday morning. the dogs were briefly impounded, then returned to JOEL M LOVINS where the frankenmaulers escaped again and killed 2 dogs. the two wiggle butts received their dirt naps monday.
LOVINS was charged with two counts each of failure to confine a vicious or dangerous dog and failure to obtain liability insurance for a vicious or dangerous dog. the charges are only misdemeanors but will compliment LOVINS' resume nicely. the punk is due in court march 23rd.
domestic violence
receiving stolen property
possession of criminal tools
resisting arrest
attempted vandalism
and a few others


Anonymous said...

The case of Joel Lovins. Is the problem here that this is one of those "first attack free" towns where he wasn't dealt with after the first attack?

All of these victims, ALL, ned to SUE SUE SUE SUE.

This is the only way the bloodshed can be addressed.

And no more free bites!

First incident equals dangerous dog designation and if there was trauma, euthasia, or there will just be another attack.

Until good people fix these laws, then good people will keep dying.

Anonymous said...

Of course, ultimately people have to be proactive. Report report these pit bulls formally, in writing, to every town or county official around.

Report ANY incident, such as loose dog or inadequate enclosure, growling, aggressive behavior, ANYTHING.

Use video evidence.

Contact landlords and homeowner's insurance companies.

Deal with these dogs BEFORE they kill, because death or mauling is inevitable.

Anonymous said...

Want to know the really ridiculous thing?

Cesar Millan constantly tells people they should be putting their dogs on leashes and going for walks.

Well, PEOPLE ARE GETTING ATTACKED BY PIT BULLS left and right when they put their dogs on leashes and go for walks.

Sometimes even by leashed pit bulls!

What does Cesar Millan have to send about advising people to bring their dogs out to meet their deaths or their dogs' deaths?

Friends Administrator said...

Would love to see more lawsuits but getting attorneys to take one is difficult, especially when the owner of the pit doesn't have anything. And then the attorney looks at some of the rulings of judges such as in the case of Houston this week. Attorneys don't want to be on the losing end.

scratch said...

My lawyer did a fine job, and got a fat paycheck. Sometimes there is insurance that the pit owner denies. This happened with my case. Victims need to get that lawyer and file the suit. When the pit owner is finally convinced that he/she will be held personally responsible... then they cough up their unsurance information.
Victims need to sue!

Anonymous said...

" especially when the owner of the pit doesn't have anything. "

Even if they don't own property their landlord or homeowner where they are living DOES, and can be sued. And they are being sued all over the place these days, and victims are winning.

Other property can also be seized.

The key issue if possible is getting a lawyer who has experience in dog bite law if you can.

BUT there is ALWAYS always a lawyer who will take a dog bite case. It may not be a top tier one, but even the bottom tier can get the job done. Any victims out there, keep on calling those lawyers!!

If animal control was negligent, in many cases they can be sued as well.

Even the shelter, breeder, or "rescue" where they got the dog from.

Anonymous said...

Many of these pit bull owners also have unreported property and income that the lawyers can ferret out

They can also get the IRS involved, and the IRS gives a reward for reporting tax fraud. A percentage.

Things like these "pit bull rescues" not filing their proper charity paperwork and not reporting donations and accounting for money, or breeders not reporting income.

Property in other states.

Vehicles, etc etc

The lawyers can find all this.

Also many states now allow victims of dog attacks to sue for pain and suffering.

Dog bite victims can ALWAYS find a lawyer to take their case. Just keep on looking, and collect all documentation.

Anonymous said...

Owner dies of complications after pit bull attacks in Argentin

NOT ur average Pit Bull owner said...
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scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i thought you lived in a city that didn't care that 2 huskies attacked 30 cats and your pit bull? keep talking dr perry.

Anonymous said...

Yeah but Dr Jules in your state the last 5 DBRFs have been from Pit Bulls! Has the Dog fighter that killed the 5 year old girl last month been arrested yet?!?

NOT ur average Pit Bull owner said...
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scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i distinctly remember you complaining that the media had no interest in the attack on your dog because they were huskies and not pits. why would you make a fuss with media and not the police/animal control?
i don't think you have changed at all dr perry. i was skeptical but i gave you a chance. don't be surprised if your comments don't through anymore.

Friends Administrator said...

We could use a listing of cases that have been won against pit owners, the results and the attorneys that won the case. An easy to read listing would be good.

Anonymous said...

Julie Perry, Not ur average pit bull owner, gets caught in a lie yet again.

When her pit bulls kill someone, she will have a nice trail of lies traveling along with her to court.

Smart move Julie! You set a foot wrong, and the attention on you will be 10 times as much as other pit bull sociopaths.

Bagheera Kiplingi said...

Craven, I think it was a good idea to give Julie Perry an opportunity to either prove herself a changed woman or a liar. She proved herself a liar to the end.
Good riddance!

And while we are on the topic of fake epiphanies, where's Frank been? Do we know where he's from? Romance, Arkansas by any chance?

Anonymous said...

If you idiots are going to post stuff at least get your facts correct. The dogs escaped once and did all this, after which I had them put to sleep.