Friday, March 12, 2010

Get Rid of Pit Bulls by Charles Leerhsen

Do you know Pit Bulls? Just before 11:00 p.m. on Sunday, February 28, I was walking Frankie at Clinton and Baltic Streets in the Cobble Hill section of Brooklyn, a time and a place where you can hear the Nikkei drop, when an unleashed brown-and-white Pit Bull exploded out of a car and, rumbling with blood-lust, charged us. The next minutes are a blur, but I remember the snarling male pit bull digging its teeth into Frankie’s chest, her mournful sobs and the Pit Bull’s vacant eyes as I drove my fist between them. Eventually, the Pit Bull’s cohort got a leash on the animal and, while I tried to comfort my blood-and-poop-streaked buddy, two plainclothes policemen materialized (Yay!) and gave the man a ticket—for not having his dog on leash (Huh?). The Pit Bull belonged to his sister in Washington, D.C., he told the cops, and, he added, “It doesn’t get along well with other dogs.” You don’t say.

Frankie and I were lucky compared to most animals and people who will be on the bad end of a Pit Bull this week. She was treated at the veterinary hospital for severe lacerations, had to stay over two nights, and may need surgery for a torn ligament. But she will survive in some fashion. The Pit Bull’s owners say they will pay Frankie’s vet bills, and we will see if they are as good as their word. As aficionados of that controversial breed they are, after all, sensitive people who see misunderstood creatures where logical lummoxes like me, who keep getting hung up on the death and misery pit bulls cause daily, see something else—namely vicious beasts who are allowed to live and propagate so that certain sad individuals can proclaim their moral superiority. To the Pit-Bull lover, nothing says, “I am special” like his own pretensions to Pit-Bull love.

After Frankie’s mauling a Pit-Bull owner we know (and like) informed my wife and me that the attack was “natural” because “dogs fight in the wild.” Other Pit Bull proponents have assured us that it was not the breed of the attacker, but the absence of a leash, that was key to Frankie’s violent encounter. To those well-meant but worn-out bromides I say, first, what wild? Where is this raw and savage land where Pit Bulls and Wheatens are duking it out? In any case, this was not a fight or a display of dominance—it was attempted murder. The leash argument also leaves me cold. I have heard stories about leashed Pit Bulls killing other dogs. Besides, if I drop a Wheaten’s leash in your presence, the worst you’ll get is a greetin’. Except not from Frankie, not right now anyway; she just doesn’t have it in her these days.


Anonymous said...

Did you see the comment by the pit nutter?

"Nowadays - I live with a Pit Bull mix (a dog found abandoned in the nearby park) and two other rescues (Mountain Dog mix and Cattle Dog mix). The Pit is as sweet as can be. She defends her turf, by barking and charging at passersby and the mailman"

That's a dog that is going to kill someone, and the pit bull owner is proud of this and basically ADMITS IT!!!

And then tries to defend pit bulls.

These pit bull owners just don't care that people and other animals are dying. They just don't care.

They even seem proud of the fact that their dogs are going to kill.

bluesmom said...

Well done!!!!

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

julie perry says

I see what your doing CD.
When I try to leave a comment defending myslef from YOUR lies, you do not let them through.
You all are a bunch of dumb asses.
You only let go through what you want your readers to see, and ban me for whatever reasons while your followers get to TRY to run my name through the dirt. Well you all have fun on your quest, I can guarantee you that my PB will live a long happy life with me never being in the headlines for something terrible. You just lost a faithful reader/commenter because you are 2 faced.
Go ahead and check your ip addresses, I will never visit your blog again.
Buh bye suckers

It's kind of sad too because we all just want the same thing The only difference is that I have a Pit Bull, whereas you don't.
Oh well

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

you really do not know what i am doing. you pit nutters think that because i don't publish a comment immediately that i have rejected it. it's real simple, the sun came and i stepped away from the computer.

let me make this clear, it matters not to me whether you read this blog or whether you comment on this blog. i don't care if you want to leave comments that promote your vindictiveness or your mushy little wiggle butts. i haven't rejected a single comment that threatened or criticized me. the problem that i have is two fold, first of all, you claim to have had some kind of epiphany but you are still lying julie. and i wouldn't really mind if you were lying but you are just here to promote your websites which is the second issue that i have. that is why i started to publish your comments without your blogger profile attached.

i wanted to believe that you changed. i am a little disappointed but not surprised that you haven't.

buh bye

HonestyHelps said...

She can come to my blog and I will ream her a new one. She's probably already done that and couldn't take the heat. I don't pull punches. We'll remind you of your comment when you make the news headlines.

Anonymous said...

Julie Perry says

I am a liar and a sociopath. I am extremely stupid, and I enjoy having defective fighting dogs that will rip up children and attack elderly people taking out their trash.

I am an outcast and a loser, which is why emotionally I have fastened on to fighting dogs and am helping dog fighters abuse more pit bulls.

If Charles Manson were out of jail, I, Julie Perry, would gladly join him in our new, contemporary Helter Skelter.

(This is Pit Bull Helter Skelter. Charlie Manson would approve.

Have you ever read the book by Charles Bugliosi? These pit bull "advocate" females have the same mentality, the same dumb follower, cultee mental illness.)

Anonymous said...

Julie Perry, you got caught lying yet again.

After a long history of lying.

Why would anyone think that a sociopathic liar should be able to continue to lie here?

Perry only confirms what America is realizing- pit bull owners are LIARS and crazies.

Anonymous said...

That was Vincent Bugliosi that wrote the book about Manson. And it is an excellent read, by the way. I agree that pit nutters remind me of the followers of Manson, those without a mind of their own. Those who are nothing more than pawns, used by the dog fighters and pit breeders to do their dirty work, just like Manson had his followers to do. No regards for others, unable to think for themselves, just following along like a little "puppy dog". It is so obvious that there is a problem and it is with a breed bred to do something that is illegal and contemptable by society. These are truly the outcasts of society no matter what their financial status or educational status is. People who care nothing for the lives of people or their pets and express that openly with their blaming victims of pit attacks and making excuses for the attacks made by pits daily. Pits were not designed to be pets, no matter how big their smile is and how much of a wiggle butt they are. Lurking behind that big smile is an unpredictable killing machine that is destroying families.