Friday, November 12, 2010

weekly frankenmauler roundup 11/12/10

11.05.10 freeport, illinois 19 yr old soon to be 20 KYLE M RAMOS' mutant pit bull attacked Tia, a pomeranian as they walked by his house. Tia's owner threw herself on her dog to protect her. the frankenmauler didn't appreciate her interfering with his mid day snack, so he bit her. low blood sugar makes pittie cranky.

11.07.10 jacksonville, florida residents of the san pablo area have complained about "pit bulls roaming the streets attacking animals and breaking into homes". police say too bad, call us when they sink their choppers into human flesh. one man came home and found his home covered covered in his dog's blood. his dog's HEAD WAS SEVERED.

11.07.10 internet I for one think Pit Bulls are a beast thats ready to tear something up, trained or not, they have the power to kill someone if they wanted to. They are built strong, they have a very powerful bite and they wont let go. So should we roll the dice all the time? Recently I've lost a 6months old Chihuahua because a Pit Bull bit my dog and paralyzed him, the surgery would cost almost $10,000 and had less than 50% of recovery, so we decided to put him to sleep. It was one of my worst days, we lost a part of a family member. Before this had happened, a week before, a child about 6-10 was killed by a Pit Bull near where I lived at.

Peggy Raley, Sheldon, reporter Lauren Lea

boerne mutatos
11.07.10 boerne, texas Peggy Raley was about to walk her great dane Sheldon when they were attacked by two mutant pit bulls in her driveway. she doesn't remember much of the fight except she bit one of the pits. they tore up her arms, broke a finger. she received 7 staples and 30 stitches. it looks like Sheldon's legs took the brunt of the mutants' damage. AC seized the frankenmaulers, they are dirt napping. the pit nutter was given a ticket for loose dogs.
WOAI interviewed ACO Thomas Stowers for tips on what to do in this situation. it is shocking that Stowers advises AGAINST pepper spray, citing it's ability to piss them off even more. he also recommends that you pick up small dogs and put yourself between your dog and the threat and remain still. (i have never heard anyone say this before-that's what i have done and it worked)

11.08.10 oregon in an article about the difficulty of homes for pits, it was disclosed that a pit mix killed another dog in an apartment complex. performance properties doesn't allow pits, rotts, dobies, gsd and st bernards. because of the fatal dog attack, they are now being sued and as a result they expanded restrictions to include "questionable" mixes. damn media!!! Bonnie Hayes of Small Animal Shelter says "Dogs aren't disposable, period." could have fooled me. the pit nutters are always minimizing the carnage of their dogs. be sure to click the link and read the reality of the most loyal and loving dog ever!

"I'm not no violator. Sometimes mistakes happen, your dog is going to get loose sometimes."

"i'm really surprised, he was the friendliest dog i ever had."
11.08.10 des moines, iowa Feves Blake came home and found Shadow dead in the back yard and a bloody mutant pit bull nearby. the mutant belonged to 23 year old parasitic gang banger LONTEZ YOUNG and the police say this is not the first time they have dealt with the psychopathic pit nutter or his "friendliest dog ever" mutant.
rip Shadow
i wonder what happened to YOUNG'S less friendly thug-dog?

11.09.10 st. cloud, minnesota a woman was walking her labradoodle when she encountered two loose pit bulls. at first they just sniffed her dog and then launched an attack. the labradoodle jumped into the river, the two man-biters-were-culled redirected their attack to the woman. they bit her feet and legs, knocked her down and drug her several feet. a witness came to her aid and the dogs began to circle him. someone happened to come a long that knew the mutants and their owner, grabbed them and put them in her car. the pit nutter said his dogs got out through an open gate. he was cited for 2 counts for dogs at large and 2 counts of failing to license. the mutants are in quarantine.

11.09.10 trenton, new jersey two frankenmaulers attacked a small "mongrel" (pretty classy trentonian), in a busy park. most people fled but a few good samaritans managed to separate the dogs, but the pits kept pursuing their PREY. one dog charged back in as the owner knelt beside the mangled fur and blood. he was bitten on the hand. meanwhile the park users managed to flag down a cop and he tried pepper spray but it had no effect. when the pit bull grabbed the "mongrel" for the third time, the officer fired one expertly placed round, killing the ugly mutant. the little dog died from its injuries and is said to have "bled profusely" from bites to its head, face and three of its legs. this story is a must read, please go to the link.

11.09.10 baltimore, maryland 35 yr old STANLY COHEN COLEMAN shot his pit bull when it attacked his siberian husky. he first poured boiling water on it, then beat it with a 2x4, and when that failed to stop it, he got his shotgun. cops responded to a 911 call of shots fired and they greeted by COLEMAN who admitted what he had just done. people found the soaked husky cowering and howling, injured pit bull on a pile of garbage, one dead emaciated pit bull locked in crate in the yard. COLEMAN has been 15 criminal charges against him, including 11 animal cruelty counts.
this link describes the attacking dog as a bullmastiff.

11.10.10 canada 18 yr Ravin Perrier took her chihuahua/papillon mix to the dog park. while in the small dog area, a pit bull mix grabbed her little dog, Gus. by the time they freed Gus, he was dead. some CESAR MILAN wannabe thought he had super duper dog powers and took his assassin to the small dog section of the off leash park. surprisingly, he didn't try to flee the scene.

Cora and Gypsy
11.10.10 nashville, tennessee the two lovely family pets were attacked by the neighbors' pits. their owners fought the pits off and managed to secure them for ac. the mutants are in jail.

Bob Oakes and his traumatized greyhound Misty
11.10.10 UK 55 yr old Oakes was bitten trying to save Misty from 2 staffy bulls. it took 4 grown men and stick to free his dog. Oakes was walking Misty on a leash when they encountered off leash mutants with their nutter owners. “The ferocity of the attack was something I have only seen on wildlife programmes.” said Oakes who is calling for mandatory leashing and muzzling of frankenmaulers in public. RSPCA pit nutter NICOLA WALKER chimed in with the usual pro mutant bullshit.

11.11.10 UK a pregnant ewe was savaged by an unleashed staffy bull on november 4th. the ugly mutant is described as dark with a white chest. the owners were described as two "rude and arrogant" white women and a child in a stroller. nutter #1 is in her 30's, tall and slim with dark colored hair in a bob style. nutter #2 is older than the first female, with shoulder-length hair and wearing a beige coloured mackintosh-type coat. they fled in a green ford focus.
call Pocklington Police Station 0845 6060222 or Crimestoppers 0800 555 111
something tells me that these two "rude and arrogant" pit nutters will be caught.

11.11.10 las vegas, nevada 67 yr old Vie Lee Walter suffered a heart attack after she was knocked by a mutant pit bull trying to attack her 10 lb shih tzu. Joan Wilkes heard her cries and responded. she kicked the pit bull until it eventually ran off. the pit nutter JAMES HULBERT, said his dog SOMEHOW escaped from the front while he wasn't home of course. he has offered to pay for SOME of the shih tzu's $700 vet bill.
"He's far from vicious. It was an isolated incident. They're well behaved dogs. They're trained," said Jim Hulbert, whose says his dog somehow escaped from the front door. It was an accident. They're not trained to kill. They're not fighters. They're actually big babies. They just lay around the house all day."

11.12.10 monroe, massachusetts a mutant pit bull breached the electronic fence that was containing it, ran into another yard, tore apart a rabbit cage and killed the rabbit.


buffalo, new york animal control's attempts to contact the pit nutters whose mutant pit bull attacked Chewie has failed. the aco said he is checking for license and vaccine and if they are not up to date, he will seize the dog.

Hero Harley

Daddy's Girl and Aflac
anchorage, alaska the 4 yr old miniature horse, Daddy's Girl died. her father Hero Harley may be blind as a result of the attack.

buffalo, new york animal control has made few trips to the home of the mutant that killed Chewy. no one is ever home. looks like the pit nutter is working up to a warrant. stay tuned.

UK the two pit nutters who own the mutant that killed Loki a dachshund puppy and attacked a jack russell have been arrested. the mutant was seized.


Anonymous said...

More horror stories. They're more common than zombie or saw movies. Hmmm, maybe there's a connection. People love the blood and gore from zombie/saw movies so much that they go and get a pit bull so the carnage can play out in real life.... and they can get away with it.

Garnet said...

A lot of the comments on the story about the chihuahua/papillon mix are horrifying. Those, of course, would be the comments by pit bull fanatics. A lot are blaming the owner of the little dog for the incident or are making fun of her for crying about her deceased dog. It's awful. There are also a lot of stupid dog-whisperer wannabes saying that it is "natural" for dogs to display dominance to other dogs or to snap on occasion. Wrong - it is not natural for dogs to kill each other! Violent people had to selectively breed the pit bull specifically for severe aggression against other dogs. It's not a trait a dog should naturally display and "dog lovers" need to stop supporting breeders of fighting dogs.

Pit bull owners: Keep your FIGHTING BREED dogs away from dog parks!

Josh B. said...

It says a lot about their lack of compassion when they laugh at someone who is mourning a loss.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i hope jennifer lynch's compound is as horrific as the real life attacks.

NoMoreBullS said...

Did you notice that the story about the min. horse didn't have the obligatory pit bull advocate explaining to us that pit bulls are misunderstood and it is all how you raise them and all that crap? It's just about the victims. Why can't it be like that when our dogs are killed?

Friends Administrator said...

Sounds like Best Fiends turned Tug loose in Jacksonville. He's good at beheading other dogs.

Anonymous said...

Well past time to start treating these incidents as intentional.

Anonymous said...

San Pablo area, Jacksonville Florida, police and city officials

You are ON NOTICE for a lawsuit when the pit bulls you are allowing to roam loose kill a kid, because that is what you are enabling.

Pit bulls that attack other pets go on to attack KIDS. Nearly every single pit bull that has killed or maimed a child had a previous history of aggression to other pets. It's one of the key indicators of trouble to come, human trouble to come.

And for God's sake, residents, get out your guns and poison and and defend your families! Why would you put up with packs of loose, roaming pit bulls attacking?

Anonymous said...

LAWSUITS people.


It is the only way to ensure that the pit owners truly ARE responsible and the only way to leave a paper trail.

And attorneys for these people/victims need to be contacting city officials.

What are these neighborhoods of people waiting for with the packs of loose pits?

Get together, hire a lawyer, put the city on notice or go to court, cheap and SAVES LIVES!

MAKE THEM FIX THE PROBLEM! The only thing many city officials understand in order to get them to do their job is threat of a lawsuit.

Anonymous said...

Has another breed ever decapitated a dog before?

Unknown said...

You need to remove my video from your blog - you do not have permission to post any video of my minor child(ren).
If it is not removed immediately, I will be more than happy to contact my attorney. The last person who used my videos without my consent, doesn't have a blog page anymore. You can be next, does not matter to me.


(If you really want to educate and not just rant - with false information - why not post this link? I'll bet you can't pass this test - most can't:

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

yes robert, i am aware of the previous blog. i can't have you thinking that you can intimidate people so easily.

i prefer to deal directly with your attorney.

i rant on craven desires and i educate here: