Saturday, February 26, 2011

breed misidentification with a twist

honey brook, pennsylvania 31 yr old MICHELLE LYNN HUSKINS was sentenced to 3 years probation for endangering the welfare of her children.

on december 16, 2009, MICHELLE and DEREK HUSKINS acquired a pit mix from a stranger at a convenience store. the next day, the gripping dog jumped up on the bed with MICHELLE and her 4 month old son and attacked the baby. MICHELLE and DEREK attempted to treat the baby's injuries themselves but when her son's leg swelled up the next day, she took him to the county hospital.

the HUSKINS infant was transferred to another hospital with dog bites, a fractured leg and a skull fracture. his condition was listed as critical. MICHELLE HUSKINS told the county detectives that her son was attacked by wild dogs on the street in his stroller and she sent her 4 yr old home to get DEREK to fight off the dogs. she also told the detectives that they did not own any dogs. the detectives realized that she was lying about the pit mix and leaned on her. she confessed.

the shit bull is dirt napping and DEREK MARSHALL HUSKINS is awaiting trial.

other interesting facts about this family:
in 2007 DEREK MARSHALL HUSKINS lost his appeal on the conviction of selling drugs to an undercover cop.

in 2010 DEREK MARSHALL HUSKINS was indicted for unlawful possession of steroids.

the HUSKINS children are doomed.


april 29 said...

The link indicates that Michelle Huskins motive for the lie was fear that CPS would take her children. IMO, they should have, but she has been under CPS supervision since the injuries to her child. This is appropriate. These children ARE doomed.

Anonymous said...

Why on earth would you lie to protect a dog that just attacked your child out of the blue??

Seriously, logic does not compute with these people. I am sitting here trying to fathom what kind of parents would do such a thing.

- Anonymouse

Anonymous said...

FYI - If my labs attacked my child, they would be DEAD immediately!! These people are why everyone should go thru rigorous testing prior to bringing innocent children into their fucked up existence. and the same goes for the privilege of owning a pet of any kind. Losers with loser dogs! I feel bad for the children. :(

Scotty said...

Hey! White trash and rednecks got the right to own dogs too!

Anonymous said...

This is off topic but I was looking at videos of labs to see if they had a propensity to scale fences, and of course youtube directed me to pit bulls.

Then it went to ear cropping. It makes me sad... it's usually a needless procedure that leaves the dogs itching and irritable when going through the healing process. Almost every pit bull with an ear crop on youtube seems to have been done purely on aesthetics.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

it is bad enough the way we tinker with their DNA. i support the criminalization of all cosmetic surgery for dogs as well as convenience surgeries like debarking and declawing.

Anonymous said...

I have had family members who've owned pit bulls with no problem. Except your basic chewing the shoes. Despite this however, I would never recommend this breed of animal to a household with children and I would never recommend them to novice dog owners. They can be great dogs, but I thinks it's irresponsible for the parent to place their children in a potentially dangerous situation.

I think anyone who adopts pit bulls in a house with children below the age of 13 (where they're old enough to know how to treat a dog) should be criminally punished or cited for such an act.

Like I said, I would rather pit bulls only be adopted to homes with experienced dog handlers and with out children.

Seeing children die at the hands of pit bulls due to parental negligence and lack of common sense is just sickening.

Carl said...

I had a pit bull bound mix that looked like a pit bull, but with really long ears.We cropped them but we used laser surgery. Faster healing time with less bleeding and we didn't even need an e-cone. We would not have done it but his ears were angled forward at the base of his head due to his pit side but were long covering his eyes most of the time due to his hound side.

I think cropping should only be done if it is in some way inconveniencing the dog, not because you want it to look cool. Out dog was pretty cool with his floppy ears, but seeing did become a problem.

If it's a pure pit bull it almost always never requires cropping. The ears are too short and normally are partially perked from what I have seen.

Anonymous said...

"it's usually a needless procedure that leaves the dogs itching and irritable when going through the healing process."

Have you seen what the breeders do to perform it, with ZERO anesthesia?

And the AKC lobbies against regulation requiring vets to do it with anesthesia

Anonymous said...

What kind of woman would do this to her kids?

Get a pit bull, the prime killer of children canine wise, and then try to cover to protect the dogs

plus if they are getting food stamps and all that crap, how can they rationalize owning a big dog that is expensive to feed?

the kids get screwed over by their own parents.

Anonymous said...

Vets and other people who make money off animals are against regulation because they do not want animals considered as more than property in the eyes of the law. If a dog is not merely property, then they can be sued for millions for killing granny's 15 year old tabbie. I'm not saying it is right or wrong, but it is definitely a bit hypocritical in that they talk out the other side of their mouth regarding being humane.

Small Survivors said...

Huskins told Sarcione she had concealed the injuries at first because she was fearful that child welfare authorities would take the baby and her two other children from her.

"I was scared for my life," she said

She was worried about HER life. She didn't want the children taken away from her or she didn't want to go to jail, but she could handle listening to her child whimper in pain all night. And didn't mind keeping the dog that had just mauled their baby.

* said...

snack sized dog:

And nutters fail to understand why why are so adamant about pointing out major flaws like this. And instead of taking notice and stating that they would like to improve the image by actually being responsible, I'm sure most of these people will either defend the dog or owner in someway.

While children should never suffer. People who allow for this to happen deserve every emotionally painful consequence that proceeds from their actions.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:03 PM, here's where I'm going to have to disagree with you about their being great dogs for experienced dog owners, and here's why.

Even responsible pit owners cannot guarantee that their dog is not going to escape and harm another without taking extraordinary measures usually reserved for animals that belong in zoos, six sided fencing, concrete bottom, chew proof siding, padlock on the door, etc.

Pits don't just attack and kill children. They are the number one breed of dog for attacking and killing their own owners. While there are many pits who have never snapped, when they do, the results are usually physically and financially devastating if not life ending. They also kill their own canine housemates with appalling frequency, even when precautions like crate and rotate are taken.

For every good trait you can point to me in a pit: supposed loyalty, desire to please, etc. I can point at almost any other breed of dog or mutt and say they have *exactly* those same traits without the overwhelming risk of death or dismemberment. There is no good excuse or reason to own a pit bull. There are plenty of bad ones.

Anonymous said...

This is a good one, but a few years ago, there was a big cat operation that blamed a pit mauling on the Tiger they kept caged up in the back yard....Took Animalk Control a couple of weeks to figure it out.

The Nutters never cease to amaze! Unfortunately, some innocent pays the price.

Anonymous said...

There is no "experienced" owner that can handle a pit bull.


The ones who think they are "experienced" are nutcases who don't know the first thing about dogs, dog fighters, and crazy AKC fleabag breeders living in their sick world.

(And where in the hell can you be where there aren't kids or other animals around? What a stupid thing for a pit owner to say. But, typical!)

Anonymous said...

Yeah, they're great dogs as long as you don't allow them around anything else living, keep them in a fortress, muzzle them, carry a break stick,.....

Responsible people know they don't want that responsibility.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

anthony solesky sums it perfectly:

"where the only barrier between safety and death is that imperfect humans must handle them perfectly,"

Small Survivors said...


" People who allow for this to happen deserve every emotionally painful consequence that proceeds from their actions."

Couldn't agree more.


Anthony once again perfectly sums up the situation.

Penelope Ann said...

Figures. Anonymous..

Unknown said...

U ignorant dumb ass