Wednesday, February 9, 2011

the popular pit bull

maricopa county, arizona animal care and control is asking people to stop breeding and purchasing pit bulls. WHY? the county has 14,000 pit bulls in their shelters! apparently when people show up to adopt a dog, they lose interest in any dogs that are even part gripper. WHY? that's a head scratcher for sure. they're just dogs after all, no different from collies or beagles. so why don't people want to adopt them but more importantly, why are people dumping the most popular all american dog at the shelter to begin with?

pinal county, arizona animal care and control worker, LETICIA FLORES' 2 rottweilers and pit bull got loose and mauled 10 yr old Jason Hamilton. the two rotts grabbed his limbs and of course the gripping dog went for the head. Jason lost an ear. animal care and control worker LETICIA FLORES received 12 citations: 3 loose vicious dogs, no licenses, no water/shelter and excessive feces. no criminal charges though.

yavapai county, arizona pit nutter/no kill freak ED BOKS received a $2000 grant from JANE BERKEY'S ANIMAL FARM FOUNDATION* to spay and neuter 40 mutant pit bulls in 2011. well, it's a start. i'll be impressed when she sterilizes 400,000.

*the AFF is an organization dedicated to restoring the image of the American pit bull terrier and to protect all dogs from discrimination and cruelty.

i am also trying to restore the image of the APBT. maybe i should apply for a grant :)


Small Survivors said...

A comment from one of the 3 articles on the gazillions of ugly dogs in Arizona that no one wants:

"evilbetty1 said on February 9, 2011 at 8:08 PM
This is so stupid! There are plenty of programs that offer free neutering for Pitt Bulls and Pitt-mixes to help keep the population down. These dogs are popping out litter after litter and then they are in the street left to fend for food and revert to thier survival instincts. Then some group of kids gets attacked and we blame the breed. If you have a pitt or know someone that does get them clipped! I took my three in to get clipped for free and I was even mailed $20 bucks per animal because did it. Google "Maddies Pitbull fund"

You can't PAY nutters to be responsible. If anyone finds out where they're handing out 20 bucks for spay and neuter, I'll go round up a passel of puppies and put my hand out for my $20 per. If they complain that they look like yorkies, I'll explain you can't identify pit bulls visually.

I think Craven SHOULD apply for a grant!

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i didn't see any testicles on that ugly shit bull in corpus christi. so much for spay and neuter.

WolfPrincess said...

^Yet no ne cares about the Golden Retriver that killed it's owner? Or should I say King Midas Cujo Hound? I advocate for responsible Pit Bull owners to keep their dogs. I think Pit Bulls that have shown unprovoked agression should be fixed to prevent more unstable dogs. Pit Bulls that have killed animals should be put to sleep for the sake of other animals, people and fo their breed.

Small Survivors said...

That was one ugly shit bull. And those were some heart breakingly distraught victim owners.

Small Survivors said...


"I think Pit Bulls that have shown unprovoked agression should be fixed to prevent more unstable dogs."

So you think pit bulls of unknown history that are just pets shouldn't be neutered until they show unprovoked aggression?

And you think that if the aggression was provoked, its ok if they maul? So, a yorkie that barks at a pit bull deserves to be mauled and killed?

And you think pit bulls that show unprovoked aggression just need to be neutered? And we just have to wait for them to kill, as happened in the above mentioned Corpus Christi incident?

Got that all figured out, do you? You are a genius!

Anonymous said...

Maricopa County Arizona, where another No Kill maniac spread the disease of No Kill, Ed Boks

Where No Kill goes, suffering and death follow

Anonymous said...


One offspring

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Anonymous said...

Spammed by a Dogfighter?!? LMAO!

I hope that link is useful to the HSUS.....

Anonymous said...

FanTAStic find. I don't think she's a dogfighter because she says she thinks pits that show dog aggression should be euthanized.

I'm betting she's the type that idolizes dog fighters and gets moist dreaming about possessing and controlling a savage beast with a brutal past and watching the fear and revulsion on people's faces when she walks around with it.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

according to lycanprincess's google profile, she is a horse lovin/dog lovin teenager who will start blogging when she gets her very own pit bull so she can keep everyone apprised of its "progress".
i suspect that she also suffers from bipolar or ADHD. she doesn't actually READ the blogs, she has been spamming the comments by cutting and pasting the same long winded tirade about a dozen other breed attacks on humans that occurred over the last several years as some kind of PROOF that all dogs attack other ANIMALS i guess. i don't think she has the intellect or maturity to carry on a meaningful debate. she only has the berkey talking points memorized or copied in her clip board. i sent her an email. i suspect that i will get a reply when someone can interpret it for her.

Anonymous said...

"I don't think she's a dogfighter because she says she thinks pits that show dog aggression should be euthanized"

They don't really believe this.

They use it to try to fool those who care about victims into thinking that there are "responsible" pit owners

Remember that game dog breeder who came here and claimed that she honestly believed pits didn't belong in dog parks or around kids? Well, in reality, she and her ex were breeding game dogs in military housing, crowded with kids and other pets. She was proved a liar.

She lied to try to appear rational here. In reality, she is breeding game dogs, selling them to go out and maul, and fighting any kind of bsl law or any law that she can to keep doing it and making sure pit bulls keep attacking kids and in dog parks.

They pull this stuff all the time. Remember the fake vet tech, veterinarian?

These people, especially the breeders, lie all the time. It's the essence of what they do. They know they have to trick people so they can keep breeding deadly dogs without laws. They want people to believe they are sane and rational honest citizens, instead of the sociopathic nuts and criminals they really are.

Kind of what criminals do in court every day with the lawyers with the weasel words and lies. "My client is a loving father who volunteers in charities and just has bipolar illness" when the client is actually a sociopathic criminal who has killed people or bashed people's heads in.

They try to get sympathy with lies. They try to act normal so they can try to get people to buy their shit.

Anonymous said...

Interesting thing about that Lycan game dog kennel.

The guy who runs it also runs a Ripleys towing company in Magnolia NJ AND some kind of girls model fashion type of thing. M.E.G.A. fashion production company

I wonder if this girl is not either a daughter or some girl in this fashion thing he runs. (where I'm sure the girls all learn about how wonderful game dogs are)

The guy writes online in the same sort of teenager speak.

Is there really a teenage girl writing the blog, or is it him?

The writing sounds and looks the same.

Anonymous said...

Lycan Princess etc's breeder and breeder Lycan Game dog kennels owner

Tell me what you think is going on here.

Those "angels" girls in the photo?

Anonymous said...

Check out the "who I'd like to meet" aimed at girls and young women.

Anonymous said...

Lycan (type of werewolf) is a great name for a kennel that breeds creatures that snap and go on killing sprees.

Anonymous said...

Fucking dumbass, you don't even know how to use the word mutant properly.