Monday, February 21, 2011

temporary detour

you might have noticed that you are getting an adult content warning when you come here. i put this in place in the hope that it will make an impression in the undeveloped psyche of LycanPrincess and serve as a reminder that she is not an adult.

here is another blog post that she is very active in: no comment.


Anonymous said...

lycanprincess typifies the commenters i came to know in the maty case. all professing sympathy for maty but in reality only caring for the euthanized offending dogs. this sad case was then turned into a opportunity to bash bsl and the bylaws that had worked so well in this case.

bimbophobic said...

lycanprincess say proudly i like pitbulls ,marines and anything alien/predator related. raise any red flags for anyone?

Cheeka said...

I'm pretty sure she will edit almost any information that pertains to her dog acting devious. Almost all of these "journalists" do when trying to prove a point with their pit bulls.
Actually I'm quite interested to see how her taming venture goes. Or if her parents are even dumb enough to let her adopt or purchase a pit bull.

Not teenager should be allowed to get a pit bull as their first time pet, ever.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

no teenagers should have pit bulls ever. i like the idea of an age requirement. there is a shelter in nevada that won't adopt pits to anyone under 26.

Anonymous said...

Red flags?

Yeah, at least one. Anyone notice that her avatar is the alien monster, not the heroine Ripley? The princess identifies with the monster. That explains her attraction to pit bulls.

shar pei mix said...

Poor Lycan Princess. Her people set her up to fail. :(

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i really did laugh my ass off on the above comment :)

retrieverman said...

@ bagheera: remember shipley says to mothers really do admire that thing? or words to that effect. mothers mole says yes it admires aliens lack of morality its purity. thats probably how the ice princess feels about pitbulls.

Anonymous said...

Another young life wasted after being sucked in by Pit Queda.

Anonymous said...

She deleted the blog of you almost a day after it appeared. :)

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

some idiot named sara showed up at the princess' blog said that i was calling for all pit bulls to be rounded up, tortured and killed. i had to comment. the next day, the princess profiler's blog was gone.

i didn't just wake up one day and decide i hated pit bulls and created this blog. i spent years reading the books, blogs and forums of pit nutters and dog fighters before starting this blog. why aren't any of these people capable of deeply researching a topic? they ALL can't be stupid. there has to be other explanations.

* said...


I don't think many of them are stupid, I think a lot of them are either too young to critically thing, to mentally retarded to understand such a concept, and others are just too darn gullible to put good faith in animals due to the surface and anthropomorphic similarities they have.

A few years ago I was adamant that it was all in how your raised them, even after having negative experiences with them here and there. But then I started thinking about certain things in a common sense manner and what the pit bull apologists said just weren't lining up. Thus I discovered credible sources and quickly learned that most pit bull "facts" are either heavily distorted or lies.

Either lycanprincess is learning that she should not try and debate with the big boys in fear of looking stupid, or she doesn't want to fight the many commentators here that previously commented on her blog.

WolfPrincess said...

Yet most of you call me immature? How mature is this? Complaining because a teenager has more sense than you yet you claim to be adult about things. So how does calling me names prove that you are more mature than me? This is like a Box Jelly Fish pointing at an Ant and saying: Your kind is dangerous! Now for the off-topic response.

Predators only go after alien and armed people and will spare sick, pregnant and dying people along with children. They have a code of honor and killing something not compatible with them is against that code. If any of you know what Wikipedia look up the Predator species there and read. Marines are brave several relatives were Marines and not the stereotypical raping, trigger happy, drugged up woman killing disgraces you see on TV. None of them have criminal records, have been in jail. Got kicked out of the military or have been in trouble with the police. The only time one of them talked with the police was when he chased a man down the street who harassing me and my cousin. Lucky for us them man went to jail, he was a convicted child rapist and was not allowed within a few miles of schools or children. Ok so now it’s against the law to like the Alien movies? Yet on this blog you have a picture of one of those men from Deliverance? Wasn’t he a rapist too? Why isn’t he a monster? That my dear is a big red flag familiarizing yourself with a rapist. Back on topic.

I deleted my blog because judging on what would have been the main subject, I was just dragging myself down to your levels. Pit Bulls are aggressive by selective breeding, why not use selective breeding to remove that trait from the breed? No one had thought about that? People used selective breeding to mold the temperament of the Golden Retrievers yet Golden Retrievers are on the BSL list. Let’s say all the dogs on every dangerous dog list all over the world that are restricted over their breed, weight or size are all wiped out(this will include Newfoundlands, Pugs, Border Collies, St Bernards and even one Spaniel type dog). Dog fighters will still want to gamble and bet on dog fights so they will just find a way to ruin Chihuahuas, Poodles, Yorkshire Terriers and any other breed that wasn’t eradicated. So what do we do then kill off all canines? Then what wait for dog fighters to become horse fighters and pig fighters like they do over in China? Find a way to breed out the aggression trait in Pit Bulls and only let them go to responsible homes. Just because you trust a dog doesn’t mean leave your baby within reach of the dog. Remember the Pomeranian that killed a 6 week old baby? They might have thought “Oh it’s not a Rottweiler or a Pit Bull but a sweet little dog” yet I killed their child. My mother didn’t even let her Chihuahua get near me when I was born until I got bigger and that dog was like a brother to me. Any dog can turn on it’s owner and it has been proven to many times before but you don’t here about those on the news because they dogs weren’t Pit Bulls. Just because I have an extraterritorial hunter on my avatar doesn’t mean I only like monsters. Would you rather me switch it to a horse since instead? I happen to like horses but of course every bypassed that and went right for the Pit Bull. Yet Digger has a Pit Bull on their avatar and cravendesires has a Pit Bull with blood on it on their blog and I’m the bad guy for having a nonexistent alien as my avatar. Go figure. Now why would my “people” set me up to fail? I’ve researched Pit Bulls for almost tow years and yes it is possible to selectively breed out certain traits in them. If you can breed aggression into a certain you can breed it out. When it comes to breeding a dog it comes down to soundness and temperament. Back yard breeders just breed a certain type of dog for money and not for temperament or soundness. That’s why Dalmatians now have cases of inherited mental illness.

Anonymous said...

Ok, what I got from that is that Craven's analysis of Princess' avatar is invalid because Craven was referencing the Alien movies, and Princess is referencing the Alien vs. Predator movies.

And Princess knows Deliverance which is impressive given her age, but she doesn't understand the reference.

And Princess is not only a teenager, but she just might be on medication that she needs to take regularly.

Anonymous said...

"Complaining because a teenager has more sense than you yet you claim to be adult about things."

I quit reading Lycan Princess' comment after this point. Teenagers who think they're so brilliant and worldly make me laugh.

- Anonymouse

i . m. dubious said...

lycan princess: if aggression was ever mostly breed out of pitbulls and some other notorious breeds then the dingbats who like this shit would just move on to another breed. where there is smoke there's likely to be fire , and thats why pits are so pathetically popular with a certain type of person. beware of owner not the dog is right. i suggest , rather than a pitbull you get yourself a boyfriend on deathrow,that way we'll all be a lot safer.

DubV said...

Princess can't keep many thoughts in her head at once. So, it is hard for her to realize that she repeatedly contradicts herself. For instance, she claims that if pit bulls were exterminated, then dogfighters would move on to another breed. Yet, she advocates selective breeding in order to correct pit bull problems and does not see how, using her logic, that would lead to the dogfighters moving on to another breed as well (or just keeping their own lines of pit bulls).

As far as selectively breeding pit bulls away from aggression, why bother? It would difficult and take a while, and could still have dubious results. Why not just pick a dog with better genetics to begin with? If the pit bull needs modification anyway, then you will be significantly changing it (except perhaps you can keep the look of it). So, why do any of this? If you want a muscular looking dog with a better temperament, go buy a boxer.

Princess picking the predator as an avatar is emblematic of why people are drawn toward pit bulls. They are doing something that is odd, and will garner them negative and positive attention, and allows them to have a detailed justification for it that they can spew out whenever they get the chance. It's the same as people explaining that their stretched out ear lobes reminds them of indigenous people and..blah..blah

* said...


The contradictory points in your argument never cease to amaze me. They really don't. And it is this very reason why most teenagers should not be allowed to debate with people who spend their time doing real research on serious issues.

You're so ignorant you cannot see that making the comparison of a fictional alien on your moral code is idiotic on many levels. First the aliens are known to be brutal beings who (despite sparing women and children) kill other highly sentient beings for the soul purpose of sport to collect their skulls. If that isn't purposeless cruelty I do not know what is. But I digress. The point is not any of the reasons you've mentioned, but that you're attracted to a menacing looking predator that does almost anything within its capacity to kill another sentient being for the sheer fun of it. Similarly the brutality of many pit bulls shares many commonalities with the predator species, albeit they're not as intelligent in their methods.

You mention that by creating the blog you were stooping down to our levels yet you come running back to Craven's blog spewing all sorts of idiotic nonsense further making yourself look like an idiot among true groups of intelligent debaters.

As long as there are people like you who are not supporting BSL there are always going to be pit bulls to fight with. As for other breeds, it would be very time consuming to produce aggressive labradors as that trait is almost extinct in their lineage. Any aggressive labrador is a fluke, while an aggressive is more expected and common. Simple biology and observation should have made this clear to you. But I forgot you're thinking with the mind of a child.

And also, you do not understand the irony as to why I chose the pit bull as my avatar. If you would like to take the chance to educate yourself, please go to the below link. If you take the time to read the article, you will see I purely chose it for satirical purposes. Yet again, research and observations would be a good thing to use if you want to appear intelligent!

Also, this article is a perfect read for you. :)

Also, before you begin researching pit bulls maybe you should research how to spell check simple words like "two" it's not "tow." And obviously, your research has been biased. Otherwise even the simplest of flaws in the points you're making would not exist.

* said...


Might I add that the concentration of certain breed temperaments is so high that theoretically he only way to breed for another highly desirable temperament is to introduce another breed of dog into the mix. This would prevent a limited gene supply but this would also completely change the appearance and genetics of the breed. That is unless you start over and take terrier type dogs, breed with with short faced dogs like Boston terriers and keep doing that until you get a dog with a sound temperament that looks similar to a pit bull. But like you said, why go through the effort.

* said...

Did I also fail to mention that LycanPrincess seems to fail to understand what "satire" or "irony" is?

She obviously isn't using her eyes... Otherwise she would realize that Craven's icon is a pit bull hungry for violence. And most of his subject matter centers around the cowardly (craven), sociopathic, and insane actions of most people in the pit bull community.

My icon is a defeated and savage pit type dog from an WW2 image symbolizing the nuttery that is most of the pit bull community. That despite any contrary and factual evidence give to them, they will continue to shout and act viciously much like their chosen breed.

This kid just doesn't get it! Which explains why it's so easy to defeat her poor logic. Hell, she's barely even using that!

* said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
* said...


I would also like to add that because you keep running back here (your most recent comment was on the 26th) that it gives me probable reason to assume that the only reason you deleted your blog was because Craven and several others ripped you a new one and you were too ashamed to let your obvious lies and hypocrisy be known by anyone who ventured there.

Anonymous said...

Princess, trust me. NO ONE here has been "complaining" or stating in any way, shape, or form that you have more sense than an adult. If that is what you've gotten from the numerous posts directed both to and about you from pit owners and non-pit owners alike, then your reading comprehension skills are about as bad as Fuzzy's, and that's not good.

The icons that most people have chosen here are, as another poster pointed out to you, chosen in irony, not out of a sense of identification with the subject, dear. Or do you prefer sweetie pie, or honey?

You need to do some reading from sites that aren't pro-pit about genetics and dog breeding, and you'll understand exactly how ignorant and self-contradictory your arguments are. I'd recommend starting with these links.

Anonymous said...

Princess, trust me. NO ONE here has been "complaining" or stating in any way, shape, or form that you have more sense than an adult. If that is what you've gotten from the numerous posts directed both to and about you from pit owners and non-pit owners alike, then your reading comprehension skills are about as bad as Fuzzy's, and that's not good.

The icons that most people have chosen here are, as another poster pointed out to you, chosen in irony, not out of a sense of identification with the subject, dear. Or do you prefer sweetie pie, or honey?

You need to do some reading from sites that aren't pro-pit about genetics and dog breeding, and you'll understand exactly how ignorant and self-contradictory your arguments are. I'd recommend starting with these links.

Anonymous said...

Twice I posted a response here to have it go up and disappear less than five minutes later. Is blogger being buggy again?

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

it must be buggy because i haven't deleted or rejected any comments.

make sure you are aware of the dates of the blog posts. comments on blogs over 7 days old, requires moderation, ie i have to manually publish them. comments on blogs less than 7 days days old do not require moderation.

katy said...

Do you have nothing better to do than attack someone who is trying to do some good in this world.? What are you doing that's good. As a proud pitbull owner I am disgusted by the way you have attacked this woman and her children. How perfect are you? You have no right to judge anyone. Karma is a bitch remember that. Also remember your actions on judgement day when you will be judged for the things in your life. Burning in hell for being a disgusting person sounds like good karma doesn't it now?

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

katy christian,

of course i have things would rather do but someone needs to expose the bullshit.

karma and burning in hell scare tactics are only affective with people who believe in those fairy tales. but from what i know about christianity, your comments above makes you a bad one.

DubV said...

Wow, pit nutters are so brainwashed by Tia. They watch her show in their snuggies with a bag of pretzels and tear up every 5 minutes. Especially, when Tia explains how a 2 time loser really identifies with a pit bull that's killed multiple dogs.

Tia is to pit nutter as shiny piece of tin is to crow

Well heck, crows are among the smartest birds, so I hate to slander them.

* said...


It does not help that his princess girl is a teenager with apparently no self identity or capacity to truly understand how to properly research and issue. Otherwise she would have the capacity to conclude that her current understanding of pit bulls is completely skewed and wrong.

According to her new profile she stopped the blog because we had the mentality and debating skills of the Jerry Springer Crowd.

"I tried to run a blog about animal safety but the Jerry Springer reject crowd found it."

Which I find completely humorous since she was making falsehoods about Craven! Obviously someone was dropped on her head as a child, or her mother did meth while she was still in the womb. Because her logic and perception of reality seems eternally high and retarded.