Monday, April 18, 2011

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thank you anonymous craven desires reader!


Small Survivors said...


You have got you some funny, smart and talented readers, craven.

But, I bet nutters are going to say to themselves, WHY can't I assert #13 and #4 or personal experience #5? I do it all the TIME

Thank you to ANONYMOUS READER. I predict we will see this all over the internet soon!

Anonymous said...
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CKing said...

This is BEAUTIFUL! DEAD ON ACCURATE! Its making me literally laugh out loud!

Everyone planning a pit bull article or post should just stick a link to this at the bottom!

Good work!

Lindsey said...

I love it, and the graphics should really appeal to the typical nutter rescue angel demographic. Great job!

Jake said...

I've posted a link to the PDF on my blog as well - this is comedy gold.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i'm honored to be the recipient of this masterpiece.

i especially love the cross referencing. we all know the pit nutters need help keeping their stories straight.

april 29 said...

Absolutely perfect!

Small Survivors said...

Oh the cross referencing makes it! It points out all their inconsistencies. Its the dagger in the humor.

It must have made the author's brain go to mush trying to untangle and retangle all those cross references!

And Lindsey is right - the author got the rescue angel mentality perfectly with the graphics.

Anonymous said...

Attention: Lycan Princess! Your job as on line pit bull apologist just got easier.

Anonymous said...


April 17, 2011, Sullivan Ohio: Cary Grant II uses the Five Point Pit Exploding Heart Technique on his father while visiting with his legally vicious Pit Bull. At least the state required $100,000 insurance should pay for the first responder and funeral costs...If he decided to pay for it.

Gotta wonder if Cary Grant II watched Caesar Milan and thought he was a superior dog owner like most nutters who epically fail....

** Disclaimer: I am not making this up!

Lindsey said...

That is some seriously weak language in their dangerous dog statute if the way it was written in the article is true. "A muzzle is also recommended."

Is it a recommendation, or a requirement? Recommendations don't mean squat when it comes to a law. You can't ticket someone for violating a recommendation. Idiotic.

Anonymous said...


June 24, 1988

A pit bull that was spared a death sentence for attacks on a police officer, a child and a mail carrier accidentally hanged itself on its leash when it tried to jump a fence, officials said. Pinellas County authorities had ordered that Black Jack be put to death by lethal injection for the attacks, none of which led to serious injury, but then relented. The 55-pound pit bull terrier was ordered confined to Sumter County. "He was a house dog," said the owner

PINELLAS COUNTY PIT CARNAGE MAY BE VIEWED HERE:,-83.122559&spn=6.268871,7.877197&z=7

According to County Animal Control 1 out of every 15.6 Pits is a biter while 1 out of every 77 labs bites. So much for "least likely to bite"!

Disclaimer** I am not making this up!

Anonymous said...

PIT NUTTER BINGO: Another must see!

Small Survivors said...

Heyyyyy, I missed this! This is great!

Thanks vintage and craven

Small Survivors said...

Oh and I love those dogsbite maps, vintage. Putting the fatalities along with the reports of bite statistics with dog fighting kennels is brilliantly informative.

Good work on the dogsbite collaborator's parts.

Southern Kennels is scary. They very brazen about advertising fighting lines and tested dogs.

Just think what will happen when one of these dogs is caught up in a bust, and adopted out by rescue angels "needs to be an only dog."

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i have blogged southern kennels
here and here