Sunday, April 3, 2011

Pitthetic Dementia

we can't let the dude, dubv and snack's hard work go to waste.

Community members DubV and Dude, I BaggedYourPit coined this term by combining “pit” and ‘thetic,’ (assertion/dogma,) with “dementia” (a loss of reasoning and orientation through various pathologies) to describe a system of thought that is so flexible that it can take any information at all and use it to strengthen their hypotheses. It cannot be falsified in their minds. Persons suffering from pitthetic dementia can recall prescriptive talking points for the purpose of justifying beliefs, but have lost the ability to reason independently or accept rational conclusions in conflict with these beliefs.

here are my favorite examples of pitthetic dementia. feel free to share yours.

it's all how you raise 'em
whenever a pit bull goes on the attack, the pit nutters blame the owner for failing to provide proper training, socialization and care. often, but not always, the dogs have been abused or neglected. this theory is in sharp contrast to the fervor surrounding the saving of fight bust dogs and dogs rescued from abusive situations. compare the "it's all how you raise 'em" mantra to the most recent cruelty case in new jersey. this pit bull was starved and thrown in the garbage. someone rescued him. i am not sure that keeping him alive was the most prudent decision and if he survives, he will surely become the next poster pit for the "they're the most forgiving dogs evah" campaign. sad stories like patrick's illustrate beautifully the flexibility of pit nutter thought. just listen to the attending vet, Dr Tom Scavelli: "With all he's been through, he loves people, he's been very engaging with our staff, he doesn't seem to distrust people. He still comes out, he wants to be petted, he wants to have human contact." i doubt this wretched creature possesses the energy to be aggressive but if he survives, is adopted out and later does harm someone, the pit nutters will grant him a full pardon based on his hideous past.
another popular flex tactic on the it's all how you raise 'em theme is when a pit nutter shows up on line saying their pit bull is the most loving loyal dog they've ever owned and it is because they have raised it correctly. that same pit nutter will then state that their chihuahua or jack russell or border collie is the most vicious dog they've ever owned.

dog bite statistics
from time to time, common sense rears its politically incorrect head and people demand to be protected from the pit bull menace. media reports, animal people and the CDC are referenced as proof of the unique threat that gripping dogs pose. the pit nutters swear that bite statistics can never be trusted, no one can properly identify a pit bull (pitplexia) and the media is biased. they love to quote the CDC's reversal on the legitimacy of tracking dog bites by breed. yet, their ever flexible system of thought allows them to promote the 2008 "study" that shows you are "more likely to be bitten by a dachshund". this 2008 "study" is nothing more than a questionnaire administered to 6000 dog owners who were asked about their dogs' aggressive tendencies. i suspect the only thing that this "study" accurately measures is the level of honesty among owners of different dog breeds. and we all know how honest pit bull owners are.
funny thing about this particular link to the study, it was written by JOHN WOESTENDIEK, a 35 yr veteran of the newspaper business. the one time recipient of the pulitzer prize, now spends his days writing puff pieces on his blog ohmidog! and parrots the pit nutter party line. JOHN seems to have abandoned the principles of journalism he learned long ago. and he fails to take the most basic step promoted by pit nutters: do your own research! age and wisdom do not necessarily go hand in hand.

dogs and kids
you know the drill, pit bull mauls kid, people demand pit bull regulation. the nutters bombard the internet, blaming the parents and stating "I would NEVER leave any child ALONE with ANY dog!!" out of the other side of their mouth comes "Pit bulls were the original nanny dog!" and "I would never trust my children with any other breed."
fyi, here is DR. IAN DUNBAR in march 2010 advocating pit bulls as his FIRST choice of therapy dog for child psychiatric wards because pit bulls don't care when "children pull their tails and poke them".

racism and reverse discrimination
pit bull zealots attempt to paint anyone who shuns their dogs as a racist. they then proceed to boast of their devotion to pit bulls stating they will never own any other type of dog while sporting t-shirts and bumper stickers proclaiming "if it ain't pit, it ain't shit".


Small Survivors said...

First, its not my hard work, all I did was copy and paste Dude's and DubV's ideas into the maul talk manual.

Second, you talked about my favorite - pit bull owners own the meanest nastiest group of chihuahuas, dachshunds and jrts on the face of the earth, and its because they RAISED them to be like that. What assholes.

However, I also like the twisted logic of "they're just like other dogs except that they're super special and better."

Dr. Ian Dunbar is hilarious and I'd like to see him put his money where his mouth is and offer up a passel of pit bulls guaranteed not to react when their tails are pulled or they're poked. Also, when I looked at his website and saw Kelly Dunbar, I thought, "Surely, that is his daughter because he's not that much of a..." ah nevermind. Mrs. Kelly Dunbar keeps him feeling spry, i'm sure.

Jake said...

The animal being colored on by the child in the picture appears to be a Bull Terrier - definitely related to the gripping dogs, but I'm not sure it's actually in the pit bull family - is it?

Unknown said...

In classic nutter style, none other than Ledy VanKavage checks in. As we all know "its all in how you raise 'em." Ms. VanKavage writes all sorts of drivel on In one post she opposes a bill in a southern state, don't remember which one, that would give a vicious dog status to dogs that were "trained for, or participated in dogfighting." This is very logical. Ledy wants these dogs adopted out into communities. If "its all in how you raise 'em" HELLO, these dogs were bred for violence, trained for violence, and participated in violence. No good can possibly come from this.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

yes, that is an english bull terrier. and their roots trace back to fighting dogs. they also suffer from sudden onset aggression.

In Bull Terriers, the disorder most frequently presents as ‘waking SOA’ where an otherwise normal dog will display a sudden burst of uncontrollable rage upon awakening. Many of these dogs, except for the SOA episodes, are wonderful, even temperamented animals; some having AKC Canine Good Citizen and/or obedience certifications, others have performed in agility and other competitive events, even acted as therapy dogs… It is a frustrating and unfortunate situation to have a dog that, awake, is the perfect dog, but asleep is a ticking time bomb. Unlike other forms of aggression, SOA cannot be controlled with training or behavior modification, because the behavior isn’t really in the dog’s conscious control to begin with. Sometimes, medication may be used to somewhat lessen the attacks but there is no cure. Sadly, oftentimes the situation comes down to a matter of weighing whether the risk in keeping such an animal is justifiable — in many situations it may not be.

DubV said...

I posted something here while in safe mode doing a virus scan but it looks like it didn't make it. The only thing worse than these assholes that program computer pathogens are these nutters.

Anywho...this Dunbar guy, anyone else think it may not be a great idea to have kids in a psyche ward who can't be trusted not to hurt a dog around dogs? Is it just a given now that everyone gets a therapy dog? If I am ever in a coma, I hope they sit a pug on top of me just for decoration.

Small Survivors said...

The original pit fighting dog was the bull terrier. When people started breeding bull terriers for looks and for the show right, dog fighters began calling the fighting type dog the Staffordshire bull terrier to distinguish the two.

Animal behaviorist Alexandra Semyonova believes that dog fighters capitalized on the brain deformity that causes that sudden onset rage syndrome to create "gameness" and the willingness to fight for no "normal" reason in pit bulls.

Small Survivors said...

Oh, I responded to a stale window and didn't see DubV's Pugs for the Comotose therapy dog plan! Love it.

Jake said...

@snack - Given the shifting names of these creatures over the years, I just wasn't sure how much today's Bull Terrier had in common with the English Bull Terrier.

Especially since I don't remember reading specifically about any Bull Terrier attacks - the ones that appear in the stories of horrific attacks seem to be almost all APBT type fighting dogs or pit bull crosses, with the occasional deranged Rottie every now and then.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

jake, i typically see bull terrier attacks in africa, australia. i don't know how common they are in general but in my area, they are even more rare than staffy bulls.

Jake said...

@craven - thanks for the enlightenment, it seems I was uninformed. Learn something every day, hopefully...

Small Survivors said...


Merritt Clifton records only 3 attacks doing bodily harm and 1 maiming by bull terriers.

I think that ever since the dogs were bred for the egg shaped head, those dogs were not bred specifically for fighting ability. However, there was/is confusion because people continued to call fighting dogs "bull terriers" as well.

Today, nutters will count bull terriers as pit bulls if they were owned by a famous person like General Patton or if they do something heroic or if they are a victim.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

shit, i will be updating this later. i forgot my absolute favorite: canine racism!

Small Survivors said...

Good add!

Pit bulls are America's nanny dog. My pit bull sleeps with my child in his/her bed every night. You should never leave any child alone with any dog.

DubV said...

It is all how you raise them, but do you know that the APBT was originally bred to protect settlers on their farms?

Anonymous said...


Shows you the value of any of these "prizes" that are essentially rewards for politics. Wasn't a Pulitzer prize winner just suspended for plagiarism? One of many. These prizes are of no significance and do not bestow any kind of intelligence upon the recipient.

It is quite obvious that Woestendiek merely had to have the pit bull fighting and breeding industry dangle emotionally manipulative tricks in front of his face, with spurious connections like "racism" and "persecution," for John's judgment to fly out the door.

He nows helps get these dogs abused, as well as other pets that are getting slaughtered in increasing numbers by pit bulls, and he doesn't even seem to realize that he has been tricked by a far right wing fanatical group of pit bull "advocates" that includes the Aryan Brotherhood and KKK.

Yes, John, Best Friends Animal Society is doing the same thing. Of course, they receive healthy salaries and benefits for doing it.

And as for your Nathan Winograd friend, John, and this No Kill product that actually kills painfully and terribly? When did John WOESTENDIEK decide to get involved with the AKC/ Rick Berman community that sells this as trick the naive?

I am sure that John does not even realize that the AKC is involved with dog fighters to oppose laws to save their incomes.

are mere tools for these groups.

These groups realize that those with inflamed egos are the easiest to manipulate.

shar pei mix said...

Yet another Victorian image of the nanny dog in action.$(KGrHqEOKjkE1rVLqDqtBNlhOnRc,!~~_3.JPG

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

outstanding image. the more things change, the more they stay the same.

Anonymous said...


Dotty the Donkey receives Animal Award of Bravery for biting and kicking the crap out of a Pit that was attacking a sheep.

Justice Mules...PLEASE BREED MORE!!!

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

Dotty is awesome. she will be in the next frankenmauler roundup. i think she deserves her widget too.

Anonymous said...

Here's another great one...Jacksonville FL...rescued PTSD "Therapy Pit" attacks a woman walking her Yorkie. Guy claims to be a former Marine and is stunned his Pit would attack another dog!

Way to go Pit Rescue orgs!

Jake said...

Justice mules for the win!

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

marc langevin is in the next roundup too.

Anonymous said...

I see that Jake removed his comment about possibly wanting to adopt Patrick out of sympathy. I do not see why you would do that honestly, there's nothing wrong with wanting to adopt something that has been so scarred and abused that it spurs up great pity for that creature.

One thing i keep getting confused about is the message of this blog. I agree that pit bulls are an inherent problem. That their nature had a higher frequency of showing its ugly head than not. And that the pit bull community is its own worst enemy. I also think that BSL is the most effective thing that can be done as well as treating any murder of a human bestowed by a pit bull as a felony charge that gets jail-time.

But do you think almost everyone who wants to adopt a pit bull as a nutter or someone who is ignorant? Stupid maybe, I can give you that one depending on the person. You seem to congratulate owners who are considerate of the public and do everything in their power to keep their pit bull from being a potential menace to society. Good example was Josh on the Tia Torres posts. But then you seem to condemn anyone who sympathizes with pit bulls that have done no wrong and who were abused. The comment is no longer here, but I remember your response to Jake was "you're scaring me Jake."

Personally I would not adopt Patrick for the simple reason being that I do not have the proper mentality or home to control or maintain a pit bull. I am not Cesar Millan and even he cannot control every problem dog that the nutters want to believe. Anyone else remember Rose the blue nosed pit bull? He ended up taking her in permanently.

But i do ask you. What is wrong with someone who has the ability to maintain a pit bull, from owning one? As long as it doesn't maul someone else (only the owner or those who choose to be in close encounter within the owner's property) can it really be considered a menace to society? There are ways to keep a pit bull from getting out, it's just either too expensive or people foolishly believe they're like any other dog.

SLibertarian said...

A 2008 study showed that dachshunds, then chihuahuas, then jack russels were the three most aggressive dog types.. plus this.

Unknown said...


Unknown said...

That's really interesting. I knew a person with that problem.

Unknown said...

Too risky. For everyone, and worst for cocky people who think they CAN control their pit bull. Watching Cesar Milan and knowing how to his with authority does not make you a good candidate to own a pit bull.

Anonymous said...

I had a pitt bull and raised him as a puppy. He was the sweetest thing ever. At about 4 years old he attacked my bestfriends little sister out of the blue. I was there and nothing was really done to upset him. He almost killed a little girl that day.

Anonymous said...

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