Friday, April 1, 2011

weekly frankenmauler roundup 04/01/11

this attack on Peaches has MY knickers in twist
03.27.11 aurora, illinois the 20 lb bichon has been attacked twice in the last year by the neighbor's pit bulls. the first attack resulted in $350 visit to the vet, the second - $3600. both times Peaches owner said the pit bull ran past her black shih tzu to get to the white bichon. now the nutter "experts" are claiming Peaches' color may be provoking the shit bulls. they say small white dogs resemble the of natural prey of dogs. huh? i thought the natural color of dogs' prey was GARBAGE? dogs are scavengers. and the natural prey of shit bulls are shit bulls which come in a rainbow of colors. and if that bullshit isn't bad enough, take at look at the city's official position on this.
POLICE LT PETE INDA said it is up to ALL pet owners to be vigilant and use common sense.
“If there is a dangerous dog on your block, go the other way.” WTF? i refuse to take another route to avoid a pit bull. they had better start avoiding me. i'm going where i want to, when i want to.
criticizing cops is not something that comes easy for me, but this cop just makes me sick.
and if INDA'S ridiculous commentary didn't crush your spirit, listen to AC nutter SUE KNIGHT. KNIGHT warned Peaches' owner not to use an "aggressive approach" in the future. forget that spiked walking stick Jane, use an ineffective weapon against pits like citrus spray. KNIGHT also said the best thing dog owners can do is DROP THE LEASH and give their dog a fighting chance. a FIGHTING FUCKING CHANCE?!?! a bichon and a shit bull?!?!?!? i think the city of aurora needs to start random drug testing on this fucktard.
the infiltration of pit nutters in the AC at its finest.

CHEVON FELKER and her wanker friends
03.31.11 worcester, massachusetts DUKE the shit bull, escaped his home and ended up in the neighbor's yard face to face with an akita. pit nutter CHEVON FELKER claims the dogs were "playing". the akita owners claim their dog was attacked and they stabbed the ugly shit bull. the akita owners also said they have called the police on the gripper twice in the last week. of course CHEVON and her posse of morons say 3 yr old DUKE was not at all aggressive, raised from a puppy and the owners of the akita should have taken other measures to stop the attack. like chairs, umbrellas, hot water, brooms, tasers, toasters, hedge clippers, shovels, hammers....
keep that knife handy mr akita owner, something tells me the punk with the droopy drawers and backwards hat is plotting revenge. link #2

03.25.11 canada Vance Walle was walking his two labs off leash when they encountered a man and his pitbull off leash when the shit bull attacked unprovoked and without warning. the nutter was finally able to break off the gripper. he refused to give his name.

03.16.11 pitbull-chatter there have been several dogs killed due to loose "pit bulls" in DesMoines in the past year. its really getting ugly..... massive public freakout
wow, a massive public freakout. i love it when the nutters expose their true selves.

03.27.11 sandy township, pennsylvania a shit bull escaped its property and killed a cat.

03.26.11 salisbury, north carolina Belle, a one year old golden/lab mix was attacked by 2 pit bulls while she was contained in her yard by an electric fence. one of the mutants was captured, the other is still on the loose.

03.28.11 berks county, pennsylvania two ugly frankenmaulers were on the loose for hours before the police turned their lights out. unfortunately, not before they attacked a horse, a cat and a kid.

03.28.11 tracy, california Police received several calls regarding a dog running side-by-side with a horse near Corral Hollow and Grant Line roads on Friday around 9 a.m. The caller said the dog, a pit bull, was running alongside a horse down the middle of the street. One caller said the dog appeared to have mauled one of the legs of the horse. Police arrived at the scene with the owner of the animals.

03.28.11 troy, alabama Eunice Floyd's 10 yr old cat was killed by the shit bull belonging to the loser college students across the street. Floyd's cat tried to escape by running up a wall but we all know how easily these hideous mutants can scale trees, fences and walls. Floyd was banged up trying to save her cat. she suffered cuts and abrasions on her face and hands plus a broken finger from being knocked down by the shit bull.
rip PeeWee

rip Molly
03.28.11 portland, oregon ugly mutant BOSS darted out and attacked Molly. the pit nutter claims the dogs got tangled up in each others leashes and a fight broke out. witnesses say the gripping dog saw Molly and shot out like a rocket and attacked her. the pit nutter paid the vet bill for Molly to be euthanized. Molly's owners want the ugly dog to get a dirt nap. the pit nutter said he is sorry but he loves his little assassin just like Molly's people loved her. the fucking AC sided with the punk and let his mutant live, with the stipulation that it be muzzled while off its property. while KATU was filming this piece, guess who they saw outside without a muzzle? that's right. the ugly frankenmauler - BOSS. link #2 the pit nutter gets a slap on the wrist, which he immediately violates. meanwhile another family is left with the repeating tape loop of the last moments of their dog being savaged by one of these freaks of nature. obtw, this was the SECOND time Molly was attacked by pit bulls.

rip Misty
03.28.11 UK two nanny dogs killed Misty while she was out for a walk with her owner. the pit nutter fled with his ugly mutants.

03.28.11 wausau, wisconsin the owners of a shit bull called 911 for help when it attacked their other dog, a chihuahua, without provocation. they requested the mutant be euthanized.

32 yr old JASON COKER
03.28.11 virginia beach, virginia COKER was sentenced to 2 years in prison for selling fentanyl patches to two teenagers which resulted in their deaths. imprisoned less than a month and his ugly frankenmaulers break into the neighbor's yard and attack her schnauzer. the fight ended up in the living room. the girl friend, BETH BEHRE, gave them up for dirt naps. BEHRE has agreed to pay the vet bills. BEHRE will also have to answer to a court order that prevents her from owning other animals. this is the second time one of Karen Grumm's dogs has been attacked by pit bulls.

03.28.11 UK STEVEN POXON'S nanny dog reached the ripe old mauling age of 2 and got into a fight with another dog while on a walk. POXON thought his mutant would be killed by authorities, so he gave it a dirt nap and dropped dead of a heart attack.

03.29.11 jackson county, michigan two shit bulls attacked a 57 yr old woman and her dog while out for a walk.

Joshua Tate and surviving dog
03.30.11 phelan, california ugly mutants dug under the fence, entered the garage and broke into the kennel housing Tate's black scottie. Joshua's younger brother discovered the grisly scene, the two bloody mutants and standing over the corpse.

03.30.11 pender county, north carolina the no kill freaks will be soon launching a campaign against the Topsail Humane Society. THS euthanized a mastiff/pit mix after attacking 3 dogs. THS is now getting hatemail for not sparing this frankenmauler. i'd like to send my own nasty missive. why the fuck did it take THREE attacks? idiots!

03.30.11 canada two shit bulls attacked a woman as she walked with her son and dog.

all tuckered out from his killing spree
03.30.11 north palm beach, florida the shit bull belonging to GARTH GILMOUR and MARY JANE MAHAR killed Gina Cerise's cat in her own backyard. AC says, sorry, nothing we can do until it kills again. wrong answer! Gina posted this sign in her yard "Vicious Pit Bull 1827 Pleasant" and handed out flyers reading "Neighborhood Alert. Warning. Vicious killer Pitbull mix cited by Animal Control on 032711 lives at 1827 Pleasant Drive, North Palm Beach, FL 33408..." AC forced her to take the sign down.
Gina, please call Liberty Guns Inc, 561-683-6042 in west palm beach.

03.29.11 beaumont, california a 13 yr old BOY was walking two shit bulls when they spotted a woman walking a german shepherd, one of the mutants broke his leash and attacked. the cops are really pissing me off this week. Beaumont police Sgt. Jeremy Dorrough (ac supervisor) said "It was an innocent mistake. The dogs didn't attack the human. They did what dogs do, got into it with another dog."

03.29.11 michigan JESSICA MOORE was watching 2 mutants for a friend. she and her daughter were both bitten when they tried to break up a fight. oops, i guess they forgot to include those crate & rotate instructions. AC shot one with a tranquilizer through the window and then gave both of them dirt naps.
"I just want to put this behind me," said Moore. "And I want everyone to know that these were not mean or crazy dogs. These were not vicious dogs. These dogs were loved."

03.30.11 parkside, georgia RHPD Officer Tiffany Christian responded to a Parkside address in reference to a dog attack. Upon arrival she was told by the complainant that when she returned home that day her neighbor told her, that his pit bull had broken through the wooden fence and attacked and killed her Yorkie. The woman said she then went inside her house to check on her other dog and found it on the kitchen floor shaking and bleeding.
The neighbor said that when he discovered the incident about 10:45 a.m. he put his dog inside his house, covered the hole in the fence, as he had two other pit bulls; wrapped the deceased dog in a towel and took his dog to Richmond Hill Animal Hospital to have it euthanized. The man also agreed to pay for medical bills and cremation of the two dogs his pit bull attacked

03.29.11 UK this pit nutter escaped jail time for the savage mauling of a 9 yr old husky by her nanny dogs. the husky named Sky was being walked by her owner when the 3 nanny dogs spotted their lunch and bolted from the house and launched their hit. ten people came to the husky's aid, even hitting the hideous mutants with a garden shovel. Sky suffered nerve and muscle damage to every limb and was euthanized. twenty five fucktards wrote letters of support for the nutter, stating she was a responsible dog owner. the judge thought this thing was remorseful so he suspended her sentence but fined her and ordered her to pay the £3,000 vet bill. he also said DUGGINS could not own dogs for 5 years. no word about the fate of the nanny dogs. hopefully they are dirt napping.

Katie Dog
03.31.11 dallas, texas a trip to the white rock dog park Within minutes of entering, five dogs came to greet her. Normal. Then, one part-pit-bull-looking dog got aggressive. Rammed her into the fence once. Twice. Heard her wimper and yelp. Other dogs started joining in. The pit bull dog was mean, relentlessly pushing her, nipping at her. I ran across the field, screamed no, inserted myself as a barrier, pushed him with my foot several times, yanked him off Katie by his collar and screamed, “WHO’S DOG IS THIS????” I started kicking at the dog.

25 yr old back yard dogman BRANDON ZIMMERMAN
03.31.11 harrisburg, pennsylavania ZIMMERMAN is crying about LE turning his mutants' lights out. RUCKUS and EVE went for joy ride, killing a cat and menacing kids.
RUCKUS, one of the cat killers, now dirt napping - but hey, nutter still got himself 2 adults and maybe a mess of puppies on his yard. check out ZIMMERMAN'S backyard breeding operation: BRICKHOUSE BULLIES.
PS BRANDON, the dauphin county work release owes you $100.

03.31.11 murrieta, california police responded to a call about a shit bull trying to attack a dog. the shit bull became aggressive towards the officer and he shot it. then the cops followed the mutant home, a home which contained a substantial amount of processed pot and pot plants. ARMSTRONG was arrested. see, shit bulls DO make good service dogs:)

03.31.11 albany, oregon BONNIE CARPENTER'S ugly mutant SADIE launched an unprovoked attack on George as he was walking with his owners Mary and Jerry Copeland. CARPENTER admitted this was not SADIE'S first violent offense and that the dog was "aggressive by nature" and she planned to give it a dirt nap. she surrendered it to the county. SADIE continued to be violent at the shelter and tried to attack staff. CARPENTER was arrested for dog at large, public nuisance dog and failing to license. she is still in jail. George is recovering with stitches and drain tubes.


illinois Josh Garman warned his nutter neighbor numerous times about his shit bull but MICHAEL PERRY wouldn't listen. the pit nutter is outraged of course because his wiggle butt has never been aggressive, raised since a puppy, lick you to death yadda yadda yadda
my favorite shootings are done by private citizens :)

ohio toledo police shot a pit bull that attacked a 6 yr old boy. the rumor is, the boy got too close to the bitch and her new litter. ac took the female and the puppies.

canada 40 yr old woman was severely mauled by a pit bull in nova scotia. she ran outside of the home to escape the shit bull, but it continued its attack on her. the police had to shoot it to stop it. she was airlifted with injuries to her face and upper body.

illinois a shit bull charged the cops during a bust. lights out pittie. Kelly Dvorak, 31, Nancy J. Light, 23, and Michael McIntyre, 41, all of Hillsboro, were busted for 20-50 pot plants.

arizona shit bull was shot and killed after a taser failed to stop it.

florida police shot and killed a pit bull/boston terrier mix when it charged them. now the nutter JOANNE PERRY is trying to drum up sympathy by parading her daughter's grief for the whole world to see. despite the fact that the police had been receiving complaints about the shit bull for days and it was shot off of their property, PERRY said the mutant was not aggressive at all and would only lick you to death.

virginia a cattle rancher shot a pit bull

new york a swat team turned pittie's lights out during a drug raid. they found coke, crack, smack, cash and a gun.

new jersey cops shot and killed a shit bull that was attacking a woman.

new jersey cops shot but unfortunately did not kill a loose and menacing pit bull.


her ugly mutant LENNOX, the "lab/ambull" ;)
ireland looks like ireland could teach england a few tricks when it comes to dealing with dangerous mutants. this creepy looking nutter has been fighting to save her mutant from death row since may 2010. LENNOX displayed aggression towards the dog wardens during a routine license inspection. LENNOX has tried to attack the dog wardens during his incarceration. the judges recently upheld the death sentence while the army of non compos mentis has grown to 20,000 in the SAVE LENNOX campaign amid a hate campaign against the dog wardens by animal rights terrosists. BARNES is filing another appeal.

salisbury, north carolina HAMILTON'S shit bull was declared potentially dangerous a year ago after menacing several people/dogs and surviving an off duty cop's bullet. this week she was found guilty of not properly restraining her mutant. animal control approved the kennel but the hideous mutant "tore through the fencing". HAMILTON contends that her "very expensive dog" was poisoned and is now buried on her father's property. AC ain't buying it. HAMILTON claims the mutant that attacked the neighbor's pomeranian is not RED but her nephew's mutant and she was just caring for it. now HAMILTON is stepping up to the breed advocate plate. she plans to educate people about pit bulls and their bad reputation. she certainly has an impressive resume for pit advocacy: simple assault, second degree trespass, violating protective order. yep, she is qualified! she has the villalobos seal of approval.

28 yr old KISHA CURTIS
newark, new jersey a pit bull owner, not a hater, starved this dog and threw it down the garbage chute. this dog is still alive btw.


i have air tight alibis for these cruelty cases too:
lansing, michigan a pit bull was found tortured dead and frozen. ingham county is offering a $3500 reward.
another pit bull was found frozen to the ground with its legs bound by heavy duty electrical tape. it had been beaten and abandoned.
sorry princess, you can't pin these on me.


Anonymous said...

who the fuck are you to post this fucking bullshit about people. I don't give a fuck what you think you know because obviously you're the fucking moron, not chevon felker. you know nothing about this girl, yet you sit there and make fun of her situation. Her dog was just murdered and all you have to say is that shes a moron for being upset and claiming other actions could have been taken. i personally know chevon, and i've known her for about 10 years, along with the rest of her family. and duke has been part of that family for 3 years. chevon also just had a baby and ive never seen anything more adorable than the way duke and the baby were together. duke was the most loving dog i had ever met. he may have been a big dog, but he was NEVER dangerous. so fuck you.

FU Zupf said...

I know you don't all.

But the murrieta dog that lead to a drug bust was a Dogo Argentino.

"One of the responding officers tried to control the dog, an Argentine dogo, which looks similar to a pit bull, but it lunged at him, bumping his chest and threatening to bite him on the face, police said. Because the dog posed a danger, the officer pulled his gun and shot it in the head."

Jake said...

Ah, the nutters have been heard from - these comments from fu zupf and katie seem to be part of a targeted campaign - I wonder who's pulling the strings? Or does it just anger them when anyone dares to talk about the every day carnage from pit bull violence?

Scary people.

DubV said...

Katie, it's part of the public record so anyone can comment. If a dog is acting in a threatening manner on your property it is your right to kill it.

FUZupf, have you read a bit about the breed history of the dogo argentino? It is highly related to the beloved shit bull.

DubV said...

Dear Nutters,

Your very affliction decreases the ability of self-correction. Here's an interesing video that outlines why nutters are so amazed that the world does not agree with them.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

"unskilled and unaware of it"

the pit nutter signature.

good one dubv!!

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i love how he wraps it up with a discussion at the end about social feedback and how valuable or invaluable it is depending on who you surround your with.

smart and funny. i like this guy.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

welcome back fuzupf!

no, the dogo is not an american pit bull terrier.
yes, the dogo is a gripping dog.

some people just need a little extra help getting on the short bus.

Jake said...

@DubV - Right, it's not by accident that a dogo looks like a large pit bull. A gripping dog is a gripping dog. Its all in how you breed them, right?

@craven - delusions of adequacy?

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

fuzupf, i updated the murrieta link, so people could see that it is a gripping dogo. i have been planning a little something for dogos lately. i might have to bump that up.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...


"unskilled and unaware of it" is a line in the video link dubv posted.

Dude, I BaggedYourPit said...

Katie; This blog doesn’t say anything not said in the news story. Have you failed to understand anyone perusing this story is simultaneously reaching the conclusions iterated here? In other words, who the fuck are you to take up for such a moron? You’re obviously more than a friend, you’re a fellow moron.

Chevon says she is going to forgive the man that defended his dog, himself and family? WTF? Chevon doesn’t have any forgiving to do; she needs to beg for forgiveness!

The facts: The pit bull was illegally unlicensed. On two recent occasions, police were called about Duke. In one incident, Helena Lewis was a hostage on her own property when the pit bull was illegally unrestrained and menacing. In this final incident, the pit bull entered a neighbor’s property. The defensive action was not desired by the neighbor, and the neighbor was so traumatized that he, “was crying after the incident.”

After being forced to defend against the pit bull, this neighbor shouldn’t endure any of this bull shit a moron spouts about forgiveness. They should instead file a suit against the pit bull’s owner for the animal’s menacing, periodic abrogation of the right to move about securely, and for the mental anguish a dog lover suffers when forced to kill a dog.

The pit bull owner is 100% responsible for the death of the dog. The fact that she applies an ounce of blame to anyone else is proof of immaturity, irresponsibility, and her inability or unwillingness to rationally consider her own failure.

Jake said...

@craven - Yep. When I read that, the phrase "delusions of adequacy" popped into my head. It seems like a good equivalent.

Dude, I BaggedYourPit said...

"But the murrieta dog that lead to a drug bust was a Dogo Argentino."

More proof that you can profile a person by their choice of any gripping dog with characteristics common among "pit bull types."

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

dude, this is the best comment i have read since omergared handed fuzupf his ass last november.

Jake said...

Re: Worcester, Ma fighting dog "Duke" -

The owner of the gripping dog complained "all you had to do was pour water on him".

That is absolutely obscene. Classic pit nutter denial. They demand that people trying to protect their loved ones from a fighting dog be very gentle with the mutant and not interfere in any way as it engages in it's favorite activity of killing other animals - or people.

“I've had him for three years,” she said. “He's never done anything wrong.” Why is it the pit nutters always say something like this when their dog runs loose and attacks? Even when it kills someone they will still say "He's a good boy, would never hurt a fly".

There is no reasoning with this mob. I hope Mr Lewis is prepared, as I suspect there will be more trouble from the neighbors.

Dude, I BaggedYourPit said...

Ironic that Chevon Felker is a member of the Facebook group ‘NO DOG SHOULD BE BEATEN - TO STOP DOGS GETTING BEATEN’ in the category of Animal Protection Welfare and Services.

Maybe Chevon should start her own Facebook group – ‘Responsible Owners For Allowing Their Pit Bulls To Run Freely’

Small Survivors said...

About FUZupf's comment - Can we just all remember that FUzupf is completely confident in both the media's and public servants' abilities to identify and distinguish closely related gripping breeds? It may come in handy in the future.

@ CHEVON FELKER and her fucking moron friend KATIE
FUCK YOU for forcing people into the position of having to kill an animal in hand combat to save their dog's life on their own property.

People are going to defend their pets you ASSHOLES! And we will. Some of us will do it with glee, some with no hesitation or remorse, but some of us are going to be traumatized.

YOU decided to get a FIGHTING BREED you ASSHOLE, and I do not forgive you for that. I do not forgive you for forcing someone to commit violence to save their dog.

If a FIGHTING BREED dog comes at anyone or their dog, they should NOT give it the chance to attack if they have the means to protect themselves.

UNDERSTAND THAT NUTTERS. And Chevon you take your forgiveness and you shove it up your ass along with the citations that you better get.

Thank you Craven for digging into the morons in Aurora. Do they not realize that all this - just turn the other way, and don't be aggressive to pittie....let your dog die at your feet bullshit, they are forcing people who don't WANT OR LIKE to kill things to arm themselves and think about how to kill a pit bull?

Small Survivors said...

@DubV - I love that video. I think you brought up the Dunning-Kruger effect when FUzupf first appeared. I looked it up then, and was amazed to see some of the comment threads were textbook. He thought he was winning the whole time you and some others were nailing his ass to the wall.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

your welcome snack sized dog, it took me quite some time to ferret out these two aurora fucktards. too bad for them, illinois is a state high on my priority list. most states i would have given up. my radar is very active for the following states:

1) illinois, indiana, missouri - my geographical roots plus illinois is ledy's home state and a state becoming increasingly restrictive on the use of weapons to defend yourself. the supreme court needs to smack illinois down.

2) ohio - the only state that got it right about pit bulls and early on.

3) florida, michigan, maryland, north carolina, ohio and oklahoma - these states generously make criminal information available to the public. i start to drool when there is an incident in florida.

4) georgia - dog fighting central

if you come across incidents in these states please forward to me.

Friends Administrator said...

"he may have been a big dog, but he was NEVER dangerous. so fuck you."

It only takes one time, Katie, and either a beloved pet or a person is mauled or killed. So fuck you and the white horse you rode in on.

Anonymous said...

Dear Katie fucktard,

Please note the definition of murder -
the unlawful premeditated killing of one human being by another.

Canine species aside, the operative words here are UNLAWFUL and PREMEDITATED.

The ugly fucking shit bull was TRESPASSING and ATTACKING.

You are a fucking moron.


Jake said...

Re: "Patrick" the dog that was starved and thrown down the garbage chute - this poor creature was just a bag of bones, and it's hard for me to tell what breed he is by looking.

While I'm not a fan of pit bulls, I find myself thinking that this is one that I would actually consider adopting. Wow, did I just say that?

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i don't know but your'e scaring me jake

Jake said...

Well, I haven't adopted him, I just said I would "consider" it because of the way his story tugs at my heart strings.

In practical terms, I'd need to think about my doggies, and the risk to them once this boy gets big and strong - but you have to admit, this poor little guy didn't sign up for this kind of mistreatment.

As always, it's the pit bull owners who mistreat pit bulls - not the cravendesires community.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

funny thing about the people like lycan princess who want to paint me as psychopath, pedophile, animal abuser, she would be left my dust intervening on behalf of an animal, even a pit bull, that was being abused by a human.

i agree, this dog did not sign up for this. it is despicable and the perp needs to be punished to the fullest extent of the law and banned for life from owning animals.

the pit nutters are aware of our empathetic weakness and play on it. even if patrick survives, i would be very concerned about this dog suffering some permanent damage to his brain from that level of malnutrition.

Jake said...

Speaking of empathy, it appears the fighting dog lobby is already trying to leverage the abuse of Patrick to further the nutter agenda, riding the wave of sympathy to whip up frenzy against all who are not part of the "pit bull ueber alles" movement.

I'm already seeing a lot of anti-bsl propaganda in the comments on Patrick's facebook page :(

Anonymous said...


Chevon Felker has gone to pitbullchat in an attempt to drum up support in blaming the Lewis family and she ain't getting it!

Small Survivors said...

Thanks Bagheera, This was a fun read!

Jake said...

@Bagheera -

That's an interesting thread on pitbull-chat. I'm surprised to see the majority of posts there put the responsibility on her for letting her pit run loose.

As far as the danger posed, it's a he said/she said situation. She says the pit bull was never a threat, but the owner of the akita, who was there, says the pit bull was definitely a threat, and that he had to act.

The fact is, the pit bull entered the neighbors yard and that is exactly how so many horrific attacks begin.

I really do feel sorry for her, I can see she's grieving for her dog, but when these people let their pit bulls roam free and naively assume that everything is fine, that's that kind of carelessness that gets people killed. A pit bull is not a lab or a golden retriever, for crying out loud. Even if you think your pit bull is special, or that your bond with your pit bull is special, that it would never hurt a fly, there are thousands of pit bull owners who have thought these same thoughts, right up until the moment of a sudden fatal attack.

It sounds unsympathetic, but it's better that her pit bull died, than an innocent neighborhood pet, or a child. At least the death was quick - not like the gruesome, terrifying 20 minute mauling that pit bull victims typically suffer.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i'm not surprised chevon is not getting much sympathy on pitbull-chat. she would get even less sympathy on game-dog. these two forums are more reasonable than most forums because they are not dominated by the bleeding heart it's all how you raise em idiot rescue angels.

i feel zero sympathy for chevon. she is lucky her mutant ran up against an akita and not a collie or a beagle.

Jake said...

@craven - I hear you.

BTW I've wanted an Akita ever since seeing "Hachi - a dog's tale" :)

DubV said...

Yep, no sympathy for Chevon here either. Similarly, I don't feel sorry for someone dumb enough to drive an uninspected dangerous car that ends up hurting someone. I feel for their victims, but can't bring myself to shed a tear for the hurt feelings of someone who brought it on themselves through stupidity or negligence. I wasn't always like this, but when I was overly empathetic the world was too painful of a place to live in.

DubV said...

Thanks for the forum link. The only intelligent thing out of Chevon's mouth was

"I believe that if my dog wasn’t a pit bull he would still be alive today".

Sadly, she is not correct for the reason she thinks. If she had a lab that accidentally got out and bounded into a yard and not started acting aggressively immediately (as her pit did), the akita owner just would've grabbed it by the collar and took it home. Most people know that when dogs play wrestle in a rough way, they introduce themselves and then start playing lightly before ramping it up to a romp.

DubV said...

Here's a quote from a nuttress secretly proud of her breed's kill potential and in fact uses it in her reasoning.

"I didn't think the dogs were really fighting, because the Akita would have had more severe wounds - than just a "bite" on the ear. "

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

dubv, i agree with all of the above.

i have become very stingy with my empathy.

i have had almost as many labs charge me and my dogs as pit bulls. i have yet to meet a lab that i can't frighten and force a hasty retreat with the sound of my voice and an aggressive move in their direction. but i guess it is all how you raise 'em.

Angie0923 said...

So sad, so sad. You must be an extreemely bitter, unhappy person. I'm just sad for you, you low-life.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

only a fucking self absorbed pit nutter can read through each week's worth of tragedies and come up with such a shallow fucking comment. fuck you angela debronzo zigrand, secretarial asst2 at state of nj dept of labor.

is your time spent surfing internet okay with your boss? is it a good use of tax payer money? word has it, the new jersey state budget is in deep doo doo.

Unknown said...

Humans are by far the largest class of murderers by far, of fish, fowl,feline,canine, bovine,equine etc. perhaps we should all be put to death. Have a nice day!! :)

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

great idea fucktard.