Friday, January 13, 2012

*******PIT NUTTER APB*******

Authorities are looking for a man and woman who's pitties attacked a service dog at a Washington State Vets office then fled.

The middle-aged male and female, both white, were in a silver SUV with Washington plates ADF6496.

WARNING: The couple is armed with all kinds of facts about Pit Bull safety and how the dogs had never shown aggression before.

Washington plates ADF6496 Washington plates ADF6496 Washington plates ADF6496 Washington plates ADF6496 Washington plates ADF6496 Washington plates ADF6496 Washington plates ADF6496

Washington plates ADF6496

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DubV said...

These stories are awful. Here's a woman with a virtuous service animal going to get it medical care and look what happens. Thankfully, her dog's injuries weren't severe compared to what other animals have endured, and her dog should recover fine.

After my dog was attacked, I was nervous around the vet's office because of this possibility. Once an eccentric nutteress had a huge blue pit that dragged her over to me and my dog while she beamed and said "isn't he just beautiful?!?" She looked hurt when I took my dog across the waiting room away from her. Not only the waiting room, but my vet takes animals in the back room for everything, even a vaccination. So, whenever Wesley is back there I'm afraid a vet tech (given my distrust in the vet industry to view breeds realistically) will place too much faith in a wiggle butt and Wes will be attacked again.

I listen while I'm in the exam room and would run in the back if I heard a dog fight. I' sure the vet wouldn't like that, but what would you do if you were with a child and you heard them call out from another room in a hospital?

Anonymous said...

Prime example of Pits being in the wrong hands! If they were even Pits! But if they were pits, I am sure the irresponsible owner trained them to attack or Liebchen provoked them! THEY SET THEIR PITTIES UP TO FAIL!!! This could have been any breed! All dogs bite! Dachshunds are the worst! Petey was a nanny dog and he fought in 23 battles in WW2, won an oscar for his performance with the little rascals, rescued Lacey Peterson, detected 2 billion pounds of cocaine & heroin, he had the highest ATTS score EVER recorded, he understands 17 languages and basic algebra AND he visits cancer patients on the weekend! Plus he could whip any dog in the neighborhood with a muzzle on! These were just dogs doing what dogs do people! WAKE UP!! This is discrimination!!! I bet you think all black people are criminals too!!! I've been around pit bulls my whole life and I wouldn't trust any other dog with my kids cuz pit bulls are just like any other dog!!!! If you you raise them with love and effection, they will die for you!!! But my chihuahua has bitten my pit bull twice and three people because they are truly a vicious breed of dog! But she's small so she doesn't do much damage but if she was bigger, LOOK OUT!!! Dog aggression is NOT HUMAN AGGRESSION people! These sweet wiggle butts are not aggressive towards people!!! They are the most loyal loving dogs created by GOD ALMIGHTY!!! MAN BITERS WERE CULLED!!!! Even though I have never met these lab/boxer mixes, I KNOW they never showed any signs of aggression before because lightening and falling coconuts kill MORE people each year!!! I would never own any other breed that lacked the courage to bolt from my silver SUV (Washington Plates ADF6496) to attack a strange dog that was provoking it!!! But I am sure this was just a case of mistaken identity given the way 99% of the media can't identify a pit bull because they are so busy creating media hysteria!!!! Liebchen's owner should have not let her dog out of the car until the coast was clear!!!! Or she should have made an attempt to walk on their right side!!!! EVERYBODY KNOWS that pit bulls HATE to be passed on the LEFT SIDE!!! DAMN IT! THIS IS AMERICA'S DOG AND THE ONLY DOG THAT MATTERS BECAUSE THEY ONLY WANT TO PLEASE YOU!!!!!! THEY NEVER START FIGHTS BUT THEY ALWAS FINISH THEM!!!! YOUR'E All A BUNCH OF IGNORANT RACISTS!!! COME TO MY HOUSE AND MEET MY BIG BABIES!!! THEY WILL LICK YOU TO DEATH WITH THEIR WILD TONGUES!!!! EDUCATE YOURSELVES!!!!!!!!!! OR YOUR DOG WILL BE NEXT!!! Know your dog... You wouldnt ride a green horse through the middle of downtown!!!!! I'LL FIGHT TO THE FINISH FOR MY PIT CUZ IF IT AIN'T PIT, IT AIN'T SHIT!!!!!!! Helen Keller had a pit bull, so did George Washington!!! A stupid easy peasy dog didn't cross the Delaware with George!!! BETCHA DIDN'T KNOW THAT?!? GROW UP HATERS!!!! Stop being babies cuz Mike Tyson's kids will grow up to be fighters!!!!!


Peace out, Proud Fur Mommy Heidi, the IdaHO Jeep Gurl

This pit bull rant was inspired by IDJeepgurl and made possible by a grant from the Jane Berzerky Foundation. Thank you.

april 29 said...

Thank you, what a hoot!!!

You have ALL the nutter breed specific excuses in one convenient location. We will probably see this cut and pasted by nutters who do not understand sarcasm.

Small Survivors said...

Ahhhhh HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!


This should be posted everywhere!

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

we should start copy and pasting that into comments of the attack du jour. if you can't beat 'em, join 'em!

Anonymous said...

sounds a bit over the top but actually its apt, funny and sick at the same time .

Small Survivors said...

Yep. I read the link Bagheera is not exaggerating. And she really did suddenly start talking about a green horse.


Anonymous said...

You can't imagine how much fun I had writing that. PLUS it was very cathartic.

Be sure to check out my muse, Heidi and read her REAL comments. I only embellished a little bit of Petey's accomplishments.

Anonymous said...


Allie Renar, Pit Bull breeder and STOPBSL.ORG Founder. Riased tax free donations through the dog fighting magazine "Scratchback" for the legal defense of Al White and Juan Verdin. Al White pleaded guilty to Child Sodomy and Dog fighting, while Juan merely pleaded guilty to Possession of Child Pornography and Dog Fighting. Allie spends every waking moment ensuring breeding markets stay open. It is not known if she has any life skills other than Pit Peddling.

**Disclaimer...You can't make this stuff up!

Anonymous said...

i thot pitters were hardliners when it came to diddlers and kiddy porn . ive heard it suggested that we haters should just put up with our dogs being mauled and or killed by nanny dogs ....cuz there are other worse things like child sodomy, pediphilia ect out there. actually i consider my pets to be actual family members and resent their being injured or killed just as some people resent their kids being preyed apon.

Anonymous said...


Between the Pits and the pedophiles kids can hardly play outside these days. Dogfighting is directly linked with other forms of abuse.

Anonymous said...


The Toronto Humane Society...Not listening to them has reduced Toronto Pit Bull attacks from 130 in 2004 to 6 in 2011...When raided they found mummified cats and multi-biter Bandit in the Director's office!

Toronto Nutter Society spent six years and $400,000 trying to save Bandit the Pit Mix who mauled a toddler, then bit three shelter workers. This outfit as also shut down due to a festering no kill, animal suffering problem...Yet the Toronto nutters still cite them as credible authority on dog bite stats and how Toronto's pit bull regulations are a failure.. Their current stats show 500 more dog bites annually than Toronto's health department.

The Toronto Humane Society was now asking the judge to order Bandit kept at the shelter.

Without losing his temper or raising his voice, Brown made clear his unhappiness with the request. With the April 1 settlement, the society vowed to “turn over a new leaf,” he said.

“A new day had dawned, 100 flowers had blossomed and all that sort of stuff,” he said.

“This dog is a symbol of the old way of doing things at the Toronto Humane Society.”

The dog is also a public threat, the court heard.

Bandit came to the shelter in 2004 after mauling a toddler who needed 200 stitches and has since bitten three employees, Jerome testified.

When police raided the shelter in November, Bandit “lunged” at police, Justice Brown said, and “barked, growled and went forward and had to be subdued with pepper spray.”

**Disclaimer...You can't make this stuff up!

Anonymous said...

alas , the canadian pitter do-gooders are probably as bad as the american ones. the stupidity of having a rehabbed killer pit to greet people at the shelter office is a case in point . u should have seen the dingbat shelter managers face when i didnt bend down for pit kisses.
disclaimer : i am not making this shit up.

Anonymous said...

if theres a god i think theres also a place in hell where pitters become children again and have to chose between being ravaged by pediphile or pitdog .

Anonymous said...

yea i quess that was a terrible thing to say and shocking even for a pitter to contemplate but the thing to keep in mind is that being ripped apart by a dog or a diddler would be a lot worse in fact than just imagining it .

Anonymous said...


Tulsa Oklahoma MLK Day 2012:

Marquis Jones just has to bring his Pittie to the MLK Day Parade and all hell breaks loose.

"The pit bull fought with another dog, sources said. Jones was arrested for possession of marijuana and obstruction and another teen accused of resisting officers."

Jake said...

I would think that given the license plate number ADF6496, finding the perps would be a slam dunk. What obstacles am I not aware of here?

Anonymous said...

Spokane A/C loving their Pitties is a possible explanation.

A couple of years ago a Calgary woman was releasing her pitties on victims and driving away. It took a few months to find her. She was allowed to leave Calgary with her dogs after paying a fine.

This is "DIVIDED LOYALTY" driven by the Pit Bull organizations giving them funding.

Dignitas said...

If the attack happened at the vet's office, could the vet be held liable for the attack? It might get the vet community thinking twice about promoting pit bulls.