Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Special Holiday Help Desk (SHED)

a friend sent me this fun link. this clever little website draws a picture to try and match the words that you enter. for example, if you type in "righthaven" you get the malevolent internet troll. given my obsession with pit bulls, i immediately started to plug in pit bull related words. type in "MICHAEL VICK" and surprisingly you get a football player, not a dog fighter or any one of the many drawings of VICK being bitten or urinated on by a pit bull. and if you type in "pit nutter" you get a Buster Brown comic. the results were interesting, here are a few of my favorites.

first up, Ms NCRC. since DELISE packages herself as a "researcher", you would expect to see a scientist, college professor or some geek in glasses and a lab coat. but when i typed in "Karen Delise", the google artist didn't produce a drawing of a vet tech or the director of research. instead i got an APBT advocacy logo. even google recognizes DELISE for what she is, a pit bull advocate.

btw, BRENT TOELLNER shares this mask with DELISE.

next up, DONNA REYNOLDS. this one caught me off guard. i was expecting a pot head or a bottle of tequila or a flakey artist. nope, google apparently knows better than i. DONNA REYNOLDS resulted in a certificate of death. ISYN.

of course, no experiment would be complete without the inclusion of the most famous BADRAP advocate of all time, DARLA NAPORA. care to guess what the google artist drew. wine? cheap jewelry? scott peterson look a like husband? nope.

finally, my favorite one of all - LEDY VANKAVAGE. i was expecting the BFAS logo or the ASPCA logo or maybe even st francis (sarcasm) but once again, google knows best. when i typed in LEDY VANKAVAGE, the artist drew the frankenstein/pit bull composite on craven desires. in the eyes of google, LEDY is not associated with helping dogs. she is associated with KILLING dogs.

btw, "FUZUPF", "JIM CROSBY" and "frankenmauler" also resulted in the frankenstein/pit bull drawing on craven desires.

try it yourself!


Anonymous said...

NCRC was purchased by Animal Fatality Farm (AFF)in 2007...These people could teach the tobacco lobby a thing or two!

Anonymous said...


August 4th 2009:

After Mount Clemens defeated the Pit Mob and passed Pit Bull regulations, distraught Pit breeder Andre Knight just had to get in front of the news crew camera and spew about "Bad Raps" and minimize the community's Pit Bull safety concerns. Turns out that Andre is an unemployable convicted felon and registered sex offender!


Special investigative accolades go to Craven Desires for digging this up....


Disclaimer...You can't make this stuff up!

Small Survivors said...

Wow, google as soothsayer revealing the pit bull advocates for what they are - merchants of death.

If, in the 90's these people had done real breed advocacy, pit bulls would be rare by now and killing virtually no one.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

the SHED reminds me of the twilight zone episode of THE MASKS. a greedy family humors their wealthy dying father/grandfather by putting on mardi gras masks in order to inherit their fortune. and when they finally remove the masks, their faces have taken on the permanent ugliness of the masks.


Anonymous said...


November 1987:

"Pit Bull Pointman" Dr Randall Lockwood spews forth...

''A few years ago, we weren't focusing on pit bulls,'' said Lockwood. ''A few years from now, we won't be focusing on pit bulls.''


Wrong Dickhead! 220 Americans have been killed by Pit Bulls and the DBRF rate has nearly quadrupled since you spewed your idiocy in this article!

This guy used to sleep with a wolf hybrid that was shot killing sheep.

Dear ASPCA, please keep him far far away from the canine safety discussion.

**Disclaimer...You can't make this stuff up!

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

''I'm not sure banning makes any sense,'' said Treadway, who welcomed the convention to the International Inn on International Drive. ''Something that brings some responsibility on the owner is the answer.''

funny thing about this punish the owners tough talk is the nutters fight those laws tooth and nail. and on the rare occasion owners are charged, the nutters defend them.

In 1987, there were eight deaths from dog attacks in the country, and seven involved pit bulls. In 1986, there were 13 deaths, seven involving pit bulls. But pit bulls have been victimized by hype, said Lockwood, who carried a pamphlet promoting a movie called Pit Bulls From Hell that will be released next summer.

well the more things change, the more they stay the same. and WTF ever happened to this movie?

''A few years ago, we weren't focusing on pit bulls,'' said Lockwood. ''A few years from now, we won't be focusing on pit bulls.''

LOL!!! we've ALWAYS been focusing on pit bulls and we always will!

what a great find vintage!

Anonymous said...

Lockwood has an amazing ability to compartmentalize and treat victims as speed bumps. Perhaps one day, a class action suit by victims will liquidate HSUS and the ASPCA which funded his colosally irresponsible "scientific" nonsense.