Thursday, October 28, 2010

Flag it nutters!!!

there's more!


Doug said...

Hahahaha! That was great! I wonder if that was just material or if he really does have a pit bull. We'll know for sure if he turns up on stage with a string of self deprecating one-armed-comedian-who-owned-a-pit-bull jokes.

Anonymous said...

This is hilarious.

And the comments within the link are even funnier.

Small Survivors said...

love the rescue riff. and the mix riff. and the weenie with a pit riff. Waiting for the one armed comedian riff.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i am shocked that bill's videos are still on youtube. you the pit nutters do not tolerate people using their wiggle butts as joke fodder. c'mon nutters, where's that psycho venom?

WolfPrincess said...

Not every Pit Bull or a Pit Bull type dog owner is a crazy foul mouth lunatic. That’s like saying all Hispanics or people who look Hispanic jumped over a fence and swam across a river to come to America, or saying that all African-Americans are from the ghetto or are hoochies or they’re all on welfare or they all have several children by different fathers and had the first one while they were in high school and that all African-Americans are gang bangers. I happen to know people who own Pit Bulls that have at times found jokes about Pit Bulls funny and sometimes offensive but they didn’t decided to cuss out the person who made the offensive joke. Clearly the only Pit Bull owners you have seen are sorry pieces of trash who aren’t even worthy of being called humans.

Fight for your rights said...

@ Cravendesire & company... Seriously I come in these blogs looking to have a discussion but all I see is alott of false information & hate. not to mention that if anyone trys to defend their dog of choice then they are called pit nutters and criminals & liars. The fact of the matter is both sides have valid points but the only way anything will ever change is if the real problem is addressed.

1. Cross breeding & over breeding they are the most bred dog in the Country and the hardest to find homes for . I suggest a permit in order to breed them or any Alpha breed and it would also generate $$$

2. Either microchip dogs or tattoo numbers that go back to the owners, cause the blame most of the time should fall on them.

3. Large fine for any dog not registered...and inforce it once again generate $$$ and make it mandatory to bring your dog down for a evaluation when your registering. Then if your dogs found to be vicous then you have to do all of that muzzle and locked kennel rules.

I know for a fact more than half of those dogs who attack are unregistered, un neutered, animals running free & if these people cant even manage those basic tasks.. they arent going to bother with pits if a they have to bring them down for a evaluation .

Those three simple things would take care of 90% of the problems were seeing today. But i really have a problem with anyone who would advocate killing a puppys or try to justify the killing of millions of dogs because
of the abuse or the carelessness of irresponsible owners.

Pitbulls are the most abused breed in the country and yes its because some of the people who own them are of poor character but dont you see if a dogs owner has no respect for life how can you expect their dog to. I have owned these dogs for over 25 years and have had a great relationship with all my dogs,the one that i have now is truly an amazing dog..he could be the best one i ever had and i adopted him from one of these no kill shelters that you like to put down.

Well lets look at the facts...your saying there are about 16 deaths a year by pitbull type dogs and that it makes up like 60 percent of all vicous attacks....but your also grouping five to ten breeds into pitbull type dogs so how can that be a fair assesment.

Also what credentials do you and Maureen lynn have that make you an authority on the breed..have you ever owned one or spent anytime with one. Some of the things ive seen posted here are just blind hate,and have no truth to them what so ever.

Instead of all the hate you should try working with responsible owners and finding a real solution to the problem.

BsL is not a cure,because those same people are just going to go out and get another dog they can abuse or exploit.

American pitull Terriers are everything we stand for in this country. Strenth, loyalty and a never quit attitude which is why they excell at just about everything they are trained to do.

And the dogs are a part of our history but are being destroyed by people that have no morals and now Bsl makes it so that
just being born means capitol punishmebt ! Wheres the Justice in that. And im glad the three people at the top of the page can find anything about this funny.Kids and people and a whole breed of dog are suffering but as you like to call us Pit-nutters ive come up with one for you ! Ill just refer to you as the Puppy-Killers