Friday, October 8, 2010

weekly frankenmauler roundup 10/08/10

brrrr, it is getting cold out and you know what that means.... pittie needs to find a way to keep warm. has anyone noticed that NORMAL dog bites spike in the warm months and mutant bites spike in the cool months?

9.28.10 "Yesterday my pitbull killed a small deer. we recently moved to the country so he is out of his normal element of living. i know it is natural for animals to kill other animals but should i be concerned?? he is so gentle with my husband and i and he is great around kids...this was just a surprise to me that he could do this."

9.30.10 abilene, texas a woman, her husband and their small dog were attacked by 2 pit dogs.

sight dog Weela
10.01.10 UK two staffy bulls knocked down the blind owner and attacked this seeing eye dog. Weela was one of four guide dogs that have been attacked in the last 8 weeks in the UK.

10.02.10 australia Jack was attacked by 2 mutants. his owners were injured trying to save their dog during the assassination attempt, ie scuffle.

10.02.10 charleroi, pennsylvania We've had our pittie mix Juno for about 3 years now and have been dealing with her severe dog aggression since then. We've hired a trainer, a behavioralist...etc. We've kept Juno on a tight leash, trying to never let her get into any bad situations. We adopted our other dog Otto almost two years ago...and Juno loved him. They've been best friends until tonight. Juno turned on Otto and attacked him out of nowhere. We separated them and she tried to get at him again and again. Otto is now limping and bleeding (just flesh wounds). Juno in the past has also attacked our cat, my parent's dogs, and my in-laws dog. We've dealt with this for too long and don't know what to do!! Please help!!

10.02.10 UK Jack, a west highland terrier was pulled through the fence and killed by 2 mutants. police received another report of 2 dogs attacking another dog, which also died.
"What happened to Jack will haunt me forever." Carol Coyle

10.02.10 los angeles, california Judith Parker Harris took her 20 lb dog Jasper out for a walk and was met by a neighbor's pit bull and then another neighbor's ridgeback. two other neighbors came to aid. Jasper, Judith and neighbor Michele were all bitten. the owners of the frankenmauler apologized profusely. the next day, Judith saw the same dogs running loos again. click on the link and read Judith's story.

10.03.10 yolo county, california a woman and her 2 dogs were attacked by a mutant pit bull when they walked past. the pit was tied to a tree and broke free. a woman came out and retrieved the frankenmauler. the pit nutter offered no assistance. the victim is now undergoing the series of rabies shots. the pit nutter also failed to license her freak of nature.

10.03.10 new york some naive moron living on a farm adopted a pit bull from a shelter. apparently the mutant gets along with other dogs but farms animals - not so much. the mutant killed a chicken and tried to attack a pigmy goat.

10.03.10 australia Michelle Harkom and her samoyed Cheyenne were attacked by a rottweiler and a pit bull. two women and a man came to her aid. then the owner showed up asked if the victims were okay. when the two women replied, "no", she took off with her days. this is the second time Michelle and Cheyenne have been attacked by dogs.

10.03.10 park forest, illinois Community Service Officer Jachymiak was dispatched to the first block of Apache Street to investigate a report of the pit bull attacking and killing another dog. Upon arrival, CSO Jachymiak met with a woman who reported that when she got home from work, her daughter told her that her Shih Tzu “Tweety” had just been killed by a neighbor's dog, a pit bull named "Maria." The woman brought the officer to the back yard where they observed the deceased animal saturated with blood, according to police. Jachymiak met with the owner of the pit bull who told them he had no idea the animal had managed to escape and attack the other dog. The officer observed a hole in the fence where the pit bull could easily fit through to go into the other yard. The pit bull was taken to Forest South Animal Hospital where it was scheduled to be destroyed.

10.04.10 watkins glen, new york the tea bagger's candidate for new york governor CARL PALADINO, was out campaigning with his frankenmauler when it bit a lab. “I’m proud of my dog. He’s been a great friend.”

10.04.10 west peoria, illinois a 5 lb yorkie named Daisy Mae was killed in her front yard by 2 mutants. just a few minutes prior to the fatal attack, the same dogs attacked a jogger. the dogs are described as black & white named CHARLOTTE and a brindle dog. a middle aged white male in a GMC SUV grabbed the dogs and took off. update the nutters have been located. they are JAMES EGGLESTON, 26 and his girl friend AMANDA MCGARR, 25 of 1329 North Stever Avenue. the pit nutters have been ticketed and AC is filing papers to have them declared dangerous. if found dangerous the dogs must be microchipped and neutered. if the nutters fail to comply with the order, the dogs could be seized and euthanized. "Each was cited with letting an animal run at large, which carries a fine of $50. Each also was cited for an animal-creating a nuisance, but face different fines. Eggleston, who owns the female, could be fined $250 for that dog’s attack on the Yorkie. But McGarr, who owns the male, faces a fine of $350, a stiffer potential penalty because the attack was on a person." there will be no criminal charges because in LEDY'S state, no state criminal law applies. how convenient.

10.04.10 cumberland, maryland Bridgey, a small 12 yr old, deaf, partially blind terrier mix was killed in her front yard by 2 mutants. the same 2 mutants attacked a man just a week before and a woman's german shepherd in her own backyard last april. the owner of the shepherd said the mutants have been terrorizing the neighborhood for 2 years. the pit nutters were ordered to pay the victim's vet bill of $343 but so far have only paid a portion. the owners have been identified as TIMOTHY SCOTT NEWELL, age 35 and his mother GLORIA JEAN McLAUGHLIN, age 55. a quick check of mother and son reveals a serious burden on the system. NEWELL has MULTIPLE theft charges, bad checks, burglary, drug possession, livestock theft and his own mother filed domestic violence charges against him as well as civil judgement for debt in the amount of $2900. and mommy is not much better: prescription drug forgery, dangerous dog, malicious destruction of property, domestic violence charges against another family member, as well as assault. i feel pity for their neighbors.

10.05.10 UK Cali, a 1 yr old pit/lab mix turned on and attacked her housemate Haley, a 2 1/2 yr old lab.

10.05.10 la porte, indiana 34 yr old Shawn M Colston cited for animal at large after his frankenmauler got loose and attacked a golden retriever. the owner and her 3 children barricaded themselves in a dog kennel and called 911. there is no word on the golden other than the front porch and garage were covered in blood and it was alive.

10.05.10 canada Liane Magnus, her dog Molly (pictured above), her daughter and other dog Buddy, were attacked by a pack of dogs while on a walk. the pack consisted of two mutants, a rott, gsd and a dobie. Laine's daughter picked up the small dog and the pack focused on Molly. when she growled, they attacked her. (see Trish King's chat about dog language) Liane tried to defend her dog. she hit the pit bull in the face. note that she did not hit the gsd, dobie or rott. i wonder why? a man was standing off to the side. when Liane yelled for help, he finally sauntered over and with much effort, pulled the dogs off of Molly. Liane said he laughed and said, ‘Oh, my dogs don’t usually do that’ and walked away.

10.05.10 yoncalla, oregon on august 13th, Carla and Nick Botner's livestock was attacked by pit bulls. THIRTY sheep died. on october 4th, lightening struck a second time, killing 2 alpacas and 3 goats. seventeen sheep and goats were injured and they expect some of them will not make it. many of those injured were victims the first time around and had not recovered from the first round. “We've lived here for 35 years and nothing like this has ever happened. We've lost animals to coyotes once in a while, but nothing like this,” said Carla. the Botners are offering a reward for the mutants. click HERE to see 29 photos and graphic video of the mutant slaughter.

trailer trash pit nutters Sheila and Rick Anglin
10.05.10 baconton, georgia RICK and SHEILA ANGLIN'S 4 mutants got out of the house and took off running down the street, but when only two dogs returned she knew something was wrong. apparently there is nothing wrong with bolting from the house and running down the street in the eyes of this nutter. a neighbor claims they wound up on his property and attacked his dog so he shot and killed 2 of them.

rip Guizmo
10.05.10 france a mutant pit bull attacked and killed this shi tzu during a walk in the park. Guizmo's owners describe the pit bull as silently charging into their dog, grabbing & shaking him, breaking its back. the mutant was unfazed by their kicking and hitting.

10.05.10 UK 70 yr old Colin Fry was walking his 10 yr old cruft's winning irish setter, Henry, when he was viciously attacked by a white staffy bull. the vets tried to save him but couldn't. the not-my-dog pit nutter was very apologetic and disappeared. police are trying to find the dog and give him a dirt nap.

10.06.10 taunton, massachusetts Sean Jack's Shi Tzu mix Keefton was attcked from behind by a pit bull. he managed to get the mutant to release but not before inflicting major damage to the 15 lb dog. the owner came running as he stood in the street holding the ugly dog screaming for its owner. she offered the usual excuse "my 12 yr old niece took mr ugly for a walk and he was too much for her to handle". Jack rushed his dog to the vet. the vet advised him to put the dog to sleep. Keefton has a fractured femur and needs a hip replacement in addition to the extensive injuries to his neck and abdomen. the vet bill is currently at $2642. Jack's wife started a fundraiser. she and the children are very attached to the little guy. imagine that, non pit nutters devoted their dogs. Keefton stays inside the house and has lost control over his bodily functions. meanwhile, another drunk on the kool aid AC head spews the lick you death garbage.

10.06.10 san antonio, texas the local frankenmauler put the kibosh on a woman's morning dog walk. the vicious mutant pit bull jumped the fence and attacked. both dog and owner were injured. and the pit nutter is in disbelief that his loyal people pleaser would do such a thing, cuz you know, IT'S ALL YOU RAISE EM! the nutter spews the typical excuses "When they told me it was Baby, our little dog, I said, 'Baby'?," says Perez. "She's been in the family for years and she's a good dog. It wasn't an attack, it was just a bite... My dog did jump over the fence and did bite [my neighbor] and I'm very sorry for that." ROLAND PEREZ, pit nutter. the victim's nephew said the ugly mutant has gotten into their backyard before.

MARCIA KRATZENBERG describes herself on flicker as "blonde intense crazy love my dogs" bad cop/no donut
10.06.10 duquesne, pennsylvania OFFICER MARCIA KRATZENBERG owns 6 dogs. three of them SOMEHOW got loose and attacked a woman, her 2 children and 3 dogs. After the attack, Kratzenberg placed her dogs into her car and left the scene. some one got her license as she drove away. the city limits 2 dogs per household. she has received 9 citations. she needs to be fired after she is found guilty. people employed to protect the community, should NEVER be allowed to endanger it, especially in light of the fact that she tried to flee the scene of injuries that SHE was directly responsible for.

10.06.10 butte, montana two mutant pit bulls broke their chains and attacked a man and his dogs. when an officer went to the pit nutter's home on 800 and Travonia, he was attacked. one of the mutants has a history (surprise!) and is in jail. "The owner of the dogs told police the dogs were tethered in his yard that evening, but SOMEHOW managed to get out of the yard." Judge Steve Kambich has recently adopted a zero tolerance stand on aggressive dogs and plans to order two dirt naps. the owner and his dogs are clearly a menace to the community. i think it is a real shame that the cop didn't get some real world target practice and save the tax payer some money. UPDATE: the judge ordered DIRT NAPS FOR ALL THREE MUTANTS! the pit nutter CHERIE WILSON was cited for having aggressive dogs.

10/07/10 mineral county, montana Jennifer Lynch's The Compound came to life for a group of mushroom pickers in a state park. as the group sat around the campfire with their dogs sleeping at their feet, a hideous mutant suddenly burst in and attacked an old german shepherd. two people grabbed for the frankenmauler's collar and they describe the dog going berserk and tearing into anything. Mick Mees grabbed his little dog and tried to keep it out of range. the mutant got a hold of Mees face, a woman nearly fell into the fire. Larry Evans, a mycologist and a black belt grabbed the mutant from behind and put it in stranglehold until it was unconscious. (look out larry, facebook will come gunning for you) no one would step forward to claim the ugly mutant until they threatened to kill it with an ax. turns out the pit nutter's camp site was several hundred feet away. Mees was rushed to the hospital where his face received 100 stitches. the deputies who responded, refused to take the dog and refused to force GINTHER to remove the dog from the campgrounds. GINTHER was given a citation.

Brian Birks and Stig
10.07.10 UK 71 yr old Birks was walking his 10 yr old dog when he was attacked by staffy bulls from behind. the mutant pit bulls first attacked Birks, then his dog. he tried to escape over a wall but the mutants dragged him down. Birks who has heart and lung problems fought valiantly to save his little dog. his finger was partially severed. a girl was walking her dog and witnessed the assassination attempt and yelled which brought all of the neighbors running to his aid. if you know who owns these monsters call Staffordshire Police - 0300 1234455.

10.07.10 belize 56 yr old Daryl Smith was coming home after his morning jog. he noticed 3 pit bulls and rottweiler on the other side of the street. when a car drove past, they became aggressive towards it, barking and snapping at it. when the car passed, they redirected their aggression towards Smith. he began shouting at the pit nutter to control his dogs. the owner did nothing. the dog attacked and still the owner just watched. a couple of men chased the dogs off while the owner still watched. Smith states that the same dogs killed another dog in the same location as his attack.
car aggression = animal aggression = human aggression

10.08.10 UK an ugly mutant attacked a horse, injuring his legs, face and stomach. the kent police said it was an illegal pit bull. the owner claimed he thought it was a staffy bull. yeah. he agreed to its dirt nap and was not charged.

10.08.10 UK another horse was attacked by another ugly mutant. a 27 yr old arabian mare received facial injuries resulting in over 30 stitches and untold emotional trauma. the vets had to sedate Justina after the attack. the owner states the ugly frankenmauler hung from her horse's face for 15 minutes. Jackie Holman said she was sitting there when the dog came into the pasture and began to chase her horse. Justina tried to jump the fence and fell. the owner grabbed the hideous dog by the harness and was bitten.
THIS pit nutter has been charged. no word yet about the mutant's future. we all know what Justina's future holds - a constant state of panic and fear.

10.08.10 UK Sarah Connelly was walking Meg, her 15 yr old staffy/whippet when a pit bull bolted through a garden fence and attacked. Meg's face was described as looking like a crocheted blanket after 50 stitches. "It is becoming a regular thing for these dog attacks and the devastation they leave." last a week a dalmatian was savaged by 2 dogs, no breed mentioned. any bets?


HARVEY the "american bulldog" soon to be dirt nappin HARV
UK a savage attack on Molly the jack russell has finally been adjudicated. the pit nutter, 23 yr old ADAM MILLS was found guilty of owning a banned dog and having a dog dangerously out of control. MILLS has been ordered to pay Molly’s owners £269.12 compensation and £60 court costs as well as perform 80 hours of community service and can not own a dog for 5 years. the pit nutter claims that he didn't know his dog was a pit bull. he said HARVEY was a gentle family pet who got free and attacked another dog. Molly's skin was torn from her tail to her neck. she required 175 internal stitches and 25 external stitches.
this is Molly. click here to read her story.

rip Bam
canada the mutant killer belonging to Brooks Pitre-Lanys who killed 5 month old Bam last april will finally get that dirt nap. hurray!

michigan despite AMBER CALO'S criminal conviction, despite her promise to remove her frankenmauler from the hood, the ugly mutant is still there. see also the july 1, 2010 frankenmauler roundup for the history of the SECOND unprovoked attack on a beagle. CALO felt really bad at the moment the news cameras were rolling, now... not so much.

massachusetts the 8 yr old poodle Beau who was attacked by CHRIS and LISA O'CONNOR'S ugly mutant last week has died. last week's frankenmauler roundup reported that Beau's vet bill was at $6000 and he was still in critical condition. it was last reported that the O'CONNORS were claiming that Beau severed the pit nutter's finger and they would have to "check their finances" to see if they could "help" with the vet bills. fast forward one week, the O'CONNORS paid $1250 of the $7611 vet bill. the pit nutters claim they will pay what and when they can. MR O'CONNOR had to take the $1250 from his retirement fund and he is whining about having to pay his mutant's vet bill, his nutter wife's medical bills and support his 2 kids. boo fucking hoo, welcome to pit bull ownership. neighbors said they would protest outside the nutters' home if the dog stayed. AC informed the O'CONNORS that the dog could not stay in their home due to the close proximity to an elementary school. the OC'ONNORS returned the frankenmauler to the milton animal rescue league. a vicious dog hearing is scheduled for october 14th. meanwhile, Beau's owner has hired a lawyer.

the dog attacks the media never reports

rip Kaiser
10.01.10 brooklyn, new york Kaiser was killed by 2 malamutes at a dog park. this was the dogs' second victim in two months. the idiot who owned these malamutes is 53 yr old ROBERT HARNEY. he drove the victim to the emergency vet and paid the $938 vet bill.

10.06.10 UK a german shepherd being walked without a leash attacked another dog with a leash.


april 29 said...

The photos of the Yoncalla livestock attacks were VERY graphic. I'm a former operating room nurse, seen LOTS of blood and gore, but these photos nauseated even me. Animals that kill for sport and are this violent, for no reason other than their DNA do not belong on this earth. They are genetic freaks.

Marcia Kratzenburg, as a police officer, should be ashamed to use the word "somehow" in excusing the attack by three of her dogs on an innocent family and their pets. Officer Kratzenburg was in violation of the local 2 dog limit per household, she had 6. She took her three violent maulers and fled without identifying herself and accepting responsibility for her precious pets. She needs to be fired, I am in complete agreement with Craven here.

Tegenpitjes said...

Missed one!
This time a 15-year-old Staffordshire bull terrier whippet cross was the victim of a pitbull cross.

Dude, I Bagged Ur Pit said...

Not only should OFFICER MARICA KRATZENBERG be fired, she should do time. LEOs must be held to a higher standard, and if anybody would know that fleeing the scene is criminal, it would be her.

Anonymous said...

Completely agreed about the officer, but if you knew the shit officers routinely get away with without ever getting fired or even being taken off duty a day or two without pay, it would curl your hair. Unless citizens get in an uproar and swarm the mayor's office with outraged phone calls and e-mails, nothing at all will be done.

Anonymous said...

Here's one that hasn't made the news yet, but probably will in time. Remember, "it's all in how you raise them!"

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i added both of these. thank you.

Dude, I Bagged Ur Pit said...

"if you knew the shit officers routinely get away with without ever getting fired or even being taken off duty a day or two without pay, it would curl your hair."

If you knew how often officers are dragged through the muck with unfounded complaints, gross exaggerations and out right lies, you'd wonder why anybody would want to be an LEO.

Consider the landslide of douche bags weighing in against the officer that shot Parrot, for example… demanding he be removed and prosecuted under a variety of statutes. (He did his job – appropriate for the circumstances, regardless of all the bull shit accounts heaped into the story, after the fact, and according to agenda.)

Think about the threats and attempts to publically locate the SWAT members that shot the pit in Columbia, Mo. Now multiply these incidents you're familiar with by all kinds of incidents that routinely occur and you begin to get the picture.

No question there is a fractional number of officers better suited for other professions, but these few are hardly representative. Kratzenberg is one of these unrepresentative outliers who should be excused from service and prosecuted.

Ideally, it would be great if everybody had an opportunity to participate in a civilian ride along program. It would be unusual that you could participate in a high crime area where the call volume and risks make this impractical, but many people who’ve participated, (even with routine patrol units in relatively calm suburbs,) typically describe their experience as eye opening, or even the basis of life changing epiphanies. With a little luck, you might even get to witness the development of a complaint against an officer and determine the accuracy of the complaint in real time - as it happens. You have an excellent chance of witnessing the miracle of criminal logic, where every perpetrator ultimately considers themselves a victim, often crafting some basis for complaint.

Anyhoo… thanks a fucking bunch to Kratzenberg. And another thank you to the personnel officers who thought a pit owner would be an acceptable hire. (Background much? Another pit owner fail. Learn.)

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

very well said dude. have you seen this?

the pit nuttering terrorists who occupy facebook have been harassing and threatening a man with the same name as the cop who shot parrot. these people are too fucking stupid to even know that they are attacking the wrong person despite the availability of photo id for both men. i would love to see the cop sue the nuts on facebook like they are doing in pennsylvania and new jersey.

Dude, I Bagged Ur Pit said...

I hadn't seen that, Craven. Thank you. Idiots acting on inaccurate hearsay, so stupid they threaten and harass somebody totally uninvolved. I rest my case!

The Technomancer said...

Unfortunately, the number of frankenmauler attacks continues to grow. When do we say "no more, we've had enough of these mutant attacks?" Oh yeah, we have said that. But of course, the nutters are the ones who are heard. Not the victims.

I've had the unfortunate experience with a frankenmauler attack, plus the victim of much aggression from them. I was walking my 28-pound Pembroke Welsh Corgi on the PUBLIC sidewalk in a PUBLIC area not anywhere near the pit's house (or its "territory"), and it rushed out of the house and went after me and my young dog Scout. The owners watched. When I started screaming and trying to keep the mutant away from Scout, the owners finally came and dragged the beast inside (they literally had to drag it). I was hoping they might at least make sure we were okay, but instead the nutters said "sorry, we didn't see you there." What?! Since when is that an excuse for unleashing a mutant on a harmless dog on a leash who is minding his own business and without provocation? My dog was actually trying to get away from the mutant. My dog didn't fight back.

We called animal control and they checked the mutant out and they agreed that it's a problem dog, but they couldn't do anything because it "didn't draw enough blood." Guess what? Next time it will be a child.
A few of the nutter's excuses for the bloody stupid mutant's attack on us (mind you, this particular owner wasn't there at the time of the attack. his wife and friend who were there fled like cowards):

-"Her dog was acting aggressively." (FALSE)
-"Her dog was on my dog's 'territory.'" (FALSE and NO EXCUSE)
-"My dog has cancer, so that's why she attacked." (NO EXCUSE and probably FALSE from the way I've seen it)
-"Her dog wasn't on a leash." (FALSE, witnesses were there to prove the nutter wrong, and also NO EXCUSE)
-"Her dog attacked first." (FALSE, my dog didn't attack at all, nor did he fight back)

He is the image of a pit nutter. The nutter himself actually teases and behaves aggressively toward our friends' and neighbors' two miniature poodles. He thinks he's tough shit.

Anonymous said...

Dude, I was a cop, so I know that happens, too. I also know the shit that went on in my department and the pieces of shit that were allowed to keep their jobs when they were nothing more than thugs hiding behind a badge. I'm not talking out my ass. Thanks.

Dude, I Bagged Ur Pit said...

Anon @5:49, I hear you. There are some departments with a crap culture. A fish rots from the head down so the blame lies with the leadership as much as the unfit characters. I wasn't trying to diminish your perspective (if you took it that way) - just hoping I could round out the picture enough to keep attitudes civil towards the many hard working LEOs that serve with professionalism and integrity – the ones that have learned it often seems no good deed goes unpunished.

Anonymous said...

Annaliese, PLEASE file formal written complaints with every authority in sight

mayor, city or county council (every member) police chief, state rep, even the governor detailing the problem and explaining that animal control will do nothing until someone dies

If you can, get a lawyer to file these with them

Animal control is colluding with idiots like this to kill people. There are all kinds of things they can do, but they hope if they give people the brushoff, that they can get away with doing nothing

Chances are your complaint is not even on file.

MAKE A PAPER TRAIL with all possible authority figures.

Also get the list of insurance companies that are licensed to insure homes in your state. Contact every one with the names, address and ask if they have this address as a policy holder, and if they are aware that an aggressive pit bull is at that address. These idiots are legally required to report this to their insurance companies, and if they don't they are committing insurance fraud.

You should also consider hiring an attorney if you suffered anything like a wrenched back, twisted ankle or anything while you were being attacked. SUE THEM.

At the very least, you will prevent the murder of a child.

And I hope you will warn everyone that if they keep walking their dogs anywhere near this home, dogs are going to get killed.

FormerOhioGirl said...

OMG!This is an OUTRAGEOUS weekly round up. My lower jaw just hit the floor. This is stunningly disgusting.

Anonymous said...

Gotta wonder how many times the Nutter-Officer has spewed forth "I am a police officer and have more problems with labs/corgis/shephards/St Bernards then Pit Bulls"?

Anonymous said...

Regarding your post "Bad Cop / No Donut", here's what the media left out. Officer Kratzenberg was off duty and was exercising her dogs. They were all on lead. The other people's dogs were OFF LEAD!!! They ran up and started the incident. Officer Kratzenberg was pulled to the ground, had torn ligaments and her shoulder displaced in the incident. She did not 'flee the scene' but rather took her dogs and herself to safety as she was very injured. Finally, her dogs are not pit bulls. This is a case of the victim being persecuted. Very sad indeed, especially when one knows the truth about this outstanding officer who always lends a hand, especially to homeless or hungry dogs. Good cop. We'll make you a donut!

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i assumed that she must have been off duty as the victims did not report the "fleeing" owner of the dogs to be a uniformed police officer.

how many dogs was she exercising? how many dogs does she own? did she report the incident? how was she able to control THREE powerful dogs with a "displaced" shoulder and torn ligaments?

do you know what the outcome of the NINE citations?