Friday, October 22, 2010

weekly frankenmauler roundup 10/22/10

22 yr old MICHAEL KOPYNEC of 2436 E Contour Drive
10.16.10 baton rouge, louisiana KOPYNEC'S mutant attacked a 91 yr old woman's schanuzer on october 3rd and then AGAIN on oct 14th. the second attack was fatal. rip Geaux.
the mutant is in custody and KOPYNEC has been charged. if convicted he could go to jail for 6 months and pay a $500 fine.
when WBRZ interviewed him, he snickered and smirked throughout the interview. go to link # 2 and watch it. fucking worthless punk.

10.16.10 terre haute, indiana Vickie Zanadrea was sent to the hospital after she and her dog were attacked in the street by DEBBIE LOGES' pit bull/german shepherd mix, BATMAN. LOGES blames Zanadrea for her own injuries. LOGES said that the victim "refused to get out of the way" of the dog attack. "Every time she screamed BATMAN would go towards that dog I think to protect her." HUH?!? am i understanding this stupid hillbilly correctly? the victim screamed and the mutant tried to protect her from her own dog by attacking her?!? i am surprised she didn't try to blame it on a mountain lion. LOGES is charged with allowing her dog to run at large and not vaccinating it. be sure to check out the comments. the nutter showed up to defend herself and many of her neighbors showed up to share their own horror stories about LOGES' mutants.

rip Scooby
10.16.10 nokomis, florida this story will really piss you off. Scooby was assassinated in her back yard by 2 mutants, one of which had a previous history of attacks. last october, mutant DAKOTA bit Christopher Tom trying to get to his mini pin. that was considered the first attack. DAKOTA jumped the fence of another neighbor and attacked a terrier in july. that was also considered the first attack. the third attack or the second depending on which F-troop ACO you are talking to, happened last week when it and another ugly mutant named RASCAL, went after a lassapoo before finally pleasing their owner with the fourth attack and killing Scooby. the pit nutter is 47 yr old JENNIFER TRIPLET aka JENNIFER MAJOR of 408 Rossetti Dr. she handed the mutants over for dirt naps. (TRIPLET was bitten by one of her mutants in 2008 and it was euthanized.)

10.17.10 UK three women encouraged their staffy bull to attack a 4 yr old pug. when the pug's owner finally got the mutant off, the three psychopaths swept the ugly dog away in their car. witnesses tried to prevent them from driving off and were nearly run over. Frankie the pug is healing from the physical injuries and suffering from post traumatic stress.
“What is really worrying is that on my way home from the incident I was speaking to a man who had almost exactly the same experience with his poor dog in May, so it seems they are doing it regularly,” he added.

10.18.10 fuquay-varina, north carolina Christina Alarie's mutant pit bull got loose and tried to attack the neighbor's dog. that neighbor was a cop. of course the nutters weren't home at the time and of course, they know exactly what happened and didn't happen, cuz her "2 1/2 yr old pit bull isn't aggressive.". the ALARIES came home and found BONEZ dirt nappin on the porch. ALARIE'S panties are all in a bunch because BONEZ was her 19 month old son's "favorite puppy".

10.18.10 port charlotte, florida LUCY CAMACHO'S frankenmauler, ANGEL slipped through the door and killed Pablo, the neighbor's cat. neighbors are upset that AC didn't seize the mutant, they say it is vicious and dangerous and has killed other cats. even the pit nutter owner admits her mutant has killed "several cats over the past 7 years" and she even admits that she is afraid of the dog BUT in the eyes of the law, this is ANGEL'S first offense and the city will charge CAMACHO $40 to take it and euthanize it. but she can't afford it. sound familiar? TONYA HOLLAND pulled this same con in illinois. there is a lesson here people: paper trails are your friend, ALWAYS REPORT EVERY AGGRESSIVE DOG INCIDENT!

10.18.10 corbin, kentucky 80 yr old Pansy Prewitt fought this ugly dog when it attacked her 8 yr old poodle Tikka. Prewitt was injured and received stitches to her hand. Tikka is still at the vet and the ugly dog below is in quarantine.

10.19.10 aspinwall, pennsylvania a woman was walking her husky when it was attacked by 2 dogs who were not leashed or fenced. she was injured trying to save her dog. the pit nutter claims to not be the owner and was merely house sitting. he was also injured trying to break up the fight. the attacking dogs were described as a pit bull and a boston terrier. the investigation is still ongoing.

10.19.10 indian river county, florida a bulldog walked into an open home and attacked the resident pet dog. the owner was attacked trying to save his dog. he stabbed the dog and ran out of the home. no word on the condition of his dog but the ugly frankenmauler belongs to a neighbor and was not current on rabies. it is under quarantine.
watch the victim describe his very own little horror show.

10.19.10 sarasota county, florida a normal dog was killed in its backyard when two frankenmaulers jumped the fence in an effort to please their master.

rip Lily
10.20.10 swissvale, pennsylvania Lily was assassinated by 2 mutant pit bulls when she went out with her owner to take the trash out. the pits are under quarantine and the nutter will be fined.

10.20.10 peoria, illinois a pit nutter lost control of her leashed mutants during a walk when they spotted a chihuahua also on a leash in its own front yard. the chi was killed and the pit nutter fled when the owner went in the house to call 911. the nutter and her mutants were located at a nearby house and the assassins were confiscated. the pit nutter was cited for destruction of property and her frankenmaulers will have their day in vicious dog court the end of the month.

10.20.10 camanche, iowa the city is again considering a pit bull ban after a lab was attacked. make it so this time.

10.20.10 UK Cinderella has been attacked by dogs in her own yard three times! the owner said the culprit is a staffy bull.

10.21.10 boca raton, florida a mutant pit bull named ROXY with a history of jumping fences and menacing people and attacking dogs, jumped over the fence and into the yard of Clarence, a 9 lb poodle and killed him. the pit nutter packed up his dogs and moved. he has promised animal control that he would sign papers declaring his mutant dangerous but has not kept that promise.

dalejiw25 and DEUCE
10.21.10 ingham county, michigan Lori Decker came home to find her neighbor's mutant broke into her house through a screened window and attacked 2 of her dogs. the 911 operator instructed Decker to shoot it. this mutant home invasion occurred in august. it is now being reported in a story about limited police services. reader dalejiw25 is really upset that the reporter mentioned it. "Nice way to add your hatred of Pit Bulls to an otherwise pretty decent bit of Journalism, Totally uncalled for.... Fritz, You're an Idiot !!!!" i was curious about the man who thinks the media should stick their head in the sand regarding the pit bull crisis. i found him shooting his mouth off in an ATV forum, lecturing another member about political correctness and how it is "for the birds" and if he is so "damned sensitive" maybe he should just go to his room and turn the lights out. take your own advice dale and take your mutant too. the sanctimonious pit nutters never fail to live up to their reputation. here are the 49 yr old kidult's photos and flicks.

Rosie before the scuffle
Rosie after the scuffle
10.21.10 taunton, massachusetts Rosie's owner left her tied out in the front of the house to run a few errands. two loyal pit bulls escaped their responsible owner's home and attacked Rosie. but to be perfectly fair, we don't KNOW that Rosie didn't start this scuffle, she could have been taunting them. goldens are like that. neighbor's heard Rosie screaming and came to her aid. Rosie needed 13 drain tubes and several surgeries. the mutants are in quarantine and the police and ac refuse to name the pit nutter. wonder if they are related?
If you would like to help donate to Rosie’s family to assist with the expense of Rosie’s vet bills, e-mail Debbie Rose at or call 508-823-4315.

10.21.10 yahoos on the web My Pitbull killed one of the smaller dogs?
I have had my APBT since she was 2-3 weeks old. When she started getting bigger me and my boyfriend put her out with the other dogs. We payed a lot of attention to her and still do. We play with her and feed her. One day my boyfriend went out to see what the dogs were up to, and found one of the dogs dead. I have no idea why she did it or what made her react in such a manner. Can someone help or has an idea on why she might have done that? What can i do to prevent this from happening again?

proud pit nutter loading his loyal mutant into what will hopefully be the dirt nap van.
10.22.10 redding, california two loyal people pleasin' pits escaped from their apartment and attacked a man in a wheelchair when he tried to protect his dog. the victim, 57 yr old Charles Osborne, received punctures and lacerations to his hands, wrist and arm. his dog was not seriously injured. the mutants are in quarantine. and...uh-oh...they have a history. at least two dangerous dog warnings have been issued in the past. these dogs are not going anywhere until the city decides what to do with them. DIRT NAPS!

10.22.10 UK 50 yr old pit nutter JACKIE NEWARK of TATSFIELD pled guilty to 2 counts of failing to control her dogs and was fined 400 pounds. she laso received a warning about future failings to her mutants, or else her rott and staffy would be destroyed. in june, POPPY and ELLA attacked a jack russell. on august 19 the proud nutter's mutants escaped from their home in Tatsfield and were picked up in Kent. then on august 22, the frankenmaulers SOMEHOW got loose again and killed a pet rabbit. boy that is one tough magistrate, NOT!

10.22.10 UK two year old Willow was snatched up and carried away by a staffy bull. the little dog was savaged. Willow's owner and shop keeper Gladys Stonehouse pursued them, the owner was bitten freeing Willow. she took her into a shop to call police and was followed by the ugly mutant. Willow's owner tried to kick the frankenmaulers away and was bitten on the leg. the shop owner eventually got ugly out of the store. the police were notified and have classified it as a "dog fight" which results in no further action on their part. Willow is finally home and making a slow recovery while her owner suffers flashbacks.

10.16.10 canada the "friendly" frankenmauler who killed Jet the coonhound received his much needed dirt nap with the owner's permission and his neighbors' blessings. it seems the yes-of-course-my-wiggle-butt-is-friendly! mutant was involved in another attack earlier this year. and probably the year before...

10.16.10 tennessee WINSTON the ugly mutant that mauled a police cruiser has died. :)

10.16.10 UK JAMES McCRAINER was sentenced for last years staffy bull attack that left a yorkie dead and its 78 yr old owner injured. McCRAINER received a suspended sentenced of 8 weeks in jail. he was also ordered to perform 150 hours community service and most importantly, he was banned from owning dogs for 10 years. McCRAINER claims the previous owner beat the staffy and so has been given a chance at rehabilitation. blech!

10.18.10 UK Justina, the 27 yr old arab mare who was attacked by a staffy bull last week developed an infection in her blood stream and was euthanized.

10.19.10 west kelowna, british columbia 2 pit bulls are dirt napping after they attacked a lab mix last week. the third was declared "aggressive" and returned to its pit nutter. the lab is on the mend.


april 29 said...

I am personally ready to write a $40 check to Port Charolette Animal Control to euthanize Lucy Camacho's cat killer. This is a deadly serious offer, no kidding.

Trigger said...

It's October -- it's long past "dog attack season." But the mutants keep attacking like mad and will through April. It's just disgusting; I'm so disgusted I could scream!

Anonymous said...

Port Charlotte is very pro-pit bull. In one of their newsletters they described a single mom and kids that came in looking for a family pet and they gave her a pit bull. They got a letter from me explaining why I would no longer donate.

april 29 said...

Thank you anon 12:14. This is the only way we can protest the policies that put us all at risk. My local shelter is also very pro pit bull. I had been a very generous supporter but informed them that they would receive no further donations from my family. BTW, they still have the pit that touched off the disagreement with me, it has been 3 years.

enite said...

Good work, Craven. It's sickening what these monsters do to innocent creatures and people's lives. There needs to be more serious punishment for dogs attacking other people's pets.

Anonymous said...

and more crappy pit bull owners here:

enite said...

Try this that address didn't work for me -

Anonymous said...

hi enite, thank you! (although that one is a different story.) try this instead:

Anonymous said...

Surrey is a fucking cesspool of pits.

groth02 said...

as the neighbor who alerted the Herald Tribune to Scooby's death i can only tell you how horrifying it is to watch one of these maulenators attack. we are lucky there were no children. Ms Triplet went to court on 2/3/11 and was given a small fine and a small amount of community service. we are urging neighbor Mary to file a small claims suit against the owner of these pits. for the maximum

groth02 said...

as the neighbor who alerted the herald trib in sarasota regarding scooby...anyone who tries to "defend" these dogs as "pets" should really watch them during an attack. "mauling" is not even the right is like watching animals in the wild of Africa go after prey. The worse-Jennifer Triplet the owner received a small fine and a small amt of community service....look her up on facebook, she is a hillbilly whore.