Monday, October 25, 2010

pit bull videos

warning: this is EXTREMELY graphic.

people can't get enough of this internet sensation. everyone is drooling over this pit's amazing athleticism.

but me, i see an unrestrained fighting dog. i hope a camera is running when TRET encounters a lab or chihuahua.

i guarantee that one day, this will turn ugly.


Anonymous said...

These are some great videos, I hope none of these get deleted or reported by the nutters.

I don't see it as animal abuse, I see it as self protection!

I would do a weekly roundup of videos like this, but I'm not the best at finding this kind of material. Although I've found two of these videos in the past.

Anonymous said...

The only thing to do is to shoot these fuckers on sight. Don't wait until they attack you or your dog.

If your country doesn't allow guns, carry a knife or an awl. Stick either into the eye of the pit bull, pushing til it's out the back of the eye socket and in the brain. Then do a 360 turn with the handle, instantly scrambling the pit bulls brains.

Alternatively, it's good to know that a dog's heart is on the left side just behind the elbow. Stab the fucker there if it gets close enough -- and certainly if its got a grip on your dog.

I mean, really enough already of waiting for corrupt politicians to do something for us. The assholes who choose these mutants need to know others will kill them if they don't keep the things to themselves. That the rest of us are tired of dealing with their small-penis/no-penis problem.

Anonymous said...

Craven.....this is very important stuff. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and the videos of dogs being mauled by pit bulls will do more to show the world what these dogs are about than a thousand blogs. I have seen a pit bull kill another dog many years ago, and it was a trauma that remains with me to this day. The grab, hold and shake behavior has GOT to be witnessed to be believed.

You cannot train a dog to grab another dog by the neck and hang on, crushing its throat until its dead,all the while being pummeled, kicked and beaten. This is NOT normal behavior for dogs....pit bulls are DIFFERENT.

Please share more videos like this....the public needs to see what these dogs are capable of.

Anonymous said...

All the more proof that pit bulls are DIFFERENT FROM OTHER BREEDS, they ARE NOT PETS, and they don't belong in family communities or anywhere near kids or other animals (and there is nowhere in this country that is possible)

Also that pit bulls, unlike other breeds, cannot be confined. They are a public health risk.

Ledy VanKavage and Jane Saul Berkey can tell as many lies as they like to try to hide the problems that pit bulls have. Pit bulls ARE different, and they are specifically bred by man to be different than other breeds, to KILL.

Friends Administrator said...

The video of Tret is scary. In other words, if he comes after you there is no where to hide.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, in that video of Tret, all I can think is someone is a complete idiot for letting that animal run free. I'm sure once he goes after another dog the result won't be put on youtube by the owner.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:30, thank you so much for making that point. Time and again, I see people say something to the effect that "pit bulls only belong in rural areas". Well, they damned sure don't! We don't want them out here mauling us, our livestock or our family pets any more than people in urban areas want them around, and in rural areas, we often have less regulation and weaker laws if they do attack. They don't belong ANYWHERE.

enite said...

Nice to know next time me and my dogs are attacked we will be safe if we can only climb a tree.

Anonymous said...

"Anon 3:30, thank you so much for making that point. Time and again, I see people say something to the effect that "pit bulls only belong in rural areas". Well, they damned sure don't! We don't want them out here mauling us, our livestock or our family pets any more than people in urban areas want them around, and in rural areas, we often have less regulation and weaker laws if they do attack. They don't belong ANYWHERE."

Anon in a rural area, it makes my blood boil when I hear urban idiots like Ledy VanKavage pushing for these dangerous dogs to be sent to rural areas! It is senseless.

There are kids in rural areas too, also pets and LIVESTOCK, and WILDLIFE.

Hunters can shoot dogs on sight for chasing wildlife, and I hope they are keeping an eye open for the transferred pit bulls! ZERO TOLERANCE!!

Anonymous said...

In the last video embedded, that's from Dayton, OH. Thank God Ohio is going to repeal their state-wide ban on pit bull-type dogs when they reconvene this November. Toledo dropped their BSL, and now the state is following suit and evaluating individual dogs case by case.

april 29 said...

Anon 8:24, there is no state wide pit bull ban in Ohio, please review the Ohio Revised Code prior to making foolish statements. Ohio law states that pit bulls are vicious dogs and requires insurance and containment for them. Don't bet the farm that this will change. How can you thank God for a potential change in a law that does not exist... after watching that particular video of police and animal control struggling with a clearly vicious pit bull?

Anonymous said...

april 29 - Thanks for the clarification. I'm glad a change to the foolish law in place is coming. No need to bet the farm. Having lived in Dayton (where the video was shot) for most of my life I know it's an owner issue. Most people don't contain their dogs period in this city. Doesn't matter what the breed. And the coming changes will address individual dogs and the owners will be held liable. Then I'll be able to drop my insurance. It's no more expensive than the rider I have on my policy for other personal belongings (handguns, jewelery, work-related items) - got to love Farmer's Insurance, they don't discriminate.

Thanks for caring enough to comment!

april 29 said...

Anon 7:44,
There is a great deal of opposition to any change in Ohio law. Since Ohio passed it's BSL in the late 1980's there have been 2 or 3 pit bull deaths in the state. California and Texas have laws prohibiting BSL and their respective pit bull deaths since just 2005 stand at 15 and 16 respectively, I believe. Law enforcement and state wide Animal Control groups are very anti change. As I said earlier, don't bet the farm on this change. Victims should not have to pay the bills for their own attacks, keep that policy. It is not descrimination to require pit bull owners to have insurance, it is victim's advocacy. Do you REALLY think that the scene shown in the above video indicates a need for dropping insurance requirements? Really????

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:44...why on earth would ANY dog owner not want insurance coverage? That makes no sense are a complete loser who doesn't own a pot to piss in, as my grandmother used to say. No property, no assets, no savings. Living in your parents basement, or renting from slum lords, or living in a trailer somewhere. Oh, wait, I was just describing your average pit bull owner!

Now your post makes perfect sense!

Anonymous said...

i personally think pit bulls are disgusting animals, and those who have them as pets seriously need to put them their pets to sleep before they cause a whole lot of problems. what gets me is that there's more sympathy for a pit bull, but not for a homeless person, and a pit bull is nothing more than an animal that isn't created in God's Image. personally, i would have shot the pit bull that tried to attack me as well, just like the police officer did. my take on it is, there's NO WAY a dog is going to kill me or those i love. it's just an animal, that's all it is. i'm all for having a pet or two, but honestly, what's the point in having a dog that's bred to kill? pit bulls are in no way cute or loving, and i know there's people who will say, "it's not the fault of the breed, it's the way they're treated", which definitely pertains to a whole lot of dog breeds, but in the case of pit bulls, it doesn't apply one bit.

WolfPrincess said...

If Pit Bulls were so dangerous then why do some police forces have them as K9 Police Officers? Do any of you think Newfoundlands are dangerous? Apparently the one in the link below attacked and almost killed two dogs. I guess Newfoundlands she be banned in American like the did in Italy? This is a story about a Poodle attacking a little girl.

I also have the results of Pit Bulls and Pit Bull type dogs passing temperament tests by the ATTS

American pit bull 86%
American bulldog 84.8%
American Staffordshire 83.9%
bull terrier 90.4%
Staffordshire bull terrier 89.6%

Punish The Deed Not The Breed

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

let me introduce you to my other blog

here is my response to the nearly comment that you just in another blog post:

you are kind of stupid aren't you?

you lack even the most basic understanding of genetics.

you come on here complaining about my spelling and then you misspell newfoundland.

there are no K9 pit bulls. there are a few pit bulls used by the police as sniffer dogs but no where in the world are the police using pits to help track and apprehend suspects. you send me links to them and i will blog about them.

you supply links to attacks by other breeds on HUMANS in a blog that is about animal attacks.

your links are ancient history. the poodle attack occurred in july 2009 and the newfie attack was in november 2007. there were 3 serious pit bulls attacks just TODAY. so your point is?

i am not aware of any pit bull breeders that are selecting for docility towards other dogs. do you belong to pitbull-chat or pitbullforum by any chance? you might want to check out some of their forum polls about breeding away from animal aggression. there are many and they overwhelmingly want to keep pit bull animal aggressive.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

oops, except you misspellings are a little different

" I guess Newfoundlands she be banned in American like the did in Italy?"