Tuesday, October 26, 2010

pit bull zealots, amazon, truth and the first amendment

"During the times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act."
George Orwell

or in this case, JANE BERKEY and LEDY VANKAVAGE are watching you.

the pit nutters are once again raging against amazon.com for selling books about dog fighting. the machiavellians at care2 and PENNY EIMS, a pit nutter examiner, are calling for a boycott of the world's largest bookstore. the pit bull apologia will not stop until they replace every last fact and nugget of truth with their fairy tale version of the pit bull. the nutters ruthlessly bully city attorneys, dog wardens, journalists, animal behaviorists, elected officials, videographers and bloggers in an attempt to control the information and quash the debate about fighting dogs. and now in their arrogance, and with the world's largest most powerful animal rights organization safely in their pocket, they will try to take on amazon.com.

the champions of america's dog are engaging in the practices of nazi germany and stalinist russia. i have all but one of these books and i purchased them from amazon. you should too.

don't just tell amazon you support the first amendment, SHOW THEM. purchase a dog fighting book or two or three, today. knowledge is power. don't allow the pit nutters to bury the truth about fighting dogs. don't allow them to continue to replace facts with their disinformation.


Anonymous said...

God I wish I had a job so I could purchase these books.

Hopefully others will!

enite said...

Not much of an intellectual crowd are they? - let's see - no conscience, no intellect, does anybody know what percentage of them are literate? And what percentage have at least one tattoo sleeve?

The modern uniform of the pitbull and tatoo sleeve! Ha! What the hell ever happened to individuality? When did everyone become such a follower?? Remember the ad where the skinny guy got sand kicked in his face? So nowadays he buys a pitbull and gets a tat. I guess it is easier than reading a book.

Say hello to Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451. People are just going to buy the books more now in case they become collectors items. On the other hand if they are successful, and they perhaps buy up all the books themselves and burn them, this is just going to make your books very valuable, Craven. :)

Truth will ultimately prevail where there is pains taken to bring it to light.


I really appreciate you and Sniffer, and Dogbites taking the pains to bring the truth to light. I think you do have a very important job, even if you may not get paid for it, you produce something of value.

These buffoons produce nothing but lies. You will find more truth on the pb owner forums than coming from them. I suppose they are going to silence the owners and forums next???? Perhaps we will need a microchip to enter the forums? A tatoo?

I am beginning to think the PB owner is the thing standing where it ought not and the beast we are supposed to avoid the mark of is the pibble :D and it is about time for us to head for the hills.

I own Amazon stock. It's doubled since I bought it :) Those books aren't going anywhere.

:) and I thought I was speechless. I guess not...

Anonymous said...

They are attempting to rewrite the brutal history of the dogfighting scum who created this breed.

Funny how they were AWOL at the Supreme Court this year when KY Boy's conviction was overturned.

Anonymous said...

I was there. Score one for the good guys.

Anonymous said...

They are boycotting Amazon? I almost fell off my chair laughing!!!

Amazon's demographics are people who actually know how to READ! That leaves out the mouth breathing knuckle dragging pit nutters. I doubt the mouth breathers were buying from Amazon to begin with.

Al Swearengen said...

Remember when you could buy Amazon shares for 5 bucks and change? (post splits) Closing price today... 167.51. Amazon didn't get there by caving to special interests, especially imbecilic groups like the pro-pit-shit-wits. I'd give better odds to a fucking snow ball in hell.

Censorship is for Nazis and douche bags.

Garnet said...

Interesting post. Certainly if more people knew about the history of pit bull dogs, more would realize that pit bulls never were bred to be pets. (Contrary to what a lot of pit bull fanatics claim). They are fighting dogs, and dog fighting is a very brutal activity. In a fight between two pit bulls, the dogs may end up killing each other and sometimes the fights last for well over an hour. Anyone who would choose a dog bred to do that as a pet is nuts.

"Gameness" also is not a trait pit bulls need to be taught. Dog fighters do not teach the dogs to fight - all they do is condition them. You can't erase the dog's genetic heritage with "proper training" either, but a lot of pit bull fanatics do not want people to know that either.

Anonymous said...

Too much truth in these books about the brutal selection of this breed. They must be censored!

Anonymous said...

The man pictured on the last book (John R Colby) has the first documented APBT DBRF in the US. He killed his nephew then sold over 5000 dogs from the same line.

Unknown said...

keep up the good work.