Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Lessons For Tea Baggers: How to Win Friends and Influence People

Last Saturday, a completely unforeseeable and unfortunate scuffle broke out when Tea Bagger Gubanatorial candidate Carl Paladino failed to keep Duke, his 80 pound pit bull, from sinking his teeth into a yellow lab's leg after a Tea Bagger rally in the Finger Lakes area of New York. No word on the condition or political affiliation of the labrador.
In related news, Jane Berkey of the AFF reportedly delayed her New York lecture to Tea Bagger party leaders as part of an effort to capitalize on the momentum from Paladino's primary win.
Early releases of the lecture indicate the talk, entitled "Lessons from the Nanny Dog: How to Win Friends and Influence People," included are the following instructive topics based on pit bull owners' historic handling of the core principles of the Tea Bagger movement:
4. Limited Government


scurrilous amateur blogger said...

FINALLY! a candidate the pit nutters and game doggers can embrace, complete with proud scuffle history.

Dude I Tea Bagged Ur Pit said...

Paladino should have taken a lesson from Palin. Voters were put off by any reference to pit bulls, even if it was a "pit bull in lipstick."

I'd have a Democrat in office before I'd vote for a Republican pit bull owner. Clearly, Paladino is prone to poor judgment.

Small Survivors said...

Thank you to craven desires for the quote which was made after the biting incident. Obviously, if he were a paragon of personal responsibility, he would have publicly apologized to the lab's owners, offered to pay for any medical treatment, and assured the public that he would safely contain his dog and no longer bring him to public events.

april 29 said...

Thank you Dude, exactly my thoughts.

He probably has insurance though...

Anonymous said...

My thoughts as well. People ought to know that pit bulls are NOT good PR.

Anonymous said...

"I'd have a Democrat in office'

What about Ben Konop? Mirah Horowitz?

Those scumbags are Democrats, and they have Democrat pals in the media that lie for them.

A scumbag politician is a scumbag politician, no matter what party.

And a scumbag politician with pit bulls or that colludes with the dog fighters and other assorted pit bull criminals is the lowest.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i interpreted the comment to mean that s/he would rather cast a vote outside of his/her party if their party candidate was a pit bull owner.

Dude I Bagged Ur Pit said...

"What about Ben Konop? Mirah Horowitz? Those scumbags are Democrats, and they have Democrat pals in the media that lie for them."

Point being, no one is beholding to any political party that would ask them to vote for a pitiot, regardless of their existing affiliation. Campaigning with a pit bull or using a pit bull reference is a new genre of political ineptitude. Palastupido is precisely this brand of 'Flea Bagger' and fiscal conservatives, be they Republicans, Tea Party or Blue Dog Democrats should distance themselves from pit parading nut jobs. It’s a losing proposition and devalues anybody’s platform.

What you have to love is how this story is catching fire. Even before this event, Palastupido's pit bull was noted and comparisons were made when Paladino went off on a Times reporter, threatening to take him out. Apparently, Paladino IS NOT the worse of the two since Paladino didn't actually bite anybody during his own hissy fit.

Paladino's stupid choice for a dog, and the dog's predictable behavior has landed Paladino in a press shooting gallery, paying attention to the breed and behavior of both these losers. Whadda shame... just when the nutters would have loved to add this jackwad to their celebrity pit owners list, the pit bull’s pit bull acts like a pit bull when everybody’s watching.

Sample press: "Carl Paladino is probably the most violent gubernatorial candidate in United States History. But what about Paladino’s 80-pound pit bull, “Duke”? Is he violent too?"

Now what happens? Do the nutters turn on Palamorono and claim he’s abused or neglected the dog, or trained him to attack? (Bwaaaaaaa-hahahahaha! I’m sure the pitiots will not disappoint!)

Dude I Bagged Ur Pit said...

Best comment at the article I quoted... LMAO! :

"I had to grab & throw a crazed totally-unprovoked-came-out-of-nowhere PitBull off my neighbor's sweet Golden Retriever this Summer. The ass clown who owned the Pit (unleashed in a public park) came up, grabbed his dog and ran. Everyone who witnessed it thought "Who does that? What kind of pussy, bullying wannabe 'thug' doesn't man up and act responsibly? How much of a shitstain do you have to be to act that way?"
Well, I have my answer now.

Anonymous said...

"What you have to love is how this story is catching fire. Even before this event, Palastupido's pit bull was noted and comparisons were made when Paladino went off on a Times reporter, threatening to take him out"

Good! Maybe finally there will be some address of the victims of these pit bulls that usually get ignored.

The problem I have is that the Times' of the country, and the Washington Post, and JC Reindl's paper, and that idiot who wrote for the Pocono Times helping the No Kill scammers make a mint off that pit bull that attacked Vanessa Carlton - they DON'T give the same treatment to the Ben Konops and Mirah Horowitzs, and the damage to public safety they are committing.

In fact, they actually lie FOR these idiots and help protect them.

Mirah Horowitz is making public policy in a Senator's office, and endangering people with her fighting dogs then blaming the victim. Where's the Times on that one? Of course Mirah has some personal friends there, so they aren't going to touch that one.

Anonymous said...

That's not to mention Mirah Horowitz's useless doctor daddy, the big Democrat contributor and mouthpiece on "public health" who also has friends at the Post and Times.

No way anyone there will touch little Mirah and her fighting dogs that are going to kill someone. There isn't a lot of concern there about people's health because someone on their own team is putting the public at risk.

It's very selective criticism.

Wonkette has written about Horowitz. Why do they leave her alone after what she pulled? There's silence.

The guy who runs wonkette is a Democrat, so again, there's very selective reporting.

That's the problem I have. A shitheel is a shitheel. no matter what party, and it should get exposed. But media like the Times and Post protect their own, and even print propaganda for the Mirah Horowitzs of the world.

Anonymous said...

By the looks of it, stuffing your pit bulls face full of food all day long doesn't stop them attacking other dogs. Maybe he should try sleeping in the same bed.;)

Anonymous said...

Looks like Jane Berkey's niece, Jennifer Saul, is supporting Pit nutter Paladino.

Anonymous said...

The Rachel Ray of Politics!

Unfit for office.