Monday, October 4, 2010

craven mail bag: the truth is not hate speech

JOSEPH DOW writes:

You are a completely stupid and ignorant bitch spreading lies and propaganda over the internet. you have no idea what you are talking about. Just because a stupid fuck like you with no life adds something to the internet it will become true. Way to go with your copy and paste approach. Can't come up with anything real so you use false media reports and other bullshit! your site should be called parents kill considering 3 kids die EVERYDAY by the hand of a PARENT! 1000x more than attacked OR killed by Pit Bulls or any other breed! There is a special spot in hell reserved for scum bags like you!!!! Die a horrible and painful death! Hopefully by an "evil dogs" CUNT!

and then a few minutes later writes again:

Imagine that....nothing to say..low life scumbag keep spreading your lies and your bullshit. you might someday find someone that agrees with you and you can BOTH drink the magic cool-aid together and live happily ever after in LA LA Land! you really should consider suicide!

dude, i can't believe you kiss your dog or your wife with that mouth! but seriously, how is the job hunting coming along? you might just need a little more exposure. unfortunately, only three people read this blog, so i don't think that i can be of much help in that department. click here to see joe at work.


Your website DISGUSTS me!! Pit bulls are NOT the only breeds that are fact there are NO SUCH THINGS as a dangerous dogs..get ur facts straight, u idiots!! It's the OWNERS that are dangerous. EVERY dog in this entire world has the ability to be aggressive given the circumstances that they are given. What a worthless piece of fkn junk ur shit website is!


I would like for you to know that all of your information that you publish is biased and false. The media loves to target pitbulls because they are the ones most associated as mean and aggressive becuase they are caught in dog fighting rings. What you should publish is something like "Pitbulls are American heroes and should be treated as such." Did you know that "Petey", the dog from the orgianal Little Rascals, was a American Pitbull Terrier? Even Helen Keller owned a pitbull! It was widely used as a family pet throughout the 18th and 19th century. Yes is was eventually bred to fight because people could easily hide dog fighting as apposed to baiting, therefore they are breaking the law. I want you to know that my girlfriend and myself are fostering a pitbull/boxer mix and love him to death. My girlfriend's dog (which is a mutt dog, no specific breed can be pointed out) has caused all but one incidence between himself and the pit mix, and since the pit mix has been neutered, he has calmed down greatly and gets along greatly with other dogs and is wonderful with children. We steer children towards the pit becuase he loves children and the mutt dog doesnt like them and will snap at them. So instead of trying to destroy a breed based on any crap information that you get from the biased media and ignorant people, do some more research and preach more about neutering/spaying dogs, not killings. Below is several links to pitbull information.

PPS; You're section on pitbull owners is very offensive. I work for a family business, am a good citizen, involved in the community, and I am responsible with my dogs. And if you ever owned a dog, you have to understand that its the owner and not the dog. If the dog has no owner, it makes its own rules. If the dog has an owner, the owner makes the dogs rules. A dogs behavior won't change but an owner can take preventative measures to keep and incident from happening. Don't forget that there are plenty of people that do cause dog attacks to, namely children that taunt and torment dogs only to be bitten (In my lifetime, I've seen more kids bitten by breed weighing less than 30lbs. as compared to a 0 children bitten by large breeds).


Why don't you just skip the bullshit and call your website we hate pit bulls .com, you people amaze me, it is the OWNERS of the dogs who need to be held accountable for the actions of their animals, not the dogs, not to mention that you always hear about the dog that hopped the fence and attacked the kid, but you never hear how the irresponsible parents let their kid throw rocks at the dog, and antagonize the dogs until these tragedies happen. Pitbulls were once known as the "nanny" dog due to their calm and watchful demeanor with children, pit bulls just like all other dogs are mans best friend and above all an ANIMAL, I don't know why I'm wasting my time with this, you people are probably against gay marriage also, and think all blacks should be hung cause they are the majority in our prison systems, they are all the same right? Stop spreading your fucking hate, and throw yourself off a cliff, you fuck. I hope you took the time away from the latest episode of American idol to read this.

and a few minutes later writes again:

Look I'm sorry for the earlier email, I am just so sick of these anti pitbull campaigns I own 4 pits and they are the funniest dogs you will ever meet, I took the time to read your info, and you have some good stuff in here that could help pit bull owners, but if you attack their dogs good name we will respond similar to the way I did earlier, can't you just take out the pit bull name, I think you would reach a lot more people, and possibly prevent one of these horrible attacks, from ANY untrained pent up dog.


just to clear up this whole "vicious dog"' thing, you should know what you are talking about. Most people do not know that there are several breeds of dogs with similar features of the American Pit Bull Terrier/ Staffordshire Terrier but in fact DO NOT share the same behavioral and demeanor traits as the pit bull. Pit bulls actually rank third in breed behavior tests,(in same second.) These so called "pit bull" attacks are usually dogs with little or no pit in them at all, and because of uneducated people, are wrongly classified as pit bull. Pit bulls were specifically bred to NOT have any aggression towards humans WHAT SO EVER! Even fighting dogs. (it makes it easier to pull a dog out of the ring to end a fight without a bite being redirected to a hand) the pit was chosen for that reason. But as I was saying, there are dogs which tend to be mistaken for pit bulls that can be aggressive to humans such as the most confused, Dogo Argentinos and the Presa Canario( which resembles a larger pit) sometimes people even confuse American bulldogs and boxer mixes as pit bulls as well. Just trying to clear the American Pit Bull Terrier's name from all this confusion and i really hope you take my knowledge of this wonderful breed into consideration. my pits are the world to me, like so many other pit owners. it would kill me to give them up because of bans and uneducated people.thank you for your time. feel free to email back for further discussion or questions you may have.


Jessica McGee -

proud pit bull mommy :)


I made this E-maill addy so that the messages sent were from the same PP server , just to Ensure that you receive this message . I have read your BS Blogs and Have taken care of every animal you can legally own in the United States. On two occasions when I left my mother at home over 200 miles away from where I was working, alone, My American Blue Nosed Pitbull defended her from home invasions. I had a home in Rural Alabama on Highway 86. That dog saved my mothers life, and I could give you multiple instances where those dogs as well as Staffordshire and other forms of your so called DEVIL DOGS have done their SOLE DUTY AS PROTECTOR. They were born and raised to help trackers hunt large game like bears, they are not meant for social settings in my book, however you still demonize them. My Great Grandfather and Grandfather would both swear by these loyal forms of self defense and they were both Decorated Veterans of World Wars as well as Distinguished Police Officers. If I ever hear you speak Badly of my Good Friend P Pandoff Ever Again I will make you pay in the way you deserve. She's a good person and speaks up for an innocent creatures that you would abort at the third trimester. You are scum and should view yourself that way every time you look at yourself in the mirror. DO YOU FEEL ME? IF YOU FUCK WITH MY FRIENDS EVER AGAIN I WILL HAVE EVERYBODY I HAVE EVER KNOWN ONLINE DOG YOU TO THE BITTER ENDS OF THE EARTH. Think twice about anything you ever negatively say again about Pitbulls or any other specie of Canine. If you're gonna stick up so ferociously for one type then you better do it for all of them or else you're no better then a Conservative Nut Bag right winger.

there's an interesting story behind this threatening missive. remember parrot? remember the "game bitch in a cur world" patricia pandoff? i thought that she was treated unfairly in the parrot blog comments. i deleted one comment and edited another and then closed them. she and i had a civil email exchange. she mentioned that she would have liked to defend herself. i offered to open the comments again, so she could do that. i never heard back from her. next thing i know, this 29 yr old truck lumper shows up to educate me about the virtues of pit bulls and intimidate me into silence. while i greatly appreciate him taking the time to express his feelings, i am puzzled that someone who likes to thump her game chest would send this bully to defend her honor and the honor of mutants.

media bias, breed misidentification, all dogs are aggressive, racism, helen keller, petey, stubby... good job squeezing in all of those cliches people! and an even BETTER job reinforcing the stereotype of the pit bull owner. keep the emails coming.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like they read the maul guide from dogsbite!

scratch said...

This is all classic stuff, "my dogs are the sweetest", "you are a racist", "nobody can identify a pit bull", "I am a responsible citizen and dog owner but I will hunt you down and make you pay for speaking ill of my chosen breed."

HELLO... this has all been done before. Please have an original thought. Please concentrate on rational arguments, minus profanity, extra points for spelling.

Small Survivors said...

Unfortunately, when you work in a job that only stands out as being the most dangerous in the US, I don't think your employer cares if you have a filthy mouth and wish horrible ills on people.
Judging from the "position wanted" joke ad on the jobs website, tower climbers typically have problems with anger management, difficulty with impulse control and a propensity for putting themselves in unnecessary danger while on the job. That is also a perfect description of a normal 3 year old. It completely explains both "Idiot Joe's" letter and his affinity for pit bulls.
The catch-22 in his line of work is that if employers could attract people with 2 brain cells to rub together and the maturity of an 8 year old, they'd have a much lower fatality rate in an instant. Any blue collar thrill seeker with a minimum of 2 brain cells will look for a job in structural iron and steel working. Pay, benefits, union required safety practices that exceed OSHA requirements, and much better views - all there.
Idiot Joe's rant is scary infantile, but he is merely wishing pain, misery and a violent death on another human being, he is not threatening to cause it.

TIM GRIFFITH - He looks and writes like a stoner refugee from a Kevin Smith movie until he makes direct threats that are worthy of a police report.

Patricia Pandoff could only sound coherent and reasonable in short spurts before the narcissism kicked in. Knowing that Patricia counts this loser as a friend completely destroys any credibility she had.

Thanks for posting these. They are a great reminder of the kind of person attracted to pit bull ownership.

Friends Administrator said...

Yep, once again the nutters show that they are their worse enemy. Imagine showing these emails to officials who are considering regulation and bans. It would be easy for them to see the typical pit bull owner and definitely vote to ban. They are the best reason for banning, or the very least regulation, of pits just to keep these dangerous dogs out of the hands of people like them. We could just sit back and let them convince officials but we don't want to do that, do we. Keep 'em coming, nutters, you are doing a great job representing the pit bull, aside from the pits doing such a wonderful job daily with their maulings and killings. Between the two, pits don't stand a chance in hell of continuing to survive.

maultalker said...

A very good job summing up folks from Nutteryville!

“Media hysteria” > Victimizing pit bulls

“Pomeranians kill too!” > Minimization of attack

“Can you identify a pit bull?” > Condemnation of the Critics

“Nanny dog” > Emphasizing Positive Traits

“Man biter” > Dogman and Dogfighting Bullshit

“Romanticizing the history of dogfighting” > Dogman and Dogfighting Bullshit

Anonymous said...

How many of these mouth breathing knuckle draggers have insurance that would cover a victims medical expenses in the event of an attack?

I am guessing none.

Require liability insurance for these dogs, and the problem is solved.

Anonymous said...

craven, I am not going to say I told you so (joke! truly!) but Pandoff is an evil piece of trash crap. This is the face of FIGHTING DOGS, and it's an ugly one, and a lying one

And yeah, Pandoff, your "game dog" shit means FIGHTING DOG

These game doggers think they are being smart when they pretend to start being honest about these dogs, and Patricia pretended to care, pretended to insist that pit bulls don't belong at street fairs, don't belong around other dogs & kids, don't belong in public situations

Of course she does all this while posing as merely a groomer. She lies about the fact that she is breeding FIGHTING DOGS in Kentucky and is President of a club that breeds FIGHTING DOGS and sells them, and opposes bsl so they can keep shipping their FIGHTING DOGS out there to the public to kill people

Then we find out that despite all her "pretend to care" crap she and her ex husband were in MILITARY HOUSING (filled with kids, pets, crowded) BREEDING AND SELLING FIGHTING DOGS

She and her Kentucky pit bull terrier club are holding public pit bull fun fairs and inviting people to attend with their kids and dogs to pat the FIGHTING DOGS and buy some

She's got a second property in the woods with dozens of fighting dogs, as her fellow breeder reveals

This is the heart of the babykilling pit bull ethic. These people are very skilled liars. They are very sneaky and can be very persuasive. They have been breaking many laws over many years. They are ugly trash crap, but they know how to lie and deceive. They've been covering their tracks with their fake out talk and stories for a long time.

And giving a fake out about pretending to be honest about their FIGHTING DOGS.

Patricia, your friends in your club should be voting your wrinkled, old, ugly tattooed ass out of town, because they ALL are getting a good hard look at their affairs.

Anonymous said...

Michael Strickland, you are being played for a fool by women who are going to get you in trouble. They are feeding you lies so they can keep getting donations from people for themselves, while people like you do the dirty work and take on the liability with these fostered pit bulls and pit mixes.

When that "fostered pit mix" attacks or kills, YOU will lose your house, money, family business, and everything else in a lawsuit, and you may end up in jail.

That "rescue group" or person you are fostering for knows that your dog has problems, and there is a high potential for an attack, which is why they aren't taking the dog. They stuck the dog with YOU to let YOU take the fall.

And they fed you a bunch of lies to convince you.

If you are such a smart man, couldn't you figure out that you are being used all by yourself?

You take on ALL the liability with these fostered pit bulls.

And your statement "and since the pit mix has been neutered, he has calmed down greatly and gets along greatly with other dogs and is wonderful with children" really makes me realize you don't understand the first thing about pit bulls and about dogs in general.

Women are making a fool out of you, son!

Anonymous said...

If Jessica McGee were a real mommy, maybe she would care just a little bit about the children killing that pit bulls are responsible for.

Maybe the problem is that Jessica is another "women in dogfighting" honey?

Anonymous said...

Even Nicole Nunes was a little suspicious about what these sleazy pit pimpers and their Dr Deegan are up to in New York

Yes, there's a vet involved with shilling these fighting dogs

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

my issue with her being treated "unfairly" had to do with the fact that there were no documented or undocumented complaints against her dogs. i try real hard not to assume that every pit bull owner is an irresponsible pit nutter or dog fighter.

she fooled me. feel free to say i told you so.

lesson learned: in addition to never trusting your pit bull not to fight, never trust a pit bull owner to tell the truth

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

is it just me or is the avatar on the facebook page sexually suggestive? and by sexually, i mean bestiality.

Anonymous said...

They want to accuse you of copy and paste? There wasn't a SINGLE original argument in any of those e-mails, not a single one. We have on parade blaming the victims, minimizing the attacks, trying to equate all dog bites with pit maulings and deaths by pit attack, the nanny dog myth, the all man biters were culled myth, the Sgt. Stubby myth, the red herring logical fallacy, bad grammar, foul language, open threats (which ought to be reported, because that's illegal harassment), calls to "get educated". The link to the Maul Talk Manual has already been posted, so there's no need for me to do it again, but yes. All of these, from the polite and misguided to the hostile and moronic, are regurgitating things they've been fed from the pit lobby and dog fighters. Really sad and pathetic. And you losers wonder why people have such a low opinion of pit owners? You're your own worst enemies.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i noticed the copy and paste comment. i think he stole that from me.

Dude I Bagged Ur Pit said...

As happens from time-to-time, I'm not sure which picture goes with which story. The person in the 'Mommy Jeans' tee shirt... is that Jessica McGee or TIM GRIFFITH?

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

LOL! dude, you have been missed!

Anonymous said...

Holy shit, pit bull lovers are absolutely delusional. I wonder if they honestly think that all the news reports about people who've been mutilated by pit bulls are faked or something.

Colleen Lynn said...

In one email sent to from Glen Bui (formerly of the American Canine Foundation) he wrote:

"Your movement intentionally fakes Pit Bull attacks, they even have been known to let Pit Bulls loose intentionally, your blog with its data, it brings on hate and corruption.

You people in a way or no different then the dogfighter element, your movement involves meth heads, street garbage, animal hating humans that thrive on terrorizing the animal industry. You and I have met in person, you probably can't remember. I have young daughter that lives with me, she also travels with me, find somebody else to fuck with."

Mr. Bui and I have never met. He wrote this after the heat picked up from this blog post:

Anonymous said...

Hey Craven!

I'm doing a new piece on leading by example, which will be talking about the three models pit nutters like to use. Those models being "Pete, Stubble, and Tige" in comparison to the other models of the pitbull they try desperately to ignore.

In order to do this properly,I was looking at some bite statistics and came across this seemingly pro-pit site that recorded bites from other dogs that aren't pitbulls.

I haven't had the time to tally the number of dogs who have bitten the people on there to support my case on how pits outnumber all other breeds, but if you ever take a jab at it let me know! I'll be doing so in the meantime.

It might be a good site to use against them.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

all serious dog attacks are tracked by merritt clifton of animal people.

oh yeah, and of course the pit nutters hate him and accuse him of hate speech.

i don't know for certain but i think tige is a cartoon, not a real dog.

Anonymous said...

The so-called "positive pit role models" they hold up don't mean squat, anyway. It's several logical fallacies rolled into one: irrelevant reason, cherry picking, and anecdotal evidence.

For every good pit bull they can produce, I can point to countless other dogs with the exact same traits they claim to admire: loyalty, good with kids, gentle, patient, intelligent, and those dogs won't also be potentially lethal to other dogs, children, and adults. There's no good reason to own a pit bull that can't be fulfilled by other dog breeds. There are plenty of bad reasons.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i am always struck by the lack of pit nutter logic and hypocrisy. they tell us not to negatively judge a breed by the deeds of a few hundred attacks each year and then they say petey and stubby were pit bulls and expect us to positively judge an entire breed on the basis of just TWO dogs throughout history..

Anonymous said...

Hey Craven,
Facebook has been acting weird and I fear they might be deleting my blog soon, they've done this kind of thing with another topic I've posted....

As you can tell, I'm now on blogger! You can change the link (but keep the image) of the facebook to this blog, as I will post the facebook link within my own blog. :)


Anonymous said...

One thing I have always meant to do is to ask a nutter, dog owner to dog owner...why should I support you? Really....why would I NOT want pit bulls banned? I have had a lifetime of bad experiences with the breed, and they are a frequent and direct threat to my non-pit bull dog. You don't NEED a pit bull for a companion, why should I indulge you? I mean, logically, it is not in my best interest to have pit bulls in the neighborhood, they are a threat to children and other pets, their presence lowers property values. Why on earth would I not support BSL?

Anonymous said...

Stubby appears to have been a Boston Terrier, Tige was an advertising cartoon mascot, Petey was poisoned, rumors hint at biting incidents with the children in the Our Gang films. There are no role models here.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

stubby was a boston bull terrier as was the dog owned by helen keller. these were different dogs back then. they were fighting dogs but they were not american pit bull terriers which is what nutters like donna reynolds want you to think.

Anonymous said...

Glen Bui?

The only way I even recognize his name is from discussions among pit bull owners about restraining orders taken out on this guy, some kind of criminal activity he was involved with, and taking donations for his own use.

Even the pit nutters call this guy a scumbag!

Anonymous said...

"they even have been known to let Pit Bulls loose intentionally"

So Mr Glen Bui apparently is hanging out with the creepy old ladies in AKC, because they have been making up stories for decades about people "intentionally letting show dogs loose."

Too bad for them it isn't true, but instead these idiot breeders were either not closing crates properly or were stealing each others' dogs at shows (True fact!)

Doesn't Bui hang around with convicted animal abuser Sandi Coy too? And that old woman pit breeder who is in with Coy who runs the Responsible Dog Owners of the Western States breeder group?

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

glen bui - enjoy!

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

the washington RDOWS kook is cherie graves. she seems to have fallen off the earth. i think her husband died and then she got very sick.

Small Survivors said...

I looked at Glen Bui's photo - That is one guy you would not forget meeting. And wow at the criminal record. I think he's got most of the other nutters featured here beat.

Anonymous said...

Glen Bui was involved with some other person working his angle.

Was it Jim Crosby?

I can't remember. It was some other guy, and they were running some group together.

They were going to the media, who were too clueless to figure out what a crook the guy is.

Anonymous said...

Criminal Glen Bui with his accompanying cast of crooks and dog fighter backups through his American Canine Foundation

Notice the DVMs in there with the criminals

They lost.

Every one of these vets should have lost their license. Aiding and abetting dog fighters is NOT ok.

And imagine having your animal control officer, JIM CROSBY, involved with criminals like this? An ex cop too.

"In August 2006 ACF through their Colorado attorney filed a federal lawsuit against the city of Aurora citing several constitutional rights violations. The Commerce Clause is being argued regarding the 10 AKC breeds and anything that looks like them that Aurora banned. Plaintiff's in the case are ACF, Tina Villani and Florence Viazon. Experts used will be Dr Brisbin PhD, Dr Milani DVM, Dr Al Stinson DVM Professor of Veterinarian Medicene, Jim Crosby, Jan Cooper, Glen Bui and Dr Estep PhD."

Anonymous said...

Here's the whole cast of dog fighter-enabling crooks involved in criminal Bui's organization

This should REALLY piss off any American, non-crook taxpayer

Jan Cooper Anaheim Ca.
Retired USDA - A.P.H.I.S. - VS Biological Control and
Monitoring Division
US Department of Interior US Fish and Wildlife Service law
US Department of Commerece NOAA-MFS Special Agent
Animal behavioralist
BSL-updates yahoogroups
Rott-n-Chatter Website

And we wonder why the USDA enables puppy mills with shit like this working for us?

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

crosby was an "expert" witness for bui's org. i hear the two had a falling out after crosby didn't do so well in aurora, colorado.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

and i am at a loss as to how someone with multiple felony convictions can become an "expert".

Anonymous said...

our pit niggers here in western canada spew out all the same twisted arguments and false excuses.obviously it all comes from the same sources. sams owner

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i have no idea what the above comment means. "pit niggers"? and who is sam?

Anonymous said...

in this context pit nigger is not a racist term just predudiced against the assholes who get off on dog fighting,human violence and all the other cool stuff. sorry to offend anyone who doesn't deserve the title.geadvess

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

not necessarily offended but definitely confused. thanks for clearing that up.

Anonymous said...

craven: is it time out time for all "OJ" dogs? methinks the time is nigh!