Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Ockham's Razor


Ockham's Razor is a principal of logic that asserts that the simplest explanation of a phenomenon is most likely the correct one rather than a more complicated explanation.

Logic is perverted on an almost daily basis by the pit bull apologia.

Let's take today for example. The most recent pit bull fatality (read about it at Dogsbite.org) is in rural Missouri, the land of the puppy mill and the dogfighter. John Reynolds found his father lying in the fenced area that contains 17 pit bulls. His father was deceased and had injuries consistent with an animal attack. The simplest, most logical assumption is that he was killed by dogs, not just any dogs, THOSE dogs. Ockham's logic doesn't fly in the world of pit nutters. John Reynolds junior is convinced that the pit bulls did not kill his father and hypothesized that a mountain lion killed his father INSIDE the pit bull enclosure containing 17 pit bulls. He has no explanation as to how and why a mountain lion would enter an enclosure with 17 dogs and then magically disappear or why not a single ONE of the 17 most "courageous, loving, loyal, people pleasing" dogs created by psychopaths would step up and protect their master from harm.

This theory of logic was first attributed to fourteenth century english philosopher William of Ockham, others have embraced it.

"We are to admit no more causes of natural things than such as are both true and sufficient to explain their appearances."
Isaac Newton 

"We could still imagine that there is a set of laws that determines events completely for some supernatural being, who could observe the present state of the universe without disturbing it. However, such models of the universe are not of much interest to us mortals. It seems better to employ the principle known as Occam's razor and cut out all the features of the theory which cannot be observed."
Stephen Hawking 

"Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler."
Albert Einstein


FormerAKCmember said...

Nice maul talk from a commenter of the news story:

IMCROI wrote:
[Denial of pit bull's responsibility] You can believe this. The dogs did not kill John Reynolds. I will not go into the details of his injuries due to respect for the family, but NO dog did the injuries that were inflicted on him. It was most likely the mountain lion that has been spotted in the area. [perceived expert] First of all, if the dogs killed him, you would see injuries on the dogs. The video did not show any injuries to the dogs. If the dogs were in a frenzy eating John, then they would have had injuries themselves. They would have just been biting and clawing and getting each other as much as him. Again, the dogs looked healthy and had no sign of injury. -- ATTENTION IDIOT NUTTER, THE SON WASHED THE BLOOD OFF OF THE DOGS, THE DOGS WERE ONLY VIDEO TAPED 6 DAYS AFTER THE FATAL ATTACK --
[The story doesn't add up] Second, why has the body not been released to the family? There has been no obituary or funeral plans made. If the Sheriff believes the dogs killed John, I believe it would be his duty to destroy the dogs. [Nutter pretending to be a resident of the town!] Don't tell me Callaway County does not have the funds to handle this. We all pay taxes here. We are not that poor. [LIAR!]

Al Swearengen said...

I live in rural Missouri and this is what we are up against; the John Reynolds types – the fucking hillbillies. You can send them to school but you can’t teach them jack shit. It wouldn’t matter if you chained them to a school desk everyday of their pathetic lives, they wouldn’t recognize a logical fallacy if it was humping their leg.

There couldn’t be a more graphic example of an imbecile’s non-sequitur than this one; daddy is out back lying dead among the pit bulls, so, “Must have been a mountain lion.” God fucking damn it; that’s classic pit bull owner shit right there. I see it and hear it everyday, and I guarantee the more inbred a hillbilly is, the more likely they are to own a pit bull. Believe that.

We only have a handful of communities that have managed to outlaw the hair trigger killers – a testament to the uselessness of our good ol boy system. And how the fuck is it this happened a week ago and we’re just now hearing about it? Officials knew about it, so who the fuck were they trying to protect and why? I call bull shit.

Anonymous said...

Now that I've learned that it took 6 days for the case to come out it's proved these points.

A. media doesn't go scouring for pit news ALL the time like nutters claim. They only got this because someone called in.

B. None of these dogs showed any loyalty for the nutter. They just watched in apathy apparently if the lion (haha) did attack.

C. These dogs look well fed and well homed and they still killed the man who SLEPT with them.

shar pei mix said...

As of last night, the first result when you googled "Reverend John Reynolds" was an article posted on stormfront.org. 'Nuff said.

Anonymous said...

The Missouri dog breeding world is made up of people like this guy.

This one happens to be breeding and selling fighting dogs. Most of them are breeding and selling puppy mill puppies that show up in our mall and local pet stores and Petlands.


It goes on because the political system in Missouri is completely corrupt and lets itself get bought off to let the dog fighters and puppy millers do whatever they want, which is pretty bad.

The Missouri Veterinary Medical Association is involved in protecting this racket, and the state department of agriculture too.

A guy like this can't operate without help from the authorities, and he got it until someone ratted him out.

Anonymous said...

Yes, 6 days for this to reach the press, and it wouldn't have happened at all if not for that one person who felt it should.

It makes you wonder how many deaths by pit bulls have gone completely unreported. Considering how pit bull owners hate to eat crow and are given to invented excuses, I bet there are more than you think.

Anonymous said...

Al Swearengen...I loved you in Deadwood, and I love you even more on this blog.

shar pei mix said...

I wish Dexter would show up on petfinder.


They're promoting National Pit Bull Awareness Day coming up on Oct. 23.


P.S: Don't miss their article on Pit Bull Myths, Legends and Reality.

Anonymous said...

craven, you may want to consider a blog post on some of these freaking maniacs that are in the "vicious dog rehabbing" business.

Someone sent me something posted by this THOMAS COLE, who actually gets judges to GIVE HIM KNOWN VICIOUS DOGS so he can "rehab" them and adopt them into new homes.

Look at the setup that this Coles has- he lives in an APARTMENT COMPLEX teeming with KIDS. In a tiny apartment!

He's getting pit bulls that have attacked!

AND he admits that he doesn't even know what the hell he is doing!

Judges are giving clowns like this vicious dogs so they can get people and pets killed!

(The Steve Markwell that he mentions is the fat clown with no prior dog experience who suddenly declared himself an expert on vicious dogs and was having biters shipped to him in Washington (Olympia maybe?) to escape dangerous dog designation. At his "sanctuary" they go on chains outdoors and then Steve showed up with an arm broken by one of his vicious pit bulls. CLUELESS!)

These "rehabber" people are downright dangerous themselves. The question is, are they springing up from the rocks they climbed out from because they are getting tax dollars, or just because they are egomaniacs who want to pretend to be experts?

I don't think there's room here, so the Thomas Cole posting follows

shar pei mix said...

Oh, it gets worse. On their blog, the leading story is entitled National Pit Bull Awareness Day: One adoptable Pit's quest for connection

It tells about Gail, the 2 year old misunderstood pibble taken in from the mean streets of the Bronx.

This adoptable pit bull, according to its foster, "won my household over. She followed us from room to room, ignored the cats and showed zero signs of aggression. Underweight at 41 lbs., she was still bigger than any of our previous fosters (we live in a small apartment), but she was calm and simply happy to be around us.

In fact, Gail seemed unhappy unless we were there. When we turned in for the night, she scaled a baby gate to get out of the living room and into the bedroom. The cats were not pleased. So we crated Gail, but she broke out -- three times.

Gail, it turned out, had severe separation anxiety. When she couldn't be near us, she would have anxiety attacks, destroying our belongings, soiling the house (she is otherwise housetrained) and injuring herself."

The author concludes with "Gail, to me, represents all Pit Bulls(sic--note capital letters for the wiggle butts ): Yes, she's a big, strong dog. But more powerful than her physique is her desire to be close to a loving human companion."

Be very, very afraid for anyone who has to live with, next door to, or who otherwise has to come into contact with this person. We know this already. Let's hope they do too.

P.S: Is "adoptable pit bull" included in the maul talk manual? Maybe Gail here or our incinerated friend Parrot could be the inspiration for its inclusion.

Anonymous said...

This Thomas Cole person is downright DANGEROUS, and obviously represents a marginal group of people that are claiming to be vicious dog "rehabbers" as a business, and representing themselves as such to judges and courts even though they are NOT experts and don't know what they are doing.

He wrote this in reference to the supposedly rehabbed Best Friends Vicktory pit bulls killing the other dog, and what this Cole is pissy about is he thinks Best Friends should be giving clowns such as himself money and notoriety so Best Friends can turn the whole operation into a fighting dog business and have more killings, and send these dogs out to our neighborhoods.

His "trial and error" means that our family members and pets die so he can play expert.

And it's totally lost on this idiot that rehabbing is not only a failure, but millions of non-vicious dogs die while they fool around putting vicious pit bulls in homes. That then kill other dogs.

"Thomas Cole Says:

As this is such an important issue, both for the animal welfare in general and for myself personally, I’d like to offer my 2¢ worth from a different perspective than what I read in all the comments:

John Garcia at BFAS is their resident rehabber for these more reactive dogs. He and a number of us around the country are stepping into a new arena (pun intended) in dealing with these most-dangerous dogs. There are no manuals, no training courses available to teach us what to do. I know – I’ve taken Jean Donaldson’s and Dr. Petra Mertens’ advanced aggression courses and found nothing to help me in my efforts. Cesar Millan is the best resource for this rehab work.

BFAS stands alone, however in one respect in dealing with these challenging dogs: the rest of us operate quietly in the background without notoriety. Oh, occasionally one of us will get a write-up, but we shy away from the limelight – unlike BFAS – because it’s our nature. That’s what makes us do this work. We love challenges and the sense of accomplishment when we return a dog to a calm, balanced state. We can then turn this animal over to someone else for training. BFAS has grown from publicity and now feeds off it – the spotlight is a dangerous companion when rehabbing challenging dogs. Must stay focused, right? Big, sharp teeth…

We all are learning under different environments. Cesar Millan ran the Dog Psychology Center during his rehabbing days. Steve Markwell in Washington runs a sanctuary and does not rehome his dogs. The same with Alan Papszycki in upstate New York. However, others like myself, Brandi Tracy, Tia Maria Torres and Leah Purcell all rehab dogs with the goal of finding them homes. That raises the stakes, for obvious reasons.

I am the odd man out because I don’t have a formal facility like the rest – I work in a small apartment in a large rental complex with kids running around. Typically, I take dogs from judges willing to give them one last chance instead of issuing a court-ordered death sentence. As you can imagine I have had some pretty scary dogs in my place. The video on the blog referenced below shows my last dog being rehabbed.

We are learning the hard way, by trial and error. Whether in a fancy huge complex like Best Friends in Angel Canyon, or in my little apartment, we are trying to figure out how to navigate these uncharted waters."

Anonymous said...

This is all stuff that normal people don't even know is going on in the dog world (they claim "humane" but there is nothing humane about anything these "rehabbers" are doing. This is a wacko BUSINESS)

,and yet all of us are at risk of getting involved in a dangerous attack by dogs these people have and have obtained through our court system. KNOWN VICIOUS DOGS.

I had no idea this craziness was going on like it is!

This Brandi Tracy that Thomas Cole mentions later he is impressed by and is "accomplished" as a rehabber. Guess what she REHABS?

"Brandi Tracy, by herself, handles 20-30 potentially very dangerous LARGE dogs that can make pitties look rather timid! Her
powerful wolf hybrids are housed in a special sanctuary behind concrete footings, a tall wood fence, and electrical wires running around the place."

Tell me this woman is not a wolf hybrid breeder??? Where are 20-30 wolf hybrids from?

Is she getting courts and judges to give her wolf hybrids?

Anonymous said...

Ledy VanKavage lying and scamming for bucks at change.org

Ledy deserves some comments so maybe the gullible won't get screwed.

Why does change.org allow scammers like this to use their site and lie? Is there anyone posting on change.org who is telling the truth about this pit bull scamming?

She doesn't care about the karma of thousands of pets a year getting killed and mutilated by pit bulls, not to mention the people! She sure didn't put up a new post about the karma of sanctuary dog Beans getting killed by the Vick pit bulls at her Best Friends Animal Sanctuary!


And look who shows up- THOMAS COLE.

They actually want to force shelters and pounds to give out killer dogs.

Cole is connected to OF COURSE Nathan Winograd and here is his page at Winograd-connected Animal Ark in Minnesota (which has a scumbag from one of the pit bull registries, I think, on their board). That shows you what Animal Ark is up to. Cole lives in Hopkins Minnesota so any of you in an apartment complex there, be careful. He doesn't give a crap about you or your kids.


Anonymous said...

The person at this Animal Ark in Minnesota that this Thomas Cole is connected to is Mike Fry, who is connected to Nathan Winograd.

Animal Ark has someone from a pit bull registry on their board, hence Winograd and the pit bull dealing.

Anonymous said...

The funny thing is these pit bull rehabbers and rescuers don't want things like spay neuter laws. They want there to be more, more, more unwanted pit bulls so they can extort money out of shelters and the taxpayer to "rescue" and "rehab" fighting dogs, and then sell them so they can kill people. (Notice they always want an Oreo's Law or Hayden's Law to get passed to force shelters and pounds to give them vicious dogs and $$$. These are extortion laws to make money and business for rehabbers and rescue crazies who don't want to work.)

These people also are pushing for property seizure for the busted dog fighters and breeders so the "rehabbers" can seize THEIR money too!

If pit bull breeders think these idiots are helping them, they are screwed in the head.

These rehabbers and rescuers are not only getting pit bull attacks in the daily headlines so more attention gets paid to breeders, they are out to get the breeders' and fighters' $$$$, cars, property.

The pit bull rescue and rehab racket. What a scam!

Anonymous said...

I can just picture it.

Best Friends gives Thomas Cole money and publicity as he pretends to "rehab" vicious dogs.

Vicious dogs inevitably kill or maim someone.

Headlines. Thomas Cole lives in crappy little apartment, no assets, no insurance.

Hello lawyers? BEST FRIENDS GETS SUED and gets in the headlines for getting someone killed or maimed.

If they support and finance these people, they take the fall.

Best Friends has already been burned helping a pit bull rescuer and rehabber like Don Chambers, who killed the dogs. (They not only gave him money and dogs, they gave him room on their website to fundraise and they promoted him!) Think of what will happen if a rehabber's dog kills someone!

Anonymous said...

Betsy Saul runs Petfinder

She is responsible for the fighting dog pushing and lies.

Her husband Jared Saul is a doctor. Nice huh? Think he cares about the killing and injuries that his wife is promoting through these dogs, and telling families they should get them? And hiding the problems they have?

Petfinder is owned by Discovery networks so Betsy Saul colludes with Marjorie Schwartz, the hack in charge at Animal Planet, to promote pit bull bloodshed on other breeds and us.

You just KNOW Jane Saul Berkey is in that mess somewhere.

As to whether Saul is related to Saul Berkey, I have no idea.

These are supposedly middle class, educated people getting other people and pets killed through their fantasies and control and ego issues.

They have the ethics of piranhas.

FormerAKCmember said...

Related to the Berkey "Saul establishment?" Craven, any word on this?

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

betsy saul is married to jared saul.

he does not APPEAR to be related.

Anonymous said...

I was on a dog site where this incident was being discussed, and not only do some people believe the cougar line, some also think that the man might have had a heart attack and the dogs just scratched him in their efforts to "help" him!! Oh, yeah, and it's another media conspiracy to bash the pit bulls reputation even more! How clueless can these pit lovers get?!

Anonymous said...

"not only do some people believe the cougar line, some also think that the man might have had a heart attack and the dogs just scratched him in their efforts to "help" him!!"

They don't "believe" this.

These are just familiar lies that they use to cover up the problems that pit bulls have, and to try to cover up pit bull murders.

The "heart attack" and the "pit bulls trying to help" fake stories are as old and misused as the fake chihuahua and nanny dog stories.

It's just a lie, a fabrication.

Lies built upon lies, because sometimes they can get away with lies if the audience is ignorant.

Just like some criminals do.

Anonymous said...

The HSUS Lockwood "Are Pit Bulls Different Study?" cited that Pit Bulls are six times more likely to attack their owners than other breeds.

Nothing new here.....

Anonymous said...

Pitricide: The act of killing one's parent to rise to throne of a Trailer/Pit Breeding empire.