Saturday, March 6, 2010

FABB founder

FAITH HYNOSKI of seattle dog works

follow faith on twitter and FABB twitter as she follows the antics of the PIT BOSS, SHORTY ROSSI, promotes karen delise books and fight bust dogs, the ONLY truly dangerous breed: cocker spaniels and whines about not being able to walk around the neighborhood "without being assaulted by off-leash dogs!" right back at ya slick!

This past Sunday, September 7, my yellow lab Sam was viciously attacked by a pit bull owned by the founder of F.A.B.B. (Families Against Breed Bans), at the grand opening of a friendly new dog store (Zak and Zoe) on Phinney Ridge. The attack was witnessed by many, and all were horrified. Everyone was also struck by the irony of the incident: the attack happened after we had all been standing around outside the store, calmly listening to the owners tell us about the sweetness of pit bulls, and how it is the owner’s fault when pit bulls become violent. They had come to the grand opening event to make their cause known, handing out flyers and “educating the public” about pit bulls. And then, after 15 minutes of standing with them, chatting, all dogs on leashes, without any notice or provocation or visible signs of aggression whatsoever preceding the attack, their pit bull turned violently on our dog and locked his jaws on Sam’s neck. Let me be clear, this was not in any way a fight. Sam was just standing there (he’s known in our area as ‘the sweetest dog on the planet’) — this was an unprovoked attack.
You can imagine my irritation while listening to yesterday’s guest on KUOW, representing F.A.B.B., three days after this attack, as she defended the ever-popular notion that “it’s not the breed, it’s the owner,” and that these are sweet dogs, completely trustworthy in public. I believe these particular owners to be caring, well-meaning people, offering a loving home to their pit bulls. It is my understanding that the dog that attacked Sam had been through some training, and was thought to be very sweet, and fine in social situations with people and other dogs. These are the good, conscientious, caring kind of pit bull owners. They just happen to have a dog whose predecessors were bred to fight and to kill, and so there can be a predisposition in all these dogs that is genetic, and can lead to unpredictable, dangerous behavior.


Anonymous said...

"...her passion for dog training really came about after adopting her two rescue dogs; Zack & Zoe, both of whom hold AKC CGC (Canine Good Citizen) titles, with Zoe earning therapy titles with the Delta Society and Connecting Canines. As a registered pet partner, Faith & Zoe have recently begun visiting hospitals, schools and prisons within Washington."

CGC certification with a recorded attack? Therapy certification and visits to schools and hospitals (I can get behind her dogs going into prisons)?

Anonymous said...

Dogs go haywire from time to time with other dogs, this happens on a regular basis with dogs of every breed and mix, just visit any dog park and you will witness a similar event or worse every day.
My pit bull was playing happily with a friends' golden retriever when the golden decided he was the boss and grabbed onto my dog's neck and began shaking and growling, I had to yank him off and then he tried to bite me. My dog just froze in place in fear, he has never put his teeth on another dog or human in all his years, so please enough with the pit bull hate,there are badly behaved dogs and humans of every race, and breed, this is life, get over it already.

Anonymous said...

And the AKC Good Citizen garbage is just that. GARBAGE. Not worth the paper they spew out.

Copmpletely meaningless trash.

Anonymous said...

"As a registered pet partner, Faith & Zoe have recently begun visiting hospitals, schools and prisons within Washington"

Even the dog fighter breeders are doing the therapy dog routine these days!

It's a scam to trick the gullible into believing these aren't fighting dogs.

Well, they are fighting dogs.

Faith Hynoski and her ilk are ON THE RADAR.

They are being watched and tracked, and when their dogs hurt or kill (or when they terrorize or stalk people) they will be in court and they will face criminal charges.

Unfortunately there's a whole new breed of people who aren't putting up with these fighting dog supporters and their crimes, and their fake rescue operations.

Faith and her friends better keep their dogs under lock and key to prevent incidents, and they better make sure their tax records are in order.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous with the pit bull, take your fake stories and your fighting dog and shove them.

You and your friends are not being tolerated anymore.

You will end up in court for years the minute your fighting dogs do what they do.

So don't get over it. Get ready.

Anonymous said...

I don't believe you....

Anonymous said...

Amanda Conrad was a GCC Evaluator also..

C'mon AKC, tighten up this ship!

HonestyHelps said...

Anon, it is not HATE that motivates us, our motivation is trying to save lives with the TRUTH about pits. Go see the truth at
We want to save people's lives instead of defending a breed that was bred to kill and does so regularly. What is hateful is the denial that you and your comrades express daily about pits, telling families that they are "nanny" dogs so you can feed your "Savior" complex about pits. I doubt your story anyway, straight out of the pit bull forums.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

please send me the link that sates that amanda conrad is CGC evaluator.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

this pit nutter COULD be telling the truth.
not every border collie will herd, not every pointer will point, not every retriever will retrieve, not every pit bull will fight. i have met two pit bulls that were completely submissive to other dogs. i suspect that one of those pit bulls would even go so far as to go belly up if attacked. i think these are in the minority. the big difference is in what the golden does to a dog and what a pit bull does to a dog when they have them by the throat. i think that most of the time, the non pit bull is just making a statement. in this situation, the golden had the pit by throat but what was the damage to pit? or the person breaking it up? none. how many times do you read about pit bulls grabbing hold of a victim and needing to be killed to release? how many times do you hear about people seriously injured or KILLED trying to save their dog from a golden retriever?

the pit nutter could have taken a kernel of truth and reworked it into a story more favorable to her wiggle butt. for example, an older golden retriever has decided that they are done playing with a younger more energetic and obnoxious pit bull pup but the pit bull pup isn't done playing and is not reading the cues. the golden could just be telling the pup to knock it off. the aggression of the golden could have been exaggerated or completely fabricated. of course we will never know the truth.

what we do know is the owner of the pit bull did not require medical treatment.

Anonymous said...

It's a big mistake to think that submissive pit bulls can't be aggressive. That is why so many of these "accidents" happen: people don't see it coming.

Anonymous said...

"C'mon AKC, tighten up this ship!"

The AKC is unfortunately right in the middle of this with Pit Bull Staffordshire Terrier breeders like Holly Stump that are initiating this kind of therapy dog scam, and the scam good citizen paperwork.

The AKC is dirty as can be.

This whole thing is money to them, and that is all they care about.

Anonymous said...

"have met two pit bulls that were completely submissive to other dogs"

The problem that people are discovering as they take pits in as pets is that a pit bull can act submissive for even years, and then suddenly IT'S NOT and things very dramatically change and the dog becomes violent with no advance warning.

Something else that makes pit bulls so very different from other dogs.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i don't think you understand what i mean by submissive. i'm talking about going down on the belly, turning the head side ways and muzzle licking the other dog upon meeting. i don't care how much training, how many titles, or how submissive they are, i would never let a pit bull interact with my dogs. just like i would never get in the car with someone who has been drinking. most drunk drivers make it home without hurting anyone but the risk is there. same with child molesters. i don't care how much treatment they go through, i would never trust them with kids. the risk is too great.

the point that i am making is while i don't believe every single pit bull will attack another dog, i also am not interested in allowing my dogs to be guinea pigs. i have seen pit fighters climb out of the pit to try and escape the other dog. to try and maintain that every single pit bull is a vicious killer is the flip side of the "it's all how you raise 'em" argument.

Anonymous said...

When's the last time a Golden Retriever or any other non Pit was removed from the gene pool for losing a match?!?

This issue comes down to intention as the Dogmen have been hellbent on producing champions from nearly two centuries and they have culled millions of losers.

It's no different than how auto accidents are treated differently between sober drivers and drunk ones.

Anonymous said...

"the pit nutter could have taken a kernel of truth and reworked it into a story more favorable to her wiggle butt"

Oh, you mean like the 650 word article you posted that was written to the editor about the vicious pit bull attack on the Lab?

Funny thing about this vicious attack that COULD have ripped the face of this dog, and that COULD have this and COULD have that....

Funny thing about this vicious attack - NOT a SINGLE word about any physical injuries to this dog -
Funny thing - NO mention of a VISIT to the VET - NO VET BILL - Not a drop of blood....

Well, if this pit had this Lab by the neck for "minutes" then the the Pit must not have had any teeth. What a crock !

Pit bull nutters aren't the only ones to take a "kernel of truth" and weave it into a fairy tale of monstrous proportions.

Anonymous said...

Amanda Conrad AKC GCC "Pencil Whipper":

Dogbites you never hear about said...

i have seen pit fighters climb out of the pit to try and escape the other dog.

So you've been to a pit fight!!!

Your so full of shit Craven your eyes are brown LMWFAO

Anonymous said...

"don't think you understand what i mean by submissive. i'm talking about going down on the belly, turning the head side ways and muzzle licking the other dog upon meeting"

I do.

The bizarre thing about pit bulls is that they WILL exhibit the submission you describe, sometimes for years, and then suddenly that same apparently submissive dog isn't submissive any more. And there's an incident, shall we say.

Some people describe it as "snapping."

But it is certainly out of the norm canine behavior that comes up again and again in pit bulls.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

marty, i never attended a pit fight but i have seen plenty of them. some of them i saw thanks to game-dog. didn't you know what people were posting on your forum?

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i think you guys are still missing my point. it is all about risk. sure cars are dangerous. fatal car accidents happen all of the time with or without alcohol involvement. there is a big difference between an accident caused by some idiot drinking and driving and someone who is momentarily distracted because they are changing the radio station or talking their kids. at least in my mind. our society has deemed the risk of drinking and driving unacceptable and has criminalized the behavior. i think our society needs to also look realistically at the risk of fighting dogs. they might not all create harm but the risk is there and it is unacceptable to force others to assume that risk. i think that we should work towards the elimination of the fighting dogs through spay/neuter and place strict conditions on those owning them.

Anonymous said...

Craven, I'm glad you cleared that up. I was starting to think you were a nutter.

Anonymous said...

What happened to the poor cur who refused to scratch?!?

Anonymous said...

I wonder if the "wonderful dog trainer" was a pit bull propogandist?

Anonymous said...

Marty sounds all sad and stuff, like his best friends have kicked him to the curb.

Anonymous said...

Confucious Say:

"Man who own shiteaters bred by convicted child molester, should shut piehole on breeding issue."

MS Girl said...

for those of us who were there that day, the story is a little different. The lab was overly excited and was bothering the pit bull. The pit bull gave multiple verbal warnings to the lab before he did anything physical and the lab failed to listen to the cues so the pit bull took it up a notch just like any normal dog would. Pit bulls jaws do not lock. The lab was unharmed which means this pit bull has amazing bite inhibition. Pit bulls are not loose cannons but they are terriers and terriers have been bred to be tenacious and brave.

Eliminating an entire breed is not the answer. Dog bite statistics don't change much when you ban an entire breed. What we need is education to the masses about the importance of socialization, bite inhibition and how much responsibility it is to raise a dog. All breeds bite but all bites do not always get reported.