Friday, October 15, 2010

weekly frankenmauler roundup 10/15/10

10.08.10 hillsboro, oregon a pit bull escaped its yard and attacked two dogs being walked by a hillsboro man and his wife. the man pulled out his legally owned and carried hand gun, fired two rounds and killed the mutant.

10.09.10 internet chatter I recently saw a pit bull getting very aggressive with another dog at the dog park. The owner of the other dog looked for pit bull’s owner for assistance but ended up grabing the pit bull by the collar and hit it in the ribs. I’d take on any dog to protect my dog but my wife says not to get involvede in the fight. Any suggestions?

10.11.10 UK a mutant pit bull savaged a cat.

10.11.10 huber heights, ohio a pit dog killed a schnauzer.

10.11.10 lantana, florida an ugly mutant with a history with the AC, got loose from its house and killed Coki, a 10 lb pomeranian. the little dog's owner was bitten trying to save her dog. 56 yr old Shelly Puritz is waiting to hear if it had current rabies shots. the pit nutter CORY HUSTEN, or COREY HOUSTEN says that it is as "simple as leaving a door open". huh?

10.11.10 internet chatter We have a fenced backyard. On Monday evening, while I was out, a neighboring dog jumped fences to get into my yard. He is a shepherd mix (looks like pit bull). He mauled my dog, a corgi-terrier, to death. My back patio was covered in blood, the collars of both dogs, & my poor sweet dog’s mangled body. We’ve seen the said dog with a choker chain collar like the one we found on our patio…no tags. Our next door neighbors said they saw that dog in their yard the night of the attack. We confronted the owners of the suspect dog &, long story short, they got a deer in the headlights look & shut the door in our face. The police won’t do anything because a person wasn’t involved. Animal Control won’t do anything because we don’t have hard proof – no witnesses. There’s 2 schools about a ¼ mile from my home. It’s my understanding when a dog does this, it will do it again! Nothing I can do will bring back the lifelong friend I had in my pet, but I have to stop this from happening again!

I would never say it looks like a pit bull just b/c it did something violent. I’m not about that. It does, however, seem to resemble some pit features. My neighbors have stated similar opinions.

10.12.10 kanab, utah a VICK dog chewed/busted/dug out (we don't know the particulars yet and we might not ever) through his kennel and killed another dog and attacked another VICK dog.

10.12.10 UK two miscreants held a cat down and allowed their mutant pit bull to maul it.

10.12.10 internet chatter My sister’s cat was killed while she watched. Some people were walking their unleashed pit bull dog down the street. The pit bull ran into my sister’s yard, jumped on the porch, and grabbed her cat’s neck. The dog flung the cat back and forth while the dog owners yelled at him. My sister was in shock and screamed, “MY CAT, MY CAT!” My sister’s husband threw a pan of water on the mean dog, but he continued to kill the cat. The dog’s owers grabbed the dog finally and said they were just baby sitting the dog, that he was not their dog. The peole did not say they were sorry and they offered no help. The people and the dog continued their walk down the street while my sister was sobbing uncontrollably. Aren’t there city laws that punish mean, uncontrolled dogs, and their stupid owners that do not keep them on a leash?

rip Tubs
10.12.10 UK 11 yr old Tubs was killed by a mutant staffy bull in his own yard. the miscreants that are attracted these fighting nannies let their dog off leash and laughed when he charged after the cat and killed it. the ugly mutant let go and left with the couple. Tubs' owner and her 6 yr old son witnessed the assassination. Anyone with information should call 020 8721 2009, or Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111.

10.12.10 UK a brindle and white staffy bull mix grabbed a hold of Paul Miller's small terrier named Scamp. Miller was bitten on the hand as he unsuccessfully tried to save his dog and he is suffering flashbacks. the pit nutter is described as a white male between 40-50. 0161 856 5761 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111

10.13.10 UK the owner of an ugly staffy bull watched as his frankenmauler attacked Mutley. Sandra Grace was injured trying to save her dog. neighbors came to her aid and then the pit nutter disappeared. he is described as 25-30 with a grey hoody and jeans. because she was only injured trying to save her dog, the pit nutter can not be charged under the dangerous dog act.

11.14.10 UK a 59 yr old man lost his middle finger to a staffy bull trying to protect his lab from the assassination attempt. the staffy bull is described as tawny brown colored and th epit nutter is 5'11", in his 20's and was wearing hat and sweat pants.

10.14.10 UK a girl was walking her 2 yorkies when a black staffy bull with a white eye patch attacked both dogs. one of them died the next day.

10.14.10 berea, ohio a woman reported that a neighbor's pit mix attacked her chained dog.

10.14.10 las cruces, new mexico two young men have been charged with animal cruelty after shooting a neighbor's 3 dogs for killing chickens and menacing their cat. unfortunately, these guys did not shoot them in the act and have been criminally charged. the dogs are described as a pit mix, boxer mix and golden mix.

10.14.10 temple city, california 60 yr old John Wachter was walking Chloe, his 15 yr old retriever mix when first one then two more pit bulls escaped their yard and attacked. both of them were seriously injured. Chloe is recovering after emergency surgery for dozens of wounds. the pit nutter lost the tip of a finger trying to pull his dogs off. what a shame he didn't lose the entire hand. neighbors say the mutants are a problem. they attacked a woman and her dog a year ago. the city AC has turned it over to the county AC.

10.14.10 internet chatter My dog is about to be 1 yr. old next month- she’s spayed & everything… I took her to puppy training which helped me teach her basics and all but she never really got over the aggression part. It all began when we first adopted her and we brought her around my hubby’s cousin’s (2) dogs. They all 3 were playing fine- but I don’t think she liked when they were holding her down to sniff very much, because by the end of the night they started to get serious- well anyways, ever since she snaps at other dogs & already broke about 8 collars. This Tuesday coming up we’re adopting one of those dogs- the male, we are gonna take him to get neuter in the morning & bring him home to stay because the owner can no longer keep him because of lack of space (he’s too big) he’s a 1 yr. old pit bull mix as well- he has lived with 2 other dogs so I’m pretty sure he wont be the issue- is my dog I’m worried about. I have 2 kennels & everything, but what do I do so they can start getting along- will having the other dog make my other dog more aggressive or eventually she’ll get use to him? Any tips or advice will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance

10.14.10 germantown, maryland a pit bull puppy and a pit bull adult BROKE THROUGH A WINDOW and attacked a lab being walked by its owner. the nutter got his mutants back from AC and was cited.

10.14.10 oakland county, michigan a woman was walking a small white dog when a mutant pit bull bolted out of the condo and attacked it. the 44 yr old pit nutter ran out to help the victims but the two women were unable to pull the frankenmauler off of Gracie, the little dog. Gracie's owner then hit the pit bull in the head with pliers and he let go. amazingly, Brutus the pit bull was up to date on rabies but the license was expired. Gracie is expected to survive. pliers? i'm thinking a tool belt with a hammer, screwdriver, pliers and maybe a box cutter is the way to go for people who can't or don't to carry a gun. screw the pepper spray.

10.15.10 corpus christi, texas police responded to a mutant pit bull that trapped a family in their car. at the moment the cop called ugly to him, a man and his dog appeared. of course the loyal wiggle butt in a genetic effort to please, attacked the dog. when the cop used pepper spray on the mutant, it turned his attention and teeth on the cop who gave it a much needed dirt nap. neighbors don't know owns it but they said it has been attacking dogs.

rip Jet
10.15.10 BC Canada a pit nutter said his mutant was friendly. when the 6 month old puppy approached, the loyal mutant's people pleaser gene turned on and he latched onto the pup. both men and a neighbor with a bat couldn't get the dog to release. they tried pepper spray and mace. the dogs were eventually separated. the 6 month old puppy was later euthanized. the police are looking into it. second link


fort pierce, florida a wrongful death suit has been filed against HARVEY and JANE CULTER. in february 2009, the CUTLER'S pit bull was unleashed and attacked Robert Klatch's shih tzu. Klatch was thrown from his golf cart as he tried to save his dog. Klatch suffered serious injuries and died 2 months later.

xenia, ohio the pit nutter ANTHONY HILL whose two mutant pit bulls broke through an exterior wall and attacked a woman trying to get to her chihuahua has been charged and the dog that wasn't shot by police that night has been euthanized. HILL has been charged with 2 counts each of failure to control a vicious dog, failure to insure and failure to register. see also 9.17.10 frankenmauler roundup.

missoula, montana KEEGAN SETH GINTHER pled guilty to allowing his 13 yr old mutant off leash to play with other dogs at a montana campground. his negligence resulted in the attack on a sleeping german shepherd and a 59 yr old man. GINTHER said his 13 yr old dog had been playing with other dogs, so he let him off the leash. WOW! THIRTEEN years old before his first documented berserking. the judge ordered GINTHER to keep his frankenmauler in his control at all times. GINTHER will be sentenced later.

shrewsbury, massachusetts in a 4-0 vote, the selectmen ordered the mutant to be HUMANELY euthanized. the purple needle will do what the wrench, garden clippers and mere human hands couldn't --- STOP the frankenmauler. apparently DUGG'S owners CHRIS and LISA O'CONNOR'S home was broken into and people were threatening to picket their home if the mutant returned. “We never wanted to be bad neighbors. I wish they’d just come to us. We didn’t know they felt this way until tonight.” LISA O'CONNOR. the O'CONNORS are dissapointed in the death sentence. they hoped that DUGG would be shuttled into a sanctuary in florida by the name of B.U.D.D.I.E.S. in the hope springs eternal notion that he would be rehabbed.

Prior to owning Dugg, the O’Connors had another pit bull named Steve, which scratched a mail carrier’s arm and allegedly came close to having a fight with a neighbor’s dog who had come onto the O’Connor’s property. These incidents dated back to 2005 and Animal Control Officer Leona Pease had no reports on record.


Anonymous said...

I think the mauling in the KEEGAN SETH GINTHER might be due to old age in the dog. Not tying to give the pitbull leeway by any mans, but it is common for older dogs to nip or bite. Bu this again proves that even if the dog was cranky due to old age, it MAULED someone rather than doing a corrective bite.

And the fact that it mauled alone could easily be accounted for its bred nature.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

that's possible but highly doubtful considering what we know about this attack. the pit nutter described his senior mutant as playing with other dogs. the mutant attacked a SLEEPING dog and the people who tried to intervene described the dog in last week's frankenmauler roundup as going ballistic and indiscriminately biting whatever it could.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

plus i did make a point of saying this is the first DOCUMENTED attack by this mutant pit bull. it is not uncommon for these nutters to say "he's never shown any aggression before" only to find people say otherwise.

Anonymous said...

" it is not uncommon for these nutters to say "he's never shown any aggression before" only to find people say otherwise."

Also helped when animal control refuses to note official complaints or make any records, which is why people need to make formal written complaints to every possible authority, so ac can't get away with protecting vicious dogs. They can get away with it if it's just an email or phone call, or it's only kept within ac.

Anonymous said...


I agree with you.

Sorry my wording was wrong and I did read that the pit attacked a sleeping dog.

This reminds me of the case within my state in which a woman was killed by her 9 year old pit.

Never heard of any other breed of dog randomly switching to murder mode when they get a bit old and cranky.

Anonymous said...

I think you might find this man interesting Craven.

He left a comment on my blog and he seems rather perceptive.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

no problem, i sometimes read too fast and overlook critical points or type too fast and miss entire words!

crosby is not a "neutral expert", he is a pit nutter and a student of karen delise.

which one of your blogs did white wash jimmy leave a comment? i'd like to read it.

you might want to read this, my all time favorite blog post.

and this one:

jim crosby is a paid "expert" for the ACF. i think he was destroyed on the expert witness stand in aurora, colorado, i think? anybody confrim this?

Anonymous said...


I was reading some of his stuff and he seemed a bit less nutty than most people out there, and to be honest, is a pretty decent orator.

On that same blog you just commented on I did give my response to his most recent post.

I was guessing from the commenter he might be pro-pit, but I didn't want to pass complete judgment until he responded to my statements.

Alas, kind of sad such a sweet looking man might not be so... He kind of looks like the guys are genuinely suckered into the apologist side with good intentions to.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

the pit nutter camp is full of advocates with good intentions. i don't dispute that. i tend to think they are the most dangerous.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

obtw, did he send you the 2005 article he mentioned? you should ask him if you can share it with me.

Anonymous said...


I still have to email him. But when I get it I will send it your way!

Which reminds me... do you know if dogsbite has a list of only pitbull maulings and bites? I would like to fully fill out that bite study I did on dog breeds.

scurrilous amateur blogger said... doesn't track all pit bull attacks. they track all fatal attacks and some dog attacks, usually pit bull but not always.

Merritt Clifton has been tracking all serious dog attacks since 1982.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

apparently dogsbite does track that!

Pam said...

I thought pit bulls were banned in the UK?

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

american pit bull terriers are, staffordshire bull terries are not.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the link!

And it looks like BF has disabled all comments on both recent journals dealing with Beans.

I woooooondery whyyyyy.

Anonymous said...

Also, I kind of wish there was some major way to spread this around.

I think the message needs some work, but the overall concept seems pretty solid to me.

Know of any places I could start "be trollish, start a ruckus" and otherwise be "totally unhelpful" according to pit nutters? I love how almost all the people within the BF blogs ignored anything positive I had to say about pitbull, only focusing on the bad and labeling me as a pit-bull hater. I just love it when people can't understand what they read...

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

sniffer, please contact me directly regarding your comment about getting the word out.

Anonymous said...

"the pit nutter camp is full of advocates with good intentions. i don't dispute that. i tend to think they are the most dangerous."

How true. And they are on regular dog forums everywhere.

Small Survivors said...

Here's another link about the beautiful and gentle hound puppy that was VICIOUSLY MURDERED.

It says the disgusting, useless, piece of shit pit had been involved in another attack.



Al Swearengen said...

"It says the disgusting, useless, piece of shit pit had been involved in another attack."
That info should be all that ANY jurisdiction needs to charge this pit owning human waste with FELONY ANIMAL ABUSE.

Scratch that...

In EVERY case, first event, because pit bulls were specifically created to do what this pit bull did, the pit owning shit-bags should be charged with a felony immediately, and jailed without exception.

Given that the pit bull community claims their pits must be abused or trained to attack, they should be in a rush to support this position through legal mandate. But they won’t, because they’re all cock sucking liars and they all fucking know it.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

welcome Al. i like the way you think. It is nice to see someone who swears more than i do too:)

Anonymous said...

The UK has become a cesspool of chavs and their devil dogs. When will they wise up and ban Staffies? If they're going to insist that their citizens live in a fucking war zone, they should at least allow them to arm themselves.