Friday, February 5, 2010

dreischadenfreude :)

one independence court hoboken, new jersey - a luxury waterfront apartment building and the site of the mauling of a 41 yr old woman, 42 yr old man and a 26 yr old woman and the death of two frankenmaulers.

the details are sketchy and i am sure with the pit nutter tendency to massage facts, we may never know what actually happened but according to the hudson reporter, the three individuals were all residents of the ground floor apartment. the 42 yr old man was the first to be bitten and admits that the same dog bit him last week. he managed to get outside of the building. the dogs escaped their unit and were roaming the apartment building lobby and hallways. then the 26 yr old woman (the dog's owner showed up). she ignored repeated warnings by the police not to enter the lobby or the apartment. wham! second lion tamer mauled. she suffered massive trauma and blood loss to her legs. the neighbor said the scene resembled the movie JAWS. the dogs kept triggering the automatic doors but the police managed to force them back in and barricade them inside. the 41 yr old female then appeared and also ignored the police warnings to stay out and entered the apartment. wham! lion tamer number three mauled. one pit bull was shot and killed when it charged the cops, the other died after being snared and tranquilized.

this little dog was rescued from the apartment after the frankenmaulers were dispatched. he was found cowering and unharmed, whew! this story could have taken a tragic turn!

the two women underwent surgery and the man was treated and released.

* the 26 yr old pit nutter told police that her ugly dog bit another dog at a hoboken dog park several weeks ago. how's that for karma? :)

special thanks to photographer JOE SHINE!

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Anonymous said...

What a wonderful day!

Anonymous said...

Another mauler exposed without anyone important being injured!

Felony said...

Darwin Award Honorable Mentions for sure!

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Anonymous said...

$6000 a month for an apartment with red zone pit bulls running loose in the lobby and hallways. I would sue the management if I was a tenant.

Anonymous said...

Every time an owner gets mauled, somewhere a fairy gets its wings!