Thursday, February 25, 2010

fatal dog on dog attack updates

cape coral, florida
remember DEBRA LOFRANCO and her little man? her frankenmauler got loose and killed the burdette's little yorkie. lofranco was fined $400 and her little man received a little dirt nap. she and her boyfriend JOHN CUMMINGS are about to be sued by the burdettes.

why is ROGER DALE EMERICK smiling? his dog was just deemed dangerous after killing another dog and he was fined and ordered to pay restitution in the amount of $2925.
(obtw, guess which one of these dogs did the killing)
EMERICK is willing to pay restitution but says he is not working and is living on disability.

both of these idiots claim to be sorry. i'm sorry their frankenmaulers didn't wander on to samuel horton's property.


Bagheera Kiplingi said...

Roger Emerick, another judgement proof loser.

scratch said...

Best of luck to the Burdettes. I sued my pit owners. It was a long and difficult process but worth it. I got closure. I wish the same to the Burdettes.

time out for pig dogs said...

can these assholes slither out of paying just like that? if they cant or wont pay they should at least lose there pig dogs so it cant happen again. dirt nap. that has a nice ring to it. gives me warm fuzzy feeling.

Debra said...


My name is Debra,

Over ten years ago, my dog jumped through a glass window in my home and confronted Ms. Burdette's dog. To this day I am deeply sorry for what occured that day. I hope you can see that this was completely out of my controll.

My dog had never been aggressive toward other animals in the 4 years I cared for him. In fact, he was a support dog for persons with disabilities. So, when I reported this incident, I request that my dog be put down because something was not right with him. It was not a court order or suggestion, it was what needed to be done and I made that choice.

I could not bring back or replace the Burdetts dog; instead I voluntarily went to Ms. Burdettes Vet and paid all of the bills and offered to give her addition funds. However, at that emotional time, it was not good enough for her and she decided to sue me. Unfortunately, the court decided that she was only initialed to what I had already offered, and she received these funds promptly. It was the least I could do.

Now, I do realize that no one on this site cares about the other side of the story, and that's okay, I am not asking you to, but what I am formally asking is that you remove this image from your sight. Not only is it a defamation; harming my reputation or creating a false impression of who I am; the copyrights to this photo do not belong to you or the person whom posted it on this site. To this regard, the photo is posted in a way that portrays a false image and is in an offensive manner, so I ask that you take it down immediately otherwise the appropriate action will be taken.