Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Stormi King, are these injuries more to your liking?

"Freckles suffered deep wounds that ripped her nostril and tore into the bone." i don't find the word "maimed" anywhere in this news story.

seattle dog trainer and pit nutter STORMI KING says

mount holly, north carolina cheyenne was attacked by 2 pit bulls on a neighborhood walk. she has gouges in her neck, her ear was ripped and she lost a tooth.

rochester hills, michigan lacey was killed in her own fenced in back yard when tattooed loser JASON COX 2 pit bulls jumped the fence and attacked. of course, COX admits that his dogs can and have jumped the fence but he denies that they killed the dog.

jessamine county, kentucky cheryl harper was walking her mini chihuahua in her front her yard when it was killed by her neighbor, JAMES GILAUS' pit bull. GILAUS has been previously cited. he voluntarily turned the frankenmauler over for a dirt nap.

gilroy, california two pit bulls attacked a chow mix while out on a walk with its 70 yr old owner. the chow mix received puncture wounds on its neck, hind quarters and back. the woman broke her arm and wrist when she was knocked to ground.

indiantown, florida a pit bull mix entered a woman's yard and attacked her 40 lb mutt. the cops said the pit mix had the dog in its mouth and was dragging it around and shaking it. the cops shot and killed the frankenmauler. the small dog survived but there is no information about its condition.

marietta, georgia a 67 yr old woman received minor injuries to her nose and hand when she tried to save her jack russell from 2 pit bulls. her dog was not seriously injured. the pit nutter signed the dogs over to the dirt nap specialists.

caldwell, idaho a pit bull attacked a K9 officer during the execution of a warrant. dirt nap!

new zealand two pit bulls killed a rottweiller in its own yard. after the dog stopped fighting and went limp, the frankenmaulers continued to pull on it from each end. the ac officers were shaken up by the attack and described the scene as looking like a slaughterhouse. nice imagery isn't STORMI?


Anonymous said...

It's unfortunate when a "Dogwoman" inflitrates animal control:


Anonymous said...

In California they want to fund the registry with a fee added to pet food sales.

Intead, they should go after they $80 Million in uncollected sales and income taxes not paid by California Dog Breeders.

Alexandra Semyonova said...

From Stormi King's site: "She is active in helping legislators far and wide and the media gain a better understanding of dog behavior."

She is very likely one of the many 'dog-lovers' who is working hard on convincing everyone that PB-type dog aggression is basically normal dog aggression. Like Jean Donaldson and others, trying to convince us all that all dogs are as dangerous as fighting breed dogs.

If this were true, it's a thing we'd really need to know. But in fact, this kind of aggression is utterly abnormal in the domestic dog. Those who try to tell us differently are doing damaging injustice to the domestic dog as a species. They are also -- JD included -- revealing themselves as opportunists with a purely personal agenda, never mind the damage their lies do to ordinary dogs.

Of course, it's also possible that they aren't intentionally lying, but that they just truly haven't understood the dog as a species.

Anonymous said...

Stormi King is associated with "FABB" (Families Against Breed Bans - should actually be YMIWABB, Young Mentally Ill Women Against Breed Bans, but I digress) and FABB has an interesting history of minimizing the injuries pits do to other dogs. Remember the incident wherein a pit bull owned by a FABB member, Faith Hynoski, attacked a Lab at a pro-pit rally? Hynoski's dog was there as a "breed ambassador". The pit grabbed the Lab by the neck and didn't let go for 10 minutes, the Lab had bruising and punctures, the owner was-quite understandably-very upset. Hynoski and Fabb called it a "tussle" started by the Lab and said the Lab had no injuries and they then began to smear its owner as mentally ill.

Anonymouse said...

Metro Atlanta Newborn killed by family pit bull


scurrilous amateur blogger said...

faith hynoski and stormi king were both in the same pit nutter graduating class. they have been certifable EXPERTS for a whole TWO YEARS!

i've been a member of game-dog longer than that:)


Anonymous said...

2nd comment down states "this kind of aggression is utterly abnormal in the domestic dog."
That is pure BULLSHIT and I'm calling you on it.
I have a 12 pound Chihuahua/Pug mix. He is a normal, loving, happy go lucky dog.
He WILL attack any dog he sees, and he has a very nasty food aggression problem.
He is very loving to my my family, but he has those issues. I know of them therefore I do not put him in any aituations that I know he will react.
Alot of small dogs act like this, and it is completely normal.

Anonymous said...

They are getting money from the pit bull breeder lobby.

It is laundered through the dog fighter lobby.

These are in essence dog fighting and fighting dog breeding advocates, and they need to register as lobbyists.

If any of them are in your state, go to the governor and your state legislator and make sure they are registered as LOBBYISTS.

That is the LAW.

If they are lobbying and are not rehistered as lobbyists they are breaking the law.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous with aggressive small dog (a pack of lies I'm sure but let's pretend)

Your dog is ABNORMAL. It has a problem. That is NOT NORMAL CANINE BEHAVIOR and no one in their right mind would fail to euthanize a disturbed dog like that of any type.

YOUR DOG IS SICK IN THE HEAD and no one with an ounce of common sense or responsibility would keep a dog like that.

You WILL be in court because you will either be paying vet bills or medical bills for a person.

What is wrong with you? How sick are you to own a dog like that and not face up to your responsibility to have it eurthanized?

That is what SANE people who are experienced with dog care and dog behavior do. It is not a pleasant task, but that is your job if you choose to have dogs.

Anonymous said...

Stormi King is stupider than her name

Many of the injuries that pit bulls cause are INTERNAL as well

Also they are deep and prone to infection

Anonymous said...

I have 2 small kids that terrorize and taunt my dog, that is why he is like that. I would not have him euthanized because of that. I know he is a mean little shit and therefore he NEVER gets the chance to hurt anybody. No I will not be sued. You do not know me so you shoud not judge me by a post I made.
Also, there is a thing called small dog syndrome. Ik know many many other small dogs that act just like mine. There is nothing wrong with him. He is a normal dog and how do dogs act in the wild? UNPREDICTABLE. End of story

Felony said...

Someone asked me what I thought about that Seattle dog trainer school. i told them it is really just a pit nutter academy.

Anonymous said...

"I have 2 small kids that terrorize and taunt my dog, that is why he is like that."

You are even SICKER IN THE HEAD than you initially indicated.

There is no "syndrome."

There is just a mentally disturbed owner of a dangerous dog and a BAD PARENT.

You will not only be sued, you will have children's services taking away your children and putting you in a freaking straightjacket

You are the example of why we have dangerous dogs hurting people and spawning children that turn into methheads with pit bulls.

You are a SICKO.

You can whine about fake "syndromes" in jail.

Anonymous said...

I think it's worse about this dog training academy.

I think it's a money laundering service/propaganda business for dog fighter and breeder money to cover for pit bulls so the fighters can keep fighting

Anonymous said...

The FABB Nutters always minimize attacks on other peoples dogs...Who can forget when the President of FABBS wigglebutt attacked a Lab at a BSL protest?

Anonymous said...

This is the owner of the Pug/Chi-chi mix.
You are even more disturbed than I originally suspected!! LMAO
You are making accusations about my kids - AND think I need to be in a straightjacket - LMAO!!
And you know all of this about me from one or 2 of my posts.
Wow, you are awesome!!
My dog is 6 years old.. I will holler back at ya in about 10 years when he dies and let ya know that everything went ok - and let ya know that I didn't get ANY lawsuits, he didn't attack anybody or kill anything, and I did not end up in a mental hospital that you obviously need to be in.
Later loser

Alexandra Semyonova said...

Anonymous wrote: "I have a 12 pound Chihuahua/Pug mix. He is a normal, loving, happy go lucky dog. He WILL attack any dog he sees, and he has a very nasty food aggression problem."

First of all, this is a strange definition of happy go lucky. Later you admit that your children torment your dog.

Secondly, in my book I caution against observing only your own dog or dogs and drawing conclusions about the domestic dog in general.

I know plenty of chihuahuas and pugs. They are mostly delightful, non-aggressive dogs. I think your dog could become a delightful, peaceful dog if you could get the right help -- and get your children to behave more kindly.

Maybe try reading my book? I don't mean this sarcastically. I really do expect that you and your little dog are unhappy with the situation, and that the situation can be improved.

Otherwise, take a look at my site and contact me there.

Anonymous said...

Here is something on small dog syndrome..
Read it and learn something.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i looked over the smalldogsyndrome link. did you actually READ this?

first, within the first paragraph the author is defending pit bulls. i am automatically suspicious of anyone who, when writing about the nasty temperaments of lap dogs feels compelled to plug pit bull safety. i don't find the credentials of the writer, SHARON MAGUIRE anywhere on the internet other than she is owner of dogbreedinfo.com. it seems that this website is her only claim to fame. she also plugs cesar milan's books for more info on dog psychology. milan has been discredited by just about everyone who knows anything about dogs. his only real claim to fame is that he promotes gladiator breeds.

second as for the actual content, i don't see anywhere that explains "He WILL attack any dog he sees" as NORMAL. that claim to fame belongs to gamedogs.

maguire concludes:
"The bottom line is; small dogs are no different than large dogs. What gives them their different temperaments is that humans treat them differently. We over protect them and treat them like babies. Things we do not allow large dogs to do which are common pack leader issues because of the dogs size are addressed. These are issues all dogs need to have addressed, yet the smaller dogs tend to not get this discipline."

congratulations on admitting to everyone that you are an idiot. i can see why you are not signing your name to this crap. alexandra, do not waste any time on this fucktard, i doubt that they even own a chihuahua.

Anonymous said...

"I will holler back at ya in about 10 years when he dies and let ya know that everything went ok "

And in a nutshell we have it.

Cracker trash, probably blaming African Americans for dog fighting.

And they wonder why their kids go the meth way? With parents like this, there is no hope.

Anonymous said...

As an owner of a lap dog I have to admit I'm a bit guilty too of creating the small dog syndrom myth. When I'm carrying my dog people want to pet her all the time and some people are creeps and I don't want them to come close or touch my dog. So I tell them to be careful because she bites. They back off. Because it is so effective I don't think I'll stop doing it.
So sorry little dogs for creating bad rap about you.

HonestyHelps said...

The nut case with the aggressive little dog is raising children to be our future inmates or serial killers. Does this person have any shame, to admit that they have raised not just a pet, but their children to be so evil? Let's hope these kids are taken away before too much more damage is done by this unholy piece of shit that calls him/herself a parent. The prisons are full of those who have the same kind of parent.

Anonymous said...

Why the fuck would I have any shame or fucking care?
This is a blog and you don't know who the fuck I am, so I can say whatever the hell I like.
And obviously your so stupid you believe it.
I could tell you that I was Pokemon and you would believe it.. Shows just how naive you are.
Go cuddle with your little shit eater and he will make you feel all better, because I don't care what you think or what you say about me.

Bagheera Kiplingi said...

Oh goodie, another case of pit nutters being unable to comprehend anything that clashes with their world view, they can't even see it in their own references.

Anonymous said...

Ten Bucks says the Nutters raise funds for veterinary treatment of this special dog...