Thursday, February 11, 2010

rachael ray: not enough love for isaboo?


RACHEL RAY is grief stricken. her mushy little wiggle butt, the light of her life, ISABOO might have to be put to sleep, FOR ATTACKING OTHER DOGS. rachel and her husband are admitting to FIVE violent incidents. the most recent attack was this month when it tore off the ear of a dog on the street. apparently, isaboo becomes aggressive even when on a leash and walked by a dog handler.

the vet was able to save some of the dog's ear. rachel's hubby JOHN CUSIMANO, who is also a lawyer, immediately contacted the owners and offered to pay all costs of the attack. now rachel and hubby are considering their options: euthanasia or MORE love & training and a muzzle. they love the dog but apparently just not enough to keep little isaboo in line and with those deep pockets and her tv show, they have to consider the possibility of isaboo biting a person.

wow, whooda thunk that a dog that was bred for FIGHTING would actually attack other dogs!

see also pimping the vick dogs, sssshhh and try clicking on the video with BADRAP.


Bagheera Kiplingi said...

Why didn't Rachel opt for more training and a muzzle after attacks one, two, three and four?

Friends Administrator said...

It's called denial and if you look that up in the dictionary you will see "pit nutters" beside it. They are all in denial about the pits and that is only making more attacks and more death. Guess they won't be throwing her name around as a pit owner any more.

And that's only five we know about, how many more are out there who have been paid off?

Felony said...

There is not enough love and understanding in the universe to chase off the pit's dog aggressive demons.

Here is a little something that I found on the internet looking for those other FOUR victims.;jsessionid=A046A39AB486F38989BD7A702A7BFF25

Posted: 5:00 AM, March 6, 2007
RACHAEL Ray was attacked by a dog in Union Square Park Saturday while bravely defending her pit-bull mix, Isaboo. According to the TV host's rep, "This dog came up - there was no owner in sight - and became aggressive. Rachael and some others shooed it away, but it came back and attacked Isaboo. Other dogs were involved, and Rachael jumped in and was bit by one of the dogs on the leg. A nurse was in the park and checked her out. She's fine."

What do want to bet that the FACTS in this incident are MUCH different than reported here?

HonestyHelps said...

You know it was quite different. How many times have owners lied about their own pits attacking them?

Anonymous said...

Pit Nutters always say people "sterotype" their dogs, but they are the ones doing it the most.

I used to troll a Pit Bull forum a few years ago. One guy started a long thread about how his neighbors "dog" repeatedly got loose from their yard and would terrorize people and animals in the neighborhood. He also mentioned he called Animal Control several times but nothing was ever done. He mentioned, "What will it take for anyone to do anything, will it have to kill a child?"

The Pit Nutters went INSANE. Atleast 26 pages or more were the Nutters bashing this guy. Saying the whole, "It's all about how you raise them",etc etc. How he was, "ignorant, close minded" and how some people needed to "educate" him on the breed.

After those 26 or so pages, he popped up with, "When did I ever mention once in my thread that the dog in question, was a PIT BULL?

End of thread, no one responded after that...the next day the admin deleted his thread,and he was nowhere to be found afterwards

The Gadfly said...

“As the other dog walked by, Isaboo lashed out so quickly and ripped the other dog’s ear off before its handler could pull it away."

I wonder if this is one of those examples of pit bulls hiding their emotions and intent?

Anonymous said...

Top Ten Pit Bull Advocacy Moment!

It would be funny if not for all the hurt dogs...

Anonymous said...

%th Attack?!?

Felony Animal Cruelty Charges please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Paul Kersey said...

Rachel and her kind really need to fear people like me, who are prepared to take care of their nasty dogs right then and there.

karen said...

This couldn't have happened to a better nutter.

Anonymous said...

How do you know Donna didn't delete that video because of your blog coverage?

Frank C. said...


Sorry for the outburst, but celebs with this breed (Jesse James, Rachel Ray) do more harm than most idiot owners......but the rescue nutters still take the cake.

Am I a hypocrite, being a former apbt owner and using that term? Now I know P. won't believe that my dogs never attacked an innocent animal or person, take my word (which you won't) they never had the opportunity.

It's people who think animals can rationalize and have feelings that DON'T MUZZLE their damn dog when in public if it's aggressive.

Fool me once, shame on me, but fool me 5 times? Come on Rachel, pull your head out of your ass.

FormerOhioGirl said...

This woman's head is so far up her ass that she needed to marry an attorney to look out for her exceptional "nitwittedness!" She's not going to euthanize this dog. She's going to send it to Torres or the Olympic sanctuary or possibly leave it indefinitely at Cesar's camp.

Rachel Ray (aka the 5 previous attacks) is little more than a disgustingly two-faced animal advocate. She cares about every "poor" animal in the world except the ones she continues to allow her pit bull to attack and MAIM!

Sorry about that ear loss pooch! Too bad you can't grow a new one!

Anonymous said...

I have seen Rachel's Show a few times, not recently. I have heard her talk about her pit bull. And I am pretty sure that I have heard her say that Isaboo goes (went) to a dog daycare. I bet the little wiggle butt was expelled.

Anonymous said...

"Mrs Vick" needs incarceration and to lose sponsorship of her show.

Amazing how fast the Pit Community will turn on one of their own once their usefullness is over!

Anyone heard from Flo Vianzon or Paul Tellings lately?!?

Anonymous said...

So Rachel Ray's pit bull has been attacking other dogs FOR YEARS!

And Rachel gets some naive little girlies in the media to write cover copy for her.

What is Rachel waiting for, a dead kid?

The days of Rachel Ray and her friends allowing their dogs to hurt others is numbered because they are going to have their bums dragged to court because people are MAD AS HELL AND NOT TAKING IT ANY MORE!

Anonymous said...

Nobody has even said "30 Minute Maul" yet?

I think this is great news. Along with Biel's pit killing her puppy and Jesse James' pit killing his other dog, this just takes away from one more source of pit nutter nonsense. Kind of hard to list Isaboo as "one of theirs" now, huh?

Felony said...

The nutters at pitbullforum have finally found this story.

I like this comment the most:
"This makes me sad - celebrities need to be the most aware when it comes to Bully issues."

Could it be that it is harder to dine and dash and deny the breed after you have been sene pimping your dogs all over the media?

Felony said...

The nutters seem to be most upset by the fact that Rachel Ray is confusing HUMAN aggression with DOG aggression. These fucktards have ZERO concern for the damage their pit bulls inflict on our dogs.

Anonymous said...

Yep... you can read through a 20 page thread about rationalizing breeding for explosive dog aggression and never once will anyone state hurting a neighbor's dog with a Pit is wrong.

It's all about bad PR fallout and keeping the breeding machine going.

Anonymous said...

@Felony: These fucktards have ZERO concern for the damage their pit bulls inflict on our dogs.

Nor do most humane societies. Better save one PB life at cost of multiple ordinary dogs' lives. Omygod, imagine the PB being gently put down instead of many other dogs losing their lives violently in the nightmare of being torn apart alive.

I do wish people would write to their local and national humane societies, explaining that no more donations will be forthcoming until they recognize the facts and support BSL. Money seems to be the only things these people understand. Worse yet, the only thing they really care about.

Felony said...

I don't think she will euthanize Isaboo, although I don't think she will keep her either. Isaboo will quietly be shipped to BadRap.

Lois said...

There should have never been a 2nd incident, let alone 3,4 and 5. A muzzle and a trainer that works with bully breeds. Period. Shame on u Rachel. You make it hard on those of us that are responsible pit owners and make it our job to know our dogs inside out. There just should have never been a second. Never. Precautions would have prevented all of this.