Monday, February 15, 2010

Hackers who love pitbulls...

while the pit nutters are obsessing over the fourth amendment and their "constitutional right to own any dog they choose", they are attempting to infringe on my first amendment rights. i am flattered that my little schlog with a mere three readers has generated so much fear that the nutters would risk criminal prosecution.
really, i am.

looks like mert found somebody dumb enough to attempt this. mert, you do realize that blogger knows about the two attempts to hack into my blog today? do you, smarock, jflowers and the rest of the pit nutters realize that hacking my site would lead to a) criminal prosecution and b) my own server and static IP address where i answer to no one. you can just imagine how much fun i would have if i cut the middle man out.



Anonymous said...

Wow...These Pit-Jihadists really believe in killing dogs!

Please keep us posted on their felony prosecution.

Keep up the good work...obviously you've struck a nerve.

Anonymous said...

This only shows what is going on.

Countries like Turkey and the DOG FIGHTERS in them buy dogs and have business deals with United States pit bull breeders and fighters.

craven, you should report these jackasses to Interpol AND the US Feds and Homeland Security.

I'm sure they could dig up some nice U.S. cohorts and contacts among them.

Dog fighting is international organized crime. I would also believe it is connected to terrorism, and is a fundraiser for them like it is for the KKK, and we know what's going on with the terrorists in Turkey.

Anonymous said...

And your blog is not the only one. Don't worry, Craven, these things can be traced. Hope they have enough money for the bail.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

anon 1, i struck a nerve alright. and there's many more where that came from.

anon 2, you are absolutely correct, dog fighting is an international organized crime. if you want proof, visit any east european dog fighting scum site or this italian site
or this one

anon3, i'm not worried at all. on the contrary, things are finally starting to get interesting. if the nutters don't hate me, then i am failing.