Thursday, February 11, 2010

more dead and injured dogs

san anselmo, california a professional dog walker was returning 4 month old leonard to his family when he was attacked by RICHARD AND ILKA HENDERSON'S pit bull PETE. the dog walker dropped the tailgate of the truck to let leonard out. pete, who like isaboo, was on a leash walking by, jumped onto the tailgate and grabbed leonard by the throat. the incident report describes PETE as a pit bull mix but the pathological liars are calling him a vizsla.
rip leonard

portland, oregon jazzy was attacked while walking with her adult owner to pick up her daughter from elementary school. jazzy's owner suffered a minor bite trying to pull her dog away. a good samaritan stepped in and saved jazzy. the unnamed pit nutter was ticketed for having expired tags and having a dangerous dog and is of course all apologies and offering to pay the vet bill. we'll see.

hollister, california a man was injured and his dog was killed during an early morning walk. the unnamed pit nutter was contacted and the pit bull was seized. the attack is still under investigation, let's hope the nutter is cited and the dog gets a dirt nap.

one of the ugly spokane frankenmaulers
spokane valley, washington sabrina and harold takesthegun (yes that is their last name according to the video) lost a second dog the crazy pit nutter next store. sabrina describes the frankenmaulers as destroying the fence to get to the first dog. and grabbing and pulling the second dog through the fence and killing it. in a rare move, the unnamed pit nutter actually tried to stop her dogs in the second attack and was bitten. she has turned them over to animal control.

ISABOO says, "mmmm...more ears mommy!"
new york and of course, RACHEL RAY'S ISABOO attacked a passing dog on the street as she was walked by her handler. i'm guessing that izzy doesn't have her CGC.


Anonymous said...

Okay I got it: don't leave home without a bottle of soda.

Anonymous said...

Anyone out there affected by pit bulls


Or there will be more dead people and more dead pets.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous: Okay I got it: don't leave home without a bottle of soda.

No, don't leave your home without a squeeze bottle of 50-50 water/ammonia. Don't wait to see whether the PB is going to attack, just sprits it (a word I don't use for normal dogs) as soon as it's within spritsing distance.