Friday, February 12, 2010

finally, a politician with testicular fortitude

lawrence yule and ugly pit bull that mauled a rottweiler.

karen robinson was watched in horror as 2 pit bulls attacked her 3 yr old rottweiler cross for an hour, despite the fact that the dog stopped moving. the attacked happened around 11 pm, it took animal control that long to get there. i am not sure why the police didn't respond and shoot the frankenmaulers on the spot. the rott cross survived but was euthanized later.

aco pollock said the pits were tearing at both ends of the dog and that blood was everywhere, "it looked like a slaughterhouse". that's what the mushy wiggle butts do, slaughter. the aco drug one pit bull away and locked it in his truck, the other pit ran away.

lawrence yule wants to change the pit bull's classification from menacing to dangerous. this would require ALL pit bulls to be neutered, muzzled and kept in secure cages and eventually the pit bull would be completely banned in new zealand.


Anonymous said...

Good for Yule! The only thing I miss here is a link to send him messages of support.

Meanwhile, we'd all do well to have a squeeze bottle of 50-50 ammonia/water with us at all times when out with our non-PB dogs.

Once the pit nutters figure out that their own dogs will suffocate if they so much as approach a normal dog, they might start to contain their PBs.

Bagheera Kiplingi said...

I love this guy!

Seeing dog control officers return from an attack on Thursday involving two pit bulls and a family's rottweiler was the tipping point, Mr Yule said.

"The officers were pretty shaken up. They said to me, 'something has to be done'."

"I've had emails from all over the country," he said. "There is no sympathy for the breed."

A bylaw would take at least three months to be brought into action but there would be difficulties determining how to deal with dogs that were part pit bull.

"There are plenty of other lovely dogs people can have," he said.