Tuesday, February 16, 2010

history lesson: the first amendment

it seems an appropriate time to address some of the criticisms regarding the anonymity of this blog. it is also fitting to mention that it is the height of hypocrisy for these same critics who cast aspersions on my anonymity do so while similarly camouflaged.

what the fourth amendment fanatics fail to acknowledge is that the first amendment protects not only free speech, it protects anonymous speech. this nation was founded on anonymous dissenters. thomas paine's treasonous pamphlet Common Sense was first published anonymously. madison, hamilton and jay originally published the federalist papers under the pseudonym Publius. the supreme court continues to this day to uphold the honorable tradition of anonymous speech. in one supreme court ruling regarding anonymous speech, the justices wrote anonymous speech is needed to "protect unpopular individuals from retaliation and their ideas from suppression." over the next few months, i will become even more unpopular (move over goodwin).

i'm not equating myself to the founding fathers or my contribution to the federalist papers. i just see myself as a whistler blower publicizing the scandals and lies of the fighting dog advocates.

for now, i have my reasons for anonymity but i have no intention of remaining anonymous. until i disclose my identity, you can continue to call me craven or Toxic Publius ;) but if you refer to me as a denver attorney, your comments won't get through.


Anonymous said...

Dog breeders aren't very smart craven.

It is always quite amusing to watch them at work on their boards speculating about the identity of this or that whistleblower.

On situations I have personal knowledge of (unrelated to anyone on this blog) it is hysterically amusing to see how wrong they are.

Sometimes they even think it's some other breeder they are squabbling with! (and you know what? SOMETIMES THEY ARE RIGHT!!! Hell yeah!)

They should spend less time worrying about who you are and more time worrying about the Feds or the TAX MAN who are going to show up on their doorstep some day, who are watching them even as they badger you.

And the Feds, the tax man, or whoever else won't be sent there by you. The breeders have watchers they don't even know about.


Friends Administrator said...

I agree, they always want to put a name to comments as if that makes a difference. And they accuse one of the same things they are doing, go figure. Their time is up and they know it so they are grasping at straws while in their death throes. The fools don't realize that their beloved pits are digging the grave deeper everyday with their maulings and fatalities. Nothing the nutters can do will change that. There will be a time to come when people realize how horrid pit nutters/owners/breeders/dog fighters are and they are all one in the same. If you own a pit and don't support BSL, then you are no better than dogmen and breeders because it means you support their activities. I would like to know what the nutters definition of LOVE is because their actions show it to be a perverted one.

Anonymous said...

I think you should probably rethink "coming out" at all. You will be stalked and terrorized, they will bring their dogs to your home and your workplace, they will threaten your wife and children (if you have them) and parents. I'm not sure it's worth it.

Anonymous said...

Okay.. I won't refer to you as a Denver attorney, just a dumbass idiot that needs to get a life :-)
Will my comment make it through to the next round?

Anonymous said...

We don't call them nutters without reason. These people who have pits have an inferiority complex, among other things, and they don't need to know who any of us are. Course we usually find out who they are because they end up in the headlines.

FormerOhioGirl said...

My God, maybe you are teaching the brazen idiots Craven?

scurrilous amateur blogger said...