Monday, February 8, 2010

koolaid & kennel trash

spokane valley, washington 2 frankenmaulers pulled a neighbor's dog through the fence and killed it. the pit nutter was injured trying to save the dog. the owners of the dead of dog say this is the second dog that the neighbor's pit bulls have killed and in the same manner. the pit nutter has released her dogs to ac and they will finally get that dirt nap.

new zealand shane anderson is upset that animal control returned the pit bull to its owner after it attacked his flock. eight of his lambs were injured, three had to be shot. the reasoning behind returning the dog: THE DOG POSED A MINIMUM RISK OF ATTACKING AGAIN BECAUSE IT LIVED ON A FENCED PROPERTY. what kind of logic is this? anderson wants the dog killed, like any sane responsible person. and the owner of the dog? pit nutter JILLIAN TAYLOR said the dog is a 10 yr old family pet. "it's not a vicious dog, it's not a vicious attack." "it's an unfortunate accident" and anderson just wants to make "a big drama" out of it.
you can't make this shit up!

the owner of the pit bull who killed a yorkie will be charged. ROGER E. EMERICK SR. of boswell, pennsylvania will face unspecified charges. the frankenmauler named SUGAR, must remain in a locked pen until its fate has been decided by a judge.

when asked about the inherent violence of pit bulls, dog law supervisor HAROLD WALSTROM who worked with the state patrol to locate the pit nutter and his frankenmauler, responded, "Dogs, like people, need to be judged individually. A Chihuahua could be more of a threat than a pit bull."
really, more of a threat than a pit bull? to who, a horse? a lamb? an 80 yr old man? a 40 yr old woman? a 12 yr old boy? this dog?


Bagheera Kiplingi said...

What a freaking moron! Chihuahuas only pose a serious threat to animals their size, infants and invalids. I have never heard of a chihuahua killing a healthy human being or even an infant for that matter. Harold Walstrom and his ilk sound mentally ill when they spew this garbage. Has a chihuahua ever been blamed for killing anything? A kitten even?

Anonymous said...

"Walstrom, of the state Department of Agriculture in Altoona, worked with state troopers on the case.

And there is the problem.

The Department of Agriculture in that state has consistently worked FOR dog breeders, puppy mills, and dog fighters.

They believe their job is to represent the financial interests of breeders, NOT the public.

Walstrom is actually being controlled by the dog breeders, who are connected to the Ag department there.

Corruption like this means people and pets die.

Anonymous said...

It was the dog law board that was found to be colluding with the puppy mills in Pennsylvania.

Many were fired, but corrupt breeder reps like this Walstrom are still out there.

Heavy AKC, UKC connections with the dog law board because of the money that the AKC makes from registering puppy mill puppies in PA.

Anonymous said...

"Harold Walstrom and his ilk sound mentally ill when they spew this garbage"

He's not mentally ill.

He's on the payroll of the dog breeders.

The breeders and Agriculture people like Walstrom are friends and associates. Walstrom types just do the breeders' bidding, and protect breeder interests.

It comes from the leadership of the Agriculture Departments down.

This is true in just about every state, to greater or lesser degrees.

Dog breeding is perceived as an Agriculture department activity.

And the state Agriculture departments, as well as the Feds, are corrupt as hell! They operate as lobbyists for, and protectors of, dog breeding and any other agriculture activities.

Agriculture board employees will actually oppose laws, oppose regulations, that breeders don't like.

Or refuse to enforce them.

The boards of Agriculture do NOT work for the American people. They operate like a private industry working on behalf of breeders, etc.

This is one of the reasons puppy mills are so bad in the US, and dog fighting.

Taxpayer-funded Departments of Agriculture protect these crooks! AGAINST the interests of the taxpayer.

Anonymous said...

And Pennsylvania has LOADS of dog fighters and dogfighter breeders.

They come up here in this blog frequently.

Even Alane Koki has a pit bull breeding operation in Pennsylvania.

Walstrom is her Boy.

Felony said...

Washington state has the BEST gun laws in the nation. WHY on earth these people allowed a second dog to be killed by their neighbor's pit bull is beyond me!
People really need to step up and take back their yards and neighborhoods from these ugly bullies. ONLY then, will legislators start taking this issue seriously.

Anonymous said...

New Zealand is experiencing a real run of high-profile pit bull encounters, aren't they? I smell breed-specific legislation...

Anonymous said...

And you get the kool aid part from where you moron???

scurrilous amateur blogger said...


harold walstrom
"Dogs, like people, need to be judged individually. A Chihuahua could be more of a threat than a pit bull."

jillian taylor
"it's not a vicious dog, it's not a vicious attack." "it's an unfortunate accident"

Aonon2 said...

Dogs, like people, should get the death penalty for murder.

Frank C. said...

For murdering (killing) another human being?


For murdering another animal? I didn't know you could murder an animal.....

Anonymous said...

Here's an example of what is on the PA dog law board and is controlling people like Walstrom

Scroll down.

" Julian Prager, attorney at law - NAIA Legislative Coordinator - Legislative Chair for the PA Federation of Dog Clubs (PFDC), member of the PA Dog Law Advisory Board (DLAB), Bulldog breeder, exhibitor and AKC judge. "

NAIA, a lobbying group actually touted by dog fighters and puppy millers, has a MEMBER on the dog law board.

See why people and pets are dying, but fighting dogs are saved in PA? And why a government employee is mouthing breeder propaganda?