Saturday, March 5, 2011

Kern County Speaks: Part 2

The Kern County Planning Staff released their recommendation to the county yesterday and things don't look good for TIA and her goon squad on March 10.

Next up: Public Health Services

On 02/03/11, an attempt was made to inspect the property but due to poor weather conditions I was forced to reschedule.

On 2/14//11 at approximately 11 :00 a.m,. I conducted an inspection at 17000 Snowshoe Lane, Tehachapi, California, 93561. This location is the proposed location for a rescue requesting a 100 dog limit. The majority of the property is located in a mountainous area located in the Tehachapi Mountains.

At the time of inspection, there were no signs of kennels, fencing that may be used to secure animals, septic trenches for cleaning, or the presence of an electricity source. This property is vacant of utilities for use to support a water system. This property had a single-family dwelling, a workshop about 25 feet by 50 feet, and a C-train that will only be accessible by 4-wheel drive in poor weather conditions. In its current condition, this property is not adequate for properly housing animals.

Inspection - 36420 Anthony Road, Santa Clarita, California, 91390

On, 02/24/2011, at approximately 12:45 p.m, I conducted an inspection of the property where Torres currently resides. Torres indicated that there were approximately 100 rescued pit bulls located at 36420 Anthony Road, Santa Clarita, California, 91390. The property had minimal incline with pea gravel laid throughout the property. The kennels were constructed in a manner to avoid her dogs from digging out, climbing over, or eating though the fencing. There were also exterior fence lines in place to avoid dogs from escaping. Each dog was housed in a separate kennel, with a doghouse, fresh bedding, water, and clean pea gravel. During my inspection, I noted there was no smell of urine or fecal matter in the dogs kennel areas. Each dog was housed appropriately by dogs they were compatible with to avoid fence fighting. I observed the dogs to be of healthy weight, void of any illness, and friendly to my interactions.

During my inspection, Torres stated they remove feces daily and it is taken to the local landfill. Bedding is washed on a continual basis, and soiled bedding is kept in bags until it is washed. Dog dishes and water bowls were cleaned daily. I found the construction of this property ideal for her rescue, and had minimal concern over land erosion.

Division Recommendations

After reviewing the proposed site plan submitted to the Kern County Planning Commission for consideration of a Conditional Use Permit (CUP), the Division cannot support the amount of dogs requested by Tones. Based on the size of the residence, workshop, and property design Kern County Animal Control can only support the movement of 15 dogs at this time. This is only after kennels are in place inside the workshop, outside of weather conditions. A cleaning policy would need to be in place for hosing of the cement to drain into a septic system. Utilities would also need to be provided for heating, cooling, cleaning, and daily animal needs. The Division recommends that not more than 15 dogs be approved by the Kern County Planning Department for the size of the building currently on the property. If the dogs are housed in building currently on the property, it will require an adequate air purification system that can eliminate ammonia, ventilation to prevent drafts, heating and cooling adequate for the building must be water resistant and meet the other specifications contained in Kern County Ordinances pertaining to the regulating of animals. (Attached)

The following recommendation is based on my training and experience, the laws of California and the Kern County ordinances pertaining to animal care and control and is as follows. The Division recommends Torres continue with adoptions to reduce her number of dogs through adoptions to reach the recommended 15 pit bulls. This number is exclusionary to her personal pets. Torres stated she is currently successful in reducing her numbers and at this time there is no indication that assistance would be needed to accomplish this goal.

When all Kern County Ordinances pertaining to animal care have been met to support the number of dogs requested on the original Conditional Use Permit (CUP), the Division will revisit the request from Tia Torres to allow for more than 15 dogs.

Officer J. Sugg AC032
Kern County Animal Control
Attachments: Los Angeles Animal Control Reports
Photographs taken at 36240 Anthony Road, Santa Clarita, California, 91390
Kern County Ordinance Code - Animal Regulations


Small Survivors said...

So much for her threat that she's going to take all her dogs up there anyway.

It looks like she's got a lot of work to do before she can even take 15 up there.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

so much for the country LARGEST pit bull rescue.

Anonymous said...

Where in the hell is she dumping these AGGRESSIVE DOGS? Haven't some of them bitten people and killed pets?

With all the pit bulls filling every shelter and advertised for sale or giveaway everywhere, where in the hell is she dumping these dogs she tells her donors she needs money for, that she promised to take care of?

Someone posted that someone should look in her dumpster for the missing dogs. Maybe they are right.

This ASS Torres was going to bring 200 dogs to the desert to roast in the sun! That is animal abuse!

And think about the dog crap going into the land fill now. Talk about environmental disaster. It has to be getting into the drinking water.

But just throwing it around out there, where it pollutes and attracts parasites? This is sheer environmental hell! I thought Discovery Networks "cared about the environment" Their CEO won some sort of environmental award. And he's supporting this?

It's clear that Tia intends to lie about the number of dogs, put a few in there to trick the community, then move in hundreds to abuse in the hot sun.

Since she has a history of dishonesty, and crime at her place, why would she tell the truth?

She's NOT ON THE DEED ANYWAY. Why should they take her word for anything? She has a 19 year old on the deed, and a realtor from Best Friends on the deed who probably will drop herself off the deed.

Tia Torres has no say in this at all. She's not the legal owner. Why was the Health guy even interviewing her? Who is signing any agreement? A 19 year old? TIA TORRES IS NOT THE LEGAL OWNER.

How will they handle compliance when she breaks her agreement and jams in the hundreds of dogs to abuse? And then death threats get made to the neighbors who complain? Death threats when there are felons with lengthy criminal histories there to make the threats, and maybe fulfill them? What happens when someone gets murdered over this hoarding operation? Or some fight over drugs?

This whole thing is going to bring the "reputation" of pit bulls into the toilet. It will be a joke. The pit bull hoarder. Those BadRap idiots will have Tia making them look like clowns.

Anonymous said...

Animal Control is not allowed to go into the house, when inspecting kennels, I was told by a group I helped out at up the road from the PB place. While at the other rescue I was invited to the house after helping out at the kennel that day, besides the 100 plus at the kennel (kennel license allows 100) they had another 20 in the house in two seperate areas. I was shocked at the number of Bassets housed in 18 to 20 runs, young active dogs with old dogs that were being ran over and pounced on by the younger ones. Older bling dogs huddling against the wall in a corner of the run. I wanted to cry. The kennel run area is to small to house 100 dogs in 18-20 runs. I was so sad for them as only 3 fit on the off the ground bed, floor bedding was left for the extra dogs that are in the run, Now every one of those runs are the same jammed packed. While sitting at the table outside the house, the person who lived there talked about Tia and said that she has 250 Pit Bulls, 22 in crates in her bedroom in the house. I would like to know why each county where these rescues have property do not step up and make changes to the zoning for the benefit of the dogs housed. 100 + dogs is way too much for an 18 run kennel and 5 acres. Someone I hope will help these creatures out and find them homes

Anonymous said...

Even if Tia meets the requirements laid out by animal control, and they approve her for maximum 15 dogs, I don't see how she can resolve the issues laid out by the Kern County Sheriff.