Thursday, March 3, 2011

there goes the neighborhood

the next video installment of the battle for the old west ranch is now available for your viewing displeasure.

attention gun moll goons:
i can't guarantee that all of your comments are coming through. the number of comments at the bottom of the tehachapi bully is not in sync with the number of comments in the comment window. you might want to continue your campaign in this blog post. i look forward to reading all of your insane comments.


Anonymous said...

So hang on. There was one part of that which was confusing. Is Tia claiming that whether she gets the permit or not, she can still move onto that property with 100 pit bulls? How is that possible? I thought most counties and cities had regulations about how many animals people could keep on a property without a license.

Anonymous said...

okay, just help me out here.
What the hell is with the thin, sharp, pointy little eyebrows that seem to be the fashion must of pitgrls?

Note in stories where the pit owner just stands there, numb? I've seen that happen. It's shock. the product is not as advertised and they can't believe it. The best way to pull them out of their stupor is to yell "Get the gun!".
Snaps 'em out of their coma fast enough to help, if they do not run away and leave their dog, first.

Anonymous said...

She doesn't seem to be addressing the other issues....she is claiming she will be operating a commercial operation in the form of rental cabins. Don't you need a hotel license for that? In most place you can't open up a B&B or rental cottages, cabins, etc without being zoned commercially, and even then you may need a variance.

I can't blame the neighbors....people move out to environments like this for a reason. I would be pissed to find out someone was opening a kennel that big next door.

Small Survivors said...

I wonder if she can, in fact, move her dogs up there without the variances.

But, the important thing is that she is using the presence of her dogs to intimidate the neighbors even to the detriment of the dogs' well-being.

She's saying, If you don't give me what I want, I will just become a super-hoarder and not adopt pits out just cause I can and I will harass you with their presence because this is THE GOOD OL' USA!

Disgustingly bullying, narcissistic threat, if you ask me.

Also she's lying. She says the dogs only bar for 5-10 minutes at feeding time. Right.

"That directly contradicts what is reported in an interview with her that was printed Nov. 4, 2010. 'Torres not only contends with her neighbors, who don’t like the barking dogs, but with law enforcement. “It’s a tough battle here. We get harassed by law enforcement a lot,” she says, waving her black-tipped nails in the air. “We get phone calls from law enforcement from all over the country. They love us, except right here in our own county (Los Angeles County.) They hate us.”'

scurrilous amateur blogger said...


i almost named the blog post that. but as looked at tia's property and john jones' property, i decided otherwise.

funny thing about Tia's local law enforcement hating them, my local LE loves the atavistic clan that used to live down the street from me, now that they packed up and moved to another city.

Truth 4 Youth said...

Did Tia say they could lose the childrens' programs?


That's kind of like Hitler threatening to quit propagandizing and indoctrinating Nazi youth.

"Zee kinder vill not see pit bulls!"

Heil Pitler!

Anonymous said...

Snack Sized Dog

You might want to save the information in that link via screens and caching just to be safe.

And I've worked in a shelter. Dogs are always barking from day till night. In fact, listening to the audio in shows like Animal Cops when they bring in animals from the morning and night proves this.

The only animals that are generally more quiet than dogs are cats. That's because they spend most of their time sleeping.

Anonymous said...

Is it just me or is Tia loosing her mind a little in this weird post?

I bet a bit of research might unveil a different reason that little pibble was used on the banks facade.
Either way, I do find this kind of interesting.

Anonymous said...

Tia claims this:
"We love Pit Bulls, and believe that every dog, no matter what breed, should be loved and respected. Thank you for all that you do."

But then sells shirts that say "if it ain't pit it ain't shit."

Hypocrite much?

Anonymous said...

The children's programs reminds me of this nutter.

Look at his other videos and he's already indoctrinating his children on the "nanny dog" and "good temperament" myths that have already poisoned most pit bull owners.

These people are crazy...

Someone needs to have an image of tarantulaguy, fuzupf, tia, and other major pit people wearing tin foil hats and screaming at their loudest.

Anonymous said...

I think for Kern to really know what to do about the situation, they should investigate some of the important points that anonymous has bought up.

The fact that Tia supports canine racism.

The fact that Tia tried to bully Craven and their President into submission with lawsuits and death threats.

The fact that Tia probably would not be able to contribute to the road problems due to the fact that she "barely" has enough money to take care of her pit bulls.
The fact that many of her paroles aside from Armando seem to be or are repeat offenders.

The fact that there will be excrement possibly seeping into the ground if not properly cleaned up by her incompetent staff.

shar pei mix said...

Truth 4 Youth said...
Heil Pitler!

Pit heil!

Anonymous said...

Tia does it again! Screws the pit bull community by showing the world what creeps, fanatics, terrorists, nutjobs, crooks, murderers, child rapists and all the rest constitute her hateful "followers."

People who love the fact that pit bulls are killing babies at record rates, killing people's pets, killing the elderly, and the pit bull "advocates" think that is fine!

They think they have the right to use their dogs to hurt others!

The pit bull "advocates" love blood, and America gets damn mad!

The end is in sight for these killing canines, these FIGHTING DOGS, thanks to Tia Torres and her quest for more money and attention.

A rich woman tries to get richer by duping her dumb followers into exploiting pit bulls again!

Anonymous said...

I don't know if anyone noticed, but these babykillers had a petition going for Tia, and it got sidetracked into the prisions where rapists and murderers were signing it to support Tia, and they decided that didn't look good, and disappeared the petition.

Anonymous said...

" thought most counties and cities had regulations about how many animals people could keep on a property without a license'

Do a google search for "kern county hoarding"

Kern County Animal Control Commission has been getting run by an AKC breeder lobbyist, who also works with NAIA (the pro-puppy mill lobby for the AKC

These breeders oppose legislation and laws (or keep them weak) so the puppy mills and underground economy breeders can flourish and be undocumented, and provide AKC with their puppy mill registration $$ which they need.

Kern County has some legislators that have thrown the county to the breeder wolves.

Janice Anderson, AKC lobbyist, works very hard to oppose laws to protect the breeder business.

As a result, Kern County is a mess.

So along with that, what you always get is the hoarders and the dog fighters, etc and Kern County is plagued with all of them!

Janice Anderson and NAIA and the California Federation of Dog Owners (crazy breeders) have even been bringing in yet another Breeder No Kill consultant from Canada (how crazy is that? no similar circumstance at all) called Bill Burke, I think who like Nathan Winograd, spins a lot of fake stories about how no laws are needed and everything will be ok.

He's just another breeder lobbyist pushing this No Kill sham, which is essentially the breeders taking over animal control, screwing over the animals in the shelters, and most of all OPPOSING ANIMAL CONTROL LAWS.

Obviously, wherever they pull this, it's a mess, and Kern County is one of those places.

HOARDER, PUPPY MILL, DOG FIGHTER, and WACKO HELL! Abusing animals, abusing the citizens, HELL!

Thanks to AKC lobbyists.

Anonymous said...

"she is claiming she will be operating a commercial operation in the form of rental cabins. "

But she's still telling her gullible followers that it's a charity and to send her money and promote her and fundraise for her

The rich manipulate the poor with a lot of emotional blather designed to get them to open their wallets "for the poor pit bulls", and make the rich richer

Anonymous said...

"They love us, except right here in our own county "

They are tired of the lawbreaking at Villalobos. LA County has to suffer

So Tia is fleeing to where she thinks no one can find out the truth about what she is doing (or NOT doing) most of all her followers.

Send her money, she says, but don't ask too many questions about how it gets spent, or what's really going on

Hiding it out there makes it easier to hide the dirty truth from the gullible followers

She can just make up stories, and her followers can't verify if it's the truth or not

(Of course, it will be even harder and LESS likely to be doing things like running spay neuter programs in poor areas of LA if she's out in the sticks. Not that she's really doing anything about that now, even with all her money and riches)

Small Survivors said...


10:41 Thanks anon - the links hae been saved.

Anonymous said...

The big question is, is Kern County Animal Control Commissioner AKC Lobbyist Janice Anderson going to sell out her own neighbors AGAIN

A lot of the lies that Tia tells are the same lies that AKC tells. The AKC is as much a scam, with their puppy mill operations they try to hide from the public.

Who knows? Janice Anderson and Tia Torres may be colluding to dump on the county. Janice has no problem with the puppy mills and the hoarders. She and NAIA don't care if people OR animals are abused.

All they care about is that the breeders and scammners keep making MONEY!

If you notice Tia trying to score brownie points with Kern County Animal Control and manipulate people, then Janice is letting her fool around and create a fake show.

Anonymous said...

"Dogs are always barking from day till night."

Absolutely so, and not only that, but in the desert the noise travels for MILES!

Anonymous said...

These gullible followers of hers must love to be scammed

This one writes "now the comments are saying that your daughters and the twins go out, and you pay them for it by letting them live them and giving them cars, and motorcycles! That is way too far"


And check out all the brand new expensive cars in some of TIA'S photos!

And TIA talking about the multiple lawyers Villalobos is paying for to get her criminal husband out of jail!

If these followers weren't so gullible, they might figure this out for themselves.

I guess it is very easy to scam a lot of dumb people.

Anonymous said...

"Than they had 2 accuse you of making people donate before taking their pit, and killing it! "

And this was from a person who had business dealings with Tia and wrote about her personal experience!

If these idiotic followers weren't so busy sucking up to their cult leader, they could research a little and find out the truth

Anonymous said...

Reporters and writers have talked about the barking at Tia's.

Can you imagine crapping on a beautiful place like this, with no regard for the environment? The poop, the urine, the stink, the barking of 200 dogs emprisoned? It's treating pit bulls like zoo animals.

For example, reporter Vernon Wells

"As I drive along a winding dirt road in the high desert of The Antelope valley I can't believe this picturesque landscape is a short 45 minutes north of Los Angeles. I slow down as a ground squirrel races across the road and turn into the entrance of Villalobos, the largest pit bull rescue in the country. I am greeted by the barking of almost 200 pit bulls as I make my way to the hacienda that functions as the rescue's headquarters and home to Tia Maria Torres, the rescue's founder and director"

snack did you see that story and the ocean of lies spewed by the hair dye queen?

Anonymous said...

Actually, she talks about youth programs, but I can't find any evidence of ongoing programs. Lots of broken links to programs on her website. School districts cannot allow felons in to run enrichment programs, you need to be CORId. She talks about some program for kids in juvi on the website, but that's it. No schools or youth groups would be taking field trips here, its absurd; its not an educational facility.

Anonymous said...

More lies....Tia NOW claims she only has fifty dogs...

But there are 113 dogs on her website, and one volunteer verified yesterday on the OWR Facebook page that she currently had 113 dogs.

Anonymous said...

Tia is a liar in that news post anon.

Look at how she absolves herself of personal responsibility of how the information on the president got out.

“She sent the letter out to the public. I got it in the mail,” Torres said. “She put her phone number on there, I didn't…She should have whited out her phone number or something.”

And for every post I've seen about her opinion on Craven and her questioning fans, I doubt the following statement is true.

Torres said she's made multiple online pleas asking her supporters to “remain professional, remain civil, do not contact Merle.”

Tia is a skanky grifter in all the sense of the word.

Anonymous said...

“In 17 years, I've never had one barking dog complaint, not one animal control violation, not one loose dog,” Torres said. “I have an outstanding record. You would think my reputation would speak for itself."

This is a lie. There's an episode where one of her parolees accidentally lets loose two to three pit bulls that run close to the gate before they're caught (I think) by her daughters.

As for the noise complaint, if anyone brings up the lack of barking in the show, you do know that they can easily edit that out like they did in several episodes of Meerkat Manor.

Small Survivors said...

anon 1:46

I have read that article, but I did not remember that description!

It's funny, anyone who has been around dogs knows how idiotic her assertions are.

Anonymous said...

"Actually, she talks about youth programs, but I can't find any evidence of ongoing programs"

In another article, she says these vague, unsubstantiated "youth programs" were stopped years ago because she "lost funding"

Her stories change DAILY. But if you look at what is being done, nada. A lot of hype, and a lot of caged dogs and a lot of expensive things getting bought.

And constantly having her people begging endlessly for money. Money all the time, for what, more new Jeeps?

Anonymous said...

So much for Media Conspiracy...

Not one mention that Pit Bulls have killed 35 Californians and that Pits are the leading biter in Kern County!

Just a minor detail left out of this issue....

Anonymous said...

Has anybody asked what happened to the 60 to 70 dogs Tia claims disappeared in one day? Did she euthanize these dogs? She could not have adopted out that many dogs in a day.

The point is, she has lied about many of her intentions, about the details of her operation. Residents should not trust her.

Anonymous said...

Where's Otis in all of this mess? Doesn't the judge have to approve his transfer to Tia's new location?

Small Survivors said...

Anon 9:40

According to what I read, Tia needs the judge to approve his transfer. As for Otis, Tia features him on her " pit pals sponsorship program" page for those who choose to waste their money on totally unadoptable pits.

You can even choose to sponsor DARLA, who's dead.

Also, you can buy "otis the man biter" merchandise.

* said...

snack sized dog,

I saw that Otis propaganda on her website as well and found that horribly disgusting. Especially since she was considering taking the other three attacking pit bulls before one decided (depending on story) to bite her. I see this as apprehensible and deplorable not only to her character (whatever shred of it is left in my eyes) and the whole cause she's supposedly going for, which was changing the image of a maligned breed - or so I thought... if that's really her cause (which I'm seriously doubting now) then she's going about it the wrong way. She should really take some lessons from Josh.

I think Otis and his merchandise should be bought up to Kern county as well as that could prove detrimental to Tia and rightfully so. I don't mind supporting pit bulls in sense of breeding for correct temperament and real ownership responsibility, but this is just sickening and seems as though she's exploiting the news coverage of that dog for more money "she needs" despite apparently having the capacity to give money to fix the roads.

Anonymous said...

Glorifying Otis the mauler is about as grotesque of an example of breed stewardship as you can find...It seems that they realize they cannot fix Pit breeding standards, so they have decided to change society's norms on acceptable animal husbandry practices.

At the same time, they will state that genetically, Pits are less likely to bite due to dogfighter culling practices.

Meanwhile, California has sustaine 7 Pit DBRFs in a little over the past year. The Tobacco Lobby has nothing on these people!

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

correction, TIA is not funding road improvements, ANIMAL PLANET is.

Anonymous said...

"correction, TIA is not funding road improvements, ANIMAL PLANET is"

So in essence, Animal Planet has directly signified they are in business with the Aryan Brotherhood.

This is so disgusting, this bunch of money-grubbing, unethical Discovery Network scumbags

And the poor people still get pushed to "send money, send money" while Animal Planet and Tia cash in!

Anonymous said...

And she sure doesn't tell the morons that send her money that Animal Planet is paying the bills. Didn't she beg the poor idiots to send their money for the roads? Without telling them that a rich corporation is paying the bill FOR HER BENEFIT AND FINANCIAL GAIN? This is what she called her "retirement property" for herself and her Aryan Brotherhood husband.

When does she ever use donations for things other than new cars and her and AJ's bills?

Just how many lies can get told before someone gets clued in?

Anonymous said...

Is the point here that Animal Planet wants to hide the crime out in the desert, so they can keep cashing in and exploiting pit bulls?

Is it because the crime associated with Villalobos is finally leaking out despite their attempts to hide it?

Think of those dogs roasting in cages in the desert so Marjorie Kaplan of Animal Planet can get rich.

Anonymous said...

You're all a bunch of morons.