Monday, March 21, 2011

Librarians: fighting for truth, justice and the american way

CRIS COHEN and JONNY VENGEANCE plotting their revenge on a librarian.

it's spring time and a pit nutter's fancy turns to media hype, lawsuits and sleaze to drum up, sympathy, donations and increase book sales.

like a "pit bull on widow's poodle", the BADRAP nutters continue to punish the Burlingame library on facebook,, parade and badrap. DONNA et al are trying to make a federal case out of this. another shot of tequila might do the trick ;)

DONNA'S nickers are in twist over the library's audacity to ban gripping dogs from their reading program and she is upset the librarian "got away with breed profiling". the really bizarre and sad thing about all of this is the state california indulges this nonsense!

in january, PBS did a puff piece on the vick dogs. DONNA REYNOLDS claims that PBS wanted to see the great JONNY in action. in the words of DONNA, "no problem. COHEN has been planning to participate in the Burlingame's annual read-a-thon."

uh-oh, BIG problem. pit bulls were 86'd from the Paws for Tales program last summer. and i can't imagine that information not getting to BADRAP within 24 hours of the horrific injustice. i imagine the pit bull discrimination S.O.S. calls come in on a special red phone or flash the pittie beacon up in the sky and tapping out "a pittie has been dissed" in morse code. and if a vick dog is dissed, you can bet that's a shot that can be heard around the pit nutter world.
(DONNA is not the super hero, she is the villain TWO FACE)
so playing the innocent victim (which the nutters are quite skilled at), COHEN contacted the library about PBS wanting to get some footage of JONNY working his magic in order to get that necessary rejection to justify launching their crusade against Burlingame.

funny thing, if you watch the PBS puff piece, you will see JONNY VENGEANCE but you will not see him at work in the reading program. i thought that was odd. and it prompted me to try and find out why. PBS, according to DONNA, specifically requested a demonstration. why wouldn't they follow through? surely Burlingame wasn't the only reading program in the bay area.

on the contrary, i found the Paws for Tales 2011 schedule which listed 14 other participating libraries, 2 of which were closer than the 50 mile drive to Burlingame. i even found a plea from the san francisco spca for applicants into their Puppy Dog Tales Reading Program. apparently, they don't have enough dogs to meet their needs. but this simple drive across town for COHEN and JONNY did not quite pack the same sensationalized headline punch.

map of Paws for Tales reading programs available to CRIS COHEN.
Burlingame was included as a reference only.

WHY the petty mind games? WHY deprive all of those wine drinking, cheese eating, PBS watching, bleeding hearts of the opportunity to see JOHNNY work his magic while enlightening the ignorant?

could it have something to do with BADRAP's secret motto?
never pass up an opportunity to promote wiggle butts and if one doesn't exist, create one!

i think pit nutters thrive on media hype. just look at the comments on facebook, parade, badrap and don't forget they have the best comments of all.

TT writes:
I've personally observed Jonny Justice (& Cris) in a dynamic environment -- lots of people wandering around, sudden noises, etc. (a fund-raising party) & Jonny was cool, calm & collected & very friendly towards all people. He was aroused by other dogs, but Cris was clearly aware of that & kept him away from them.

Librarian Patricia Harding & the City of Burlingame have just provided the world with a pretty clear message -- they're idiots who would rather shut-down a beneficial program by claiming it wasn't cost-effective (hint: unlike Patricia Harding, Jonny Justice & Cris were in the library pro-bono!), rather than admit their blatant discrimination was wrong. Jonny Justice isn't an aggressive, ignorant nuisance but Patricia Harding is.

Good thing I don't still live in the area, or Harding would find some dog excrement on her desk! :)
uh-oh, looks like CRIS hasn't been able to love all of that dog aggression away.

then scroll up and read DONNA'S comment:
The many animal care professionals who've assessed Jonny deemed him not only adoptable but temperamentally suited for work with children as well as life with other dogs (which he's been doing successfully for several years). Perhaps you disagree with these professionals, but he's actually one of the most OVERLY-assessed dogs in this country, and any amount of intolerance to animals would have been duly noted by ourselves as well as the certified animal behaviorists on the team, the American Temperament Test Society staff and Canine Good Citizen evaluators.
looks like DONNA is lying, AGAIN. DONNA claims JONNY is suited to work with other dogs. what parent wouldn't want their child lying on the floor with JONNY when he becomes "aroused" by the sight of another dog? a side note, it's nice to see DONNA provide the BADRAP seal of approval on the fraudulent ATTS. commenter Susan Jeanne wraps this mess up beautifully:
The real question is, why BadRap wants to incite a cyber-bullying campaign against a 60 year old woman who is just trying to do her job. You have no idea what the city attorney advised her to do, you have no idea how many parents complained. As someone who has spent years volunteering in school libraries, I think the "dog assisted reading" programs are just a gimmick. I have done guided reading with children in groups, and what they really need is the one on one. The library's new "Book Buddies" program will pair kids up with High School students, who will recieve community service credit. This will be much more effective, and reach a lot more children.

Forcing your dogs on people who do not want to interact with them is the antithesis of what "therapy" work is all about, and reflects poorly on breed advoactes.
personally i think the pit bulls that are enrolled in the dog assisted reading programs are there to help pit nutters and their dogs, not kids.

my favorite BADRAP facebook comment from JOSEPHINE FAZZINO BOOTH:
Michael Vick and this librarian should be banned from life! They are disgusting poor excuses of human beings. They bring nothing into our world but death and hate.
JOSEPHINE FAZZINO BOOTH'S comment dovetails nicely into my favorite parade comment from bleckbluw:
Gorant benefitted from Vicks moral lapse
I guess the power of redemption (your words) does not apply to Vick. You state, "there is too much hate in this world, already" yet your hate and resentment of Vick comes through. Oh, the hypocrisy!
i picked up on that too bleckbluw. i am fascinated by the pit nutters obsession with redemption and second chances and forgiveness.

BADRAP accomplice WILLIAM BRANGHAM has been added to my growing list of lazy, unprofessional and unethical journalists. my favorite part of Willie's puff piece came at 12:30 "Nearly 4 years on, the assessments made by the evaluation team back in Virginia, have proven remarkably accurate for ALL the Vick dogs. NONE of those living in foster or permanent homes have shown ANY behavioral problems". and "Sadly, 2 others escaped their pens one night and LIKELY were involved in killing another sanctuary dog."

apparently WILLIE hasn't heard about MEL or HANDSOME DAN or google. in less than 5 minutes, WILLIE could have confirmed the killing at best friends. lazy reporting leaves journalists looking foolish. there is simply no excuse to not check the facts that are fed to you and there is simply no reason to believe that pit bull advocates will tell you the truth any more than big oil or tobacco or big pharma lobbyists. everything they tell you is suspect and every detail should be checked and rechecked and checked again. remember BUSH and the weapons of mass destruction?

this is just my opinion but i believe the BADRAP pit nutters have concocted this crisis and are trying to make examples out of Harding and the Burlingame Library. i believe every detail of this crusade was carefully crafted in an effort to bully them into reinstating the Paws for Tales program and force them to accept their wiggle butts. they are trying to paint Harding as ignorant, closed minded, stupid, fearful, hateful, prejudiced, and uneducated. of course ONLY the nutters have the magic bullet that will cure her of these ills: gorant's propaganda pamphlet!

the truth is, librarians are some of the most open minded, progressive thinking people out there. they are the ultimate champions of the first amendment (an area pit nutters are notoriously bankrupt in), privacy rights, intellectual freedom and the fight against censorship. two years ago, when the patriot act was trying to invade our privacy, guess who was on the front lines of that fight? that's right, LIBRARIANS. and where were the pit nutters? harassing other victims no doubt.

don't be fooled by the meek librarian stereotype.

i wonder, did Jonny Vengeance ever work out his "sshhh, no applause" issues?


Anonymous said...

Beautiful synopsis Craven! I mean really... you framed this issue with the big spikes and a sledge hammer!

This has always been about the pit bull advocacy's agenda and to hell with the supposed benefactors of these programs. When a children's reading program can be shut down, the proof of selfish intentions is self evident.

And the tandem recognition of hypocrisy from their camp is exquisitely illustrated. "Pit Bulls and Parolees - they all deserve a second chance!" And in their next breath, "Michael Vick should be murdered!" So much for second chances, eh?

I see a wind blowing towards this smoldering issue. California may have passed an anti breed specific statute, but I bet they never foresaw this unintended consequence - the day selfish breed advocates could shut down children's reading programs! I don't think California has ever been shy about repealing laws that back fired. If ever there was an example of a law due for repeal, this is it.

DubV said...

Very nice. My personal face palm moments over this came from the continued assertion by nutters that the librarian was the direct cause of all this by forcing Cohen to do what he did. This is classic abusive/cultish rhetoric. Do something reprehensible and then blame the victim for forcing your hand.

Small Survivors said...

Great job exposing the positively brazen and despicable attempt to get attention by vilifying a librarian and victimizing children!
Donna couldn't take the hint when two massively pro-pit organizations refused to go along with her disgusting, self-aggrandizing plan.
Both the SPCA and PBS said uh, no, we're not going to deprive children of a program for retribution or exploit a librarian by contriving a sensational, fake conflict for film.
But Donna is going ahead with her bullying anyway. Thanks for showing how hypocritical their talk is. Yes the champions of the victim pittie spewing judgment and wishing death and dog poop on anyone who dares disagree or think for themselves. "Education" to them means, you think just like me and parrot everything I say without thinking.
It is amazing that California, with their anti-BSL legislation is enabling this kind of behavior against their children and public facilities. Ohio and Illinois should take note.

Dorothea Malm said...

Great muckraking, once again! The map of alternative venues for Jonny Vengeance was a great touch!

CKing said...

"...the really bizarre and sad thing about all of this is the state california indulges this nonsense!"

"I don't think California has ever been shy about repealing laws that back fired. If ever there was an example of a law due for repeal, this is it."

What you two said.

Unknown said...

Not to give Jim Gorant too much credit, but even he felt compelled to reveal that the SPCA didn't want to go along with vengeance model and let it be known that it was Chris Cohen left the program.

Despite being outed like that, Donna keeps up the lie that Jonny and Chris were KICKED OUT. They never were.

It is kind of confusing how transparent Donna and Cohen were about their machinations to make themselves and the pitties out to be the victims.

Usually when those machinations are revealed, you consider the plot a failure and back off. But they haven't.

Very weird.

Bill G said...

I think Susan Jeanne said it all:

"Forcing your dogs on people who do not want to interact with them is the antithesis of what "therapy" work is all about, and reflects poorly on breed advoactes (sic)."

Pit bull advocates need to understand that, generally, everything comes down to consent. The library system has the right to decide which dogs, if any, are included in the program and the parents of the children have the right to choose which programs, if any, their children attend.

IMO, the fact that pits are statistically more dangerous than any other type of dog is irrelevant to the discussion. The fact is, anyone has the right to decide which pets, if any, they are going to associate with.

There is no "win" here for the pit nutters.

DubV said...

Is "pit bull on widow's poodle" a literary reference of some type?

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i put quotes on it because it something that a friend says. a very clever friend. s/he is responsible for "pit nutter" and "frankenmauler" and a whole lot more.

DubV said...

Oh ok, it has a ring to it like it is a play on a famous phrase.

Anonymous said...

"Forcing your dogs on people who do not want to interact with them is the antithesis of what "therapy" work is all about, and reflects poorly on breed advoactes."

If only we could figure out how to make them realize how pathetic they appear to the rest of the world...