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the pit bull community speaks: part 2

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(pit bull owners, if you want to learn about the pit bull, join and

CA: 'Pit Bulls & Parolees' planned relocation sparks Facebook fight

Another stuffy person who doesn't want in their back yard. Why did they make that letter such a secret? All this has to made public to go in front of the planning commission. This was aired on TV why didn't they stop the sell before?

The woman who is against this, I believe it is a personal vendetta against the animals and the parolees themselves. She is just a hateful woman. Its pretty apparent to me that she is gonna fight tooth and nail till the end, but there are too many advocates that are for the rescue that if the permits are denied, there will be issues. That is what I am concerned about. If this woman is already recieving threats now...I would hate to see what happens if Tia's permit is denied. These folks that are threatening her need to just stay out of it. They are only making it worse on Tia, the parolees and the dogs. my blessings and best wishes to all.

It isn't the dogs id have issue with, it is the parolees. I haVe 3 ex cons of my own to worry about, I wouldn't want those fresh out of the can too close for comfort.

I've never watched the show- don't have tv- does she have a good record of containing the dogs?

If it's zoned for residential use, then she can't use it for commercial use. It's as simple as that.
It sucks that she has too many dogs than she can house- maybe it's time to start thinning the herd.
Also, she'd pay for road improvements? I'm sorry, but when did public donations to a nonprofit organization aimed at maintaining organizational function mean that she can use those funds to help fix some city's roads? If I was a donor, I would have serious issues with that.
And if she's planning on using her own money for those projects, well then what does she
need donations for?
Seems fishy.

Blaze N' Pits:
Really, because in the letter that was posted before it was about the parolees and pitbulls.... nothing about environment except for the 'roads being ruined because of traffic' and 'the pitbulls feces and urine' ...... hmmmm.
Other than that it mentioned Dianne Whipple and her dogs case which weren't even pitbulls and have absolutely nothing to do with Tia, pitbulls in general, or her rescue, it mentioned worry about the parolees, and mentioned how they already had an issue with a pitbull and farm animals in the area, in which the dog obviously was not properly contained.
IMO the only true excuse these people have would be noise from barking dogs.... but since she plans to do the indoor-outdoor setup, I bet the dogs would do a lot better with the barking although that would not stop.
This is just another case of pitbull haters and people putting there noses where they don't belong as half the crap they wrote makes no sence.

I agree that any and all donations should strictly go to the dogs... food, bedding, shelter, vet. care, exercise, training, etc. and nothing else. The donations are not for anything but the dogs and I'd be pissed to find out otherwise if I was a person who donated money.

I think she needs to do the right thing and put some of the dogs down. How good is their life really? Being caged with no hope of being adopted due to some having major issues. I wouldnt want 100 dogs living close enough to hear them bark, and the Cons would freak me out. Not hating on people but, some of those guys snap and cant take being outside of prison. I have seen it enough in my own family. Its a sad fact, and I dont think I would personally like people I dont know snapping and doing who knows what down the road from me.

I'm curious as to why so many people (especially pit owners on here) would put Ms. Torres or her organiztion in such negative light (put the dogs down, she has too many to re home, etc. etc.). I understand having a opinion on things but to be judgemental on something or someone that is actually doing some good for pits is beyond me. People consider her a hoarder at times as well and state her standards are too high for potential owners. Well we have to take into consideration the risk and liabilty she takes when adopting dogs out (especially pits) to people, simply because if she is to adopt a great dog out and say it bites out of fear then it will trickle all the back to her organization only to bring more negative attention or the dogs end up in the wrong hands for bad purposes. I understand as to why she might have soooo many dogs simply because there just aren't as many homes for the dogs, I could guarantee she doesn't have people knocking the door down to adopt and even then she still has standards for adopters. Even if she takes in "fightin dogs/aggressive" who can't be adopted out she's keeping them homed and not killing them, it isn't the dogs fault it's become aggresive but she doesn't kill them she gives them a home. I understand you shouldn't save everything but she is a rescue not a kill shelter.

zoe: (in response to the dipshit above about being "judgmental")
Well, that's it right there... people are judgemental because they don't think what she is doing is ''good for pits''.

Totally agree with this. To me, she is more of a hoarder than a rescue.

zoo: (answer to tia's record on containment)
First time I watched the show, a dog got loose from it's kennel while they were trying to open the door to feed it so I'd say.... ummmm.... no.....

How is locking dogs in outside kennels forever good? Or any better than the pound?
I think she has hoarder tendency's and could stand to lose a few of the unadoptable dogs. She shouldn't adopt out a dog that would bite due to fear. that is irresponsible.
I think putting to sleep "fightin dogs/aggressive" un adoptable dogs is much better than putting them in a kennel outdoors for the rest of their natural lives.

Blaz N' Pits:
blah blah blah, tia's not a hoarder...

Hoarding has different levels dude.
She is like a lower level one in my book.
I never said they couldnt be adopted out. But kenneling a dog alone and not with one on one contact ruins that poor dog and makes it even more unadoptable in the long run. if you cant get it out in a set amount of time put the poor thing down.

tia's not a hoarder yadda yadda yadda

That (I'm going to be nice) woman,Doesn't do a damn thing for those dogs.She is a selfish moron who is exploiting "Pit Bulls" for her own personal BS.I hope she hurries up and goes bankrupt before she creates an even bigger mess than what she already has.


As for the property issue-
I'm currently building my own business model, which will be a 501(c)3. I'm still learning the ins and outs, but what I do know is that if I wanted to house a large number of dogs on my property for the company (not for personal use), the property would need to be zoned for commercial use. Commercial properties are usually many times more expensive per square foot than the same property would be worth if it was for residential use. The point is, it doesn't matter if she lives there or not. If those dogs are part of her company, and they are, she needs to have commercial property. Basically the town is losing A LOT of money if they allow her to build on residential property, since she's get residential rates when she should be paying commercial rates.

Not really that simple. She is applying for a permit which means they CAN approve her use of a kennel for the land. It is done all the time where I live. I know where I live all the property zoned commercial is either in the city limits or very close. It wouldn't be very practical to house that many dogs that close to all the homes in the city. She is applying for a permit "deep inside the rural community", "in a remote mountain area."
As for their claim that their rejection of Villaboos is purely environmental, well that's just B.S. I understand the noise issue but when you choose to live in a rural area there's a whole lot you have to put up with when it comes to neighbors, especially if you are my neighbor.

If they don't want to issue her a permit, they don't have to. The fact of the matter is the land she's interested is not currently available, and she's going to have to give them a good enough reason to give it to her.
I don't know what the big hoopla is about. So every town has to embrace every non-profit's ideals? Maybe they don't want the attention from the media and from her 'fans'. Maybe they just want to be the small rural community that they are.
The death threats are ridiculous, and those people need to get a life. This isn't this
community's issue, it's Tia's issue, and if she needs more space, maybe she should think
about why.

If you read my post I said that they CAN issue her a permit, I didn't say they have to.
I do really think she should have had all of this in order BEFORE she acquired this property. I think that's her biggest mistake in all of this.
As for the death threats, obviously that is unacceptable that is not even up for debate.

The well meaning but completely inept bleeding heart people who aim to "rescue" and
reahabilitate all the poor widdle misunderstood pittie's do this breed more harm than any AR nutjob.


Blaze N' Pits:
more mindless yammering

The goal of ''pit bull rescue'' IMO shouldn't be to ''save dogs''. It should be to SAVE THE BREED and any situation outside of saving a ROCK SOLID dog, and putting it in a ROCK SOLID home, shouldn't even occur with the state the breed is in.

SERIOUSLY people, and are not perfect but they are good places to learn about pit bulls. forget about pitbulltalk, pitbullforum, pitbullsmiles, gopitbull - they're predominantly naive idiots.


Anonymous said...

"The well meaning but completely inept bleeding heart people who aim to "rescue" and
reahabilitate all the poor widdle misunderstood pittie's do this breed more harm than any AR nutjob"

And it took these people this long to figure this out?

Figure out that the Best Friends, Bad Raps, No Kill maniacs, Tias and the rest are their worst nightmare?

They want to obsess about Peta?

It's the Best Friends type crowd that will destroy them! Jane Berkey and the rest are going to flush them all.

Anonymous said...

Here are my thoughts on Be aware that per user rules, lies are not acceptable. In reality, only lies about pit bull owners fall under this rule, victims are fair game. I saw an account of my attack, a bold, disgusting, and complete falsehood, posted on Accept nothing posted there as true and you are way ahead.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i know, pitbull-chat is not perfect. they do have some nutters on the forum (they often have the word MOMMY in their screen name) and some dog fighters. i certainly wouldn't pay to join it. i am just saying they have a much higher percentage of reasonable pit bull owners. pit bull owners who don't spew the "it's all how you raise 'em" bullshit among other things. i said this in the hopes that some of tia's minions would join and learn something.

Anonymous said...

I understood your point CD, but when you have lived it, you tend to take it personally. To attack a victim and fabricate a story where the victim becomes the villain and the the pit bull with the irresponsible owners become the sympathetic characters is dishonest and immoral.

Anonymous said...

They're all dirtballs...It's just whether they are ethereal idiots or hardcore doggers....Both groups support kids being poured into lifeflight helicopters in different ways.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 3:35 AM - Nice assumption. Most "hardcore doggers" won't sell their work to some idiot to have it end up in the wrong hands. You obviously don't know the right people, only the wrong ones. And the wrong ones include most "pitbull breeders" you can find on-line, including the likes of Ed Faron, Mahlon Patrick, Tom Garner, etc. These folks are out to make a buck on the back of someone else's work and are in it solely for the money, selling dogs without regard. They are doing as much damage producing hundreds of dogs a year for profit without being taxed as the rescue groups and AR nuts are doing.

And this is coming from a 30+ year APBT owner who pushed for BSL in our rural area over ten years ago. The less unqualified hands these dogs are in the safer the general public will be. I hate "pro-pit" myths as much as I do the false ones on the other side of the line. They aren't for everyone, and should always be considered dangerous and a threat. Treat them as such, and you shouldn't have any problems. In decades I've never had an issue with escaping dogs or "kennel accidents."

Jake said...

@anon 10:45 -

I appreciate your comments. You are one of the responsible pit owners.

If all pit owners were are realistic and responsible as you seem to be, then the pit bull problem would be nonexistent.

snarky sniper said...

its way easier just to assume they're all scum , well until they prove otherwise. i usually find i dont have to change position. they say this is ignorance , i say its reality. if they feel hard done to they know what they can do. piss up a rope . a fool would go and give it a try!!!

Anonymous said...

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