Friday, March 11, 2011

weekly frankenmauler roundup 03/11/11

03.04.11 san mateo, california A tan and grey pit bull reportedly attacked a woman and her dog and was running loose, without tags, around the 9800 block of Ocean Avenue.

03.04.11 holland, michigan Rose Soorus was walking her 15 yr old dog Dax, when they encountered the shit bull. Rose tried spraying the pit bull with pepper spray but the stream hit ugly's body instead of his face. she tried to pull the shit bull away by its collar but it slipped off. Lonnie Barnes heard Rose's screams and came to her aid. the pit nutter didn't know how her mutant escaped her yard. she was cited for not having a license and she agreed to give it a dirt nap. good job Lonnie!

03.07.11 hartland township, michigan 34 yr old pit nutter shot and killed a stray pit bull that attacked his pit bull. nutter burst into tears as he told police he was afraid his dog would be killed and how sad he was about plugging wiggle butt.

rip Mikey
03.07.11 copiah county, mississippi the shit bulls belonging to RACHEL KEEN and her daughter killed 10 yr old Mikey. neighbors say the KEEN'S mutants have killed 6 dogs and maimed one other. "they have nowhere to turn." they want laws to protect them and their dogs from roaming pit bulls.

03.07.11 UK the nanny dogs struck again. this time 3 ugly mutants attacked a jack russell. the jack russell is in pretty bad shape and may not survive. one of the mutants was described as cream colored and the other 2 brown and white. the nutters who of course fled the scene: 2 white females in their 20's and a white male. call in tips 0845 60 70 99

03.08.11 del mar, california a woman's 30 lb mutt was attacked by a loose shit bull during a routine dog walk. she was also bitten trying to free her dog. when a neighbor jumped into to help, the pit nutter took off with her hideous mutant.

rip Jake
03.08.11 bayard, iowa a neighbor's mutant pit bull escaped its yard and attacked Jake while out for his walk. Jack Smith tried unsuccessfully to free his little buddy from jaws of the pit but it was too late. Smith said he could hear bones cracking, which in Brent Toellner's book that amounts to "minor problems". SUANNE WINTERS, the pit nutter has promised not to bring her assassin back to the neighborhood.
this is an interesting link. a 1:49 video devoted to the savage killing of Jake and a 1:59 video devoted to how to avoid dog attacks, none of which are applicable to shit bulls who have locked and loaded on your dog. damn that biased evil media!

03.09.11 UK a border terrier and its owner are lucky that two officers on street patrol happened to be in the area when 3 nanny dogs savaged her terrier. the owner got a tetanus shot.
the pit nutter was URGED to make sure their dogs have collars and I.D.
“It is probably one of the worst things I have had to do. I have never heard anything like the terrier screaming.” PCSO Dan Seymour
yep, i've heard that sound.

03.10.11 canada Daneane Pflughaupt's jack russell puppy was savaged by a loose pit bull last june. Yami survived even though the news links state his juglar was severed. the frankenmauler was well known to animal control and had bitten at least 5 other dogs. when ac went to seize the hideous mutant, it had been spirited away. it was eventually found and received a dirt nap.
the pit nutter: 30 yr old SHANNON GOUDA-OKEYNAN didn't show up for court this week. she was found guilty of a dog attack causing injury and failure to control, fined $1500 and ordered to pay Yami's $2500 vet bills.

Bear requires a $1300 surgery. his owner can't afford it and is trying to decide what to do.
03.10.11 lauderhill, florida police shot and killed this hideous pit bull as it savaged a shih-tzu. the pit nutter RONY ST. GERARD said "They shot my dog, man. How I'm I going to sleep at night? Now my kids will not sleep seeing them after they shot my dog." i suspect the family of pit nutters will all sleep better than the owner of the shih-tzu who was right there in the middle of the attempted assassination of her pet. moments later, GERARD whipped the crowd up into a frenzy and they broke the police line. GERARD was arrested for inciting a riot and resisting arrest. add to his other court activity: child support and eviction
RONY ST. GERARD and ugly mutant KIMBO

03.10.11 marco island, florida SUSAN BOOKER'S shit bull charged out the door, ran into the street, sniffed Gabriela, the tibetan terrier, then launched an attack. Gabriella's owner was injured trying to save her dog. Waste Management workers and a pool cleaning person came to her aid. Gabriella suffered severe injuries to her rear leg; muscle tears, nerve and vascular damage. the pit nutter's version of events goes like this: BOOKER claims she was bitten by Gabriella, who attacked her mutant shit bull. BOOKER also claims that Yona Strasberg (terrier owner) did nothing to help break up the fight AND also claims that Strasberg hit her hideous shit bull with a heavy pool pole. (never interfere with wiggle butt's favorite pastime: savaging dogs!)
oh gosh, who to believe? this is a tough one. let's see on the one hand we have a woman legally walking her leashed tibetan terrier whose hands are now bandaged and on the other hand, we have a 23 yr old skank who stabbed her boyfriend in the back last fall. hmmm.... it's best not to judge.

23 yr old RYAN KIERAN
21 yr old RICHARD QUIRK (i bet he has webbed toes)
03.10.11 UK these two fucktards threw a kitten named Daisy into mutant jaws. they pled guilty to animal cruelty and will be sentenced march 31st. the judge said they should expect to see some jail time. pucker up punks.


colorado springs, colorado the humane society's investigation sided with the shooter and found TAMMIRA MARTINEZ at fault for the attack on a greyhound and the shooting of her bull mastiff mix.

Mika right after the attack
UK home invasion one of the 2 dogs that savaged Mika has been determined to be a banned pit bull. the nanny dog is still in custody, its fate will be determined later. the teenage mutant pit nutter might be charged under the Dangerous Dogs Act.

port hope, michigan last june, the frankenmaulers belonging to MATTHEW LEESE went on a killing spree. TWO gripping dogs nearly wiped out an entire herd of sheep. LEESE pled guilty to one charge of dog at large and one count of failing to license. LEESE was fined $275, ordered to to do 30 hours of community service and ordered to pay restitution. (whose side are these fucking prosecutors on?) the sheep owner's losses came to $37,000. LEESE'S insurance carrier denied the claim because the damages occurred as a result of criminal activity.


chesterfield township, michigan NORRIS was one of five losers arrested during a raid. there were also two shit bulls, one of which delivered a serious bite on one of the cops. the mutant was first tased with little effect then hit with a flashlight. the mutant redirected on another a third cop and it was shot and killed.
NORRIS was charged with running a drug house, possession of pot and purchasing a firearm without a license.
21 yr old DEREK HASTY charged with possession of pot and a saw off shot gun
23 yr old ROBERT MOORE was transferred to detroit on an existing warrant: delivery of ecstasy
19 yr old JVON POWERS was charged with possession of pot
19 yr old JOSEPH COSIO was charged with possession of pot

pittsburgh, pennsylvania police shot and killed a shit bull when they responded to an aggressive dog call. the neighbor said the idiot pit nutters moved out and left the dog.

bethlehem, pennsylvania 36 yr old THOMAS KOTZ ordered his pit bull to attack two people. when police responded, they killed the dog and arrested KOTZ. he has been charged with simple assault, resisting arrest, reckless endangerment and harassment.

mr and mrs LOUIS pit nutter, LOUIS refused to give his last name and wore dark glasses. i smell a criminal record.
colorado springs, colorado 58 yr old Carl Fry shot and killed his neighbor's pit bull in his yard. he has been charged with aggravated cruelty to animals. the pit nutter has been charged with 2 counts of dog at large, 2 counts of failing to license and 2 counts of failing to vaccinate. neighbors say the dogs were always loose but friendly. they're always friendly right up until the moment that they attack.
"Dogs don't like to be caged in too long, they'll find a way for some reason always getting out." Louis the pit nutter
i think the cops here had a momentary lapse of judgement. something tells me that either the charges will be dropped or Mr Fry will be acquitted. the Castle Law is very much alive in the state of colorado. the Castle Law guarantees people the right to use lethal force in their home. and if that isn't enough, check out the 1985 colorado "Make My Day" law. i think there could be a stampede of NRA lawyers vying for Fry's case.

golden gates estates, florida a police sergeant shot a pit bull when it charged out the door and jumped on him. 5'4 120 lb RACHELLE PEHLKE couldn't control the 70 lb mutant. the owner, 25 yr old JOSE ARJONA opted for a dirt nap.

newport news, virginia michael vick's home town two shit bulls got out and terrorized a neighborhood. when the police responded, they were forced to shoot one of them. all of the witnesses say the police were justified. the pit nutter was not home at the time, he responded but refused to give his name. he was aware that one of the gripping dogs could get out and of course thinks the police shot his ugly mutant for the simple fact that it is an ugly mutant despite the witnesses insistance that the officers had no other choice.
"I just want to let the world know, I'm not an irresponsible dog owner," said the pit nutter. "I do not train dogs to fight. I do not train dogs to be aggressive. I did not train them to attack children."

marysville, washington you need to see this to believe it. click the link to watch this psycho scream at the news reporter who is inquiring about the dog getting loose and chasing kids.
what a shame the news reporter or the police didn't name this fucktard. FABB, why don't you do something useful and educate this fucktard?


Anonymous said...

"Life goes on!"...

Not always Nutter!

Anonymous said...

Dangerously Declared Pittie leaps out of second story window in Manteca CA to kill passerby's dog.

Anonymous said...

Now all those attacks are traced back to the owner, if they had there dog in there possesion and undercontrol, NONE OF THOSE WOULD HAVE HAPPENED!!!!

DubV said...

Hi Anona-nutter-fucktard 7:26,

I'll post a comment from another thread. Try to wrap your vacuous, reptillian brain around a wider perspective, if you aren't too distracted with sniffing your finger.

"Regarding it all being a people problem. This is merely a matter of perspective and a matter of the construction of a logical system. You can view everything that happens to a person throughout their life as either their fault or the fault of another human. A tree falls on you in the woods? It was your fault for being in the woods, etc. I think this is partially due to the human fascination with "fault" and "blame", which is likely an artifact of us needing to punish transgressors of social norms and also our need for a sense of control. If you look at things a bit more objectively and consider the causative factors, then it is obvious that the individual dog and the genetic code within it has an influence. "

Anonymous said...

What happens when you let your kids run loose, they GET IN TROUBLE!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Classic pit nutter display in Snohomish... MY pit bull hasn't hurt anybody and MY pit bull wouldn't hurt anybody. Famous last words and a pit nutter salute. Like the Villalobos girls say:

Anonymous said...

Last time I checked people killed more people/animals, then any dogs, shouldnt we ban people?

Anonymous said...

Two labs got loose in my neighborhood last weekend. When they saw me outside with my dog on a leash they came running up to us, sniffed and played with her and licked me. But all dogs are still dogs, right?

Anonymous said...

"Last time I checked people killed more people/animals, then any dogs, shouldnt we ban people?"

*yawn* Same old tired comeback. Try a little harder next time.

Anonymous said...

you have no comment to the fact,
face it you fuck guns killed OVER 10,000 americans last year, how many pits kill people?

scratch said...

"Anonymous said...
you have no comment to the fact,
face it you fuck guns killed OVER 10,000 americans last year, how many pits kill people?

Classic nutterism, facts look ugly for your POS dogs? Get nasty and make threats...
Suggestion, if you don't like the conversation here, go back to

Small Survivors said...

Why do reporters protect fucktards? I hope his employer and everyone he's ever met in his town see what an asshole this guy is and let him know it.

Meanwhile, I hope the coverage WITH VIDEO EVIDENCE lights a fire under AC's butt. He just plain doesn't care. The dog is ripe for his genetic heritage to emerge, though its telling that the dog looks afraid of the owner. Hopefully, when the dog's genes turn on, it will be against his fucktard owner.

That is one face I think would look better with a nose and cheek missing.

Seeing Mika like that and knowing she was in her house, in her steel crate, and ripped out to die a slow suffocating death of a punctured lung - bit over 70 times - with a woman and children cowering in a room, listening, helpless - I can't fathom how depraved you have to be to own these things, excuse these things, want these things.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...


uh-oh, looks like tia's minions are disobeying her edict about not "feeding" this site.

EEK! A NUTTER said...

Little 13 year old nutter feels that because we allow other dangerous things to exist in our society, we've given up all rights to say, "Nope, don't want to be mauled by your useless shit bull. And don't want my dog to be mauled by your shit bull."

You, my little 13 year old nutter, are wrong.

Anonymous said...

The pit nutters are completely clueless about google search engines and ranking. The more they hit it, the more likely it is to be hit.

Anonymous said...


"Intent" has always been an important element when determining appropriate charges, prosecution, sentencing, or when accessing civil liability. Thank you for making your intentions clear.

Now I suggest you look up statutes regarding electronic harassment, moron.

Stop the Savagery said...

"Little 13 year old nutter feels that because we allow other dangerous things to exist in our society, we've given up all rights..."

Those OTHER dangerous things that are useful or have constitutional protections associated with them.

Some people own guns as penis extensions, but many more own as useful objects.

Cars some people get certain kinds of cars as penis extensions, but most get them as useful objects.

Both these things nutters bring up to compare with pit bull are the MOST HEAVILY REGULATED things regular citizens own.

Juvenile nutter army of ONE - your shit bull is useless.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

thanks guys for spelling out the legal issues and how google works.

something many probably do not realize is just because these comments are signed anonymous, doesn't mean that Google doesn't know who they are.

and i agree with snack sized dog, this red pit bull looks terrified of its owner. i suspect mr nutter doesn't practice "soft" corrections. hopefully the dog will decide that he doesn't like this blowhard's tone.

Anonymous said...

Hey, pit-tard, murder is illegal.

Guns are heavily regulated, and no gun in the history of EVER has jumped up, chased someone down, and shot them. EVER.

Can you say that about pits? No, you can't. Logical fallacy exposed and denied. Next?

Anonymous said...

As far as it being all about the owner, idiots own and abuse all breeds. Shouldn't we be seeing a few more non pit bulls making the news if you are correct?

Anonymous said...

I read where a woman could not afford her pet's treatment. I urge everyone to do what I have done. Buy catastrophic pet health insurance with a high deductible but a high yearly limit. I pay $200 a year to petplan. My deductible is $200 bucks but tops out after that at $20,000 a year. It's well worth it.

EEK! A NUTTER said...

I wonder if you have this kind of insurance, the insurance company would go after the pit bull owner with their resources to get their money back.

When someone without car insurance hit me, my insurance paid, went after the deadbeats, and got me my deductible back.

It would be nice to know you could force the deadbeats to pay.

Anonymous said...

It would be great to see a study like this

done at several veterinary hospitals.

Friends Administrator said...

Anon 6:14 that link was cut off so I will try to put the whole thing on again because it is a good resource tool.


More than 30 different offending breeds were documented in the medical records. The most common breeds included pit bull terriers (50.9 percent), Rottweilers (8.9 percent), and mixed breeds of the two aforementioned breeds (6 percent).

So that means 27 other breeds can divide amongst themselves 30 attacks. Kinda one sided wouldn't you say? This is what tells the tale, not the bullshit by the likes of Karen Delise.

Friends Administrator said...

Again on that link

Anonymous said...

short link to the pediatric study

Anonymous said...

well if the person had there dog under control sounds like that can just jump up and bite either huh?
Don't you see the real problem? the people, alls those attacks are from LOOSE ANIMALS, with no supervison.

Think About It said...


The real problem is people owning breeds they have no business owning especially when that breed is more efficient at climbing or chewing it way through a fence.

Unless your pit bull is in a kennel which is checked daily, or is on a tow truck link. The chances of it escaping are exponentially higher than say a beagle, labrador, or chihuahua.

Other breed's don't have the strength, tenacity, or stamina like the pit bull does on average, which makes them less dangerous than pit bulls - understand?

The problem is who owns what breed, and the breed itself.

Jake said...

I have to say, every time I look at that picture of Mika in agony just after the pit bull attack, I break down like a baby. I could not have hidden in another room, listening to Mika's screams and done nothing.

I'd have been absolutely driven to do anything I could to save Mika - surely there was something that could have slowed down the attacking pit bulls - a pot of boiling hot coffee, an ice pick, a sharp kitchen knife, surely something.

Rest in peace sweet Mika - I hope for your sake there is a rainbow bridge for you.

Anonymous said...

Jake, the problem was that mother had her two children to think of. In the face of that, I can absolutely see why and how a mother would stay in place and do EXACTLY what she did, which was nothing except keep those children out of harm's way. Unfortunately, the three of them now have to live with that trauma and guilt every single day for the rest of their lives.

Boiling water doesn't phase a pit. Neither do ice picks, baseball bats, bricks, flower pots, tasers hockey sticks, sometimes not even gunshots, or knives, and it wasn't just one dangerous dog on the attack. It was two, red zoned enough to rip through a dog kennel.

That story both broke my heart and pissed me off beyond belief. The UK is a cesspool of chavs and pits. Their police and laws do NOTHING to protect them. They don't even allow them to adequately arm themselves so they can protect themselves.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:34, we see stories here *constantly* of leashed, supposedly "under control" pit bulls snapping and attacking, doing damage to dogs and people alike.

If the only way to have a dog adequately "under control" is to have it in a chew proof kennel 24/7 or constantly muzzled and on a 4 foot leash or shorter, there is a PROBLEM with the BREED. Capiche? You don't have to utilize these containment methods for normal dogs.

Anonymous said...

Pits are precious and prized by their owners, but why are there so many instances of the dog being left behind? Abandoned?
Many owners dash away from the fight, sometimes leaving their dogs, or won't intervene,and this is not the first time I've heard of people moving out and leaving their pit behind.
I'm not even touching on the cruelty cases involving pits.
I'm having a hard time understanding that the same people who's Facebook pictures are snuggled right next to their pit's face, (Neglected children sullen in the background), can just up and abandon their dog inside a house with no water?

Anonymous said...

So once again, you said it yourself it comes down to the OWNER being a responsible person, just like my guns, my guns have never hurt anyone, becuase THERE IN MY POSSESION, just like my dogs are in MY POSSESION, AT ALL TIMES.
Feel me knocking?

realist said...

anon8:50: no matter how responsible someone is "shit happens". are the only one in your household? do you never go out and leave your dogs and guns at home? pitbulls are an accident waiting to happen.i keep hearing "its the owner not the dog". well that depends on the dog.

Dude, I Bagged Ur Pit said...

"So once again, you said it yourself it comes down to the OWNER being a responsible person"

The fact remains that irresponsible idiots are attracted to pit bulls. I’m responsible and an advocate of personal responsibility, but I can’t own a cache of especially dangerous weapons, (fully automatic rifles and grenade launchers,) without clearing a wall of obstacles through a special permit process. I can’t just claim, “I’m responsible. I should own these things without regulation, review, inspection of secure storage facilities, and because I’m responsible, I should be unimpeded by permit requirements and all the associated cost, including indemnification for misuse.”

Any assumption that people might voluntarily own pit bulls responsibly has been disproven. The history of failure is so widespread and common that people could reasonably consider the choice to own a pit bull evidence of irresponsibility and disregard for the community.

The answer – REGULATE.

Jake said...

@anon 1:21 - You're probably right, I'm not saying that would have been a smart move, I'm just saying my heart would have overruled my head.

In a more ideal situation they would have had a shotgun for home defense, and that would have been the time to use it.

Stop the Savagery said...

Regulate is the answer. The pit bull lobbyists are not lobbying for pit bull welfare. They are lobbying and advocating for pit bull OWNERSHIP and breeding freedoms.

They won't advocate for anything that would improve pit bull welfare if it interferes with their absolute freedom to own and breed pit bulls.

I think we should start calling them on that. Its not banning pit bulls, its banning pit bull ownership. Its not regulating pit bulls, its regulating pit bull ownership.

Its not blaming and discriminating against poor pitties, its blaming and discriminating against a demonstrable record of irresponsible pit bull ownership.

Pit bull ownership advocates have been saying for years that its the owners and not the dogs as if there's nothing that can be done about that. pit bull ownership can be regulated or banned for the benefit of the community other pets, and pit bulls.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:50, willful ignorance is an ugly trait. Let me spell it out for you as plainly and simply as I would to an 8 year old. By the way, I ran this argument by my 8 year old niece just to test, and she got it right off the bat.

1.) If I lock my gun in a gun cabinet, will it ever break out? NO, it will not, because why? It's not a living thing with its own volition. If I never open the gun cabinet and never let anybody else handle the key, will my gun ever hurt anyone? No, it will not.

2.) If you lock your pit bull in its crate in the house, can it chew out of the crate? In most cases, the answer is YES. Yes, it can. They do. They have. Can it then get out of your house and attack someone? The answer is YES. Yes, it can. They do. They have.

REASONABLE people would assume that with MOST dogs, containment in a crate in a house is responsible ownership, and with MOST dogs, that would be completely true. Any animal that requires containment on par with zoo security in order to be reasonably contained is not suitable to be a pet.

Guns and gun ownership are highly regulated. Pit bull ownership ought to be. When it is, the mauling rates go down. The number of unwanted pits in shelters being euthanized goes down. Gang activity goes down. This isn't rocket science. It's common sense. Then again, I'm talking to a nutter, a segment of the population notoriously lacking in exactly that.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Blogger is bugging out again. Another comment of mine disappeared. Craven, any chance it wound up in spam?

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

there was a comment stuck in spam. hopefully, that was yours. i am not sure why this is happening.

skank-proof said...

re susan booker: looks like shes been dragged out of bed and arrested. but shes still smiling like the arrogant skank she no doubt really is. hope lady karma takes a good look at this pit owning piece of work.

Jake said...

@anon 1:21 -

After some thought about your comment, I'm not so sure of your conclusion about the effectiveness of fighting back without a gun.

Keeping in mind that a pit bull in the red zone is totally focused on the prey, that pretty much gives you one clear shot, so if you do it right it could be effective.

I think a ice pick shoved with maximum force into an attackers eye would buy the victim some time.

Oh well, it's all academic now; in any case, a shotgun would be a more certain defense.

the jolly butcher said...

jake : what about quickly a puncture wound to either side of chest to collapse both lungs. then go for windpipe and jugular and carotids. my little dog will die fast in the incredibly strong jaws of one of those killing machines/ dogs.

sad snark dog said...

snack dog: ya thats some terrible picture of mika. what a medieval way to die. to think some people like this shit!

Jake said...

@Jolly -

It could work but you'd have to be very quick. I still think the eye is a better choice though because if you push through you can also scramble the brains of the attacker.

It's sad that we have to think about these things but the very real possibility of attack by pit bull leaves us no choice if we want to be able to defend our loved ones, whether of the 2 legged or the 4 legged variety.

Anonymous said...

Guns and gun ownership are highly regulated

its apparent you have never been to a ghetto before, theres millions of saturday night specials.
regulated my ass

Nutters are the missing link said...

You fucking dumb fucking PIT NUTTERS.

Of course, you can strain your brain to traceback almost anything (good or bad) to a human. This is called rationalization. How many anguished mothers behaving in a responsible way cry to sleep every night because their child was kidnapped in an unforeseeable way? They repeat to themselves "if only I had done this, if only I had done that". You are doing something similar by always placing blame on a human whenever a domestic dog is involved, excepted your blame game is not the result of pain but of being an imbecile who has started with a conclusion instead of reasoning to it.

The ideas of blame and fault are not even appropriate here. They are useful in a court of law and during gossip perhaps and besides that, humans are obsessed with fault and blame for several reasons. One is to feel in control and another is to be able to punish social transgressors.

What you dumb fucking nutters have done is create a "thought" system in which a dog cannot be to blame for anything it does. If a dog is never to blame then it is never to be credited either, so stop right fucking now ever saying anything nice about your wiggle butt.

A better way to view things is in terms of causes and contributing factors. Obviously, if a dog breed requires extra vigilance and irresponsiblity is more likely to result in mayhem THEN THE DOG'S GENETICS ARE PLAYING A ROLE. You can own a tiger responsibly if you are a zoo. If the tiger breaks free from the zoo and kills someone, it is the zoos fault. Yes, I'll blame them simply because it is fucking retarded to blame the tiger for doing what tigers do. Although the tiger is not to blame in a human moral sense, THE REASON IT WAS A HUGE FUCKING DEAL IS BECAUSE IT IS A TIGER. Maybe the reason why it could climb out was because it is a FUCKING TIGER. Please go get a vasectomy nutter.

snark dog said...

at anon700: the perps always say regulation doesn't work. could it be the perps dont want to be regulated. kinda like pit denial in its various forms.

Murphy S. said...

"its apparent you have never been to a ghetto before, theres millions of saturday night specials."

So WTF is your point?

sweeney todd said...

i think i need some practice in quickly dispatching pit dogs, then when the time comes ill know just what to do.

Anonymous said...

Point is dumbfuck, you guys want to regulate "ban" pitbulls, which will not a damn thing in lower income communitys "ghettos"
outlaw pitbulls and only outlaws will have them.
its a proven fact that BSL and offer forms of punishment does not work, I would highly suggest if the APBT bothers you that much too move out of the country, no one is keeping you here, I hear japan is nice :)

EEK! A NUTTER said...

Oh, its the old "if a law has ever been broken that means the law doesn't work" routine.

Show me a law that hasn't been broken dipshit.

And I like your twist, if it doesn't work in the ghetto, then it won't work at all!

Down with law! Down with enforcement!


Anonymous said...

Well, well, that stupid argument has come right to craven desires!

Why don't we just go to the ghetto and ask permission from the gang bangers before passing any law.

Maybe we should ask their permission to enforce laws already on the books, too. Because, of course, if they're just going to break them, we must all just accept that.

no more regulation. And if my neighbor wants a rocket launcher and a tiger, I guess I'll just have to deal with that because the boys in the hood said so.

Anonymous said...

"58 yr old Carl Fry shot and killed his neighbor's pit bull in his yard. "

Many more ways to deal with a dangerous and loose canine rat than with a gun that attracts attention!!

Jake said...

anon 8:54 said

"its a proven fact that BSL and offer forms of punishment does not work"

To correct your first mistake, BSL is not punishment - it's overdue relief for endangered citizens.

Secondly, BSL does work. When pit bulls are removed from an area, the number of maulings and deaths drops significantly. end of story.

You also said "I would highly suggest if the APBT bothers you that much too move out of the country"

I see. If I don't want dangerous mutant fighting dogs running loose and terrorizing my neighborhood, I should move out of the country.

You see folks, this is what we're up against. These pit nutters boldly assert that their right to breed frankenmaulers and inflict them on us outweighs the rights of the public to a reasonably safe environment.

Never mind the rising toll of horrific deaths and maulings, we all need to just chill out and let these sociopaths and their fighting dogs have their way with us.

Not bloody likely.

Murphy S. said...

Anonymous Shit for brains nutter @ 8:54 said, "... which will not a damn thing in lower income communitys "ghettos"
outlaw pitbulls and only outlaws will have them."

Oh, well said!

And a fair reply to THAT...

But lower income communigenies "ghettos" them have outlaws only have been pit bulls for cocksucking the way. I could how not seen that? Duh!

I think I see the problem here. Somebody's logic is right in there with their ability to articulate a thought.

Good times in the comments! Thanks for clearing things up, pit nutter!

snarkraygeous said...

i feel the n word coming on. nutter-- there, that'll have to do.

Anonymous said...

The video of the doofus in Marysville, Wa is priceless! Does he think being an emphatic idiot makes him look like any less of an idiot?

"She's agile! She's athletic!" LMAO!

You have to give pit bull owners points for consistency. No other "group" in the world is so consistently stupid!

There is one other category I think I'm seeing with regularity. The young, angry and lonely fat girls in my area all seem to have pit bulls, and not a whole lot of other types except for the few dirt bags you'd expect. I've seriously thought of putting on a telephoto lens and shooting a joke calendar, 'Pit Bull Toting Babes.' (Guaranteed to make you hurl or turn you gay by December!)

GOOD OLE BOY said...

hey um nutter, thats a good idea, get a saturday nite special from the ghetto. yea hey thanx. that way i'll be up to speed with the criminal element. thats one problem with our society, the criminals are the only ones packing heat. hey nutter are you feeling lucky , well are yo ???

snarkastic sam said...

YEA ANON i know what you mean , theyre usually fat and belligerent. theres definitely two kinds, the shitbags and the hosebags. not that ive studied it but there is a gender component to stupidity. like at my local pit rescue estab, talk about gorillas in the mist!!

Anonymous said...

I personally will be fine if the only people who own shit bulls are criminals. That means they're easy to spot, round up, and lock up. Easy to confiscate the illegal dogs and euthanize them. End of story, Morning Glory.

BSL does work. Communities that have passed it see a reduction in maulings and deaths from pit bulls. They see fewer pits in their shelters. They euthanize fewer pits per year. The only people who think BSL doesn't work are the dumb fucks who equate all dog bites with pit maulings.

All sorts of crimes occur in low income areas, rapes, murders, muggings, break ins. Shall we just embrace anarchy and say because laws can be broken we shouldn't have them? Like I said, deliberate ignorance is an ugly trait. You embody it to the fullest, idiot nutter.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i'll take a dozen of those calendars.

Small Survivors said...

Too late. They already made a hurlarific calendar of themselves.

I find this group of gurlie nutters particularly stupid.

My new theory is that these girls love pit bulls because they think they look less ugly when they sit next to one.

What I see in my neighborhood is weenie little wannabe tough guys. After reading craven for a while, I now know that these are the guys who stand and stare or run away when their pit bull mauls a person or a pet.

Anonymous said...

That fucktard in Washington needs to be smacked down.

re: pitbulltalk link, That dog featured with Hottie McNaughty looks like a boxer. wtf?

girlilla watcher ? said...

my theory is these poor females would like a violent male to protect them and only them but have to settle for a ugly violent dog instead. oh hes so sweet!! but he would fight for me to the death!!! dream on dingbat.

Anonymous said...

I say miss May gets protected to death first. Her frankenmauler looks like a presa. They have a really good track record of protecting their owners against themselves by mauling them to death.

xxx kinky film producer said...

GIRLILLAS IN THE MIST. starring various belligerent rescue dingbats with their abused and harmless pig dogs. this film may be offensive to people with morality and gender issues.

Anonymous said...

>>>>Too late. They already made a hurlarific calendar of themselves.

Those are "models?" Not even by 2 am at the bar's "last call for alcohol" are those models! If you're used to seeing average pit bull owners, then yeah; I can see how they would seem like models compared to the beasts you usually see with a pit bull.

nutters say the darndest things said...

girlilla watcher ?,

I had a woman I was acquianted with explain to me what she considered the perfect man (and what she believed other women wanted as well). This reminds me of your comment. She said she wanted an ultra-masculine, seemingly totally impervious and nonemotional and insensitive man, who could only be reached by her. That she would be the only one in the world who would ever see his soft and vulnerable side. I listened and didn't comment. Sounds like quest for the poor, misunderstood pit bull.

Anonymous said...

It's called Beauty and the Beast Syndrome

nutters say the darndest things said...

Thanks for the heads up on "beauty and the beast syndrome". I read a bit and it seems ridiculously unhealthy.

Anonymous said...

If anybody was curious who the fucktard pit nutter that was posting above is, it was Matt Just.

All this loser does all day is post on

Matt, take a fucking shower and quit pretending anybody but your merry band of ass wipes gives a shit.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

those facebook links appear to be dead.

Anonymous said...

San Mateo---- Where's the who, what, where, and why information. Absolutely no information.

Hartland Township--- a STRAY dog attacked his dog. No matter what the breed was. They need stricter laws on STRAYS.

Copiah County----This is interesting. The entire community wants a 'vicious dog ordiance' Not pit bull ban.
And it was only 1 problem pit bull from 1 house that should be put down.

Del Mar----"She does not blame the pit bull for what happened"
"“It’s not the dog’s fault,” said T.A. “People that have aggressive animals need to keep them on a leash.”
Kuty agreed that it is not the pit bull’s fault.
“A dog is a product of their environment, any breed. There are many factors that play into the behavior of dogs,” Kuty said."

Bayard, Iowa-----This was reported what, the SAME DAY as the 3 yr old girl that lived 4 hrs away from jack and jake and she was KILLED by her grandmother's dogs.....Yet, you only post something about what some shit bull did instead of a effin dog mauling fatality??? Why?

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

iowa -- i don't track human attacks, minor, severe or fatal. how many fucking times do i have to say this to you pit nutters? ever hear of there are more victims blogs in the side bar.

del mar -- not uncommon for victims to not blame the breed, like the pit bull owner who shot the stray pit bull in hartland township.

copiah county -- i don't track BSL. that ONE dog killed 6 dogs and injured one other. and that's not a breed issue for you.

san mateo -- that's a police blotter. that's all of the info that i have.

Unknown said...

Not all pit-bulls are mean and aggressive. Only the ones who are raised to be that way, just like humans. I have a pit who is just as sweet and all the kids love her and she loves them. I have had her since her birth.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

just like humans? you apparently are not familiar with the latest research on psychopaths or read anything about twin studies.

what's your opinion of pit bull expert diane jessup? she claims that temperament is 90% nature.

Unknown said...

You are an idiot. I bet you blame guns for shooting people too. Or oxygen for causing fires. You are the fucktard.

Anonymous said...

Ok, what is your beef with Pit Bulls? Were you bitten as a child? Because you are taking a ridiculous offense to there existence even. It is because of mistreatment and terrible breeding from humans that some Pits are the way they are. Its our fault. Not all Pits are inbred and overly aggressive. All the Pits I have owned have been the sweetest gentlest dogs to both people and other animals. So you can insult the dogs and you can insult anyone who disagrees with you, but in the end it won't matter because whether you believe it or not, you are still wrong. Pit Bulls are wonderful!

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

"Ok, what is your beef with Pit Bulls?"

Hello? Have you actually read anything on this blog? If not, please read THIS.