Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Tehachapi Bully Update


BCB said...

lol you guys state she helps run puppy mills and fighting dogs, you guys said the same about me, you guys never have a respectful source to use, its funny how you run off the media. remember what happens when you ASSUME???

Anonymous said...

You stay classy there pit nutters!

Anonymous said...

WHOA! slow down BCB! I think someone said she SUPPORTS puppy mills and that comment was based on the fact that her daughters owned french bulldogs, which are often (not always) from puppy mills.

Granted, that was an assumption better left unsaid BUT damn that evil media!

Anonymous said...

Hey Animal Planet, YOU are complicit in all this.

Anonymous said...

See what assuming gets ya?

Small Survivors said...

People don't like bullies!

Anonymous said...

I find it amazing that despite being so adamant about sicking her fans onto this site and then telling those that question her to get off her facebook, she's now avoiding press to respond the accusations or facts made by several people opposing her bullying.

Maybe Tia does have a lick of sense. maybe she knows that she made herself and the pit bull community look like a bunch of insane and ravaged fools.

Anonymous said...

Part of me wonders if Animal Planet will have the documentary integrity video tape Tia's responses to this blog and her stupid reactions or statements. But I would not be surprised if it is glossed over due to the fact that it gives her and Animal Planet a bad name.

Anonymous said...

It's like, amazing, how quickly this news report quieted down Craven's new guests. Several hours go by and only six comments so far.

And is that chicken wire I'm seeing in the foreground?

SANE woman said...

I have posted here all day, none are going through. The hatred, nastiness, insane hysteria here is appalling. Nutters? Please, who the hell came up with that? MANY of you screaming 'idiots and stupid' are pretty dam idiotic and stupid yourself. Do you READ what you write? MANY of you claiming 'educated, intelligent somebodies' sound like the very people we fight against, abusive, redneck, violent fools.
First of all 'Craven', your sites a PIA and MESS in reading, organizing, back tracking post. You want to create this disgusting page of anger,hatred, idiots....get it right.
To whomever does not have the balls to give a name and continually insults NICE ladies that are respectfully commenting like Michelle, sound far more like the stereo typed 'pit redneck' than them. You are plain and simple a rude, disrespectful, NO CLASS ass. In the 1 out of 50,000 (or more!) pits that DO attack, I hope one picks YOU.
JAKE....thus far in reading you are the ONLY anti pit individual I would even consider a conversation with. Tho I don't agree with some, I appreciate your arguments and how you are constructing them.
I am one of the 'responsible pit owners' and you are exactly right on that. As these dogs are abused and used for fighting, money, personal image, they ARE often-and no 100 replies to this please-VICTIM to ignorant, irresponsible, neglectful owners. The OWNER is at fault as much or more than the dog when attacks occur. They surely can do a lot of damage THEREFORE they must be in PROPER homes. That IS our fight, in stopping the abuse, fighting, irresponsibility in this breed. To destroy the entire breed is simply absurd. Do we then move on to chows, then Doberman's, then Shepard's? For all of you hysterically screaming 'BSL' law, you DO realize this can and does mean several other breeds, right? Akita's, chows (far more aggressive attack dogs, BTW), Shepard's, etc. Get a crazy bitch with some pull in your county that hates poodles and it CAN apply to poodles. You are missing the point in our argument on that law. ALL responsible pit owners DO advocate that the owner IS responsible for containing, training, caring for the animal. Yes, the owners should be responsible for damages from their dog, and if your English spaniel bites me, I will make you pay for it. Yes, I realize the difference in the bites, damage. Can we stop the repetitious arguments already.Besides the destruction of them all, what WOULD make you people happy? The dogs aren't going 'bye, bye', so work to a solution?
I have had MANY pits, never one issue. I have had MANY dogs. The Shepard bit several, the chihuahua bit, the lab bit. (rescues, BTW. ALL abused FIRST) I would not leave a small child alone with ANY dog. Period. My 2nd pit was a 'sweetie'. However, the drunk raging neighbor-idiot that walked into my yard, where my kids and I were, after repeatably told not to, was taken down by him. He released the second I commanded. The police took the drunken idiot to jail, who had a knife and a rape history. No, I doubt the poodle could have stopped him. The POINT is, he stopped on command as he was trained to LISTEN to me, never trained to attack, but to listen. I have also put several down that I deemed dangerous. It is sometimes necessary in any aggressive dog. Now I ask you all, how about we start attacking the dangerous pit -DOG- OWNERS here? This thread seriously sounds like Hitlers blog. Hate, anger, closed minds, prejudice, judgments solves NOTHING. Someone raved on about how a lady could love a 'breed', yet you can hate a 'breed'? Think about it.

Anonymous said...

Yet another reason for Tehachapi to reject this scam. If you have a concern or complaint, Tia will single you out so that you can be targeted for death threats.

Tia and company are nothing but filthy, vile reprobates.

Anonymous (Because I don't want my family murdered by pit bull advocates.)

Anonymous said...

"That IS our fight, in stopping the abuse, fighting, irresponsibility in this breed."

And the rest of us should just put up with the maulings and disregard your decades of failure?


Anonymous said...

*yawn* Yet more tl;dr from a pit nutter who has never heard of paragraph breaks. Honestly, people, you'd be easier to listen to if you took just five minutes to learn how to type coherently.

As for why people post anonymously, pit nutters have a reputation for making death threats. You yourself said you hope somebody gets attacked. Sorry, not going to make it easy for you to threaten. Don't like it? Too bad so sad. Clean up your own acts, and people might view and treat you differently.

EEK! A NUTTER said...

Anon 5:38


SANE woman said...

Speaking of YAWN.
No, just carry your gun and shoot one if it attacks you, right? Like you guys say.

Oh yes, a sarcastic 'hope it bites you' and it's streamed right into a threat, That IS how it works I see. Yet, his recipe for anti freeze poison is not threatening, that's ok?

And this site is a mess, please excuse the lack of paragraph breaks, which does NOT mean incoherent writing. Don't live life on blogs, this one just appalled me enough to jump in. Tell me, what does tl;dr mean?

PARAGRAPH break! Many on your side of this sound more violent, evil and concerning in retaliation. You have a man here that has checked out a lady to know she is a dental hygienist,stalker style. You have Craven that sounds like a total psychopath. Yeah, maybe I'll come back anonymously also.
Stereo typing is so out dated.

This is getting boring, same old, same old.And really tired of hearing how intelligent you are, while making the same argument over and over. NO solutions here, just Nazi style witch hunting.

EEK! A NUTTER said...

"ALL responsible pit owners DO advocate that the owner IS responsible for containing, training, caring for the animal. Yes, the owners should be responsible for damages from their dog, and if your English spaniel bites me, I will make you pay for it."
You nutters say that all the time. The word is not "should" the word is "must".
My spaniel bites you and i'll pay for it with my homeowners insurance. My spaniel bites you and I don't have insurance, sue me in small claims court and I have to sell my car. Your pit mauls me, and you don't have enough coverage to pay even if you have homeowner's insurance that covers the pit, but most likely, your homeowners insurance excludes your dog, or it is nullified by lying about the breed. And selling your house won't pay for it.
Obviously we need legislation that requires pit owners to prove they have enough liability insurance to cover a severe mauling.
How many friggin dogs that you have owned have bitten people? GEEZ, please tell me where you live so I can stay away. That is crazy irresponsible.
And that is one magical pit that releases on command. The military and law enforcement won't use pits for bite work because the military and law enforcement cannot reliably train pits to release on command.

Anonymous said...

Sanewoman says

"I have had MANY pits, never one issue. I have had MANY dogs. The Shepard bit several, the chihuahua bit, the lab bit."

So, if a pit bull bites its the owner's fault but if a GSD, chihuahua or lab bites, its the dog's fault?

Anonymous said...

Sane Woman Loony, NO ONE is reading your loony diatribes.

You just copy the same old garbage from the same old places

Why not start caring about the fact that TOO many pit bulls are being born, and that people who can't handle these dogs have them

If morons like you supported laws, the "rap" of pit bulls would get better instead of steadily getting worse

but you listen to Tia and HER BREEDER FRIENDS who want to keep abusing pit bulls for profit!

Tia is online on sleazy pit breeder sites and they are thanking her for helping them

What? Kill more pit bulls? YES!

Tia should have spay neuter clinics for pit bulls getting set up in poor inner city areas, and be putting her money where her mouth is, instead of helping breeders breed more!

Skinny Snake said...


Good catch on the logical fallacy of the "sane" woman commenter.

I love that whenever it's another breed that bites, it's their fault, but when a pibble does it - my god they're innocent little wiggle butts! He just only ripped off that child's face! He didn't knooooow what he was doing!

Anonymous said...

And Marjorie Kaplan of Animal Planet, as well as the CEO of Discovery, David Zaslav

need to hear about the fact that they are also to blame for these terroristic threats

Zaslav is making THREE MILLION DOLLARS A YEAR, in part by feeding off the pit bull fad, and encouraging more pits to be bred and die, and he is responsible for his employee Marjorie Kaplan of Animal Planet and her friend Tia

These corporate scumbags only care about making huge money exploiting anything they can, and they sure aren't living with pit bulls!

You pit nutters are sending your nickels and dimes to Tia, while Tia, Kaplan, and Zaslav use it to get richer!

These rich people are exploiting YOU PIT NUTTERS the most of all, using Tia and all her fabrications to emotionally manipulate you into sending money and watching and MAKING THEM RICHER!

They don't care about the pit bulls. If they did, this show would be a lot different, and it wouldn't feature a self-promoter like Tia, spending time and money on photos ops for news mentions and hiring lawyers to work on the "strategy" to get her criminal husband off. That isn't helping pit bulls!

If it were for real about helping pit bulls, it would feature a real, honest rescuer who isn't out to make a buck and isn't partying with pit bull breeders and helping them.

snodog lol said...

i think maybe god is mooning tia this very minute. he does have a sense of humour.

Anonymous said...

How many fancy, new cars does Tia own?

That place has more new vehicles than a car dealership!

Donor money at work!

Skinny Snake said...

If Tia were like Jane Godall, then teh messages she would be promoting would be a lot different.

She would denounce the ATTS and nanny dog myth.

She would use almost all her resources on the dogs instead of living the more lavish life that she does.

She would understand pit bulls are not the best breed for a home.

And she would definitely not be married to a convict raising immoral children around generally immoral men.

Tia has just proven that the majority of the pit bull community are sociopaths, criminals, and all around terrorists.

Anonymous said...

And who else plays a part in this bullying and terorizing, as well as exploiting pit bulls for financial gain?

BEST FRIENDS! The ones letting Vick dogs kill other dogs at their sanctuary, while they lie to the media and claim these dogs are "rehabbed."

LIARS! Making money non-stop off the Vick dogs, against the court order, so they can pay people big salaries, while they get rid of animals at the sanctuary and don't take in local animals.

Best Friends real estate agent employee is on the deed for this Torres place.

Best Friends just gets worse and worse!

Exploiting pit bulls and getting rich.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to insult you nutters, but once you hear the same bad arguments from a large number of people (and their arguments actually pose a danger to people/pets), you develop something called disdain.

Anonymous said...

French bulldogs are ALL from puppy mills.

Another fad dog that the sleazy breeders got into.

Aome are even imported from foreign puppy mills in Russia, etc, hells on earth

Anonymous said...

As far as the comments on this blog's style, you do realize it is a template from blogspot and that all blogspot blogs are pretty much like this, right?

Anonymous said...

lol so your stating a puppy can produce a Registered SHOW QUALITY dog?

Anonymous said...

You have a hard time telling the difference between dogs and people, don't you inSANE woman? I already came close to losing my life in a pit bull attack, and I have some permanent disability as a result of it, so you bet your sweet BIPPIE that if another pit tries to attack me I'm sending it dirt napping with a gun. I wish I had been carrying one during the first attack. I'd still be able to walk properly.

You also have reading comprehension issues if you think talking about people making threats and then your own vicious little addendum are the same thing, but it shouldn't surprise me given you equate people with dogs. Also, while I'd never advocate poisoning a dog, I don't think whoever posted about antifreeze was talking about killing human beings. There IS a difference.

If it's practically illegible for being one huge wall of text, it's incoherent. Internet fail. Try again. tl;dr means "Too long; didn't read."

Craven is a sociopath for calling out a grifter on trying to scam people and start a witch hunt? For reporting on animals and sometimes people who lose their lives in pit bull attacks? For shining the spotlight on animal abusers? Your definition of sociopath is as cracked as your choice of dog.

If you're bored, you're welcome to leave. I got really bored sitting in my house almost a year while trying to recover from my attack when I used to run at least five miles per day and participate in competitive sports, but I got that choice taken away from me by a pit nutter and her shit dogs. This is more than a hobby for a lot of us. It's not a fight we chose, but all of you are idiots if you think we'll just walk away from it because you say your sweet goggies are ookum wookums.

The only Nazi style witch hunting I see are Tia's followers making death threats to a woman in her seventies, you the news story covered? Nah, that's just the big media conspiracy. Hope that tin foil hat isn't squeezing you too tightly.

Anonymous said...

Tia is damn well helping puppy mills.

The breeders she poses with and helps, run WEBSITE SALES PIT BULL PUPPY MILLS (and sell through Facebook, etc)

They ship the dog to you, or arrange to meet you, and you don't see the hellhole these dogs come from. The people you nutters claim are "bad owners" buy their pit bulls from the puppy mill breeders Tia poses with!

They thank Tia for helping them, and they give her money, and she poses in photos with them grinning like a fool!

Anonymous said...

Have you guys seen this shit in the side bar of the youtube link?


Two out of eight parolees show up to work

DubV said...

Why must pit nutters spin like dervishes?

1. pit bulls were bred for dog-directed aggression

2. pit bulls are constantly getting negative attention for harming pets and people

3. pit nutters are congenitally unable to change their minds and admit to being wrong

So, the pit nutters have these complex arguments that don't hold water. They all say the same thing, half of it anecdotal and totally emotional and the other half usually misinformation.

Josh said...

It's amazing how parolees are unreliable to even feed and clean up after dog shit.

someone gave them a second chance and they're too concerned with other private matters. Probably plotting how to get away with another crime...

If Tia really cared about her dogs, she would hire a competent staff.

Josh said...

Also, why does Tia even waste her time with parolees? I'd give them a three strike rule like Cali does and kick them out once they shirk their work. That is, if I had 200 animals I cared about.

I have a pit bull and hate all of the pit bull shows on animal planet. They enforce more stereotypes and really don't promote good ownership like they claim they do.

they never mention checking your fences or kennels monthly to make sure your dog isn't causing trouble. And they never mention that his breed isn't for everyone.

Josh said...

Hey DubV. If the dervishes comment was meant for pit nutters, they will not get it. I assure you, my friend who own pit bulls think I'm a horrible owner because I don't believe the bull shit the machine has spat out.

I love my pit bull, but to lie about its problems in breeding and the community does nothing good.

Anonymous said...

OK, Josh. You really don't sound like an insaniac, so I have to ask this, and I'm not trying to ask it in a snarky way. I'm a victim of a pit attack, so that's where my POV is from.

If you are aware that these dogs are problematic and dangerous, and you know there's a *chance* that if your dog escapes it can permanently maim, disfigure, or kill someone, why is it worth owning that breed at all? Why do you not have a less dangerous breed of dog? And do you have adequate insurance to cover medical bills that could go into the hundreds of thousands of dollars?

One Bully Mom said...

In a perfect world we cold all agree to disagree but that is not so. I love my dogs as most owners do. I believe that must always be in a fenced yard, never get out of our home and they never have. Why? Because being a reponsible owner means protecting your dogs and others. I do have two bully breeds and at the moment one has cancer and was a rescue so it is doubly sad that we resucued her from a terrible life to give her hope and 3 yrs later this happens. Any dog of any breed can be dangerous, we all know that, heck a hermit crab will bite! As I watch Tia's show I have noticed that they take great care to contain the dogs and if one gets out of its pin an all points bulletin goes out and everyone bolts into action. You that own property in Tehachapi may never embrace or love the idea of 100 dog rescue being near BUT if you are an animal lover of any kind, sure;y you can appreciate the effort to save and rescue any animal breed that is suffering or doomed to die. I truly pray that you all can find a way to agree to disagree but to coexist as property owners so that the true spirit of our ancestors that enables us to be property owners can live on! Live and let live and remember the golden rule...Love thy neighbor as thy self! I hope a peaceful resolution can be found.

Anonymous said...

Here is Tia looking for her "crew". Complaining that no one is there to feed the dogs and she is stuck doing it.

You get to see the Beavis and Butthead twins in the clip.

@ bull mom said...

i am an animal lover but no way would i want pit rescue anywhere near me. its bad enough having to see these dogs and people almost daily. it reminds me of what could happen anytime unless i am able to do something first. to have say 100 pits and 10 ex cons living down the street would be a huge piss off.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i have read the pit bull forums enough to know that tia, her felon program and her rescue are not universally loved, revered and accepted. many pit bull owners call her a hoarder. thanks for your honesty josh.

@bully mama said...

they say pitbull moms love more and judge less. yaaaa if only i were a pitbull i could get some of that pit mama loving. then i would give wots of unconditional woving back

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

sane woman, i saw your comment about not getting through, so i investigated. i just found 22 comments that were directed to the spam section of comment moderation. all comments have now been published. on occasion they don't come through at all. it is a blogger bug. i wouldn't dream of censoring the nutter voice.

Josh said...

Anonymous person

I did not purchase my dog, I actually forced my brother to give him to me because he kept it on a chain link where kids would go to school. And never played with it He also did not have the means to take care of the dog.

I have a concrete floored kennel in my backyard with a very sturdy metal top and I exercise my pit bull at least an hour a day. And I do not keep him in his kennel when I'm away at work. I actually keep him in the garage where he has a place to use the bathroom (pee mats) and food along with water and tons of mentally stimulating toys.

I do my best to keep my pit bull contained. The only time he is in his kennel is if I want him to have fresh air but do not have time to walk him or play frisbee.

He is a very lovable dog. But I would never let children around him. My brother and I were around pit bulls a lot as children. And although I never had an issue, some of my dad's friends who had pit bulls ran into problems with their dogs.

I have never had a criminal record, the most I ever got was a DUI when I was in my early 20's and I'm in my early 30's now.

Breeders, pit bull advocates, and owners are the main problem. They never stop and think that these dogs were bred to fight. Not all of them are bad, but it's too many for them to be in the hands of people who let them sit on a thin chain, be around kids, and pretend they're like poodles.

I hate those shit shows because they're placing tigers into the hands of idiots and novice dog owners.

The problem with attacks is who owns these dogs.... simple and period. Zoos have many wild dangerous animals but don't have problems because they take precautions. Pit bull owners put their guard down all the time. My friends say "your dog is so sweet! he wont bite my kid, let him play! they were nanny dogs." And I scoff at their ignorance.

A child ran up to my dog once because the parent, who had a pit bull tattoo, thought he was a cute "pittie". My dog did not attack but what if that child hit my dog? Or did something an innocent child does to provoke him? It's not the child's fault, or the dog's, it would be mine and rightfully so. Now I muzzle my dog in places where there are a lot of children, even though there's no law to do so.

There are responsible people out there, but for every one of us there are hundreds of Tia goons.

And you should sue whoever allowed their dog to get out of hand.... that's horrible. And that dog should be put down.

Josh is not a nutter said...

Josh, keep it up and I'll have a heartache. A pit bull owner who talks like he has sense. I'm really about to faint. :)

I'm sure there are others out there like you, but you have read the posts from the people we call nutters.

Anonymous said...

if more pit owners were like josh i would have very little problem with pit bulls being in my neighborhood.

go josh!

i just wish there were more like you.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if Josh pit bull will never attack, but I will say that with all his efforts the chances of it doing that are down by 80% if it did decide to. Maybe 100% if you think that it has little chance of attacking strangers!

Why can't nutters understand that if they just did this, their breed would not cause a whole lot of trouble and therefore make itself look bad?

Shows that the nutters are idiots.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Josh, same anon who asked the question. Thanks for the response. I'm glad you take all those precautions, and I do hope the dog never manages to break containment.

Unfortunately, suing the people who allowed their dogs (multiple) to get loose and attack me would do nothing but give me a headache. They don't have a pot to piss in and are what the courts like to call judgment proof. That's the case with a large majority of people whose pits attack, which is why I asked you about the insurance. Nor were the dogs put down, because in my state, dogs get the first attack free, regardless of the severity.

Jake said...

@Josh -

You are one of the intelligent and responsible pit owners I was talking about. Keep up the good work.

Josh said...

Your legislation is bullshit....

ANY dog that maims should BE PUT DOWN INSTANTLY. I don't give a fuck if it's a Pomeranian or a pit bull. It's mentally unnatural dog any dog to do that....

It's moments like this that make me ashamed to be a pit bull owner and lover... And it why I can't watch the news on pit bull attacks.

I've never seen a pit bull advocate admit that their community was the problem. OR raise money for the victims.... EVER. And after reading the responses in the previous post. Makes me sick....

I know my words will never replace the injustice that was thrown on you, but I hope the person and their dogs that did this get the karma they deserve...

DubV said...

Pit nutters would do well to look in google news for two magic words "pit bull" and read the stories. They are so convinced though they would either rationalize it all away or not read it. It has been a busy couple of days for the breed. Here is one reason why this breed is different.


"He got leather gloves and a hammer. He tried pounding the hammer on its head, but it wasn't even phased," said Holt.

Read that nutters, a grown man with a hammer could not stop the attack.

There are numerous stories where pit bulls are beaten with hammers, ball bats, and other large, hard objects by grown men. Sometimes by multiple people. The only way to stop these things is to spill their blood or disrupt the nervous system.

Please also look in google news for just "dog attack" or "labrador retriever attack" or any other breed inserted in there, so that you can compare. The media is not on a witch hunt. Small community media, almost all of which have websites now, are starved for news and will report on any dog that attacks viciously. So, I guess you still have the breed misidentification and the "thugs are drawn to pits" cards to play. It is obvious from what you see that pit bulls are different for some reason. Not coincidentally, they are different in the exact way one would predict based upon what they were bred to do.

Anonymous said...

Josh, that means a lot. I was able to get local legislation tightened after a huge fight, got the animal control response put into more qualified hands, and a few other changes that have made a difference. The owners did wind up having to leave because it turned out they were illegally on the property. They foolishly got police attention from harassing me after the criminal court date.

You are the FIRST pit bull owner, including people I know personally, who has ever said anything remotely conciliatory to me about this situation or that there is a problem in the pit community. The rest just want to point out how sweet THEIR dogs are and how if I just got to know them, I'd realize it wasn't the dogs. Yadda yadda.

They'll criticize you and throw you under the bus for having that position, but thank you.

FormerOhioGirl said...

Comment sections predictably get off topic but COME ON. How about "attempting" to comment on the NEWS VIDEO? This is a land USE and land IMPACT issue that Tia, through intentional actions, has twisted into a "sick victimization" story of herself, her purpose and her dogs.

COMING SOON -- The Story of Tia having to RAISE FUNDS to avoid "putting down" wiggle butts because Tehachapi refused her license. Let the Tia Torres "Pit Bulls Forced into Euthanization" fundraising campaign begin. Animal Planet would flutter in hysteria to promote such a cause, assuming they got a chunk of the donations.

Anonymous said...

"They don't have a pot to piss in and are what the courts like to call judgment proof"

Have you sued the landlord?

Landlords are being held accountable now.

Anonymous said...

Why is David Zaslav, CEO of Discovery Networks, not buying Tia a place, or letting her move to his place?


Tia Torres and followers, David Zaslav is persecuting YOU and the pit bulls. He has an obligation to help you, since you are contributing to his three million dollars a year.

DEMAND that Zaslav provide you with your location.

There MUST be a petition!

Anonymous said...

Since this was written, David Zaslav, CEO of Discovery Networks that owns Animal Planet, gave himself a raise of a million dollars a year.

Now he makes THREE MILLION a year, plus with stock he actually makes more like 7-8million a year.

Make this skeez buy Tia a home in his neighborhood. Tia should be moving in with him! David should be cleaning up pit bull crap, because David is profiting off it, and profiting off exploiting pit bulls and a lot of poor people sending their money to Tia.

Or it it that David Zaslav knows that crime is going on with this pit rescue sham, and he wants to hide it away from the prying eyes of the media and authorities?

Anonymous said...

David Zaslav has no friends! But he has many many millions made off exploiting everything he can, including an audience getting duped.

Tia, it is time to move your operation into the home of David Zaslav. Time to picket his home and INSIST!

He cashed in stock options for 34 million dollars. He can certainly afford to take you in!

Move Villalobos to David Zaslav's home!!

Anonymous said...

Tia, there is plenty of room for you and the pit bulls at David Zaslav's place in Manhattan. He bought it from Conan O'Brien for 25 million.

Yes, Tia and Tia's followers, that is who you are making rich. And he has LOTS of room!

Zaslav only lives there part time. It has seven bedrooms and 8 1/2 bathrooms, more than enough room for 100 pit bulls! And they would even get a nice view!

You could do outreach in NYC from Zaslav's place, Tia!


David Zaslav of Discovery Networks, you are killing the Villalobos pit bulls unless you let them move into your HUGE place! Why do you deny them? Are you racist David? Are you a hater David?


MOVE VILLALOBOS TO 115 Central Park West, NY with David Zaslav, pit bull exploiter of Discovery Networks!

Anonymous said...

David Zaslav believes in "environmental stewardship"

Surely he must be concerned about Tehechapi's environment?

But his NYC place has all the plumbing that Tia needs to handle all that human and canine poop. It goes into city sewer and purification and the environment isn't damaged.


You have room for a small country in there!

Anonymous said...

If even one pit bull dies, it will be David Zaslav's fault!! He must act quickly!

Anonymous said...

David Zaslav doesn't just exploit pit bulls and suckered viewers.

He exploits EVERYTHING! Everything, anything for a buck!

He even sues people on his own shows, the ones making him his money!

It all drove this man insane.

Discovery Networks through Animal Planet are screwing EVERYONE here- the pit bulls, the parolees (also known as free poop pick up slave labor for Zaslav's wealth,) the viewers who are being conned into sending money to support new Jeeps and lawyers, the people of Tehechapi.

EVERYTHING, ANYTHING, EVERYBODY gets screwed so a rich man can grab more money and pretend he's a king!

Anonymous said...

These Nutters are like a drunk with car keys in hand believing they can "make it" despite Pit Bulls being 20 times more likely to break containment and attack compared to other breeds(Lockwood 1986).

These Pit Advocacy groups are like the Catholic Church schuffling Pedophiles around...just like Tia going up to Auburn to save Otis. Meanwhile 10,000 Pits were getting the needle in her own county.

35 dead Californians from this breed community including 7 in a little over the past year..Time to regulate their asses.

Anonymous said...

FYI....there is a poster on the OWR Faceboook page who is a Villalobos volunteer who claims that Tia IS cutting her numbers back to 100 dogs...she will be "adopting out" or "placing in foster care or with other rescue groups" all of her remaining dogs.

So the headline really should read...Villalobos Drastically Cuts Rescue Efforts by More Than Half."

Anonymous said...

I was shocked but pleased at the same time to see a couple of moderators on a large "pit bull" forum that see what's wrong with this picture. If more pit bull owners shared some of their views, maybe there wouldn't be such an epidemic with loose dogs and attacks on people and pets. Those dogs are not for everyone, and having ex cons and dogs in large groups that are prone to aggressiveness is a recipe for disaster. Maybe the next post on this blog will be about some of the parolees getting mauled by a pack of ill bred dogs at their compound.

SANE woman said...

More FACTS, not BS : From Dog Bite LAW....The most horrifying example of the lack of breed predictability is the October 2000 death of a 6-week-old baby, which was killed by her family's Pomeranian dog. The average weight of a Pomeranian is about 4 pounds, and they are not thought of as a dangerous breed. Note, however, that they were bred to be watchdogs! The baby's uncle left the infant and the dog on a bed while the uncle prepared her bottle in the kitchen. Upon his return, the dog was mauling the baby, who died shortly afterwards.

In Canine homicides and the dog bite epidemic: it has been pointed out that the dog bite epidemic as a whole involves all dogs and all dog owners, not just the breeds most likely to kill.

In all fairness, therefore, it must be noted that:
Any dog, treated harshly or trained to attack, may bite a person. Any dog can be turned into a dangerous dog. The owner or handler most often is responsible for making a dog into something dangerous.
An irresponsible owner or dog handler might create a situation that places another person in danger by a dog, without the dog itself being dangerous, as in the case of the Pomeranian that killed the infant (see above).
Any individual dog may be a good, loving pet, even though its breed is considered to be potentially dangerous. A responsible owner can win the love and respect of a dog, no matter its breed. One cannot look at an individual dog, recognize its breed, and then state whether or not it is going to attack.
End Quote.

FACT: Pit bulls no NOT have locking laws-MYTH. I repeat MYTH! They would have to go into another CATEGORY if they did. DO THE RESEARCH!
FACT: Do NOT have '2000 lbs' of pressure in the bite- 320, less than a Shepard or rottweiler.
FACT: CAN be trained to 'release' starting at a young age, even into older age-AS MINE WAS. They are very intelligent and once trained, live by it.
DOGS THAT ATTACK OR MAIM ARE NOT TRAINED DOGS. They are in the hands of ignorant owners.
FACT: Have the same 'prey' instinct as a poodle, border collie, any dog. AS in ALL dogs, some more so than others.
You want to come watch a trained dog, feel free any time, I INVITE you to watch. Throw your Cocker Spaniel in my yard, watch me call them to my side.
You want to talk bull, come back it up--no, not a terrible threat from a pit owner, come WATCH trained dogs.

Anonymous said...

Skinny Snake said...

Sane Woman,

What the fuck are you talking about? What you're mentioning has NOTHING to do with the above posts and you're trying to lecture educated people on this blog about common sense shit?

Do you take us for fools?

Either you're a mentally malnourished idiot or a troll. Take your nonsensical unrelated trash elsewhere.

Jake said...

@sane woman -

Congrats on digging up the only death by Pomeranian in recorded history - basically a Ripley's believe it or not sort of thing. Other than the fact that it was a tragic and unfortunate accident, what exactly do you think it proves?

That lone Pomeranian death was in 2001, but in the meantime thousands have been maimed or killed by pit bulls.

As to your "myths and facts" they are irrelevant.

Nobody cares whether pit bull jaws actually lock. It makes no difference to the outcome. Do you think the 4 people who've been killed so far in 2011 cared whether or not the pit bulls had "locking jaws"?

The exact number of pounds of bite force pit bull jaws can exert is not important - the fact is they are deadly. If you're really interested, the general figures are believed to be something like this - domestic dogs: around 300-350 lbs, wolves: about 500 lbs, lions: about 600 lbs, hyenas: about 1000 lbs, and crocodiles: about 2500 lbs.

That is all academic; a pit bull, which can grip with 300 lbs of bite force and shake the prey with powerful neck muscles is quote deadly, as we have seen over and over again.

As to your offer to throw our pet in your yard to play pit bull roulette, no thanks. You claim your pibble is safe, but so have many others who swore their wiggle butts would only "lick you to death" - right before that very dog maimed or killed someone.

Your anecdotes of sweet, harmless pibbles is at odds with the stark record of horrific attacks. You may have been quite lucky up to now but you are going to get someone maimed or killed with this misinformation.

Anonymous said...

The people satirizing the nutters say things that are only slightly less crazy and ill formed than the nutters themselves. It can actually be hard to tell. For instance, I could type in Sane Woman in my tag line and just post a stream of dumb shit, and it would be hard to tell if I was being serious or not.

One of my favorite Bertrand Russell quotes comes to mind:

"The trouble with the world is that the stupid are cocksure and the intelligent are full of doubt."

Anonymous said...

sane woman says

"DOGS THAT ATTACK OR MAIM ARE NOT TRAINED DOGS. They are in the hands of ignorant owners."

google No True Scotsman, sane woman

Anonymous said...

Sane woman, you and those like you are going to end up in jail and getting sued and losing everything you own because you live in a delusional world.

These are fighting dogs. Fighting dogs maul.

The public doesn't care about your lies. The average person hates you AND your fighting dogs because you and people like you are killing and injuring people because you don't understand how to handle fighting dogs and you lie about them.

People like you WILL NOT be tolerated any more.

And if you want to support scam "rescue" operations so lazy people can get rich, go ahead.

But the average person has HAD ENOUGH! The more you defend fighting dogs, the more you lie and make excuses,, the more the average person is GETTING VERY ANGRY!

You are making people hate you and these dogs, do you understand?

snarky dog in love said...

that quotation of bertrand r is so to the point anon.these people are such "know it alls"

Anonymous said...

And if, Sane Woman, you are a pit bull breeder, you face an even harsher future.

You and your friends are getting people killed, and blaming victims, and making up ridiculous lies, and the Average Person does not tolerate people who care more about making money selling dogs than they do about people's lives or the lives of their innocent pets.

You brought this on yourselves, because you thought you could make up lies and hide away.

The pit bull breeder crowd is responsible for more tough legislation getting passed, and you screwed over the breeders of other breeds.

You can't hide. When your dogs kill or hurt someone, you will be hunted down and take the rap.

You are being watched by many.

And the more you ramble on with these lies and excuses, the more Average People are watching you and getting VERY VERY ANGRY!

How stupid can you be?

snarky really mad said...

hey craven: taking about scams and scammers, we have a propit shelter near here that took in an injured pit from the rez that had been loose and got hit by a car. so of course they appealed to the bleeding heart fringe for i think 3 grand for an op and holy moly got 5 grand. guess what???? the fucking dog never got its op after all.

Anonymous said...

"Unfortunately, suing the people who allowed their dogs (multiple) to get loose and attack me would do nothing but give me a headache"

BUT you are getting it documented, and you are probably saving the life of a child. You are creating a record.

And there are plenty of related people to sue. The landlords or owner of the property where they are allowed to stay. Landlords and homeowners are LOSING lawsuits when they have allowed pit bulls on their property and the inevitable happens. Landlords have insurance policies. And the insurance company usually SETTLES because they do not want to go to trial, get in the media, and LOSE which they will.

You can also sue the city, town, or county if there were complaints and they did not enforce the law. They too usually settle without a trial.

You also can sue the breeder, shelter, or rescue where the dogs came from.

Lawyers will take these cases on contingency. Will you get a top flight law firm? Probably not. But the low level lawyers usually do much better in these pit bull injury cases.

It's not just medical expenses. It's time you've lost from work, pain and suffering, any additional expenses due to the injury.

You have to keep calling until you find a lawyer, or ask around. You will find one, but you have to be persistent.

You can always find a lawyer. I repeat, ALWAYS. There is a great surplus of lawyers now. JUST KEEP CALLING. ASk around. You wIll find one.

There are also many ways to collect. Liens. Seizure of property. Many ways.

Also if you have been injured when your pet is attacked (back sprain, bad bruising, anything) you must sue for your injuries.

When people refuse to be intimidated, then these pit bull owners will be forced to take the responsibility they refuse to do now.

Also, be preemptive. BEFORE the attack happens. File zoning law complaints, board of health complaints, animal control complaints formally and IN WRITING to ALL authorities in the city or town. If your city or town is unresponsive, make an appointment and go to your State Rep (they have local offices) That's what they are there for, to handle issues for good citizens. They need to know that someone is going to die or get injured if action is not taken.

If this is a breeding operation, contact federal and state tax authorities.

There are many, many ways to handle this issue, but the good people need to take action.

Anonymous said...

"domestic dogs: around 300-350 lbs, wolves: about 500 lbs, lions: about 600 lbs, hyenas: about 1000 lbs, and crocodiles: about 2500 lbs."

Here's the thing about bite pressure per square inch, it is irrelevant if you hit the animal on the head with a hammer and it doesn't let go.

Jake said...

@Bagheera Kipling -

I was just providing the figures I'd heard for the sake of completeness - but even 300 lbs of force is deadly.

Note, these figures are pounds of bite force period, not pounds per square inch. The actual force per square inch would higher, and how much higher depends on how sharp the teeth are.

That's a horrific pit bull attack account in your link. That sort of thing is why I don't even bother with a baseball bat. When I walk my little girl at night, I carry a very sharp combat knife. No matter how strong the attacking pit bull, a severed esophagus will really put a damper on it's ability to continue maiming my pup.

snark attacker said...

four people dead already this year? psi is kinda a moot point (mute pt?) for them eh?

Anonymous said...

I've noticed that there are always many offers from pitbull owners to toss my dog into their ring -oops, I meant backyard- and they are affronted when I don't take them up on the offer. Likewise, they never take up my offer to let their pit prance around my shooting range while I'm target shooting, either way, it's fifty-fifty on the death knell, so why do they balk?

As an added note, I'm not too fond of a pit rescue relying on chain link alone for a defensive gate. I've witnessed in my neighborhood that pits just use the chainlink as a step ladder.

Anonymous said...

The pit bulls can scale the fences that Tia was putting up.

Those fences won't contain those dogs.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

Josh said:
"ANY dog that maims should BE PUT DOWN INSTANTLY."


scurrilous amateur blogger said...

sane woman said
FACT: Have the same 'prey' instinct as a poodle, border collie, any dog. AS in ALL dogs, some more so than others."

i am only the one who sees the idiocy of this statement?

ALL dogs have the SAME prey drive but some more than others?

does this make sense to a non pit nutter?

Anonymous said...

IN-SANE woman is wrong about the prey drive. Prey is an animal you hunt and eat. Pit bulls fight and kill for no other reason than the dog is right in front of them. No chase reaction needed in a pit. Fighting skills have nothing to do with prey drive. Not that you would ever see a pit bull advocate admit it...

sno dog said...

my shep/husky would kill small animals like rats, squirrels, and rabbits but never anything else. she would not defend herself against a dog or human attack. so she had the prey drive without dog or human aggression. in my mind real dog/ human aggression to the point of injury is abnormal and should be dealt with ,not excused. i think to make a fighting breed you obviously have to breed selectively for that type of aggression .

Field Trial Winner X 55 said...

sane woman said
FACT: Have the same 'prey' instinct as a poodle, border collie, any dog. AS in ALL dogs, some more so than others."

craven said, "i am only the one who sees the idiocy of this statement?"

You're not the only one caven!

What's more, prey drive could be stated as pursuit drive, and has nothing to do with what happens when prey is caught up to. Herding dogs pursue according to this drive with refined behaviors evident from their breeding. What happens when a border collie catches up to "prey?" Do they grab it by the throat and shake? Do they have to be trained not to? Hell no! It's not in a herding dog to behave that way! But what about pit bulls?

I can't stand to read anymore. I'm fucking done with idiots like 'Insane Woman.' I have over 4 decades of trial experience with gun dogs, more recent years with herding dogs, and can predict not just general behaviors according to breed, but nuances of character according to linage within breeds! I can respect observations and considerations from people with far less experience, but to read the Extremely Stupid BULL SHIT that pours out of idiots like 'Insane Woman' is more than my blood pressure will allow. I cannot believe the ignorance and stupid positions these inexperienced morons will attempt to lecture with.

FACT: The person commenting as 'SANE Woman' is an idiot and out of her God damn mind.

Blogger needs an 'Ignore This Raging Imbecile' button. Ignorance is one thing. Deliberate, persistent ignorance is another. Any questions I had about why “Dog People” tend to roll their eyes or outright hate “Pit Bull People” has been answered!

Anonymous said...

It has been said of border collies that they retain the stance and stalking but have had the killing instinct completely bred out of them. That is why border collies are the only dogs allowed to chase the protected Canada Goose - they won't kill one.

So why is it so hard for nutters to understand that the opposite has been done to pit bulls? The stance and stalking has been bred out while the killing instinct not only remains but has been reinforced to the point it happens within their own species and even within their own pack.

To be a nutter you have to believe that somehow pit bulls are the only animals on the planet that don't have DNA.

Anonymous said...

"FACT: Have the same 'prey' instinct as a poodle, border collie, any dog. AS in ALL dogs, some more so than others."

OMG, that IS stupid!

So why do the fat slob hillbilly hog doggers use pit bulls as catch dogs? Is it because the hounds that locate and track them aren't big enough or strong enough to catch the hog? Or is it because they lack the intense desire to sink their teeth into the hog and hold? Pit bulls love a struggling animal in the grasp! They love it because it's what they were bred to do! It has little to NOTHING to do with training.

The proof of this are all the twenty something girls who wind up in deep shit at the dog park, "shocked and appalled" when their sweet little pittie turns into a murderous monster that won't release. Think they trained them to do that? Think they abused or neglected the pit? Does their pit bull do this out of "loyalty?" Bull! How loyal is a dog that won't release another dog when their owner is hysterically screaming and beating on them to let go? If this is how loyalty is judged, pit bulls are the least loyal breed!

I blame the LIARS and IGNORAMOUSES more than the dogs. I blame the idiots like Sane woman who do worse than stick their head in the sand like most pit owners, but deliberately deny the obvious and LIE about the nature of pit bulls.

The pit advocacy is the evil behind the maulings. I wish they could be held criminally responsible for all the suffering they create.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:06,

The people who get the clueless young owners in trouble are the ones who spout that it is all in the way you raise them. They meet a fancy certified Petco dog trainer somewhere and he has his pit bull balance a dog treat on his nose, and they just eat that shit up. So, you have people like Sane Woman who basically is saying (if you cut through the BS) that with extraordinary steps her pit bulls was brought up to an acceptable level of safety (according to her at least). This is not the same as "it's all in how you raise'm!". No, what these morons are admitting (without realizing it) is that ALL ELSE BEING EQUAL, pit bulls are more dangerous than other dogs. If Sane Woman had a labrador retriever and did all the stuff she describes, she would have one of the safest dogs in the world, one that could be trusted to carry around baby chicks in its mouth and handle nitroglycerin. But alas she has a pit, so all that work has created a dog that appears as well trained as a labrador retriever whose owner has invested 1/10 the time.

Anonymous said...

"What's more, prey drive could be stated as pursuit drive, and has nothing to do with what happens when prey is caught up to"

In a nutshell, this sums up the obvious.

People who really "know" dogs, who have decades of real actual true experience, who are not emotionally driven fools but who actually understand things like genetics, KNOW THAT PIT BULLS ARE NOT PETS!

Pit bulls don't belong in civilized society. They sdon't belong in the city, suburbs, or rural areas because pit bulls have been intentionally bred for one reason- TO KILL.

No one with a brain wants or needs a breed like that!

(On another note, field trial winner, it is very distressing to see what I am sure is a small minority of your group supporting the anti-bsl crap from these pit nutter morons and dog fighters. The opposition to legislation has gotten far too extreme among breeders)

Anonymous said...

"They meet a fancy certified Petco dog trainer somewhere "

These kinds of trainers aren't the problem!!

It's the trainers connected to the AKC and breeders that are the worst about this make-believe about the dangers of pit bulls!

It's because they aren't just trainers, they are also lobbyists at the same time, pushing for the financial interests of the breeding industry. And those interests are in direct oppostion to public (and animal) welfare at this point in time.

All in the same twisted, obsessive push to oppose any and all legislation related to dogs.

Cat, Chaps and Emma said...

A friend of mine was in a hotel. The came out of their hotel door. As they were coming out another couple was coming out of their door with a pit bull. The pit bull attacked and killed the basset, right there in the hall. It all mauled the owners of the basset as they tried to save their dear beloved family member.

I carry a gun now.

Bullies Suck! said...

Only bullies have bully dogs!

Cat, Chaps and Emma said...

Like I said, I carry a gun now. I watch and wait for pit bulls. I have my gun at the ready. This PITiful breed will not intimate me! Right between the eyes! I ask all hotel owners if Pit bulls are in the hotels. If so, we move on!

We don't get out of our car if we see one of these asshole owners of pitbulls.

People! Be on alert! If you see a pitt bull get back inside or in your car. These dogs are subject to attack!

Like I was saying, a friend of mind was in a hotel with their basset hound and that hound was viscously attacked and killed right there in the hotel hallway, right outside of their room.

Beware of Pit bulls.

I know many of us like to travel with out pets. Make sure you and your pet are safe. Ask the hotel owner if any pit bulls are in the hotel.

Also, before booking a hotel, ask if Pit bulls are allowed. These dogs kill and you do not want to be in the hallway with them.

Just ask my friend!

Cat, Chaps and Emma said...

Tia is an IDIOT!

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

cat, sorry to hear about your friend's basset hound.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

and thanks for the travel tips.

Small Survivors said...

Cat, so sorry for your friend's basset. How devastating.

Thank you for the travel tips. I will always ask now, even without a pet.

The bassets I've known have all been sweet, gentle souls.

SNARKY said...


scurrilous amateur blogger said...

"The bassets I've known have all been sweet, gentle souls."

of course they are. they descended from bloodhounds.

snark the knife said...

but the bsl bashers say all dogs are dangerous. poms kill babies ect, beagles can go berserk, bassets can kill. all dogs are wild animals and can go bad like a pitbull. my maltese teased a pitbull to go on a rampage the other day. whats wrong with me letting my dog bark at other dogs?

Anonymous said...

Keep in mind, 40,000 US Dog Fighters kill and cull over 250, 000 Pits annually in their hellbent pursuit of building the ultimate mauler. Many of these characters operate freely within Pit Bull organizations.

There is no other breed with such selection pressures. Domestication of this breed is highly exaggerated.


mac the knife said...




Anonymous said...

Here's my bet. If Tia isn't a total imbecile, she told them to stop posting here. Why? I'm not an expert on how google works, but I know it has to do with links to a page and number of view counts as far as the order in the search results. All the posts drove that blog post up to within the top 10 results for Tia. So, it was giving her bad press. The other links are all her propaganda.

PitCult said...

Tia doesn't roll like that. She put a letter from the president of the property owner's association COMPLETE WITH HER NAME AND PHONE NUMBER on her facebook page and says, "Don't contact her." Instead of removing the phone number.

Then she posts the Tehachapi Bully blog on her website and says don't say anything about it.

Then she says that it has come to her attention that some people read the blog and have questions about it. And that is totally forbidden - the reading, thinking, questioning thing - so GO AWAY.

If not many of Tia's followers have found these other posts, it is because Tia didn't give them a link - and they can't search, read, think or question for themselves - NOT ALLOWED.

Anonymous said...

Hey anon, that is a good point and shows that Tia DELIBERATELY posted the links in hopes to intimidate.

For the President she hoped that people WOULD call her and threaten her into allowing her and her goons on the property. And one could presume this was to ensure that this would allow them to do whatever they wanted in disregard of the community.

In Craven's case she hoped that her batshit insane fans would flood his site and intimidate him into taking it down all so she could scream victory.

She's a weak minded individual who hopes that her masses will do a lot of the work for her.

I hope her bullshit influences Kern to vote against her.



Anonymous said...


Sounds like the rationalizations of someone in an abusive relationship (either end of it), don't it?

"I got what I deserved because I served my man runny eggs this morning. What was I thinking, I know he likes them over easy."

"That's right woman. You serve up some runny eggs again, and I'll kick your butt up between your shoulders."

Anonymous said...

"Like I was saying, a friend of mind was in a hotel with their basset hound and that hound was viscously attacked and killed right there in the hotel hallway, right outside of their room."

You are absulutely right. If you see a pit bull, get your animal secured and completely away. The attack will happen in an instant and you will be unable to stop it.

If you have loose pit bulls in your area, DEAL WITH THE PROBLEM. There are many ways to deal with these canine rats. DO NOT BECOME A VICTIM!

Anonymous said...

How much does Tia and Discovery Networks And Animal Planet profit from the parolee SLAVE LABOR, so Tia and Discovery can get rich rich and richer!

Cat, Chaps and Emma said...


Yes bassets are a very sweet breed and they are such gentle souls. That is what my Dad used to call my bassets when he was alive. "Gentle souls".

I cannot believe that any hotel would allow pit bulls. It is such a high risk to take.

The town I live in does not even allow pits to visit, much less reside. Just recently, a renter moved in next door with their pit bull. I saw them bring the dog in after city hours. The male person bringing in the pit was the typical type. Skinny and not able to handle the dog. The pit was pulling and straining at the leash. The pit had on a spike collar and I could see wounds on his back. It was my worst nightmare.

The next morning I was up at the crack of dawn and saw the dumb ass bitch let the pit out to potty on his own. He ran right across the street into the neighbors yard. The neighbor is the Mayor of the town and she foolishly has an invisible fence. Her sweet dog was not outside at the time but I jumped on the phone and called her. Within minutes, if not seconds, Animal Control was in her driveway corralling the 100 pound or more pit. The AC officer loaded the pit in her truck with much struggle. I saw the pink fleshy mouth growling and the pits body bucking. The AC officer then went to talk to the idiot, shit for brains, broad. I called the AC officer later and found out that the pit was at the pound and would be put down if the looser girl and her boyfriend did not go down, pick him up,(only after they would pay for him to be neutered at the pound)and take him back to the rock they all crawled out from under. Shortly after "the incident" the derelict couple was gone. The boyfriend was arrested for beating up his x-wife's new husband, and the ding-a-ling girl friend went back to her pimp. Folks you can't make this stuff up.

I know of Tia through the basset hound rescue/hording situation that is right next door to the old ranch where Tia was. There are a bunch of rescues in that area. The person that runs the basset "rescue" thought it was so funny when Tia came over and put this huge leather studded pit bull fighting vest on one of the old bassets. They laughed and laughed. I have a picture. I don't find stuff like this funny at all. I find it very sad.

I also watched the Pit Bulls and Parolees AP show because I feel that knowledge is power. I want to see how Tia runs her "rescue" and try to figure out where the money goes. Tia says in the start of the show, "I run a sanctuary". Really? I think it would be better stated to say, I receive donations to pay my mortgage and all of my bills so I can eventually own this property. It has already been stated that her daughter is on the deed of the new property, not the 501c3. Doesn't Tia have to follow 501c3 laws? I would bet good money that she is paying her mortgage with donations. In the last show a woman handed her a check towards the down payment on the new place. I wonder why the rescue is not on the deed? Where are the board members for this 501c3?

Cat, Chaps and Emma said...


Tia never once mentioned on the show that the government was paying the tab on the parolees. She made it seem that she was the benevolent one. But recently on her website she put up a plea for money to pay for the parolees. Surprise! Tia needs more money! Her parolee contract was NOT renewed. Anyone know more about this? Please do tell!

Then in another episode they have to hire a snake wrangler to instruct Tia that you should not dump trash in piles right next to where you keep the dog food. HUH? This is jaw dropping stupidity.

Next we have the griping fire episode *shutter*. I have never seen such ineptitude in all of my rescue days. Tia lives in a wild fire zone. Tia has no fire evacuation plan. She says so herself, on the show. She walks around like a zombie saying, "oh my god, oh my god, oh my god" for about 20 minutes of the show. Come on! Get a plan! Buy a trailer, have some drills, get with the program! Wild Fires happen every year in this area people! Real nice "sanctuary" ya got there Tia! Did anyone see all of the fighting pits being drug out of their cells? It was a hot mess!

She repeats over and over that it takes 200 dollars a day to run her pit rescue. (check her website, it even costs more now) WTF? Can you imagine if that money was put to real issues that this breed faces? She also states that she does not have time to fund-raise. In fact she hates fundraisers! Red Flag much? What do the people who donate to her think? Do they not watch the show? Do they even know what a 501c3 is? I never heard Tia mention a board of directors and I can't find anything about that on her website. The IRS makes the rules, not Tia.

I was shocked at the end of the season when she just pulled up the circus tent stakes and moved to a new location. Tia states that a main reason for the move was that she wants to build a place for her and AJ to grow old and Tehachapi (which only she can pronounce according to her) is where her and AJ "fell in love". I tasted vomit in mouth when she said that.

Did you see those rail road cars coming up those tiny dirt roads? AJ designed the mess from prison. Tia was so impressed with that. What else does he have to do? His design was bunch of junker rail road cars lined up. Yeah AJ! Good Boy!

Can you imagine all of those 200 plus dogs living in steel ovens in the summer and steel refrigerators in the winter? What are they thinking? You call this a "sanctuary"? Maybe this is Tia's way of culling the breed?

Then to state the obvious, the train cars are an eyesore. Talk about taking a huge dump on the land not to mention the colossal waste of money all received in donations.

Animal Planet must be run by a bunch of idiots. Do they ever do any homework? Call the IRS and figure it out!


The only reason I can figure out why people watch this awful show is the train wreak theory. Now Animal Planet will provide that both literally and figuratively.

Google the advertisers and boycott! The only thing that matter to any of them is money!

Anonymous said...


Small Survivors said...

Cat, i did not see those episodes.

I've seen one whole episode, and parts of several earlier episodes

I read Tia's description of the fire, and she was completely unprepared and had no plan.

I had not seen the train cars. WTF is right.

Anonymous said...

I had an accountant look at her IRS filings.

Major weird stuff!

Lots of money on unsubstantiated property expenses, Big Cat food,

A BIG $0 for program expenses for 2005 and 2006

They never even filed paperwork for 2007 at all!

2008 doesn't delineate the spending at all, and no filings since then.


0 dollars spent on programs!

This is the listed board

Board of Directors
Sharon Ray, Treasurer
Barbara Ulrich, Secretary
Nancy Anderson, President
Aren Jackson, Vice President

Sharon Ray, who is also the treasurer, signs the IRS paperwork. She has some tax preparer business in Northridge. No accountant's license listed at Department of Licensure

Anonymous said...

Snark Dog LOL, in this horrible situation with these horrible scammers and all this death, I have to say your posts give me a minute to laugh.

Your posts point out just how sociopathic these people are, and just how easily they fall for a liar and scammer, and repeat propaganda, which just ends up hurting the dogs they supposedly love

She is preying on the weak and stupid

Anonymous said...

Sharon Ray, the treasurer and the one who signs the IRS paperwork, is 72 years old

How does she feel about a senior citizen getting death threats thanks to the organization she is representing legally?

Sharon Lea Ray also represents some media MARKETING, twitter marketing company as their agent

All this slick Villalobos marketing to the naive female for their $$. Makes you wonder.

Anonymous said...

Then there are these other businesses

What the hell is going on? Where the hell is the money going?

$0 on programs?

But she's always pumping up the followers (and her patsies are constantly pumping) with this jabber about programs, and wanting more and more money

That's mostly what comes out of all this- begging for more money!

Anonymous said...

That second corporation isn't even filing IRS paperwork that I can find. No 990s in sight.

Anonymous said...

sharon Ray

Friends Administrator said...

It's not train cars, she is using shipping crates, like the big metal crates used to ship overseas. I would think these had to have ventilation, heat and AC or they couldn't be used.

Anonymous said...

You can't put an animal in a metal box.....never mind that it will become a meat locker in the winter. They will ROAST in the summer sun. Ventilation or no ventilation, you wouldn't use metal for a chicken coop, much less a dog kennel. Thats just insane. The amount of energy needed to try and cool metal shipping containers would be would be stupid, and not economical at all.

I want to see pit bulls regulated, and dangerous dogs euthanized...but I would never want to see any animal suffer needlessly like this, even pit bulls. Warehoused in these conditions for years, living outside in cages. Thats just cruel. I don't know what the hell is wrong with these "pit bull advocates", they seem oblivious to animal cruelty.

ripley fan said...

i agree its much too cruel to warehouse these poor dogs. far better and much more considerate to the community to euthanize all tias animals. parolees dispersed to east la car washes and taco bells.

Anonymous said...

Above Ground Cemetary...This is the worst breed community ever created!

save-a-bull said...

To craven and all his dipshit followers,you stupid fucks obviously hav no idea wat the hell your talking about I mean do you actually read half the shit you write ITS FUCKING PATHETIC! Who the hell are you to decide where Tia should move her rescue. You dumbass rednecks are so proud of the damn constitution you should know that she should have the right to move wherever she wants. Pitbulls are amazing dogs and you racist pricks are so caught up in this false histaria created by the media that pitbulls are vicious psyco killers who will attack. Tia Torres is a hero in the pitbull community shes dedicated her whole life to give misunderstood dogs and people a second chance.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

hey jethro, cypher this: NO where in the US constitution or any state constitution does it state that ANYone can establish ANY type of business ANYwhere they please.

i don't care where tia and derelicts set up shop. my issue was the way tia and minions harassed and threatened community members who have a fucking right to object to her sleazy presence.

save-a-bull said...

Alright asswipe,''cypher this'': First,as far as Tia harassing community members everything ive heard points at the complete opposite, some crazy bitch shows up at her door before she even ''sets up shop'' and starts accusing her her of all kinds of shit like ''stealing goverment money''. Second,what the hell do the community members have to object about,barking dogs,the entire time Vilallobos was in Agua Dulce they didnt have a single barking dog complaint and im pretty shure its a lot more populated there than in Tehachapi.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

shure thing jethrow, wutever you need to tell yurself to make you feel better.

save-a-bull said...

LOL damn bro what happened to the fight in you. Just when this was starting to get fun you hit me with that weakass comment.COME ON. Hell half the videos you've posted confirm everything ive said. Wheres your argument now.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

sarry jethrow, yur coment landed in spam.

the weakass comment is intended to relay the message: you are are uninformed, refuse to become informed and therefore not worth any more of my time.